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Poll Results: GTA Online Heists Enjoyment


GTA Online Heists have been available for over two weeks now. The idea of cooperative heist missions thrilled fans when they were first announced, but how does the reality compare to the hype? In our latest poll, we asked you, our readers, whether or not you are enjoying Heists. More than 1,100 of you responded as follows…

screenshot_128While “Hell yes!” is well in the lead, the response isn’t as clear-cut as its large margin might lead you to believe. Currently, 57.16% of readers have reported such unconditional enjoyment of Heists. That’s the majority, but it still leaves almost half of you with some doubts. Let’s take a look.

18.03% of respondents haven’t had a chance to really try the Heists yet, because they can’t find people to play with. If you’re one of those people, we have a page where you can find teammates for GTA Online Heists. Head on over and leave a comment, or respond to someone else’s request.

The next most popular choice, with 8.42% of the vote, cited GTA Online issues as the reason. Heists had a shaky start, but the situation is improving. Before long, we’re sure you’ll manage to get online to give Heists a try.

After that, 8.33% of our readers consider Heists to just be “OK,” while 5.25% are disappointed with them. Let us know in the comments below what you dislike. Is there something specific you hope Rockstar will change, or do the Heists in general just not appeal to you?

Finally, 2.81% of people voted that the Heists are too hard. Don’t forget that you can choose between three difficulty levels, and we have a Heists Guide to help you out.

So far, GTA Online’s Heists have received mostly positive feedback, although some issues remain. It will be interesting to see where Rockstar takes Heists in the future.

Watch This GTA Online Criminal Mastermind Video


Heists have been out for over a week now, and we hope you’re enjoying them. As you might know (if not, take a look at our Heists guide), you can earn special one-time bonuses from Heists, in addition to their regular payouts, by completing certain challenges. The most difficult of these is the Criminal Mastermind Challenge.

Criminal Mastermind builds upon the previous challenges in that you must play through every Heist (including all of the setup missions) in order, with the same team. You also have to play them all on Hard difficulty. One more thing–you have to make it through without anyone on your team dying.

Sound pretty tough? It might be worth it for the reward: a $10,000,000 bonus.

If you’d like to see the Criminal Mastermind Challenge completed, this player recorded his gameplay progress as his team progressed through the challenge. He intends to upload the gameplay in separate parts later on, as well, in case a 7 hour video is a bit much for you.

It’s too bad his other teammates didn’t record their parts as well, but it’s still pretty cool to watch. If you hope to complete the Criminal Mastermind Challenge, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Practice the Heists beforehand. Although you have to play them in order for the challenge, it doesn’t matter if you’ve played them previously. Therefore, you and your team can make sure you’re well-acquainted with what each mission demands.
  2. If you do not do it in a single sitting, none of your teammates can complete any other Heists in the meantime, or you’ll break the order.
  3. Your team will have to perform the Fleeca Job as two separate groups, and then join up for the first four-player Heist.
  4. If you die, you’ll have to start over from the first Heist. Restarting won’t work.
  5. You can, however, fail a mission. As long as no one dies, you’re fine.

Criminal Mastermind is a tough challenge to complete, but with enough skill and teamwork, it’s definitely possible. Have you completed it? What other tips would you offer to interested players?

GTA Online: Future Heists We’d Love to See


Despite the numerous delays and initial server difficulties, the long-awaited Heists have taken Grand Theft Auto Online by storm. With new vehicles, multiple setup missions, and different roles for players to try, each of the five Heists currently available has enough replay value to keep fans entertained for a while.

Eventually, though, we hope to see new Heists added to GTA Online. Who knows what Rockstar has in store, but here are some future Heists we love to see.

It’s called “Grand Theft Auto,” after all, so why not have a Heist all about stealing cars?


For this Heist, your team would be charged with taking a set amount of specific cars to a drop-off point. In the first mission, you’d have to locate the cars and scope out the security around them. The second mission, then, would revolve around getting the necessary equipment to bypass said security. For example, some players might need to steal keys while the others prepare to hack through electronic doors. The last setup mission would cover the final steps before your team could take all of the cars and escape.

While we’re on the topic of impressive thefts, what if a future Heist involved stealing something large–like a car made out of gold or a priceless statue? Setup missions for this Heist would involve obtaining both the means to break into the object’s location and to transport it. Due to the object’s size, your team would need to use careful planning and coordination to set everything up before you could finally get your prize to the drop-off point.

Massive undertakings like that have their appeal, but don’t overlook the value of smaller Heists. Short safe-cracking missions could be a fun way to introduce a new mini-game and offer the chance for moderate payouts, and many fans would love to get inside GTA V’s banks.


Another Heist could pit the players against advanced technology and high security, such as stealing drones or getting inside a secure locations. This could involve performing missions for an ally who can help, stealth-based infiltrations, and careful surveillance. One team could use stolen tech to find a safe path for the other team to sneak inside the target location, and the final heist could involve a mad escape as the police, your enemies, or even the military descends upon you.

Maybe Heists could further explore the Epsilon Program or revisit North Yankton, or even touch upon GTA the Infinite 8 mystery. If GTA Online ever receives the much-rumored casino DLC, a casino Heist could be brilliant, whether you’re robbing the casino of all its cash or working from the inside for another scheme.

Tradition has its place as well–what would you say to a GTA-style train robbery?

These are only a few possibilities for future Heists. What sorts of GTA Online Heists would you like to see?

Contradictory GTA V Information After Heists Launch


Yesterday, it finally happened: heists arrived for GTA Online. This update brought many new features, including some not mentioned in the official notes, such as the ability to shoot RPGs and sniper rifles out of a helicopter, which one user even recorded as a short demonstration.

Unfortunately, the launch of the heists themselves hasn’t gone as smoothly as fans anticipated. As is sometimes the case when an online game sees a sudden rush of interest, Rockstar’s servers have struggled to handle it, with numerous issues as a result. The new vehicles added to GTA Online haven’t appeared in GTA V’s single-player mode, and it’s unclear if this is intentional or not. Lots of people contacted Rockstar about it, and while some received responses saying it’s just a bug, others were told the opposite.

Many people haven’t been able to try the heists at all because of the server problems, and the possibility that they can’t enjoy the new vehicles offline only makes matters worse. Rockstar announced this morning that the servers were fixed, but the situation still seems shaky.

Despite the message that all is well, the official support page lists connectivity issues for all four consoles. This status has changed throughout the day.

While you wait for the servers to really get back online, take a look at one fan’s parody video and let us know if it matches your experience with heists in GTA Online so far.

This isn’t the first time GTA Online’s servers have had problems, and we’re sure Rockstar is working on fixing this as soon as possible. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Heists Are Out Now in GTA Online


At last, the moment GTA Online players have been anticipating for almost a year now has finally arrived: co-op heists are available to download in all versions of GTA V.

These lengthy missions will require planning and preparation, so make sure you get ready to put your skills and teamwork to the test. Different heists will require different things, and some might provide you with very different experiences depending on which role you play.

As we reported last week, the heists update has also brought with it special Adversary Modes and Daily Objectives. Rockstar also fixed numerous bugs and added new options, such as the ability to change the strength of the motion blur.

Check out the official announcement as well as the update notes to be sure you have all the details. With heists finally available in GTA Online, we expect many players will be busy playing for a while. Are you one of them?

New GTA Online Heists Teaser, Screenshots, Achievements


As on Thursday and Friday, Rockstar treated fans to a new short teaser for GTA Online heists today. Heists will become available tomorrow, and after the long wait we’ve had getting here, fans are eager for every little piece of news. If tomorrow feels like a long way off, this little video will only make you more anxious for it to arrive. Take a look.

Yesterday, some people were able to download the heist update to GTA Online early, although they still won’t be able to access any of its content until it officially releases tomorrow. Nevertheless, the update itself has revealed some information, such as new vehicles that will become available:

  • Lamapadati Casco
  • Dinka Enduro
  • Vapid Guardian
  • HVY Insurgent
  • Karin Technical
  • Principe Lectro

Along with names, several images were also leaked.

Heists will be accompanied by 9 new trophies/achievements, which appeared online today:


  • Shot Caller (10 points) – Invest your hard earned cash to set up a Heist.
  • Four Way (10 points) – As Heist Leader set the Finale cut as 25% across all players.
  • Live a Little (50 point) – Spend a total of $8,000,000 purchasing vehicles included as part of The Heists Update.
  • Can’t Touch This (30 points) – Complete a Heist Finale without taking any damage.
  • Mastermind (50 points) – Earn 25 platinum medals across Heist Setups and Finales.

Secret Achievements/Trophies

  • Be Prepared (10 points) – Complete a Heist Setup mission.
  • In the Name of Science (30 points) – Complete The Humane Labs Raid and Series A Funding as Heist Leader or Crew.
  • Dead Presidents (30 points) – Complete The Fleeca Job and The Pacific Standard Job as Heist Leader or Crew.
  • Parole Day (30 points) – Complete The Prison Break as Heist Leader or Crew.

It looks like this is really it: heists are on their way! What are you the most excited for?

Some Players Download GTA Online Heist Update Early


Heists will finally arrive for all GTA Online players on Tuesday, but today it looks like some players have been able to download them early. Twitter user @S7_V7X3 was able to download the 4.8 GB heist update. He later posted further images from his game.

Another user, @funmw4, says the heists update for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of GTA V will be 1.2 GB.

Heist availability seems pretty limited so far. Some GTA Online players have been prompted to download the update, while others have found it by going into the Options menu and choosing “Check for Update.” If you haven’t been prompted, give it a try to see if you can download the update, although it isn’t available for everyone yet.

Before you get too excited–or disappointed, if the update isn’t ready for you–users who have downloaded the update say the content is still locked until Tuesday. Regardless of when you download the heist update, March 10 is the first time you’ll be able to try them.

New Heists Setup Guide Published


Heists are almost here! What better way to spend the time between now and March 10 than by preparing for them? Heists are not only longer than most activities in GTA Online, but they also require you to plan carefully and work together with your chosen team.

Not only that, but there are special heist challenges you can complete that will reward you with bonus in-game cash.

For the full details, take a look at our guide to setting up an effective GTA Online heist. Are you prepared?

Another GTA Online Heists Teaser


Like yesterday, today Rockstar sent out a short Tweet teasing the arrival of GTA Online heists on March 10. This one, also like yesterday’s, included a short teaser trailer to build anticipation. Take a look.

Fans are pleased with what these videos have shown, and the Hydra especially has people excited about the upcoming heists. We aren’t sure if Rockstar intends to send out a new teaser every day until heists launch, but these quick snippets are certainly an effective way to prepare fans.

After so many delays, it’s almost hard to believe heists are almost here. What are you looking forward to the most?