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Should GTA Online Return To North Yankton?

Touch it up a tad and you’ve got your discount map expansion

GTA On recently passed its third anniversary, and since the game launched back in 2013, it has been getting regular content updates quite frequently. In total, there have been over 26 DLCs ranging from the major such as Heists and Further Adventures In Finance and Felony to the minor such as Custom Classics and Dead….

Grand Theft Game Design: AI, Singleplayer and Online

Here’s why the police are dull tools in multiplayer

This time on Grand Theft Game Design, our on-going article series fleshing out the technical bits of GTA 5, we’ll be tackling the game’s AI. In the past we’ve loed at static and dynamic objects, answering why the trees are indestructible, as well as instancing and interiors, loing at how multiple players can own…

Rockstar Confirms 3rd Party Programs Don’t Cause Bans

A lot of “false ban” claims were just invalidated

Heads up, GTA On cheaters – one of your most frequently used excuse just went under. Not that it mattered, since bans cannot be appealed either way, so there’s no point in using these excuses anyway. But hey, at least all those rants will be a bit varied. Ever since that rather massive shift…

GTA Online Server Issues Eat Cash? Get A Refund!

Lost import vehicles aren’t lost money

GTA On does a lot of things right, as evidenced by the player base that’s trending upwards than three years after launch. Unfortunately, server stability is not one of these things, and getting disconnected at the wrong moment can cost you dearly – but it doesn’t have to. You’ve probably been there. You blew…

GTA Online’s Warstock Rockstar Editor Contest Winner Announced

A music video swipes the grand prize

GTA On’s latest major DLC, Import/Export, is still making its impact known to players. This final loose end has been wrapped up with the announcement of the winner of the Rockstar Editor contest associated with the update, as well as a number of runner-ups. When Import/Export was released, Rockstar Games announced an Editor contest, much…

Grand Theft Game Design: Interiors And Instancing

Here’s how all of you can own the same warehouse at the same time

In our previous, debut post of Grand Theft Game Design, we loed at the game’s props and showed you why trees are indestructible while lamp posts will flatten with the wind. Today, we’ll take a lo at how building interiors work (and sometimes don’t). The topic of this post was inspired by a recent thread…

GTA Online Transfers Ending For Current Gen To PC As Well

Always read the fine print

The impending doom of character transfers from the previous generation consoles to the current ones and PC are dominating the GTA On press ever since the announcement, however one very important little detail has managed to slip by most people – probably because it wasn’t mentioned in the announcement at all. One eagle-eyed fan made…