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Drama About GTA’s Creation Planned by the BBC

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At first, the thought of a BBC drama based on Grand Theft Auto might leave fans wondering if the company intends to create a television adaptation of the series. This 90-minute feature, however, will instead focus on the creation of Grand Theft Auto. As a “coding success story,” it will follow the series from its conception through its rise to popularity, focusing both on its appeal to players and the opposition it has faced.

The drama is being developed by Guy Cocker, a gaming and technology journalist. It’s part of the BBC’s “Make It Digital” campaign, which intends to highlight such stories in order to make the UK a more tech-oriented country. While part of the campaign’s focus will be on children, another part will be focused on training people for these sorts of jobs.

“Make It Digital” begins this fall, but beyond that we have no release date for the GTA drama yet. Does it sound like something that would interest you?

Concept Map Shows a GTA United States


Grand Theft Auto fan creations come in a variety of forms, from fake magazine ads to movie trailers and everything in between. What we have to show you today is an interesting twist on Grand Theft Auto maps, as it is a concept map of the United States in the GTA Universe.

Created by R10TCreate, it includes the two GTA states San Andreas and Liberty State, along with other locations such as Vice City and new cities modelled after real locations. Since this is the GTA universe, it doesn’t match up perfectly with the real United States. For example, some areas don’t exist at all in Grand Theft Auto. It’s still an interesting idea, and raises possibilities for future GTA games–or even GTA V PC mods.

Area 69 can only be seen on the labeled version of the map.


R10TCreate has publicly said that he plans to add Canada and Mexico to the map in the future. Would you enjoy a GTA game on this scale?

The Evolution of GTA Set to Continue

Graphics and realism have come a long way since the early days of video games and the Grand Theft Auto series is a great example of that. Each of the individual GTA games themselves are actually split into categories (2D, 3D, and HD) that reference changes in the series style and appearance. These changes also reflect the overall progression and advancements made in the world of video games over the past decade or so.

When images from Grand Theft Auto V were first released, fans were stunned by how much better the game looked than previous tiles – particularly Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 4. Some fans even re-created scenes from the GTA V images with the older games, to better illustrate the differences (as can be seen at the bottom of this article).

With technological advances and more powerful consoles, the developers were capable of things far beyond what the previous entries in the series could handle. Grand Theft Auto fans were stunned by how vivid, detailed, and realistic the characters and environments were.

Now, roughly one year after GTA V launched for the Xbox 360 and PS3, fans can look ahead to the upcoming remastered versions of the game and say the same things. As amazing as GTA V looked, it looks even better on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. All three of those systems are much more powerful than the Xbox 360 and the PS3, so improvements were expected, but the new trailer and screenshots still blew fans away. Comparison shots show the increased detail, and the effect is unbelievable. It makes the original version of GTA V look as outdated as GTA V’s predecessors did a year ago!

There’s no denying that video game graphics have progressed even further with the advent of the new generation of consoles, which makes the remastered GTA V look more realistic than ever before. We can only imagine what GTA VI will look like!

How excited are you by the prospect of improved visuals (amongst other things) in the remastered versions of GTA 5 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One?















Could the Next GTA Be Set in Liberty City?

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We really don’t know a lot about the next Grand Theft Auto game. It’s been too early even for solid rumors. But we’ve got a new rumor for you now that suggests it could be set in Liberty City.

Hip hop DJ and producer DJ Whoo Kid was recently interviewed, and the topic of video games came up. He mentioned some of the games he’s been in, including the upcoming GTA game “that takes place in New York again.”

Now, this could be a DLC for GTA V, not a complete game. No matter what it is, though, if DJ Whoo Kid is right, Grand Theft Auto is returning to New York… and that means Liberty City.

We’ll keep you updated if we learn anything official.

GTA Online is back, Rockstar “taking aim” at cheaters


We promised we’d let you know when GTA Online was back up online so here we are – it’s back! And this time Rockstar has a message too: it’s going to be taking aim at GTA Online cheaters.

As a result of today’s maintenance, all counterfeit (as Rockstar call it) or exploited/glitched (as we call it) GTA$ has apparently been removed from the game (whether this is in fact the case we have some more info on below…). This must have been quite a technical feat for Rockstar to achieve, so kudos on that. Rockstar also confirmed that if you purchased an item (like an apartment or vehicle) with some glitched GTA$ then you will get to keep that item – they are only removing the bad GTA$ from the game…

However, if you were one of the people who was actively glitching, exploiting or cheating (as opposed to simply being the innocent recipient of some GTA$) then Rockstar has said it will punish you at its discretion. This could mean putting you in a specific GTA Online cheater’s pool, or outright banning you from the GTA Online game.

In terms of how effect this GTA$ sweep as been so far, we’ve already received reports that some people have been putting GTA$99 million bounties on one another, so there is clearly some countereit GTA$ still lying around, or new glitches/exploits/cheats have already been found.

If you’ve been affected by the recent patches or the maintenance in any way then please let us know in the comments section below – we’d love to hear from you.

Rockstar taking aim at GTA Online cheaters


GTA Online is now back online with Rockstar declaring it is “taking aim at GTA Online cheaters”.

The maker of GTA V has said in a blog post that they are making it a priority to ensure that the glitches and exploits of the past (cheats) that some players have been using will no longer function, and punishing those that somehow do manage to get their hands on “counterfeit GTA$”.

Rockstar also confirmed many a cheater’s fears today that it has removed all counterfeit GTA$ from the GTA Online economy, but that any items purchased with illegal GTA$ will be retained (like if someone sent you some glitched GTA$ and you bought an apartment, you’ll keep the apartment). Rockstar was also keen to point out that if you innocently received GTA$ as a result of exploits then you will not be punished, you will lose the money only.

If you were one of the glitchers/exploiters/cheaters however then Rockstar has said that it will punish you at its discretion (which we think means if they can prove you definitely did something naughty). Potential outcomes from this include being sent to specific Cheater’s Pools and being banned from GTA Online altogether.

As for whether the measures Rockstar has put in place are effective, well we’re already hearing reports of multi-million GTA$ bounties being put on players after the maintenance was carried out… If you’ve lost some GTA$ or seen glitching since the maintenance, then let us know in the comments below!

PS: The maximum cap for bounties is GTA$9,000, while the maximum amount that you can transfer to another player, legitimately, is GTA$20,000.

GTA Online goes down for maintenance, GTA$ removal?


You’ve probably noticed that Rockstar has taken down GTA Online for scheduled maintenance and to implement a new patch widely thought to introduce the toughest measures yet again cheating and glitching within the game.

The maintenance window is expected to be up to 24 hours long and Rockstar has said that if you want updates then to check this page. What we’re really interested in is whether Rockstar will be able to efficiently and correctly roll back and remove from the GTA Online economy all the GTA$ that has been obtained through various exploits and glitching – most involving reselling cars over and over to Los Santos Customs.

There is also of course the progression cheats that some people have been using, and it’s also not yet known whether Rockstar will/is able to roll back the online ranks of that people that have been using those cheats.

So like we said, stay tuned to the official Rockstar support page linked to above and GTA Onliner, as we’ll notify you as soon as GTA Online comes back up… there could be a lot of people with a lot of less GTA$, items, weapons, properties and rank – so it will be interesting!

Rockstar One Step Closer to Removing Hacked $GTA


After all of the controversy surrounding the infinite money glitches in Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar released an announcement earlier this week saying they would remove all in-game currency earned through illegitimate means, although only the players responsible for cheating would be punished. Innocent players who received glitched money through gifts or payments could either wait for it to be removed or contact them directly.

Today, Rockstar took the next step toward the removal of that money. Numerous players who submitted requests to Rockstar about the money received emails from the company:

You are receiving this automatic ticket update because you have an open ticket in the Rockstar Support system related to GTA Online modding, cheating, or hacking. We have received a large number of complaints over the past few weeks about cheaters gifting large amounts of GTA$ to others, setting bounty rewards outside game limits, or otherwise attempting to tamper with the GTA Online economy. We have deployed several hotfixes to prevent this type of activity, and will be adding further cheat protection in future Title Updates as well. Players who willingly cheated to create this illegitimate influx of in-game currency have been separated out from the rest of the population and we are continuing to monitor for suspicious activity. If you were the unwilling recipient of an impossibly large amount of GTA$, you do not need to worry about us taking action against your account. However, please be aware that we will be making community-wide automatic adjustments to players’ account balances to remove the modded money. At this time, you do not need to do anything further and this ticket will resolve on its own. Thank you for contacting us to report this activity. We look forward to seeing you Online! If you believe you are receiving this message in error, or your ticket is not about GTA Online cheaters, please feel free to respond to this message and we will address your issue individually. Please note that we are not currently accepting appeals for players banned or in the Cheater Pool for transferring modded cash to others, and we are not able to remove these cash gifts on a case-by-case basis. Account balance adjustments will occur system-wide to undo these gifts.

Rockstar Games

Their reference to system-wide adjustments has caused much speculation amongst players about how they will be affected, as it suggests Rockstar is not able to remove the exact amounts of money that were produced by the glitch. As people speculate over whether a specific amount will be deducted from everyone’s accounts or if Rockstar will search for accounts with a sudden increase in wealth, some players plan to spend as much of their money as possible, just in case.

Glitched $GTA Rife in GTA:O, Rockstar Responds to Banning Reports


For some reason there has been a huge surge in the amount of glitched money now floating around the GTA Online economy. Why it’s also coinciding with this report that Rockstar were banning anyone who received glitched money we don’t know (we have an update on that matter below, by the way), but something’s going on. We’ve even had reports stating that around one third of the GTA Online lobbies people are visiting contain millions of glitched $GTA floating around.

So, what should you do if you receive millions of dollars from a random stranger (or anyone else)? Especially considering previous reports that Rockstar was banning anyone who received glitched cash…

Well, first off, they are not banning you if you simply happen to receive glitched cash from someone. Understandably, this caused quite an uproar when we first reported it. Rockstar has since clarified its stance however, and stated the following:

To keep the gameplay environment as fair as possible for legitimate players, we routinely do sweeps to separate out cheaters and modders, and to reverse any illegitimate transactions. These sweeps are based on in-game automated detection, examination of suspicious gameplay statistics, and also manually-reviewed evidence submitted by the Community. If you were not engaged in any wilful cheating or exploiting yourself, you do not need to worry about getting caught up in our work to separate out cheaters from the rest of the population.

The key words being “if you were not involved in any wilful cheating or exploiting” you do not need to worry. This means that if you receive any glitched $GTA, you should definitely not share it yourself. It looks like there is an automatic “cheater’s pool” trigger that is activated when you share a large amount of $GTA at the end of a job.

We’d also be very interested to know whether you’ve noticed an upsurge in the amount of glitched GTA Online money in the lobbies you’ve been playing. Let us know in the comments below!

How Will the GTA 5 Cheats System Work?


Before we get into the main subject matter of this post – how will the cheats system in GTA V work? – let’s get two things out of the way:

  1. While the existence of any cheats in Grand Theft Auto V has not been confirmed by Rockstar, they have also not denied it (see this post here where we emailed them to try and confirm whether cheats would be in or out – they responded too!).
  2. Cheats have historically played a major role in GTA games. While you don’t necessarily need to use them to beat the games, they sure do add a lot of fun! And that is what we’re about – making the game more fun and adding longevity after you’ve clocked it. GTA 5 Cheats does not condone hacking or cheating against other human players.

So, that said, let’s look at how the GTA 5 cheats system might work.

Button Combinations

Firstly, there is the good old “enter a button combination” type of cheat. While this method of activating a cheat code in a video game used to be popular, it has become much less so of late. These days, many games have either built in cheat menus in which you simply need to enter the code once (to prove you know it) and then the relevant is unlocked and easily selectable on and off from that point. A return to the button combination method of entering cheats in GTA V is highly unlikely.

Saved Cheats/Cell Phone Method

Other ways of “saving cheats” have also been created (and it’s generally up to however the developers want to fit this implementation method into the game/storyline). For instance, dialing a number or accessing a cheat via an in-game cellphone has been used for the GTA series as well as the Saint’s Row series. This worked well because the cell phone was also important for other game aspects, like getting missions.


Turning to the cell phone method, it is an obvious bet for the cheat entry system in GTA V. It’s been well proven and used in previous GTA games and most gamers seem to like it (easy to store cheats, relatively easy to bring them up and use them, and no need to stop and pause the game). Although that said, if you were shot while trying to input a cheat via the cellphone in GTA IV then you’d need to start the process again. This could lead into quite an unfortunate cycle of you continuing to try and get the cheat activated and getting shot each time, with the end result leaving you dead and frustrated!

Start/Pause Menu

There is also the pause/start menu option like Rockstar used in Red Dead Redemption. Basically in order to activate a cheat you needed to pause the game and head to a cheats menu where a specific phrase had to be entered. While this slowed the game down and could be time consuming, it also meant that the types of problems outlined above (dying while trying to activate a cheat, for example) were avoided.

Cheats Wheel

Lastly, there is a new feature in GTA V – the weapons wheel. Basically when you go to select a new weapon from your inventory, time slows down so you needn’t be in such a mad rush and are less likely to make mistakes (it also means you are less likely to get shot and killed while looking for a new gun). What if this was carried across to the GTA 5 cheats system and there was a sort of “cheats wheel”? Bring it up, time slows down, and you can select and activate the cheats you want without (hopefully) getting killed.



To conclude, what do we want to see in the cheats system for GTA V? Well, it should be easily accessible (we think via a sort of “cheats wheel”, just like the new weapons wheel), but if you are getting shot or something else is going on it should not cause the process to restart or not happen at all (avoiding the frustration of the cellphone). Perhaps if you open the “cheats wheel” the game slows down (just like it does with the weapons wheel) and then you can select the cheats you want that way. Sounds like the best of both worlds to us! What do you think?

PS: for a discussion on the types of cheats that we might eventually get in GTA 5, check out these posts: