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GTA 6 City Of The Week: Kansas City

GTA 6 City of the Week is a weekly article series here on GTA 5 Cheats. Every week, we will evaluate a different city in the United States, gauging how well it would fit GTA 6 as a setting.


With more and more indication that some kind of announcement from Rockstar Games will be coming soon, based on yet another call to investors from Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive Software, there is quite a bit of buzz in terms of speculation going on.

However, when there is a chance that a Biker themed DLC is incoming, it is hard to keep people focused on a topic that has been hanging in the air for so long. This is hardly the first time a call to investors spoke of Rockstar’s new project, however some unconfirmed leaks suggest that maybe the single most requested update since the initial release of GTA Online might be coming. While it is true that the discoveries were published by two reputable leakers with a history of sharing valid info, it is important to remember that anything other than official news is to be taken with a grain of salt.

While Rockstar has been teasing a new project for years, Take-Two’s other main developer, 2K, is churning games out with a fervor. In fact, one of their upcoming forecasted blockbusters, Mafia III, is very similar to GTA 5. Even so, there are a handful of reasons why Rockstar doesn’t need to fear the creation of their “brother”.

One of those reasons happens to be the massive head start GTA 5 has in terms of popularity. We’re talking about a kind of popularity that manages to propel the game ahead of anticipated new releases to the first spot on the UK game sales charts. This happening to a three year old game is entirely unprecedented.

GTA Online is known to be one of the causes of the game’s continued longevity. The constant DLC updates for it keep up interest, resulting in a steady  stream of new buyers. However, you don’t need to wait until the next big content update if you’re looking for tweaks. This week, the payment system for Premium Races has been revamped, adding new tiers and the long-lived and much hated crew emblem transparency bug was fixed.

However, no matter how dynamic the events surrounding GTA 5 are, the eyes of the public will be ever turned towards 6. Today, we’ll be looking at yet another potential setting for the game, in the face of:

Kansas City


Yeah, we might have railed on Oklahoma a bit due to its naming methods, but this takes the cake. See, the states of Kansas and Missouri happen to be right next to one another. Can you guess which of the two houses Kansas City? Both. As in, there exist two cities named Kansas, one in Kansas State, and the other in Missouri. Physically, they are the same city, just cut in half by a state border.

The city we’re looking at today – nicknamed the Heart of America – falls on the Missouri side of the border, but just. Kansas City proper is actually just part of a much larger metropolitan area cut in half by the state border. I can only imagine the kind of administrational nightmare a massive settlement cut into slices by various state and county borders, wherein even the names are mixed up, is.

Kansas City downtown is centered around the point where the Kansas and Missouri rivers (to complicate things further) meet. The actual “high density of large buildings with a general financial or business purpose” downtown area is larger and stretches across cities and states, but the official Kansas downtown business area is encircled by a freeway loop.

The economy in Kansas City, Missouri is primarily based on the various administrational bodies of the federal government stationed there. Over 30,000 employees working for the government make up 2.91% of the city’s workforce, surpassed only by the public school system. The IRS, GSA, NNSA, SSA, MAMPSC and many more organisations have large offices in the city. One of two locations processing paper tax returns is in the city. One of the Federal Reserve Bank headquarters are also in Kansas City, as well as one of the major manufacturers of non-nuclear atomic bomb components.


A bunch of notable companies are also headquartered in, or around the metropolitan area. Ford and General Motors operate factories on the outskirts, and the pharmaceuticals industry rivals the federal government with several medical companies, most notably Sanofi-Aventis, maintaining major facilities.

Geographically, Kansas City isn’t exactly a shining example of a GTA map. Granted, there are two rivers which meet in the city center giving you three cake-slices of map to section off based on story progress, but the utter lack of large bodies of water make the creation of a sea-border improbable.

Granted, the many and varied neighborhoods, as well as the state border in the middle of it all do help in terms of setting up concrete regions. There are several large areas of wilderness about, however 99.9% of them are cornfields, which doesn’t exactly provide a thrilling game experience. There are a number of other, smaller settlements nearby though, which is a plus.


This is another area in which Kansas City doesn’t win many points as a GTA setting, though that is much to the relief of the locals. KCMO (another one of the city’s nicknames) is only 18th on the list of cities with populations over 100k in terms of crime. Efforts to revitalize and improve public safety in the city have been stunning successes, with the Kansas City downtown area being among the safest such districts in the whole country.


There is some measure of organised crime and gang activity in the eastern side of the city, which also houses the lower-income neighborhoods, however it is nowhere near as pronounced as in other cities. Granted, the typical big-city rules of locking your doors and not dallying in poorer areas after nightfall apply, but come on, who doesn’t follow that?

Even though the city has some history with organised crime, including a somewhat large mob-war during the 70s, but Kansas has washed itself clean of this legacy by now.



Kansas City isn’t looking good as a GTA setting so far, and I’m afraid we’re going to have to dock some more points in this regard. Kansas City just really isn’t iconic. Chances are most foreigners don’t even know it exists, and most Americans don’t know what it looks like. While it is a pretty important city in the history of Jazz music, it isn’t much of a tourist attraction. The skyline isn’t particularly well known. The Liberty Memorial, Crown Center and Union Station are probably the most known buildings.

Story Potential

Kansas City provides yet another blank slate setting, allowing the writers at Rockstar Games to craft their own GTA storyline. However, lacking prominent gang activity, one of the most obvious and straight-forward routes for a storyline are absent.

Then again, they might pick the route of having a story where the protagonist is the member of some prominent organised crime syndicate in another city where said organisations are more common and prominent. As the right hand man of the boss, they are sent to the GTA version of Kansas City to establish a foothold in an otherwise “untapped market”.


As the story progresses, the players could witness the peaceful city descend into chaos. For the first handful of missions, the player would be pretty much the only criminal seen and the police would be prominently present, while progressing through the story would gradually increase random acts of assault and robbery on the streets, and the rival gangs would also grow in number, sending more and more of their street thugs after you.

Final Verdict


Pros: Large areas of wilderness and other settlements nearby

Cons: Aside from the above, geography is poor, low crime rate, no story potential, low recognition

All in all, Kansas City doesn’t really fit the bill of a GTA map. If just doesn’t tick any of the boxes needed for this kind of game and wouldn’t be able to support the game with the needed attributes. Maybe a throwback game set in the 70’s would work with the mob-war as a framing device, however it is rare for a GTA game to go back in time.

Which city would you like us to review next week?

GTA V Screenshot Used On Hotel Website

GTA V has always been praised to be one of the most graphically impressive games of its time. Even before the launch of the Xbox One and PS4, the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game were lauded as the first “truly next-gen” game experiences in the industry.


The game got a visual boost with the next-gen enhanced editions and again with the PC version, which when maxed out still stands among the most visually impressive games on the market today. This comes at a cost though, as it also happens to be one of the most hardware intensive games too – the newest 1080 nVidia cards can’t run it on maximum settings at 4K with steady 60 FPS.

Using certain graphical mods, it is even possible to achieve near photo-realistic visuals. However, without mods, even at ultra, while GTA V is impressive, the differences between it and photos can be easily noticed.


Which makes it pretty embarrassing when a stock screenshot of Los Santos makes it up on a hotel’s website attempting to represent downtown Los Angeles. We get it, Los Santos is based on LA, but seriously, it isn’t a carbon copy and that image isn’t exactly easy to mistake for a photo.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.23.31 PM

However, things become more clear when it is noted that the hotel in question is the Hotel Figueroa, which advertised the game with massive billboards on its sides back before GTA V was initially launched.


This is probably just a little prank or joke that the site admin pulled for fun. If anything, it might be a publicity stunt, in which case it’s working. Several GTA V related online communities have shared this finding, probably causing a spike in the traffic of that website.

Props for inventive marketing. Do you ever plan to stay at the Figueroa, if only because you’re a GTA fan?

GTA Online Hack Videos Banned

Rockstar is completing its recent massive crackdown on the use of hacks in GTA Online. After implementing an extremely effective anti-hacking system in Online cleaning out the lobbies on PC, making public lobbies free of malicious hackers, scripters and modders, they are now targeting the YouTube accounts of the hackers.


Initially many thought that this is simply a typical ban-wave, from which the hacker population recovers within a week. However, those players who know members of the GTA Online hacking community and some (now former) hackers themselves have reported that this is a different case altogether.

It seems that the guys over at Rockstar have devised a permanent fix to the hacker issue by not simply making hacking difficult like in the past, but by making script injection outright impossible. While no such thing as “unhackable” exists, it takes far longer to devise a whole new way of hacking that it does to simply find workarounds to preventative measures.


Now that instead of “blocking the bridge”, Rockstar has decided to bomb it, hackers will be a rare sight on PC, if a sight at all. However, Rockstar wants to make sure that the chances of a new hacking exploit be found are minimal.

Their first order of business is decreasing the publicity of hacks. How? By placing take-down orders on YouTube videos on the subject. Several channels that have been known to publish videos about cheating in GTA Online, as well as how to do it have been taken down.


These videos not only encourage the use of cheats and hacks in GTA Online, but also usually link to sites selling paid mod menus for the game, which were the main source of the script-kiddies in the game.

The way YouTube’s system works, channels hit with three or more copyright takedown notices are banned entirely, making all content uploaded to the channel unavailable. Granted, these claims can be refuted with proper evidence, however lacking that, hack video channels will stay down.


Since this is the internet, some of the people operating these hack channels are actually upset that this happened…

Oh, we’re sorry, the fact that you decided to record yourself violating pretty much every TOS and EULA associated with both GTA 5 and YouTube caught up with you and is now biting you in the ass? Excuse us while we celebrate the event!


Operators of some of the channels taken down have taken to social media, notably Twitter, to express their dissatisfaction with not being treated as exceptions from the rules. Most people had a reaction to this similar to ours, i.e. telling the whining hackers to suck it.

Rockstar finally stepping on some toes feels just as gratifying as we imagined. Not only are the streets of GTA Online being swiped clean of hacker filth, but they’re sad attempts at gaining publicity are also being picked off. Since the “transfer-glitchers” are very rare on PC, it has now become the safest platform in terms of hackers.

How are you enjoying the hack-free experience of GTA Online?

GTA 6 City Of The Week: San Diego

GTA 6 City of the Week is a weekly article series here on GTA 5 Cheats. Every week, we will evaluate a different city in the United States, gauging how well it would fit GTA 6 as a setting.


Summer has hit with full force, making both gamers and GPUs alike sweat uncontrollably. The community is still in the buzz of E3 despite it having concluded quite some time ago. Rockstar unfortunately ended up being a no-show despite Take-Two hyping up the developer’s presence beforehand. While no official word on their absence has been published, chances are it had something to  do with a recent national tragedy.

While this means that Red Dead 3 unfortunately didn’t get revealed by the studio, it also means that they didn’t, not even accidentally, allude to what the possible setting of GTA 6 may be.

As such we can continue attempting to form educated guesses by exploring various potential settings and evaluate how they would fare as the maps of a GTA game.

We’ve taken a look at several cities over the course of these articles, having traveled from the west coast to the east with a few stops in between. We tried to fill these articles with as much relevant info as possible, but more importantly with correct info.

While the feedback on these has been mostly positive (some readers even take the time to write us emails), the occasional error or oversight is often picked to bits by less impressed readers – which, after all, is fair.

I’ve only ever visited the USA once, when I was a young child. I visited San Francisco, which incidentally serves as the inspiration for San Fierro in GTA San Andreas. I try to double check my info, but sometimes, a few things slip the net. I guess I’m taking these word to apologize in advance. Or something.

Now that we’re done with that overlong tangent, let’s dive right in to our next potential GTA 6 city.

San Diego


Known by its rather flashy nickname of “America’s Finest City”, San Diego is one of the southern border cities of the United States. It has grown together with the Mexican city of Tijuana, forming the second largest conurbation in the country (the US, that is) with a population of almost 5 million souls.

San Diego is an international financial center, serving as the main economic link between the USA and Mexico. The San Diego-Tijuana crossing is the busiest land border crossing in the world just for this reason. Naturally, this also makes it something of a hot spot for border violations.

However sunny San Diego is also a city very much invested in the future. The area has recently become known for its many biotech companies, which is partially thanks to the presence of the University of California, San Diego and its medical branch. Pharmaceuticals are also a major business in the area.

The city also has strong ties to the US military, especially the navy. San Diego is home not only to the only submarine and major shipbuilding yards on the west coast, as well as the largest naval fleet in the world with around 50 ships always present, alongside a massive contingent of naval officers. Many of the largest and most significant civilian defense contractors have headquarters in the city.


With defense and biotech being the two main industries in the city, San Diego has grown out to be one of the richest areas in the country. Of course, tourism is a massive industry as well, what with the region being known for natural beauty and a perfect location for vacations.

In terms of geography, San Diego is absolutely perfect. Being on the coast with a bay added, being surrounded by other settlements whilst there also being wilderness nearby in the shape of wildlife preserves ticks every box on the GTA map checklist.


Turning the map into an island wouldn’t be too hard, adding other settlements based on Spring Valley, Chula Vista and El Cajon would result in multiple urban areas with intermittent countryside and having a naval base/military airfield on a peninsula separated from the city with the bay would all add up to possibly the most fun open world game map ever.


While the city’s geography is favorable, we are forced to dock some points here. San Diego has had an ever declining crime rate since 2002, with the lowest murder rate among the ten largest cities in the country. Violent crime rates are also pretty low. The city has been nominated by many publications as one of the safest in the nation.


In the flip side, human trafficking is a massive business due to the proximity of Mexico. This is a favored point of ingress for human smugglers and illegal immigrants alike, in spite of the best efforts of the border patrol.


In terms of fame overseas, San Diego ranks a tad higher than the average, but it is nowhere near as iconic as say, New York or San Francisco. The city does feature your typical American downtown area, however none of the skyscrapers are particularly tall, as there is a height limit of 152 meters on all buildings within the 1.6 km radius of the international airport.


Even so, certain landmarks such as the Coronado Bridge, the various buildings of the UCSD, Old Point Loma Lighthouse, the Halsey Field base and the House of Hospitality might be recognized by foreign players.

Then again, being among the most popular tourist attractions in the area, the many beaches and wildlife preserves might hit an even better note with players looking for some good old GTA gameplay outside the urban jungle.


Potential Story

With San Diego, Rockstar’s writers would have a chance to put together a complex tale involving illegal biotech research with military connections, using illegal immigrants caught while trying to cross the border as test subjects. How’s that for a story?


The main character could be a low-rank gang member of some local Hispanic criminal syndicate whose friend/sibling gets snatched. First, the player is led to believe that it was a rival gang, however it turns out that the rival gang are just lackeys to a corrupt general who is using a biotech firm to test bioweapons on subjects they smuggle into the country from across the border.

This would tap into many of the main characteristics of San Diego while still keeping the GTA vibes of having rival gangs and satirizing the USA. The idea that the US military are involved in all kinds of clandestine experiments is a popular conspiracy theory, after all.

Final Verdict:


Pros: Great geography, good recognition, great story potential

Cons: Low crime rate

Considering that many cities which are already in a GTA game have pretty low crime rates too, setting GTA 6 in San Diego would be a prime choice. The surroundings, the city itself, the story potential all add up giving this setting what it takes to make a GTA game great. Exploring a new setting like this would give VI a sweet does of freshness, setting it far apart from anything fans of the series have ever seen before.

Which city do you hope to see us evaluate for GTA VI next week?

GTA 6 City Of The Week: Oklahoma

GTA 6 City of the Week is a weekly article series here on GTA 5 Cheats. Every week, we will evaluate a different city in the United States, gauging how well it would fit GTA 6 as a setting.


With E3 less than 2 weeks away, this and the next article in the series may be the last ones we publish – then again, chances of GTA VI being announced or even confirmed are slim, based on the fact that Rockstar likes to take their sweet time with its games and will probably go for a different project to avoid franchise fatigue. But, what do we know!?

They have a point, too – why bother looking as far ahead as GTA VI, when we have new, exciting Online DLC to look forward to? Rockstar has recently released the first official trailer of Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, which will act as a follow-up to last December’s Executives and Other Criminals.

While that update is shaping up to be quite the big boom, some other noteworthy news related to the future of GTA 5 also appeared recently – namely, a screenshot pulled from the portfolio site of a 3D Artist working for Rockstar, which features a section of Liberty City with upgraded graphics. While we consider the possibility of it being “confirmation” of the city being added to Online, it does suggest that the next location we’ll see in a GTA game won’t be a new one.

In the meantime, let’s assume that the next location will indeed be the rendition of an all new city. Will moving further westward take us to promising lands, or will we be getting back to the coast with haste?



Oklahoma, capital city of the state of Oklahoma is mainly situated in – you guessed it – Oklahoma county. Before you ask, yes, there is a street in the city also called Oklahoma. If you think that is any indication of the creativity that goes into naming things around those parts, you’ll probably be interested to hear that one of the official nicknames of Oklahoma is literally “the City”.

Before any Oklahomans jump at me, I’m just poking fun – but then they’re not likely to, since one of the other nicknames of the city is The Big Friendly. Not only the capital, the city also happens to be the largest in the state, with the surrounding metropolitan area being home to almost 1.4 million souls. While it isn’t too high ranking in terms of population, it more than makes up for it in terms of physical size – the city is the largest in the whole country by area when not counting those whose government is not consolidated with that of a county or borough.

Oklahoma has more or less grown together with the (formerly?) neighboring cities of Edmond and Norman, which now act as the suburb districts of the city in technicality. There are few bodies of water around and the city is situated in the Great Plains region, making the area devoid of any natural borders that Rockstar could use to mold the boundaries of the map with – and we know invisible walls aren’t their thing unless out in open sea or in a tunnel.


Three “large” lakes are present in Oklahoma, though they are far too small to be used a map-borders. Other than this, the North Canadian River cuts through the city, however the only help this is that it would be easier to section off districts.

Oklahoma also happens to sit in one of the USA’s busiest tornado corridors – it has been hit by over thirteen that are classified as Fujita scale 4 or above, with countless smaller ones having “passed through” as well.

A event of great national significance, despite it being a tragedy, cannot go unmentioned. In 1995, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was severely damaged in a bombing that took the lives of 168 and injured almost 700 others. Committed by a domestic terrorist who was fueled by intense hatred of the US Federal Government, the act remains to be the most severe instance of domestic terrorism in the history of the United States of America.


In terms of economy, Oklahoma’s biggest industries are that of fossil fuels and livestock – it has one of the largest markets of the later in the world. There are a number of major national companies with their HQs in the city, such as the Sonic Drive-In restaurant chain.

Oklahoma is mostly surrounded by smaller settlements, suburban neighborhoods and woodland. While the terrain variety would lead to a map less varied than that of GTA 5, Rockstar could probably craft it into something not too samey.


While its geography isn’t exactly award-winning for a GTA game, Oklahoma gets plenty of points for Crime. According to various studies and metrics, it can be considered as high as the 10th most dangerous city in America. Oklahoma has also been called the most gang-infested city in the country, with gang-related violence and violent crime being extremely high.


The city sits on a major Texan-Mexican travel corridor, making it a pretty big human trafficking and smuggling hub. When illegal immigrants make it across the border, they have a few frequently traveled “next-stop” cities and Oklahoma is one of them.

The city has also a considerably high murder rate, though this can mainly be attributed to gang-warfare. Active criminal gangs who are rivals of one another lends itself perfectly for a GTA game.



Oklahoma falls into that odd space of having distinct and notable landmarks, yet not being particularly iconic when viewed as a foreigner. Non-Oklahoman USA natives might be able to recognize the city based on landmarks alone, however players from across the border might have trouble with placing things.


The Skydance Pedestrian Bridge and Devon Energy Center are probably the two most iconic buildings in the city. Seeing as Oklahoma was founded in the land run of 1889, the city wasn’t built in a time the architecture of which was considered “valuable” later on, so few truly historical buildings remain. Most of the city is fairly modern.

Potential Story

While Oklahoma mostly falls into the blank slate category, there are a few sources to draw from. With the fact that gang activity, human trafficking and the livestock industry are all big in the city, the game could focus on rival gangs which are mainly dealing with illegal immigrants that both have livestock companies as covers and money-laundering businesses.

Then again, human trafficking might be too controversial even for Rockstar, so they might stick to a good old rival gang story scenario. They might include something about preventing an attack similar to the 1995 bombing. However, if they don’t do it in a tasteful manner, which is difficult on its own, they would get serious heat – plus Rockstar isn’t loved for their “tasteful” content, after all.

Final Verdict:


Pros: High crime rate.

Cons: Poor geography, little story potential, not particularly iconic.

While Oklahoma has the gang activity down, it sadly lacks the other ingredients needed to cook up a good game-map for a GTA title. The unfavorable geography and the lack of international recognition doesn’t exactly make this the best city to base an open virtual world on.

Which city would you like us to evaluate for GTA 6 next week? Think hard – it may be the last.

Are GTA Remasters A Possibility?

All the buzz in GTA news lately is around the recent announcement by Take-Two Interactive that Rockstar Games is working on “new, exciting projects”. Of course, the bulk of the speculation is directed at what their next major game might turn out to be, however the word “projects” suggests that the developer is spinning multiple plates at the same time.


Of course, the main guesses are GTA 6 and a third Red Dead game (everyone seems to forget that Red Dead Revolver was a thing), however some fans are still holding out hope for another Manhunt, or possibly a follow-up to L.A. Noire. The chances of another Midnight Club or Max Payne game are thin, but the possibility is there.

However, looking at AAA game release trends nowadays, a seldom mentioned option has also been added to the mix – GTA remasters. With the exclusion of V and maybe IV (debatable), all Grand Theft Auto games are pretty dated in terms of visuals.


It was V that really defined the franchise as a kind of visual benchmark, as none of the older games were particularly extraordinary in terms of graphics when they launched. GTA IV especially was often criticized for its graphics when it first launched.

However, the fact that there is still a sizable market for the 3D era masterpieces of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas on mobile platforms and even the current-gen consoles proves that these games are still sought after.


While the mobile versions already have marginally improved visuals, they’re still nowhere near the quality of AAA console games, even older ones. Here’s the thing though – the fact that the fairly recent mobile versions exist proves that Rockstar still has every single asset from those games on hand, making a remaster relatively simple.

Clearly, if they wanted to turn GTA III into something that resembles V from a visual standpoint, they would need to re-build the graphical assets from the ground up in many cases, but having the originals as a starting point is a great help. If they would keep everything else – gameplay, missions, soundtrack, story, mechanics – the same, only updating the graphics and keeping the price relatively low, it would sell extremely well.


While jumping into new projects is risky, this is the kind of thing that would turn a guaranteed profit with little investment required. It would give newer fans who just can’t get over the blocky graphics a chance to experience the past of the franchise. Older fans would be able to experience these classics “like they remember them” once more.

While GTA IV is more recent, it too could use a face-lift. It being a newer release would make a remaster even easier, since the models and textures are already pretty high quality and would only need some polish and re-touching (while they’re at it, Rockstar might add some color to the game too) to be on-par with V at max settings on PC, for example.


The remaster/remake trend has been on the rise for the past few years, with “Definitive Editions” also becoming popular as low-effort versions. Fondly remembered classics and even popular games only a few years old are frequently getting visual upgrades thanks to the lack of backwards-compatibility (on launch, at least) on the current-gen consoles.

Examples of this trend include Halo: The Masterchief Collection, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, God of War III Remastered and most recently, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered (which, unfortunately, won’t be available as standalone…).

Would you buy remastered versions of 3D era GTA games and IV, or would you stick to the good old original versions?

GTA Mobile Sale Ending Soon

Rockstar knows that with the extremely wide popularity of the GTA franchise, especially outside of the hardcore gaming  community, they have plenty of chances to cater to their fans with new content. Considering that in the past few years, the mobile gaming industry has far outperformed the regular gaming industry in terms of revenue, it would have been unsound from a business point of view for Rockstar not to jump in.


Over the span of a few years, Rockstar has gradually remastered various 3D era GTA games and released them on mobile devices with updated graphics (who would have thought that phones are more powerful than consoles, even old ones?), new controls and in some cases some new content as well.

The first game to get the mobile treatment was GTA III, celebrating its 10 year anniversary. Every year since, Rockstar has released the games of the 3D era in consecutive order. Liberty City Stories was the latest release. It made its way to iOS, Android and Kindle devices with a staggered release.


Chinatown Wars, which by virtue of its release date technically is part of the HD era despite being a top-down game with graphics evocative of the cartoon style seen in cover-art and promotional media typical of GTA has also seen a mobile release. Rockstar even experimented with their other franchises. They have breathed new life into Max Payne and releasing the first game of the shooter franchise on mobiles as well.

Rockstar is holding a sale on these mobile games which will be ending on the 18th of May, Wednesday. GTA III, Vice City, Liberty City Stories and Chinatown Wars are available for merely $2.99, San Andreas for $3.99 and Max Payne Mobile for just $1.99.


All of these games are complete and uncut ports of the originals. Considering how much content was crammed into each GTA game with all the easter eggs, side missions, customization, mini-games, exploration and on and on, these prices are a steal. San Andreas is understandably the most expensive, as it has the largest map with three major cities and four continents included instead of the standard of one – and a lengthy story to match.

Chances are that Rockstar will continue this trend of re-releasing GTA games on mobile, meaning that Vice City Stories is next in line. Of course, we’ll probably also see Max Payne 2 on mobile soon as well, possibly accompanied by Bully.

Will you guys be picking up any GTA games on mobile?

GTA Online Hackers Can Now Steal Your Cash

In the past few weeks GTA Online’s hacker issues have seemed to quiet down a bit. Granted, the modders and cheaters still didn’t disappear entirely, however their numbers seemingly began to thin out. Some players took this as a sign that they could finally breathe easy without having to fear hackers pouncing upon them.


Rockstar has been waging a quasi-war on hackers pretty much ever since GTA Online went live. They tried all kinds of approaches, including hidden stat tracking, disabling all mods entirely and clogging up the game files with dead code to try and slow them down.

When that last method backfired, the dev team decided to go back and rework the hidden stat tracking system – and by “rework” we mean “pump full of the programming equivalent of steroids”. The new system initially seemed like overkill, however looked to have done the job and plugged most of the holes.

The new stats system tracked where you are, where others are in relation to you, what you are doing, how much cash you have, what you spend that cash on, what missions you did, how you interacted with other players, etc. – the list just keeps on going and going. It also saves all this data for future reference, so that it can track your movements and spending to sniff out any foul play. Sounds good right?


Hackers have been up to all kinds of trouble for years now, ranging from the mildly inconvenient to the absolutely game-breaking. Either they pull pranks like spawning a massive satellite dish inside your garage, or they saddle you with a piggy-backing clone of yourself with the side effect of spawning other clones which are hostile – oh, and all damage you deal hurts you.

A while back when Rockstar began to clean things up, hackers started using PC mods which implicated others, allowing them to get off with no issue. They used others to spawn in cash, or fooled the anti-cheating mechanics to ban others even if the modder was the one with invincibility.

The most recent thing hackers have started pulling is the worst one yet. Taking the fun out of GTA Online was one thing, but stealing something you quite possibly paid actual money for? That’s serious.

Albeit indirectly, hackers can now “steal” your in game cash. They can now perform so called “insurance frauds”. These frauds involve the destruction of the hacker’s own personal vehicle, except it is billed to the account of another player in the lobby. And for the avoidance of doubt, yes, as far as we know this only affects the PC version of the game.

Unlike money spawning, which doesn’t technically hurt anyone directly, this takes money directly away from the other players. They have to cover the insurance with their own cash.

By kicking players from lobbies during jobs, instantly killing everyone during deathmatches or spawn-winning races, hacker cause potential-losses for other players. This means that they simply lose the possibility of making money. However with this new insurance fraud, they take cash which actually belongs to the victims. They could have gotten that GTA $ from Shark Cards, which are purchased with real money.

This was only an issue of fair play and fun factor until now. Adding in the question of actual money loss makes the hacker issue more severe by magnitudes.


Another negative side effect the victims suffer, though significantly less infuriating as losing money, is that they receive bad sport points for destroying another player’s personal vehicle.  Being bumped into GTA Online’s bad sport lobby isn’t nearly as big an issue as financial loss.

So far this new method of hacking is isolated and limited to the PC platform only. If you find yourself a victim of GTA Online insurance fraud, you can and should contact Rockstar support for a reimbursement.

However, if this becomes widespread and out of hand, Rockstar will have no choice but to crack down on GTA Online hackers like never before. What implications this may have for the game, we can’t speculate.

What are your thoughts on the developing issue regarding hackers in GTA Online?

GTA Online Cars Come To Single Player Without Mod

You better get on to this GTA Online glitch before it’s patched right up.

GTA Online has been getting an endless stream of free content updates over the years, expanding the list of available vehicles extensively. The single player mode, however, was stuck with the same number of rides as it had on launch, which stuck out as odd for quite a few players.


On PC, the modding community swiftly began porting Online only DLC vehicles over to story mode with some success, however the console players were still out of luck.

Until now. The GTA V community is on a never-ending search for glitches which may be exploited to the player’s advantage. These aren’t mods, cheats or hacks, these are bugs or mechanical loopholes which players can use to circumvent the game’s own rules.

A particular glitch which allows players to warp Online vehicles into single player has recently been found and it works on consoles as well. You’ll need to have unlocked Trevor in single player and have access to his garage in Sandy Shores, preferably empty.

This is as easy as glitches get. Load into a private or invite-only lobby in GTA Online, drive your vehicle of choice into the Sandy Shores garage, switch to single player picking Trevor and voila, the ride is there.


Initially, it will be locked. Just cause some minor damage to the car, leave the are and go back. Not only will the car be repaired, it will also be unlocked.

This glitch has been confirmed on PC, Xbox One and PS4 by various users. Players on Xbox 360 have yet to succeed and there is no word on testing result from the PS3, meaning that is might not work on last-gen.

Which GTA Online vehicle will you be glitching over into single player?

GTA V Meets The Suicide Squad

2016 is shaping up to be quite the year for superhero movies, meaning it’s going to be quite the year for GTA V trailer recreations using the Rockstar Editor. Deadpool broke records just recently and a number of highly anticipated films are heading to cinemas soon. Dawn of Justice is DC’s heavy hitter this year competing with Marvel’s universe-wide grand slam in the face of Captain America: Civil War.

Batman vs Superman isn’t DC’s only racehorse however as the super-villain team-up film Suicide Squad is also dropping this year. As far as publicity goes, it may have even stolen the spotlight from Dawn of Justice.

Despite being worlds apart on first glance, GTA V and Suicide Squad are pretty similar when we get down to it. A group of horrible people team up against even worse people, forcing the audience into identifying and empathizing with murderous insane psychopaths. Did we get that right?

While this is hardly the only GTA V recreation of the Suicide Squad trailer, it is among the best of them. As things usually go with these the recreation is faithful to the original scene for scene. The outfits are pretty authentic, as are the set pieces – all done without mods as far as we can tell. That’s quite the seal of quality there since most Rockstar Editor recreations rely on custom assets to authentically recreate characters, vehicles or other props.

The recreation make full use of the cinematic opportunities of the Rockstar Editor. The team working on this recreation didn’t only pay attention to staying true to the source material, they also made sure their recreation looked good even on its own merit. The action shots might feel more game-y, but the more passive ones have a distinct cinematic and professional feel to them.

What other upcoming big-budget superhero flick would you like to see get the GTA V treatment?