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LSPDFR 0.2 For GTA V Preview

We’ve reported on LSPDFR’s 0.1 release some time ago, which is the GTA V version of the widely popular LCPDFR mod for GTA IV. The mod is a total gameplay conversion, putting players in the shoes of law-enforcement officers, giving them the ability to arrest any character, sign vehicles to pull over and to respond to 911 calls. The mod is still in beta, with a host of new features planned in further updates. While the next update was originally only going to be a few bug fixes and tweaks, the 0.1.1 update ended up being filled with so much new content that the development team went ahead and decided to just call the update 0.2.


Some of the features the new update has return from LCPDFR 1.1. Namely, these are the pursuit blips and search areas, the absence of which was a surprise to many a fan familiar with the mod’s GTA IV iteration. The system has been upgraded, however, as each vehicle is marked separately, and we also know what kind of vehicle each blip is. Another returning-but-upgraded feature is the police computer. The team put significant effort into making the feature feel a lot more realistic than it did in the previous version, and actually used player profiles from a server they ran on the San Andreas Multiplayer Mod back in 2012. The police computer will let players look up licence plates and names.

Another new feature is the ability to check the IDs of any character, adding a nuanced bit of additional immersion to the mod.


Yet another feature that has already existed in vanilla GTA V to some extent is the addition of the Stun-gun. LSPDFR players will be given a stun-gun whenever they’re out on patrol, AI officers will carry stun-guns and the stats of both the weapon and enemies have been tweaked. The police scanner is also making a return, with a much wider variety of audio.

Have you guys played LSPDFR 0.1? What do you think of this mod so far?

GTA V’s Phone Controlled With Phone

Today in “completely useless things made just to show off just how tech-savvy you are”, someone cobbled together a method of controlling the in-game smartphone in GTA V with a real life smartphone.


The app/hack works with an iPhone, and has the same interface as the in game. The method makes use of an Arduino Leonardo board with an Ethernet shield, and works with an iPhone (cracked screen not a requirement) and the PC version (obviously) of GTA V. The app has full functionality, allowing players to access all of the functionalities of the in-game phone right in their palms.

The point of this hack? Well, basically nothing. The in-game phone interface still appears, so if you though using this won’t cover a portion of screen, then I must disappoint you; accessing the smartphone with the same input device that you use for the rest of the game is significantly faster than putting down the controller/letting go of the mouse, reaching for the phone and using it.

Functionality is a tad limited, as you can use the phone to scroll through the in-game menu, but the messages themselves don’t appear on the phone, and when in camera mode, what appears on the in-game camera, doesn’t do so on the phone. The reasons for this is obvious, as these involve data coming from the game that isn’t present on the iPhone, which is only used as an input interface, and game data isn’t stored on it.

All in all, this is a neat little feature, that Rockstar honestly should have made themselves. Considering the boatload of companion app GTA V has (like our own, check it out!), making an official smartphone interface app is an absolute no-brainer. The camera probably wouldn’t have worked the same way even so due to the hardware limitations, but the messages and whatnot would surely function fully on an official release.

Would you guys use this app if it was ever publicly released?

Sneak Peek Of GTA V’s Next Big Graphics Mod

GTA V is widely known to be a very good looking game, especially on the PC. With the superior hardware capabilities PCs possess, games generally look significantly better on them than they do on consoles. Exceptions to this occur either due to horrible optimization, or purposeful graphical downgrades. Now, GTA V is a very, very pretty game. On max settings, some screenshots can be mistaken for a real-life photograph on first, second and third glances.

Another massive advantage PC has? Modding. While mods can be used for all kinds of mischief such as grappling hooks and jetpacks, or if you so desire, a total conversion of the game into a police sim, they are also widely used to beef up the visuals.

While we’ve already reported on one of the graphical heavy-hitters of the modding community, the ENBSeries aren’t the only popular graphical tweaks out there. Gionight, known for his modding of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has recently released to the public the first glimpse of what GTA V looks like after he got to work on the game. Note that despite being very much a work in progress, these screenshots already show a visible upgrade to the visuals of the game, even without a side-by-side comparison. If this is what Gionight’s Los Santos looks like incomplete, we can only imagine what the finished mod will make GTA V look like. Seems like the ENBSeries mod has a pretty serious contender.

mod2 mod6 mod7 mod3 mod1 mod5 mod4 mod5

Just as it is well known that GTA V looks pretty damn good on max settings, it is also common knowledge that you need a pretty beefy machine to get it running. The thing with most graphical mods is that since they are usually made by a one-man team, optimization wise these mods aren’t always the best, and shoot up the system requirements by magnitudes. However, looking at those screens, it’s damn sure worth it.

Do you guys use and graphical mods in GTA V?

Rockstar Showcases GTA V Fan Art

It is no secret that GTA V sold extremely well, and that the number of gamers who play GTA V grows day by day. Now, that’s a lot of fans, and chances are, some of them have a knack for arts and crafts. The GTA series has always been very fan-artable, and arguably GTA V has the most potential for community made masterpieces yet. Rockstar Games knows that they have much to thank their community for, and in accordance with this, like to bring attention to the various GTA-related things the fans get up to every now and then.

Players can design their own missions in GTA V, and Rockstar showcases and promotes the best of these missions every now and then. However players don’t only make a show of creativity in the world of GTA V. Fans show their love for the game by creating various works of art, and Rockstar recently posted a collection of what they think are the best recent works of fan-art related to GTA V.

First up, we have a stylish sketch of Trevor out in the desert, doing what we can only assume is his favorite pass time. Killing and drinking. This is hardly Julia Scott’s first piece of GTA V fan-art, aas Rockstar readily reminds us.


GTA has always had its signature art style, one so characteristic that it has become synonymous with the series. So what happens when the protagonists are depicted using a different art style, created by a caricature artist? Well, really nice art, actually.


For some atmospheric and gloomy art, look no further than Pashoto’s tribute to the Lost and Damned.


With rumors about GTA VI possibly featuring a female protagonist, these particular submissions may as well have been an attempt to land a job at Rockstar Games.




The following two works run in a similar vein.

art 7 art 8

Next up, we have a rendition of Michael’s younger years. Seems like he was no happier with life back then than he is during the events of GTA V.


Last but not least, we have one pretty dedicated fan’s LEGO replica of the Grotti Turismo R.

art10 art10-1 art11 art11-1

Have you guys ever made any GTA V fan art? Feel free to share!

GTA V Meets The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Gather round, and witness the newest creation of the legendary film-smith, Merfish. Having become quasi famous on the web due to his recreations of the openings of various 90’s family shows, such as Arthur and Full House, Merfish now tackles another well known show from that era.


Though toned down a tad (not accounting for the ending, of course), the presence of significantly more violence than in the source material which has become a staple of Merfish’s work is apparent here too. Check out The Fresh Prince of Rockford Hills.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a sitcom that ran for 6 seasons from 1990 to 1996. The series stars Will Smith, who after getting in a tassel with a few thugs in a basketball court, needs to move into the mansion of his dirty-rich uncle. Sucks, right? The show was the first step in Will Smith’s acting career, who now is most known for his roles in several high-profile films. Merfish went into painstaking detail to get his recreation as accurate as possible, whilst filling it with enough deviation to make the whole endeavour more comical. Check out a side-by-side comparison below and see for yourself.

Merfish isn’t the only one out there who knows how to make good use of the extremely versatile Rockstar Editor. The gameplay capture and video editing software, available with the PC versions of GTA V, has been used to recreate game and movie trailers such as Need for Speed and Mad Max, alongside Merfish’s cute, family-friendly 90′ sitcoms. These recreations are possible thanks to the director mode of the software, allowing players to view recorded scenes from different camera angles and under various lighting condition, and mods, making new, fan-created assets available to use.

What do you guys think of this recreation? Have you ever made a video with the Rockstar Editor?

GTA V’s Rockstar Editor Might Come To Current-Gen Consoles

Oh, Rockstar Games. The dev that absolutely loves taking its sweet time with anything and everything it does. Not that we’re complaining – look how great GTA V turned out. Quality work needs time, and in the case that the idea hasn’t been abandoned, then the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of the Rockstar Editor will be damn good, considering that the possibility of the video editing software coming to current-gen consoles was first mentioned by Rockstar back in May, and we’ve had no word on the matter since. Work was already well under way at the time, but Rockstar didn’t give any specifics regarding when the Editor will be released on the consoles.


Due to hardware restrictions, there is absolutely no way that the Rockstar Editor will ever be released on the previous generation of consoles, so Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 GTA players will need to live out their fantasies of being a film director in some other way (may I suggest the PC and possibly the current-gen versions of GTA V?).

How much the console version of the Editor will differ from the one that shipped with GTA V’s PC version, we do not know, but it can be assumed that some of the functionality will be more limited. The director mode will hopefully be present, but we cannot be sure in what capacity.

Another way in which the Rockstar Editor will be limited on consoles will be the lack of mods. What is the connection between these seemingly unrelated things? Well, if you take a look at youtube, then the top Rockstar Editor videos will pretty much be exclusively modded creations, making use of fan created content in some capacity or other. Videos of 100% vanilla GTA V will be plenty, sure, but hardly as popular as recreations of popular pop-culture scenes, for example, the best of which all utilize mods.

Do you guys hope the Editor will have an outing on consoles?

GTA V Meets 007 and John Wick

Oh my, what’s this? Not one but two amazingly detailed and authentic videos made using the Rockstar Editor, adapting various pop culture icons? Well, considering there are goddamn millions of these, this should come as no surprise.


While these videos are a little older (well, internet old – nothing that has been on the web for longer than a few hours can be considered new), they’re definitely worth another look, simply by virtue of them being absolutely awesome.

Here we have two suit-wearing, gun toting badasses. While one is a little more guns blazing and the other a tad sneaky beaky, the similarities cannot be denied. Both Mr. Bond and Mr. Wick would be well suited to the criminal world of GTA. One would charm himself through, while the other would carve himself a blood soaked warpath.

First up, we have Bond. James Bond.

That’s right folks, it’s all there. The iconic opening, the weaponized spy car, the music, the atmosphere, the style, the feel. This right here is what authenticity means. The amount of time and effort fans must be putting into these recreations is pretty damned impressive. The Rockstar Editor was a stroke of genius on the developer’s part, that’s for sure.

In related news, do not mess with Keanu Reeves’ dog. Ever.


With gratuitous violence being a staple of both GTA and John Wick, this pairing was a match made in heaven. If heaven was a bullet hell filled with mangled corpses. You get the picture. John Wick was widely acclaimed, and anyone who has seen the film should know why. If all the praise the action flick has gotten wasn’t enough to get you to watch it, this GTA-ified version of its trailer should!

We’ve seen a host of high quality Rockstar Editor videos. What IP do you want to see get the GTA treatment next?

GTA V Goes To New Zealand

GTA V is set in an exciting, sprawling open world modeled after Los Angeles. Many iconic landmarks from the real world city of angels can be found in Los Santos, but don’t be surprised if you bump into a Pak’n Save.

With the PC version of GTA V supporting mods (I use the word “supporting” loosely), a whole world of opportunity has opened up before the modding community. Total conversion mods aren’t unheard of, nor are the recreation of other maps. This particular mod is a tad less ambitious, but it certainly pays quite some attention to detail.


Welcome to New Zealand, folks! Before you pack your bags, note that this mod hasn’t actually been released, due to fear for copyright issues.

Kiwiana GTA is a mod that adds kiwi flare to an otherwise obviously american setting, be it TUI beer banners or KFC (which, granted, is an american company, but still characteristic of New Zealand).

Owing to the criminal side of the GTA franchise, Andre Hema-Kani, the mod’s author, added some mighty mongrel mobsters to the game as well. Andre got overwhelmingly positive feedback after posting screenshots of his creation, however he is reluctant to release the mod to the masses, as the logos and banners used belong to existing commercial entities, and he wants to steer clear of any lawsuits.

While Andre does say that if the mod is anything to go on, his hometown is hardly typical kiwi, but the brands he used are the most widely recognized. He has full intention to continue work on the mod, and the community has been throwing suggestions at him non-stop.

Cultural modifications are few and far between, though considering the amount of media coverage this mod has gotten, we just might see a surge in similar projects soon. I’d love to see some szürkemarha and parasztkolbász in GTA (if anyone gets that, you’re officially awesome.).

What kind of cultural mods would you like to see in GTA V?

GTA V Used To Recreate Arthur Opening

The internet is a wild, wild place, with all sorts of insanely creative and creatively insane people. One such person, praise be done upon his name, is Merfish. Merfish, in his wisdom and glory, decided to grace the internet with this beauty a while back:

May the voice of angels buckle as they speak his name.

That masterpiece of high art was created using the Rockstar Editor, an in-built gameplay capture and video editing software found in the PC versions of GTA V. It allows players to view a recorded scene from many different cinematic angles, allows for the changing of lighting conditions and so on. Some skilled youtubers made extensive use of this tool, recreating various pop-culture scenes in GTA, and the popularity of this tool has been a major factor in GTA’s long lifespan, second only to modding (also, only on PC). Other notable creations include Breaking Bad and Mad Max.


This time around, Merfish has targeted another one of your fond childhood memories for sanctification. In his endless wisdom, Merfish has selected the late PBS cartoon, Arthur, to go through the rite of Grand Theft Autoification, and in his generosity, has allowed us mortals to glimpse it. As with the Full House video, a tad more violence was added this time around as well. Observe, and be humbled.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show in question, firstly, shame, secondly, here’s a side by side comparison of the original opening and merfish’s improved version.

As with the previous video, the attention to detail and the strife towards authenticity, coupled with the over the top violence (for a children’s cartoon, anyway) which is a staple of GTA, this creation is quite an accurate representation of just what extended exposure to GTA does to a human brain. It’s beautiful.

What show’s opening will Merfish, praise be done upon his name, tackle next?

GTA V 1.12 Update Might Include DLC

With all the rumors afoot about various upcoming content updates for GTA Online and singleplayer DLC, the upcoming 1.12 patch for current gen consoles and PC might be bringing with it some new toys and missions. Rockstar has, on multiple occasions, stated that new content will be coming pretty soon, and that players should keep a close eye on the newswire for more info in the coming days.

While most information we have on upcoming content is speculation at best, all of these possible runner-ups have some pretty solid evidence behind them, not to mention that Rockstar themselves have corroborated. Let’s take a look at the runner ups, shall we?


Ill-Gotten Gains Part II seems like the obvious choice, since part one was recently released with Rockstar saying that the followup will come this summer. Ill-Gotten Gains gave players the chance to purchase some exquisite luxury times, such as a gold plated private jet, and introduced weapon engravings. Ill-Gotten Gains Part II will probably follow the same high-life theme of Part I, and many have speculated that the casino will be added, either as a feature with gambling gameplay, as a heist, or both. Two weapons, the Marksman Pistol and the Knuckleduster have been confirmed to become available with Ill-Gotten Gains Part II, alongside some clothing items and new vehicles.

Many assume that Rockstar has an Independence Day DLC lined up this year as well, like they did last time around. Whether or not this will come in the same update as Ill-Gotten Gains Part II, or if the two DLCs are actually one and the same, no one knows. Some players are hoping that the DLC is the exact same as it was last year, giving new players a chance to acquire the exclusive content that was on offer for a limited time, while others who already have the Liberator Monster Truck are hoping for all new content. The Independence Day DLC with be available either the Tuesday or Thursday the week before the actual event.


Some players have cooked up a theory that the casino’s opening will warrant its own DLC all together. With rumors about more singplayer DLC coming, a casino heist featuring Franklin among them, it is possible that the addition of a gambling feature, the casino opening as a playable area both in GTA Online and singplayer, plus  the heist we mentioned will be included in a self contained Casino DLC. When players noticed that the casino’s sign changed from “coming soon” to “opening next week” and contacted Rockstar, official response was to keep an eye on the newswire.


The last piece of potential DLC that will be coming soon is the rumored singleplayer DLCs, namely, the Agent DLC for Trevor and the Zombies DLC for Michael. These are the least likely, since they have only recently been teased with a picture of Franklin’s voice actor in a mocap suit, which means production is still in early stages.

What do you guys think? Which of the rumored DLCs will be the next one to launch?