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GTA Online: Tiny Racers Now Available

There’s also an odd tax rebate on offer

GTA On’s retro throwback Adversary Mode, Tiny Racers, has just been released to much fanfare and… not a lot of applause. However, Rockstar also dropped a in the announcement post that might prove to be infinitely interesting than the Mode itself. But first, let’s talk Tiny Racers. The bird’s eye view vehicular deathmatch…

3 GTA Online Adversary Modes We Want To See

Rockstar seems to love making these things, after all

Rockstar will be releasing Tiny Racers, the newest GTA On Adversary Mode, next Tuesday, on the 25th of April. Over the past year, the developers have really leaned on their Adversary Mode game, releasing countless new types with major DLC updates, and as standalone on occasion. Since it’s pretty clear that Rockstar has no intention…

GTA Online: Insufficient Returning Player Refund Fix

Getting your money’s worth is simpler than you might think

GTA On’s most recent DLC not only added the legendary Duke O’Death to the game after years of the vehicle being considered unbalanced, but unlocked the returning player content for all to buy and enjoy, seeing as without character transfers, no players will achieve this status. Returning player content refers to a collection of…

GTA Online Getting Tiny Racers On The 25th

The top-down Adversary Mode is finally on its way

The retro styled Adversary Mode that was teased for GTA On is finally arriving and it los a tad different than we had assumed. Officially called Tiny Racers, the mode will be a twist on the standard stunt racing formula which locks the camera to a bird’s eye view perspective. Initially teased as “Top-Down”, Rockstar gave…

GTA Online Gets Duke O’Death

Returning player content unlocked amidst bonuses

As leaked a good long while ago, Rockstar has crossed the final “t” and dotted the final “i” in phasing out the release edition of GTA 5 by unlocking returning player content for all players of On, adding the dastardly Duke O’Death to the multiplayer portion of the game. Returning player content was a small bundle…

GTA Online Hacker Issue Updates: Cheaters Can Add Money Directly, Shark Card Cash Not Separate After All

Additionally, player experiences with Rockstar Support vary

The on-going hacking situation is bound to be giving someone at Rockstar major headaches, as never before has the GTA On community been this riled up about something. The hacking problem itself has branched out into issues arising around Support, as well as certain elements in the community attempting to sew misdirection among the players….