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These GTA Online Crews Are Looking For You

Another month, another GTA Online crew noticeboard.

These are the crews looking for new members which piqued the interest of papa Rockstar enough to warrant their inclusion in a post which went up on the Newswire, Rockstar’s primary news platform. Crews new and old, big and small can appear on these, so don’t shy away from trying to land a spot in next month’s Crew Noticeboard! It isn’t just the biggest, most hardcore crews who can get this spotlight shone upon them.


The relatively new San Andreas 4X4 crew is a group of people with a very specific hobby – virtual offroading. As strange as it may sound, if you think about it, open-world games are all about exploration, and what better way to explore than to veer of the beaten path into and into the thicket? The members of this crew get together every day to jump into large four wheel drive vehicles and drive around the tougher terrain of Blaine County. They scale mountains in large convoys, day in day out.


If you’re not a fan of the great outdoors, and would rather roll with your brothers in arms to defend your turf against rival gangs, plus have a flare for the nostalgic, then this crew is for you. The Grove Street Family are looking for new recruits they can tick out all in green and arm to the teeth in order to push their rivals out of their territory in the name of CJ, Big Smoke, Ryder and Sweet.


Third up, we have The Gambino Familia, a hardcore mafia roleplay crew. Serious about adhering to a strict code of honor, these mafiosos will require you to wear your most elegant suit, and act like a true gentleman. A criminal gentleman, granted, but a gentleman none the less.


The Wicked Executioners and the Mafia All Starz are all also looking for new recruits, you can read more about them here.

Get Ready For An Onslaught Of GTA Livestreams

If you’re a fan of GTA Rockstar has made sure you won’t get bored this weekend. Or the next weekend.

This is because the developer’s Twitch and YouTube Gaming channels will be flooded with a slew of various GTA V themed livestreams for your viewing pleasure. They’ve posted a schedule of the streams here so you don’t miss out on a second of it, and they’ve also let the eager fans know what to expect from the shows. Based on what they’ve revealed, after the Friday stream you’ll spend you’re whole Satruday quivering in anticipation for the Sunday stream!


First up, today Rockstar has in store for you a solid stream dedicated to the all new, crispy and shiny GTA Online Freemode Events, which have added a total of 12 new jobs and 2 new adversary modes to the online component of GTA V. More than just a mission pack, Freemode Events has reworked entirely how GTA Online functions, in order to prepare it for the new wave of DLC. The stream will feature some well known GTA streamers and YouTubers testing their mettle in the most popular of the new events.


Following that stream Rockstar will be giving you a sneak peek at the upcoming LP VEGA INTL. Night School by Neon Indian, who is also responsible for some of GTA V’s soundtrack. You can watch him preview some of his upcoming work, and play some of the new Adversary modes.

The stream of streams does not end there though, as next Friday we’ll be treated to a stream dedicated to community made jobs inspired by the Warriors and GTA Liberty City Stories. Rockstar will be playing through the best Creator missions submitted during this stream, which you’ll be able to download as well. Will any of you guys be tuning in to these GTA streams?

LSPDFR 0.3 Updated Arrest System Preview

With the release of LSPDFR’s 0.3 build rapidly approaching, the team tirelessly keeps previewing the motherload of new features the mod is getting in this next major update. They’ve detailed how the backup (not the software kind, but the calling in the cavalry kind) customization will work, as well as the new interior the police station is getting. Los Santos Police Department First Response is a massive and ambitious total conversion mod which flips the tables in GTA V and makes you the cop hunting down the crooks. The mod’s development was hindered severely by Rockstar’s anti-modding measures, but the team is diligent.


0.3 will be revamping LSPDFR’s arrest system, which is kind of important, this being a police mod and all. Arresting people is going to be a lot more interactive, more immersive, and more complex than just pushing a button. When you’re arresting at gunpoint, you’ll have to keep your weapon aimed at the suspect to discourage attempts at flight or attack. During this time, holding the arrest key will fill a progress bar. When it is full, the suspect will lay on the ground. Then, you’ll have to walk over to them, and start applying cuffs, once again by holding down a key. Both actions can be interrupted and cancelled by simply releasing the key.


However, for the peaceful cops among you, you can always throw cuffs on someone with a smile on your face. Using the Stop & Identify system, you can now arrest, without a scuffle, any NPC in the game through the menu. However, if you’d like to jump into the arresting straight away, you don’t even need the S&I menu, you can just cuff a PED by pressing the key while looking at them.

Are you looking forward to LSPDFR 0.3?

Bombing The Hell Out Of GTA V Has Never Been Easier

Just when you thought tanks, fighter jets and heavy ordnance is the only way to make things go boom in GTA V, modders come up with crazy stuff like this. Be it a gun that shoots cars, or aliens with lasers, being a citizen of Los Santos must be a massive dent in life expectancy. And after this fun little creation, you’ll guaranteed to shave a few more years off of it.

There’s something about GTA and pyromaniacs which results in the two always getting mixed. But hey, as long as they’re having their fiery fun and flaming fantasies in a virtual world, so be it, right?


While all this mod really does is unlock a feature already in GTA V which is normally restricted to specific side missions, it is not any less fun due to the fact. When playing as Trevor in GTA V’s single player portion (which, you know, exists), you will have the option to purchase the McKenzie airfield after completing the mission “Nervous Ron”. Buying the property will grant access to the Cuban 800 plane within, which triggers arms trafficking air missions. These missions have you fly crates of weaponry to drop off zones as well as carpet bombing rival traffickers.


This mod makes the aforementioned carpet bombing feature available at all times. When flying in an applicable plane, such as the Cuban 800 or Lazer, you can switch to bombing view and peek out of the bomb hatch to see what it is you are disintegrating; then dropping the boomers to your heart’s pleasure. Fly wherever you will, whenever you will, and leave a fiery, burning wasteland in your wake. Funny how systematically blowing shit up can be so fun, right?

Will any of you guys be maniacally laughing while blowing GTA V to hell with this mod?

We Wish For Zombies In GTA V This Halloween

The possibility of upcoming DLC for GTA Online this Halloween has been a hotly discussed and debated topic among GTA fans. While the holiday has never gotten a proper content update before, and GTA V has had the opportunity to cash in on the spooky celebration before, it’s always been passed over.

However, it must be considered that the USA is really invested in Halloween. It’s just a big thing, almost like Dia de los Muertos in Spanish speaking regions, though with a different mentality. When GTA players are asking for DLC, you’re guaranteed to have an audience. This makes it strange for Rockstar to not take advantage of the demand to further expand GTA Online. After all, we did see Independence Day DLC, right?


Another always-popular DLC question concerns the possibility of GTA V getting some zombie related content. Another open world Rockstar game, Red Dead Redemption, got an entire zombie themed expansion pack, so getting some sort of zombie DLC, if only in the form of another one of Michael’s forays into the movie industry, could be expected. Especially with how popular the undead have become in the media recently – any Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead fans among us?

While some might argue that zombies are severely overdone in games right now, I’m confident that with Rockstar’s humor and creativity, bringing zombies to GTA V would be an immensely fun experience – regardless how they plan on raising the corpses.


With rumors of a zombie update circulating some months back, Halloween seems like the perfect time to break out the undead card and give GTA players some gory goodness. If we’d get a few new zombie themed Freemode Events too, it would be even better, considering how the 1.29 update was preparing GTA Online for new DLC anyway.

Would you guys want to see zombies in GTA V?

Mini-Guide: GTA Online Freemode Events Part II

Continuing from last week’s inaugural GTA Online Freemode Events tips part I, Rockstar has posted the second installment of their guide to mastering the all new missions and jobs introduced in patch 1.29. Let’s jump right in to the next four events:


In Kill List, and its competitive version, you’ll be going against an endless stream of Merryweather mercenaries hell bent on making you not live anymore. You, and up to three other players will be tricked out with some seriously heavy weaponry to face off the private military contractor, so remember to make use of it, and make sure that every weapon on your vehicle is manned. Considering Merryweather will also be packing a serious punch, stay on the move to avoid becoming a sitting duck.

Penned In will see players attempt to stay inside an ever moving and constantly shrinking dome. Watch out though, as with space running out, the other players will try and knock you out of the field. Avoid aerial vehicles and try to stay as close to the epicenter as possible, and weigh the maneuverability of bikes and the brawn of trucks. The first few seconds are most critical, so make sure you’re on point when the event starts.


Dead Drop is a game of delivery, however there are multiple players and just one item to deliver, and you only gain points if you’re the one to drop off the item, or if you eliminate the carrier. Team work is essential in this event, so you need a trustworthy friend to cover you and share the spoils later. If you’re carrying, make sure you’re never surrounded and always on the move.

Checkpoints is fairly simple. There are spots marked on the map. Go there. Simple as that. Choice of vehicle is crucial here as well, and you’ll need to know your way around the map.

How well are you guys doing in the new GTA Online Freemode Events?

Good Luck Fooling The New GTA Online Anti-Hack

We just posted some brand new info on the punishments players may now face for hacking or cheating in GTA Online. The new punishments arrived via GTA V patch 1.29, and along side a new and shiny anti-cheat system contained the massive Freemode Events update, as well as a wealth of bug fixes.

Now that you know what will happen once the sniffer finds your little hack, let’s take a look at how it finds these cheats and exploits, and why the new system is almost impossible to fool. Note the operative word almost.


Yeah, nah

As hard as it may be to believe, not all GTA Online hackers are nefarious. While some use shady methods to gain the upper hand and an unfair advantage, others try to hack the game just to see whether or not they can, and how difficult it is. Pure programming curiosity.

It’s still bannable, and other hackers tend to profit from these discoveries, but it can also help Rockstar tighten things up. Some players with programming knowledge found which little snippet of code is responsible for the almost instant detection of the “cash drop” method used by most popular trainers.

$ ansactionrequest ros.rockstarga | load_request -i <<CASH_DROPPED_AMOUNT>>
<<TRANSACTION_ID>>: <<OFFSETS_HERE>> scs_bind $ decode_respon@:

Basically, when you drop cash with a trainer, the above code will interpret it as a proper GTA Online transaction. However, it immediately marks it as unusual due to the various hidden stats showing there is no tangible reason for the money to appear. This way the transaction will be set as pending review, and the next time you log out, the automated system will detect the trainer and ban you.


Stat editing won’t get you anywhere either, as the new system, using an as-of-yet-unknown method automatically detects this and will simple subtract the amount from your balance. How long do you think it will take to crack these newest GTA Online anti-cheat methods?

Newest GTA Online Anti-Cheat Methods Detailed

GTA Online patch 1.29, containing the Freemode Events DLC, has introduced a new anti-cheat system. Better yet, it introduced it in a way that does not shaft PC players.

In fact not only are PC players unshackled from their previous restraints, the new system works marvellously, nicking cheaters and hackers in GTA Online consistently. However, do not mistake the new method (which no longer breaks the game) any less strict. In fact, some of the new punishments are so severe that this can be considered yet another large scale crackdown.


As opposed to the previous infringement ladder (being 10 days to one month to two months, with only extreme cases earning a permaban) it seems Rockstar is no longer intent on keeping cheaters in the game and merely punishing them temporarily. Now, the 10 day ban comes with a longer or even permanent chat and mic ban, the one month ban sets your cash balance to GTA$20,000 (even if you purchased a Shark cash card), and the two month ban has been changed to a permanent ban from GTA Online.

But wait.

There’s more.

If you are hit with all three on the same account, you will reportedly be banned from playing story mode. Yes, you read that right. Story mode. If this happens, you will only be able to run the game in offline mode. This particular addition has already began to make the public restless, which could be expected, as why on earth would multiplayer hacking get you banned from the single player portion?

Other punishments include matchmaking limitations, which mean that you’d only be able to join lobbies with very few players, lobbies populated only by cheaters, or empty lobbies. This is still regulated based upon the bad sport points, or smaller cheating infringements.

What do you guys think of the new GTA Online anti-cheat protocols?

No More GTA V DLC For Last Gen – Rockstar Confirmed

Well, that’s it folks. We’ve suspected this is where the road it leading, but now we have official confirmation from Rockstar personnel that the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are indeed going to miss out on further DLC content updates. This means that future patches will only contain bug fixes and tweaks, and no new game content – or at least nothing substantial. Rockstar has also provided justification for this decision.


In reality, it wasn’t even a decision at all, as Rockstar was forced to make this call due to the hardware limitations of the last console generation. Quite simply, the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 ran out of space. Rockstar North, the primary studio working on GTA Online, contacted IGN and Director of Design Imran Sarwar explained the situation.

The primary technical reason is the memory capacity for the older systems. We are constantly adding new items to the game with each update and we began approaching the memory limits after the first year of GTA Online content.

He goes on to say that they almost maxed out the last gen console’s capabilities with the Heists update, however the programmers in the studio devised ways of smuggling content all the way up to Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 into the game without breaking it entirely.

While this is understandable, for the sake of better showing how close the proverbial glass was to overflowing, some players decided to make a comparison of GTA V’s performance on last gen consoles, to see how the critical mass was affecting framerates and load times. Between patch 1.01 and 1.28, there was an average FPS drop from 28.0 to 23.0, and load times went from 1 minute 2 seconds to well over two minutes. While these are hardly noticeable on the consumer’s end, changes of this magnitude show a rather significant issue for the developers.

Do we have any last gen GTA Online players who will be making the jump to current gen due to lack of DLC support?

Rockstar’s Red Hook Really Should Be In GTA Online

Rockstar Games organizing bicycle races hasn’t gotten any less weird since last time, but oh well. This year, the Red Hook Criterium race returns to Milano for The Red Hook Criterium Milano No. 6, starting on the 10 of October, this Saturday.

This will be the grand finale of the 2015 Red Hook Criterium Championship Series, meaning that once the last competitor has passed the Milanese finish line, Red Hook will be taking a break till sometime early next year. Previously we reported on the Barcelona round of this year’s Red Hook, which had gotten the attention of GTA V players who clamored for a weekend event to commemorate the race within GTA Online. During that time bike related jobs netted players double rewards.


Since the epic Freemode Events DLC has been released, it’s opened up GTA Online for even more possibilities. Could Rockstar make up for last time by introducing an all new Freemode Event centered around a bike race?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Rockstar has released an info graphic to familiarize fans with what to expect from this year’s final race. It should come as no surprise that the Milano round’s participants will be mostly Italian, making up almost half of the total competitors.


The poster also gives predictions for the average and top speeds the bikers will reach, about which we have no idea how it was calculated. The whole circuit will be one and a quarter kilometers long, meaning this won’t be no lazy Tour De France slo,g but a fierce high speed race from start to finish.

Rockstar could easily implement pre-designed paths on the GTA V map and have events which allow players only to participate with two wheeled vehicles in GTA Online. Thus having a sort of “Red Hook” Freemode Event, expanding the already large list of new missions added with 1.29. Who would be interested in a Red Hook event coming to GTA Online?