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First-Person: What Are You Looking Forward To?

GTA V wallpaper 1

With the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of GTA V getting closer every day, it’s time to really start thinking about some of the new features. Although it hasn’t been officially announced, we have reason to believe there will be a first-person view mode. If true, that will really change the way you can look at GTA V’s world, especially with the graphical improvements of the remastered versions.

To no one’s surprise, some players are mainly interested in whether or not they’ll be able to enter sex scenes in first-person mode, or if the camera will revert to third-person on its own. Other players have different things in mind, such as one Reddit user who is excited about potential first-person submarine exploration.

Vehicles may benefit the most from the immersion of first-person, as being in a crashing helicopter, for example, will be a much different experience if you’re looking out from the cockpit than if you have an exterior view.

Right now, the official first-person mode for GTA V is still a rumor. The leak might have been faked, or it might have been an old idea that was cut. Assuming for the moment that it’s true, however, what are you most looking forward to seeing and doing in first person? Where do you most want to explore?

Rumor Says Heists Arrive Next Week


Despite all the announcements and updates for GTA V and GTA Online lately, we know a lot of you haven’t heard the news you want. Fans were waiting for news about heists ever since they were first announced for this past spring, and when they were delayed, the news caused resentment and disappointment. Many people believed Rockstar held them back to release them alongside the remastered versions of GTA V, but a new rumor claims we’ll see heists on the Xbox 360 and PS3 before the new versions come out.

Next week, in fact.

Youtube user DomisLive believes heists may come to GTA Online on Tuesday, September 23. Of course, this is just a rumor, but DomisLive is the same one who discovered news of the I’m Not a Hipster Update, among other things.

The GTA V servers and Rockstar Social Club went down 9:00 AM ET today and will remain down until 10:00 AM ET tomorrow, because of maintenance being performed on the leaderboards. Since past rumors claim the heists will be accompanied by revamped leaderboards, this could be a good sign.

For the full reasoning behind DomisLive’s prediction that heists are less than a week away, check out his video.

What do you think? Is this rumor just false speculation, or could heists really be on their way?

GTA Online Jobs: Red Dead Redemption


Rockstar has featured “Throwback” GTA Online jobs created by fans before, and now another batch has been highlighted. Instead of focusing on past Grand Theft Auto elements, these jobs all call back to Rockstar’s 2010 open world game set in the Old West, Red Dead Redemption. Are you a fan of Red Dead Redemption, or are you unfamiliar with it? Either way, these eight games should give you a taste of what it was like.

For the Xbox 360, we have:

  • Red Dead Redemption, by LordSando – a Deathmatch game that mimics RDD’s Duels, set in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness.
  • Tesoro Azul, by JasetheChase – an excellent recreation of the Tesoro Azul hideout from Nuevo Paraiso, with a team-based where players have to take their opponent’s bag back to their own team’s base.
  • RED DEAD, by ScarfacexD16 – a Team Deathmatch at the base of Mount Chiliad and Mount Gordo, meant to remind you of gunslinging days with its Pistol-only combat.
  • Tall Trees, by adeadzombiebones – Raton Canyon takes the place of RDD’s Tall Trees hunting area, with Pistol and Shotgun combat.

And for the PS3, we have:

  • Marston’s Ranch, by TheMckeever – this area is meant to resemble Beecher’s Hope, now setting the stage for a deathmatch.
  • Red Dead Race, by Zidane – cross the Great Senora Desert in a Sanchez Point-to-Point Race to recall the high-speed glory of RDD’s Grand Prix races.
  • Red Dead, by ElusiveBlk202 – with train carriages and restricted ammo, this Deathmatch seeks to replicate the tense Duels of Red Dead Redemption.
  • GRAB THE BAG, by BigSo786 – RDD’s Grab the Bag multiplayer game is replicated here in an interesting map that demands strategy and tactical thinking.

These Jobs will be livestreamed by Rockstar this Friday, September 12, at 4PM ET.

Head on over to the official announcement for more details and download links, and be sure to let us know which your favorite is. Have you ever created a GTA Online map based on another game?

Weekend GTAO Hints – Snow and Money


Here we are with this weeks’ dose of fresh hints and tips for Grand Theft Auto Online.

Get Snow Online

First off, we have a glitch that will enable you to play with snow in GTA: Online. Only snow you ask? What’s the big deal? Well, for those of you who don’t know, snow is actually disabled in GTA Online by Rockstar. Follow the steps below though and you can get an early Christmas online in Los Santos!

This for works the PS3 version of the game only.

  1. Download this mission from Rockstar
  2. Invite some friends if you want to play the mission.
  3. Once playing, pull out your ethernet cable or hard disconnect your internet connection.
  4. This will log you out of the PSN and you will be playing single player.
  5. Reconnect your internet and then log back into PSN.
  6. Now search for a new online session and you should get snow!

Thanks to CarlosCodHD and Zero.

New Armor Truck Glitch

This is a money glitch and will work post patch 1.16 for GTA Online. To do it you will need a friend.

  1. First invite your buddy to a session and then wait around for an armored truck to spawn.
  2. After it spawns your friend needs to head to his garage and you go after the truck.
  3. When you get to the truck, blow it up and collect the money.
  4. Then your buddy needs to invite you to his apartment.
  5. When you are at his apartment then head down into his garage.
  6. As you get to his garage, he needs to walk out of the garage. When he’s outside of it completely, the armored truck should have respawned.
  7. Now he walks in and you walk out and the truck will respawn once more.
  8. Simply rinse and repeat and keep grabbing the money each time!

Thanks to NoveraHDYT.

Five of our Favorite GTA V Glitches


Glitches are often a source of contention in video games. Some are bad enough to make the game crash or render it un-winnable, which always annoy fans. Such glitches lead to debates about rushed games and whether or not the developer should have caught the problems beforehand. Then there are controversial glitches, such as Grand Theft Auto Online’s notorious vehicle duplication exploit, which unbalanced the game’s economy.

But sometimes glitches are fun. Players don’t wish they were caught before the game’s release. Instead, they’re sad when a patch takes the glitches away. They are remembered as great tricks, not as problems, and GTA V certainly has its share of those.

So, what are some of GTA V’s most popular glitches?

5. Appearance Glitches

These had no effect on gameplay, but they sure were entertaining. One glitch warped the player’s character model to the point where it looked like an alien abomination. Others just allowed players to take their existing characters back to the customization screen and change their appearance or gender.

The simplest, but perhaps most popular, appearance trick let characters wear hats, masks, and glasses at the same time. Fans loved it, and no matter how many times Rockstar patched it, another method was always waiting to be discovered.

4. Single Player to Multiplayer

In general, the single player GTA V and the multiplayer GTA Online are kept as separate experiences, but not everyone likes that—especially not the people who counted this glitch among their favorites. Through various methods, some of which required the help of a friend, a player could take any vehicle from single player mode into GTA Online.

It was patched on several occasions, which resulted in all the different techniques as players searched for workarounds. After all this time, it seems to be gone for good… as many of the best glitches are.

3. Store a Jet in Your Garage

When players discovered they could steal the Lazer Fighter Jet, their excitement was nothing compared to when they discovered a glitch that let them store it in their GTA Online garages. Even better, fans found a glitch in the vehicle insurance system that allowed them to insure the jet, as well.

Besides the awesomeness of having a jet in your garage, it’s hard to beat the humor of your mechanic trying to drive the jet to you. The glitch applied to other vehicles, as well, but the jet was the most popular. After two patches addressed the issue, it looks like this glitch is no longer possible.

2. North Yankton

North Yankton is a snowy state seen in two of GTA V’s missions, “Prologue” and “Bury the Hatchet.” It was otherwise never visited… until a glitch made it accessible in GTA Online. Ludendorff, the North Yankton town featured in the glitches, would appear in the air above Los Santos. Players could then travel there with a helicopter.

The floating Ludendorff was filled with strange sounds and unusual occurrences due to its partially-completed state, and many players were sad when a patch removed their ability to visit it.

Now that we’ve gone through four of the top fan-favorite glitches, we only have one to go, one that fans seem to miss more than any other.

So, what is it? What GTA V glitch have players enjoyed the most so far?

1. The Hooker Glitch

Rockstar may have patched the original vehicle duplication glitch, but many players continued to search for a new one. This, the number one fan-favorite GTA V glitch, is yet another way to duplicate vehicles. A player could pick up a prostitute, frighten her to keep her in the car after he exited, and then kill her. The player could then order a free car and swap them, which would create a duplicate of the one the dead prostitute was in.

It was a single player glitch through which players could earn millions of dollars in just a few minutes. It was patched once, and fans found a workaround, but the latest update has patched it again.

Whenever a glitch gives a player an advantage, you have to sympathize with Rockstar’s decision to remove it. All the same, it’s hard not to feel sad when fans discuss their favorite glitches and almost all of them have been “fixed.”

Of course, there are many other glitches beyond these five, and everyone has their own personal favorites. What GTA V glitches have you enjoyed the most?

Brand New Sandbox and Air Race Glitches for GTA Online


Sometimes glitches can be a lot of fun, such as the GTA Online glitch we covered that allows you to run around in mid-air. Now, as of the recent update, two new glitches are possible that are little more sinister, unfortunately.

The reality is that glitches like these are widely known and easily discoverable, and that talking about them should bring the issue to air in a way that: (1) makes everyone more aware of exactly what is going on/broken in GTA Online; and (2) allows Rockstar to hopefully apply hotfixes to patch them – just like it recently did for an invincibility/god mode glitch, and which is great news. See here for more details on that.

Zero Wanted Level/Invincibility to Everything but Bullets

The first is a glitch discovered by Youtube user FreightTrainWTF for Sandbox Mode. It makes you invincible to everything except for bullet damage, and your wanted level will remain at zero stars no matter what you do. This means that while you can be killed, you’ll never attract the attention of the police or military.

To enter this specific “god mode,” just follow the steps below. You’ll need two friends to help you.

  1. One friend should enter an open lobby for any one of the Flight School DLC missions.
  2. Another friend should invite you to join his or her invite-only game.
  3. Once you’re in the lobby with your second friend, enter Spectator Beta to spectate that session.
  4. Then, once Spectator Beta has loaded, open the menu again and attempt to join your other friend in the Flight School lobby.
  5. Since the Flight School DLC missions are single-player, you’ll see the error message pictured above, telling you the session is full.
  6. You’ll return to the invite-only game with no missions on your radar. This means the glitch has been successful.
  7. When you die, the game will refuse to advance past the screen that says “Wasted.” Once again attempt to join your friend in the Flight School mission lobby, and you’ll be respawned with the glitch fully active.

Air Races Glitch

We’ve still got one more glitch to discuss. This one is minor in comparison, and used in respect of Air Races. Reddit user megaworm2002 discovered that Air Race checkpoints will activate when you fly beneath them no matter how low you are.

Therefore, by placing checkpoints at maximum and minimum altitude, you can trick the game into thinking you’ve completed a longer race in a very short period of time. For example, a race with one checkpoint at the minimum altitude and one directly above it at the maximum altitude will register as a 2 mile race, but you’ll be able to finish it in under 1 second.

However, this glitch doesn’t work when you test races, only during the actual race.

Like any glitches, these should and will hopefully be patched in the next update. At least you are now more fully aware of them and will have a better of idea of exactly what is going on should any scenarios like the above happen while you’re playing GTA 5. Good luck!

Rockstar Hot-fixes Invincibility Glitch – New Trend?


Those of you who hate GTA Online glitchers (ie those persons who exploit glitches) can rejoice, because today Rockstar Games actually did something about them and hot-fixed a pretty major glitch that let players become invincible/enabled god-mode!

The invincibility glitch now no longer works, so we don’t feel as bad posting about it and even have a video of the glitch in action (and of course telling you how you could have done it…). Essentially in order to activate the glitch you needed to:

  1. Head to a strip club, request a job, and then go back inside the strip club.
  2. Then ask for a private dance and follow your chosen stripper to the private room.
  3. Right before entering the room load a mission from your phone and then back out.
  4. You should have then spawned outside (with no head funnily enough) and have been invincible!

Could this move be the start of a more vigilant and agile Rockstar Games? Are they looking to try and clean up GTA Online (or at least keep it cleaner) with the impending release of heists for GTA Online and also the release of GTA V on next-gen consoles and PC? We’ll need to wait and see – in the meantime there’s plenty of cheating to be had in the single player portion of the game!

New Verified Jobs for GTA Online, Still No Sign of Heists


If you’ve gotten bored waiting for Rockstar to release heists for GTA Online already (I must read a complaint about that delay every day) or you’ve stopped your journeys into Los Santos for the minute, preferring to wait for GTA V to be released on X1, PS4 or PC, then this piece of news might get you excited about the game once more… or it might not.

Today Rockstar announced that they’ve officially verified ten brand new player-created Jobs for GTA 5, which means you’ll now be able to find them in the Verified Jobs section of GTA Online. It also means they must be pretty darn good because Rockstar has chosen to bestow this special status upon them.

The list of anointed jobs is as follows: Code 13-91; Urban Jungle; Rebel Rodeo; Brand’s Snatch; Hold: Operation Interrupt; Hit the Apex; Rail Yard Railed Out; That’s What She Said; Tittie Twister and Raid: Claustrophobia.

We hope these jobs provide a little added fun for you and that next time we’ll have some bigger news!

Double RP, GTA$, and More Aug. 22-24

GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Weekend

If you haven’t already downloaded the newest update, which includes several changes and additions, you’ll want to this weekend. To celebrate the release of the San Andreas Flight School Update, Rockstar is holding a special GTA Online event this weekend, from August 22-24 (Friday-Sunday).

All weekend long, you’ll earn double RP and GTA$ for participating in the event playlist, as well as an exclusive parachute pack you can pick up from Ammu-Nation once you complete it (winning is not a requirement).

Air Races and Parachute Jumps will give you double GTA$, too.

In addition to these main attractions, there are many other perks this weekend:

  • Double RP if you fly under a bridge during an Air Race
  • Double RP for kills and extra GTA$ during Gang Attacks at the Los Santos Airport and Blaine County airfields
  • Locate planes and helicopters for free
  • Helicopter Pickups for only $500
  • 25% off the Del Perro Heights Apts 7 & 20 and 0120 Murrieta Heights Properties, each of which includes a 10-car garage
  • Crate Drops that contain RP, GTA$, Miniguns, RPGs, and Sticky Bombs

Rockstar is holding some special events and contests to coincide with the weekend. First, on Friday at 4 PM ET, the official Rockstar Live Stream will play through content from the San Andreas Flight Update, alongside Little & Cubed (Martyn Littlewood and Dan Nerdcubed).

And if you’d like to win some prizes this weekend, you have three options. Take photos of your adventures with the new content and tag them #FLIGHTSCHOOL for a chance to win 1 million GTA$ and a special license plate for GTA Online, in the #FLIGHTSCHOOL Snapmatic contest. If in-game photography isn’t your thing, create an Air Race and tag it #FLIGHTSCHOOL for a chance to have it become a Verified Job and win $1 million GTA$ and another special license plate, in the #FLIGHTSCHOOL Creator contest.

Finally, enter the Gear Giveaway Sweepstakes for a chance to win a deluxe GTA T-shirt pack.

Interested? Ready to enjoy the San Andreas Flight School this weekend? Check out Rockstar’s official announcement for the full details.

Update 1.16 Adjusts Payouts, Expands Lester’s Abilities, and More

GTA V miljet

As we reported yesterday in our announcement of the San Andreas Flight School Update, today’s update to GTA V and GTA Online has brought with it new features as well as fixes. Now that it’s out, the full list of changes in Update 1.16 has been revealed.

The Flight School content itself includes 10 flying lessons, four new vehicles (the Buckingham Mil-jet, the Western Besra, the Buckingham Swift helicopter, and the Invetero Coquette Classic, which also comes in a roofless version), reserve parachutes, 6 new parachute canopies, 25 “flags of the world” parachute bags for GTA Online, a Flight Suit Outfit, and a Flight Suit Cap. It has also brought 8 VS Mode jobs, 4 Parachute jobs, 8 Races, and 2 Capture jobs.

Four older jobs have also been reactivated: Stocks and Scares, Chemical Extraction, Rich Men in Richman, and Hack and Dash.

The update introduces new features and tweaks. Among the most notable are the payout changes. When you complete a Contact Mission, you’ll receive the full cash reward even if you’re replaying it. If you play a Contact Mission with friends, you’ll earn an additional 10% for each additional player.

Another change that has met with great approval from fans is the expansion of Lester’s abilities. Previously, “Remove Wanted Level,” “Cop Turn Blind Eye,” and “Off Radar” only affected the player who used them. Now, they apply to everyone in the vehicle.

There are more minor changes, as well as numerous bug and glitch fixes that should really smooth out your GTA Online experience. Take a look at the full patch notes from Rockstar and let us know what you’re the most excited about.