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Godzilla Stomps Around GTA V (Or Not)

Someone has remade the teaser trailer for the Godzilla reboot in GTA V using the Rockstar editor. And not only did they go for maximum authenticity, they’ve gone above and beyond all expectations. You know how the official trailer barely showed anything of the titular beast? Well, this GTA V video shows none.


Considering mods are a thing that exists, it feels like a bit of a cop out, but if you look at it as building suspense much like the official trailer did with just the tiny snippet of ‘Zilla being shown, you can appreciate the GTA V version for what it is.

Godzilla is the forefather of the Kaiju craze of Japan. Really, really old movies wherein a guy dressed up in a plastic suit stomps around a cardboard city, fighting humans or other men in plastic suits was the apex of popular Japanese cinema for a very long time, with Godzilla topping the charts.

Godzilla looks vaguely like a massive T-Rex (or exactly like a massive T-Rex – again, depends on which country you ask), just a tad fatter, with better posture and cool spikes running down his spine. He can also breath radioactive flames.

Recently, Godzilla has been made an honorary citizen of Japan due to the immense cultural influence attributed to the Kaiju. The recent big budget movie was the second attempt to translate Godzilla to western audiences, and went several times better than the first.

Since we’ve had mods put Reapers into GTA V, I’d love to see a full-sized Godzilla stomping around Los Santos. Maybe the player could even control it?

What did you guys think of last year’s Godzilla?

Rumor: No More GTA V DLC For Last-Gen?

Players who have held on to their last-gen consoles: it might be time to upgrade. GTA V might be about to join the growing list of multi-gen games which cease updates (or even support entirely) for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. This might be reinforced with the next update for GTA Online, 1.29, which contains some long-awaited DLC, will also bring the Rockstar Editor to consoles.

Current-gen consoles, that is.


The upcoming launch of the Rockstar Editor for PS4 and Xbox One as the next update to Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online means the next Rockstar Editor Contest will be the first one with entries across all three platforms.

The popular game play capture and video editing suite developed specifically for GTA V’s PC version will be getting an expanded list of features both on the Xbox One/Playstation 4 and retroactively on PC, which includes an expanded sound effects and ambient music library, more fonts and some new effects. Despite this, the Director Mode will be a tad more limited on the consoles than it is on PC, and couch gamers will miss out on the improvements made to the Editor through mods such as OpenCamera.

While some might argue how this isn’t much to go on, it must be noted that the dropping of DLC support for games which are available on both last-gen and current-gen consoles is becoming more and more commonplace in the AAA industry. This was bound to happen eventually and with the current-gen consoles having launched over a year ago, should not at all be surprising. Developers are significantly more restricted in what they want their game to be capable of if they need to take multiple console generations into account, and it can be argued that in such cases developing for last-gen is holding the industry back.

What do our Xbox 360 and PS3 owners think about this?

GTA V ENBSeries Mod Is One Way To Impress Your Friends

While GTA V has enjoyed a thriving and vibrant modding community ever since it launched, nowhere is modding as competitive as in the graphical department. With several high profile mods out there geared towards making GTA V look even more spectacular than it already does, each of them is determined to be the best of the lot.

The primary battle is between SweetFX, Gionight and the topical ENBSeries mod. The ENBSeries of graphical mods are renowned among the modding community, with ENB modders improving the graphics of several popular video games by magnitudes.


Most of these graphical mods work on improving textures, shaders and lighting effects primarily, but they also make a multitude of other tweaks as well. The challenge in creating these mods is knowing what exactly affects the visuals in what way, and how to make things look the best they possibly can.


Gloom, render distance and distortion has also been visibly altered in this iteration of the mod. Naturally, you’ll need a pretty damn beefy PC to run GTA V with this mod without any kind of lag. GTA V has been known as an extremely hardware demanding game on the highest settings, but it must be noted for Rockstar’s benefit that the game is masterfully optimized, meaning its a good bet that anyone could run it on medium settings at great framerates.


Another major feature many graphics mods incorporate are realistic reflections. In many cases, games nowadays have static reflections, meaning a window may reflect the game area in front of it, but that is just an image, so the vehicles moving in the background, or the player model is you stand in front of it won’t be reflected. In one rather notorious case, Watch_Dogs, advertised to be a visual landmark, had a single static reflection image used everywhere in the game, so 90% of the reflections didn’t ever reflect what was actually there.

What do you guys think of the new updated GTA V ENBSeries mod?

Bigfoot Found In GTA V’s Code

The mysterious human-like, gigantic ape known as the Sasquatch, or as he is colloquially referred to “Bigfoot” is a mythical cryptid which has been hunted my fanatics for quite a while now. While most likely just a fictional creature used to cheat money out of tourists and gullible “hunters”, the Bigfoot has been used frequently in popular media in various capacities ranging from children’s stories through environmental awareness all the way to horror. And let’s not forget Monster Trucks!


GTA V has always made a point of incorporating international fads which are particularly absurd into its satire driven humor. Back when GTA: San Andreas was new, a rumor regarding a Sasquatch inhabiting Back O’ Beyond, however Rockstar confirmed that this was false. Despite this, people continued to search for the creature, and the rumor became extremely popular.

To honor the popularity of the Bigfoot rumor, Rockstar added it to GTA V. In one particular mission, it is possible to get a glimpse of the creature through a thermal scope, and later on there is an entire mission dedicated to the Bigfoot. We won’t go into more detail, lest we spoil anything.

Something else Rockstar added to GTA V was Peyote plants. These unique plants are pretty hard to find, and can temporarily transform a character into an animal. Not all planned Peyotes were added to the released game however, as three were cut eventually, leaving only 27 Peyote plants in the game. Recently, information miners have digged out references to three new peyote plants in relation to the upcoming DLC. These new plants are meant to transform the players into rats, chimps and Sasquatches, respectively.

It is entirely possible that the info people found was simply leftovers from the cut content, but the links to the upcoming DLC codenamed “LOW” suggest otherwise.

Have you found all the Peyote plants in the game? If not, be sure to check out our guide.

GTA V’s Fort Zancudo Gets Declassified

The heavily guarded military base found in Blaine County, Fort Zancudo, holds many a secret. Much like the Area 69 base in GTA: San Andreas which hid the Jetpack, there is more to GTA V’s only military establishment than meets the eye.


One Youtuber decided to try uncover the military secrets housed in the base and share his findings with the GTA V community. While most of this is just conjecture, keep in mind that mere conjecture has lead to the discovery of several GTA secrets in the franchise’s past, and that conjecture is what keeps revealing newer and newer clues regarding the Mount Chiliad mystery, which remains unsolved to this day.

In a fashion similar to that of Area 69, Fort Zancudo will only ever appear on your map if you’ve actually, physically been there. Only a single mission in the single player story sees players entering the fort, it being closed of at all other times, which increases the air of secrecy surrounding it. Several of the fort’s facilities suggest that it has some special purpose, including a school of sorts.

The marines housed in the fort perform daily military routines, many of which aren’t standard procedures, and the entire base seems to be active, as if it assumed that an active war was going on (considering the amount of havoc certain GTA V players can cause, this suddenly does not seem so outlandish). Another notable mystery is the fort’s connection with the previously mentioned Mount Chiliad mystery, which also involves the elusive UFOs of GTA V. One such UFO can be seen directing its tractor beam onto the underground bunker in the Fort under certain circumstances, lending the area its characteristic green glow. It is entirely possible that Fort Zancudo might hide the solution to the Chiliad mystery, but that particular info is still top secret.

Are you intrigued by the various mysteries GTA V is filled with?

Fan Of Lamar Or Not? We’ve Got New DLC Info For You!

It seems the GTA V community just can’t be patient, can it? Back when the Ill-Gotten Gains Part II DLC was still a ways off, the rumor mills were spinning at maximum RPM, and now with the Lowrider/life DLC announcement hitting any time soon, they’ve gone into overdrive once more.


Considering today is the 30th (goodbye, summer!), it is doubtful that Rockstar will keep the alleged release window for the next DLC, which was stated to launch before the summer ends. Now it seems that we will be getting the official announcement in the first few days of September, with the DLC itself releasing a week after.

The rumors began some time ago when a particularly curious GTA V fan started digging around in the game’s code, and found the code name of the next GTA Online DLC, which is “LOW”, and also discovered 12 vehicle indexes linked to the reference, meaning that these rides will be added with the DLC. Some of the vehicles appeared in previous GTA games, which allowed Funmw2 to deduce that the DLC will be an opposite of Ill-Gotten Gains, and will have a “Lowrider” or “Lowlife” theme.

As time passed, the rumors kept multiplying. Rockstar announced that the DLC will be bringing the video Editor to the PS4 and Xbox One with the update, and that the Editor will have some new features.

Recently, Funmw2 went digging in the code again, and has revealed that the new missions included in the DLC will be indicated with a Lamar icon. This could mean that Lamar Davis, Franklin’s buddy in GTA V single player, may appear as a quest giver in GTA Online like a few other characters from the story. This would indicate new mission types with a gang theme.

Are you looking forward to the DLC announcement, hopefully soon?

GTA V & Fast And Furious Is A Match Made In Heaven

The stars seem to have aligned this week. Once again, a franchise is crossed with GTA V which seems like an extremely obvious pairing when you think about it. A film franchise about cars, violence, crime and intrigue, which might as well look like “GTA: The Movie” on first glance either way, Fast and Furious has always been likened to Rockstar’s hit game series in some way or another.


Earlier this month, following the release of the new ZModeler GTA V import/export feature, car mods for the game flooded the internet, and one such mod was Paul Walker’s iconic ride from the movies.

Now, the legendary final scene of the film that started it all, wherein the two main characters of The Fast and the Furious, Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Connor compete in a drag race of epic proportions, is remade in GTA V, using the Rockstar Editor, of course.

As always, the video is extremely authentic, to a fault – literally. It incorporates all the errors of the original footage, with an extreme attention to detail to accompany them. The cars, the sounds, the timing, everything is spot on. The amount of time it must have taken to fine tune this creation is unimaginable.

The master behind this work of genius is none other than DomesticMango, a Youtuber who specializes in making and uploading GTA V videos.

The race is as much as a competition between the drivers as it is between ideologies. The sleek style of a Japanese tuner versus the brawn and force of an American muscle. Fans of each vehemently defend their side of choosing and furiously attack the other. This particular scene has forever been a hotly debated one among car oriented communities.

In the end however, all that we can ask is “why did this take so long?”

We Shine The Spotlight On GTA V Fan Videos

Once again Rockstar has taken to it’s Newswire to increase the popularity of select GTA V fan videos which go above and beyond all expectations. These videos are particularly well shot, particularly entertaining, particularly crazy or particularly professional. The one thing that is common among them all is the immense amount of effort that went into perfecting them, into making them the best of the best.


Occasionally Rockstar has been known to use it’s own blog as a platform to spread the word on select fan creations, be it jobs, videos, challenges or art.

This week, they’ve brought us the cream of the crop when it comes to Rockstar Editor creations. We here at GTA 5 Cheats decided to complement Rockstar’s list with the unsung stars of GTA V fan videos.

First up we have “Breackneck”, an 8 minute short film made using the Rockstar Editor, 150 GB of footage, and a custom soundtrack mixed one-effect-at-a-time, containing over 1100 individual sounds. If you think that’s impressive, wait till you see the video. It is inspired by some of the greatest car chase scenes in all of cinematography, and features Trevor as he attempts a high speed escape. Every scene is made with care, and the whole thing oozes professionalism.

Next up we have a rather valiant effort of creating a GTA V video on a console instead of PC. While the Rockstar Editor will be releasing on consoles soon, it hasn’t quite happened yet, and creating machinima in consoles is significantly more difficult. This video is a GTA V adaptation of Friday the 13th. Jason uses a rubber baton instead of a machete, and the scream near the beginning of the film is still better voice acting that the source material. Check it out!

Rockstar collected some truly great videos in their list. Which videos would you guys add?

Kifflom! Here’s Some New Rockstar Endorsed GTA V Jobs

Following straight after a set of fan made GTA V videos using the Rockstar Editor, the developer has gone ahead and posted a batch of player created missions which are styled after the actions and activities of the expansive and arguably insane Epsilon Program cult.


The Epsilon cult has been a part of GTA lore for quite a while. They appeared in GTA: San Andreas to a limited extent, but got a bit more of the spotlight in GTA V than they did ever before. These challenges have been hand picked by Rockstar Games for your playing and truth seeking pleasure. Kifflom!

The first job is accessible to PC players, and is a team deathmatch titled Cult of Cash. As we all know, cults are typically hoaxes, fronts for greedy people trying to get rich. Chances are, Epsilon is no different, so its time you took all that dough off their grabby hands, by shooting up their headquarters.


In Blood N’ Fire, Playstation players go back to where it all started and light the peak of Mount Chiliad on fire with their team, after which they proceed to cause blunt force trauma to anything that moves in the blaze.

Xbox players may take part in the Altruist Camp Offensive, where one team is armed with a wide range of weaponry but only their legs to transport them, while the Cult Stoppers will have a limiter armory, but several rides at their disposal.

PC players, once tired of spilling enemy blood, may take to the road in the Going With The Downflow race, taking them through Tongva Hills, Tongva Valley and Banham Canyon. Let Kraff take the wheel!

Rockstar assumes Playstation players are more bloodthirsty than the others, as their second job is a deathmatch once again, sans the team bit. Time to shoot up the Epsilon HQ (again)!

Finally, Xbox players will take part in a challenging bike race called San Chianski Race. The title kinda gives away the location.

Will you guys be giving these jobs a go?

This GTA V Deep Sea Video Is Awesome

We’ve recently posted about 8-BIT BASTARD’s amazingly detailed GTA V wildlife documentary, which took 6 months of research and work to complete, and runs for 15 minutes. The video is made with immense professionalism, and is on par with anything aired on reputable television channels such as Animal Planet or National Geographic. Of course, the info relayed by the video is hardly accurate when applied to real-life, as it is based on the animal’s AI coded by Rockstar for GTA V.


As impressive as this video is, 8BB wet their feet in the waters of wildlife documentary a little less than a year ago with their GTA V marine biology documentary. Titled Into The Deep, the documentary gives us valuable insight into the aquatic flora and fauna which makes its home in the waters surrounding Los Santos and Blaine County.

It should go to show that the video is so well made, that people out there started taking it seriously and getting all “angry-youtube-commenter” about the false info, which prompted an updated description:

DISCLAIMER: Some people have been saying our wildlife documentary isn’t totally accurate – of course it isn’t. We’re not professional wildlife researchers, we’re idiots who play computer games. Enjoy it for what it is!

And enjoy it you should. The 13 minute video about virtual fish in a fictional world is surprisingly entertaining. The commentator is a perfect fit for this kind of thing, and the whole video evokes that typical atmosphere of these kinds of documentaries.

Using the submarine, 8BB takes us on a tour of the deep sea, showing the various species, reefs, and man-made wrecks on the sea bottom. It is quite amazing how much detail Rockstar filled the deep sea with, consider a large percentage of players will likely never venture there.

Has this video made you more curious about the sea surrounding the world of GTA V?