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How to Transfer GTA Online Characters and Progression to the PC Version


When GTA V comes out for the PC on March 24, many players will want to upgrade. If you intend to play GTA Online on the PC, you’ll be able to keep your characters and game progression. Characters and progression can be transferred to the PC version from any of the older versions of GTA Online — PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, or Xbox One. You can only transfer data from a system once, but if you’ve transferred data from the PS3/Xbox 360 version to the PS4/Xbox One version, you will still be able to transfer it to the PC.

First, you’ll need to have a Rockstar Games Social Club account. If you already have one, you need to make sure it’s linked to your console account. For the PS3 and PS4 versions of GTA Online, this is your PlayStation Network account. For the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions, it’s your Xbox Live account. If you’ve played GTA Online while logged into the Social Club, your accounts will already be linked.

If you don’t already have a Social Club account, you’ll need to make one, and if you haven’t linked it to your console account, you’ll need to do so.

Once your accounts are linked, start playing GTA V on your PC. Log into your Social Club account. Next, either pause the game or use the Character Select Wheel to start up GTA Online. The first time you access GTA Online, it will prompt you to transfer your progress. If you choose not to, you can do so at any time from the pause menu—but keep in mind that transferring progress from an older version of GTA Online will overwrite any GTA Online PC progress you made, although you’ll keep any money you made.

When you tell it to transfer your GTA Online progress, it will show you the data to be transferred. If you’ve played GTA Online on multiple consoles, you’ll have to pick one. Choose the data you want to import to your PC game, and you’ll be all ready to continue playing GTA Online.

Earn Double GTA$ and RP in Featured Playlists


Another Double GTA$ and RP Weekend is upon us, and this time it’s to celebrate the introduction of Featured Playlists. Special Rockstar Jobs are included in these special playlists, and you can double your rewards if you play them this weekend. This event lasts from today, January 2, through Monday, January 5.

According to Rockstar, the Featured Playlists cover 4 different types of Jobs: Race (for Sports and Muscle cars because of the new cars from the holiday update), Deathmatch, Capture, and Last Team Standing.

PS3 and Xbox 360 players can enjoy a Featured Playlist that includes Vespucci Shoreline, Hit The Apex, Paleto Bay, and Contend: Townhall Trinity, while the Jobs on the PS4 and Xbox One’s Featured Playlist are First Base, On The GOH, Fridgit Factory LTS, and GTA: Grass is Greener.

Check out the Featured Playlists, enjoy your double GTA$ and RP rewards, and let us know your favorite Jobs from this weekend event.

Sell the Modded Sandking XL for $17k-$19k in GTA Online


If you’re looking for a way to earn some quick cash in GTA Online, here’s a video that may help. Youtube user The Console Gamer has uploaded instructions on where to find a modded Vapid Sandking XL, which can be sold for approximately $17,000 – $19,000, depending on which one spawns. This vehicle can be found in other GTA Online locations, such as Sandy Shores, but this is among the most reliable. This is currently confirmed to work only in the PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA V.

As the video explains, you should try to find it between 9 AM and 5 PM (0900 hours – 1700 hours if you go by time on the phone), and just keep trying if the military vehicle appears in its place. Since you’re allowed to sell a vehicle once each GTA Online day, or about once every 48 minutes of real time, this is a good way to build up a good supply of money.

What are you favorite GTA Online vehicle spawns?

Police Themed DLC for GTA Online


Many fans would love to see a police-themed DLC added to GTA Online, in part because of the huge success of the LCPD mod for GTA IV (a similar mod for GTA V is also a highly popular idea). This sort of DLC would likely allow players to join an in-game police force.

For example, as suggested by some fans on Reddit recently, the player might first have to be accepted to the force by completing certain training missions. These missions would cover a variety of skills, so there would be driving missions, flying missions, and combat missions. A player accepted into the police force would then be given a squad car.

He or she would get into the car to activate police mode, which would come with restrictions: either it would be impossible to attack players that weren’t engaged in criminal activities, or such actions would come with penalties and eventual expulsion from the police force.


Players who were performing criminal acts would be marked on the mini-map, and the player would join forces with NPC police to stop them, gaining access to a helicopter if the criminal’s wanted rating hit 3 stars or higher. The only useable weapons in this DLC would be those used by the police and SWAT units—unless the situation required the player to seize the opponents’ weapons in order to fight back.

Another possibility is that a cop NPC would always accompany the player on police missions, as an assistant, or two players could team up to play in co-op.

Whatever features it would include, police DLC would be well-received by a lot of fans. Similar ideas include firefighter DLC and paramedic/ambulance DLC, where the players would respond to emergency events across the city. If you’d like to see this sort of content added to GTA Online, be sure to contact Rockstar with your feedback—maybe it will become official DLC one day.

Rockstar Extends Festive Surprise Gifts Due to Online Issues


As you might recall, the GTA Online Festive Surprise update included special Christmas gifts. These gifts were intended to appear in players’ inventories yesterday, on December 25. However, online Christmas gaming didn’t work out too well this year, thanks to the connectivity issues that shut down both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Don’t feel sad about missing out on your GTA Online Christmas gift, however. Rockstar announced today that it is extending the gifts, so you can still get them.

Some players are still having trouble connecting, although the issue seems to be resolved for many. We aren’t sure how long this gift extension is, but we hope Rockstar gives everyone enough time to get online. Don’t forget that special New Years activities are still in store as part of the Festive Update, as well.

Did you have plans to play GTA Online yesterday and found yourself unable to? What did you do instead?

Trailer for Star Wars VII Remade in GTA V


We were just talking last week about all of the entertaining creations fans have made using GTA V and GTA Online, and now it’s time for another one. Youtube user Powerlight-13 decided to give Star Wars the GTA V treatment, with a re-creation of last month’s teaser trailer for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. Check it out.

If you’d like to compare it to the actual trailer, here it is.

What do you think? Worthy attempt, or do you think GTA V is capable of a better Star Wars trailer? On the other hand, perhaps we should be asking a more important question: once GTA V comes out for the PC in January, how long do you think it will be before someone creates a Star Wars mod?

GTA Online Festive Surprise is Now Available


It’s time to celebrate the holidays GTA-style. As hinted at yesterday, a special holiday update is now available for GTA Online. This “Festive Surprise” update will become available for all four systems soon, so if you don’t see the download yet, just wait a little longer. This DLC came as part of the larger Title Update.

With this new update, you can now own 3 properties and garages, instead of only 2. It also added new settings for first-person mode and fixed several bugs. And of course, it added the holiday content.


In addition to Christmas trees and snow (and the potential for snowball fights), the Festive Surprise includes lots of new content. Ammu-Nation now sells Homing Missile Launchers and Proximity Mines, over 90 pieces of free new Christmas-themed clothing and masks are available until January 5, and four new vehicles have been permanently added: the Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader, the Slam Van, the Dewbauchee Massacro sports car with new Race livery, and the Dinka Jester sports car with new Race livery.


There will also be Holiday Special Crate Drops between now and January 5, Firework Launchers and Firework rocket ammo will become available from December 24-January 5, and everyone will receive free items in their inventory as Christmas presents on December 25. And pay special attention during the holidays themselves, because you’ll be able to get free fireworks on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

As with past holiday events, Rockstar is holding another Snapmatic contest. Take a great photo involving the content from this update and upload it with the tag #FestiveSurprise before January 5 for a chance to win 1 million GTA$. Take a look at the rules for more details.

Finally, the Official GTA Online Holiday Party Live Stream will be held tomorrow on Twitch, at 4 PM Eastern Time. If you’re a PS4 or Xbox One player, participate in the Twitch chat for a chance to join the lobbies.

Take a look at the official update notes for all the details, and enjoy your new GTA V holiday content.

Rockstar Discusses Heists, Future Plans, and More


People ask Rockstar questions all the time, and today the company chose to answer some of the most common ones in a special Asked & Answered feature. These may be things you’ve also wondered about, so now we can give you official answers.

If you were hoping the new first-person mode for GTA V would come to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions as well, we have to disappoint you. Due to the memory required for GTA V’s first-person, it will remain limited to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game.

Heists, on the other hand, are coming to every version of GTA V and are planned for early 2015, as announced yesterday. However, Rockstar also confirmed that cross-platform co-op, such as PS3 and PS4 players working together in GTA Online, is currently impossible. If that disappoints you, don’t forget that you can transfer
your GTA Online progress to the new versions. Transfers to the PC version are possible from any of the four consoles, even if you’ve already transferred your progress between generations.


While there may eventually be GTA V and GTA Online updates that can’t be supported by the older consoles, that time is still far off and Rockstar will support the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions as long as they can. Speaking of updates, the rumors of holiday DLC may hold some truth, as “a few seasonal treats” are on the way.

Many of the questions Rockstar receives are requests for new features. This Q&A didn’t give definite answers to those listed (leaving your car running, animals in GTA Online, and gambling options), but reiterated that you should email in all of your feedback and suggestions.

Finally, fans also ask the company questions about its future plans. If you aren’t a fan of the new GTA V first-person mode, rest assured that Rockstar still plans to make solid third-person games. And when it comes to other series, such as Red Dead Redemption… sequels are a possibility, but nothing is confirmed.

Check out the Q&A for the full answers, and don’t forget to send Rockstar any of your own unanswered questions. The article closed with a promise that GTA V PC requirements will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

Heists Set for Early 2015, New Trailer and Screens


At last, we have an official release date for GTA Online heists. It isn’t December 23, as recent rumors believed, but isn’t far off. Today, Rockstar released a new heist trailer and a plethora of screenshots, with the promise that heists will become available to all players for free “early in 2015.” Check it out.

Heists will involve four-player cooperative gameplay in which players pull off elaborate heists in the world of GTA Online, with coordinated efforts and multi-stage objectives on the way to success. GTA Online producer and lead mission designer Imran Sarwar went into more detail in an interview with IGN.

According to Sarwar, the reason heists have been delayed for so long is that creating “a series of multi-tiered missions featuring diverse prep work, a range of different types of gameplay and a big finale, where team coordination and playing your own distinct role could make the difference between success or failure” was more difficult than Rockstar expected, particularly since every player has to have a significant role to play. For example, getaway drivers can’t just be ignored during the action the way they might be in a movie or in GTA V’s single-player mode:

“…to make this work for multiple players, we needed to create situations where the driver has something interesting to do at exactly the same time the rest of their team are locking down the bank and making their way to the money.”


All players involved in a heist mission must be at least level 12. The heist leader will need to have a high-end apartment in order to plan out the heist. The leader will handle both the management of the heist and the cost, and will be paid at the conclusion of the heist, while the other players will receive money from the prep missions. As with the example of the getaway driver, Rockstar wanted to make it a unique and fun experience to be both the leader and one of the regular participants.

Many special rewards are planned, as well, such as bonuses for playing all the heists with the same team, for playing all the heists in first-person mode, for completing a heist within a certain amount of time, and so on.


Not all heists follow the same structure. For some, all four players might stick together as a team, while others might require the group to split up and perform different objectives. Communication is key.

Of course, there will be new weapons, vehicles, and items included in the heist update, and Sarwar teased “surprising locations” you’ll visit as you perform these missions. Some of this may correspond with the supposed leak we learned about the other day, but while that named six missions, Sarwar said there will be “five unique strands” with more than 20 missions between them. All together, this update is expected to involve 20 hours of gameplay, not including the replay value as players try new roles and approaches. You’ll have many different options in each heist.


Development of the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of GTA V also contributed to the delay, as the development teams needed to devote enough time to both projects to make them high-quality. There are some positives to the long delay, however. As Rockstar worked to develop such complex, involving missions, the heist concepts were reworked into something far better than what was initially planned.

As an example, Sarwar told IGN about a prison break mission where each player must come in at the right moment. It sounds as though GTA Online’s heists are definitely intended to make players truly work together and use strategy, rather than just firepower.


Take a look at the rest of these screenshots to see the sort of variety heist missions will involve, from gunfights to helicopters and aircraft carriers.
















Pretty cool, right? “Early in 2015″ may not be what fans were hoping to hear, especially since heists have been delayed for so long, but this trailer, interview, and screenshots should go a long way toward restoring confidence. What do you think? Are you looking forward to heists when they arrive next year?

Rumor: Heist Update Contains 6 Missions, New Vehicles


When Rockstar released the impressive stats for GTA Online, it was accompanied by a promise: the much-anticipated heists would be a part of the first GTA Online update after the PS4 and Xbox One launch. Yesterday, we alerted you to a rumor that both a holiday update and heists would arrive on December 23.

We still don’t know if that’s accurate or not, but this supposed leak has resulted in new details about what the heist DLC will include. The original source of the leak, NillxModz, was banned from PSN shortly after the leak. According to this information, the GTA Online heist update will include 6 heist missions found in 4 locations, as well as 5 Cops and Crooks missions in 4 locations. So far, information has been leaked about six of these:

  • Prison Van Rescue (Cops and Crooks) – capture a news van and use it to rescue an imprisoned gang member, while being chased down by the cops.
  • Weapons Deal (Cops and Crooks) – make a deal with the police to capture a criminal and bring him back in exchange for weapons and money.
  • Hostage Deal (Cops and Crooks) – while NPC gangs attempt to move a hostage, either capture the hostage as a biker gang or rescue him as the police.
  • Country Bank Heist – hold up a bank and get the money from the vault back to your safe house, playing with up to 4 criminals and 16 cops.
  • Ornate Bank Heist – hack into the bank vault and get the money to the designated drop-off location, playing with up to 4 criminals and 16 cops.
  • The final leaked mission tasks you with stealing a special artifact from a military base.

It will also come with a new layout for High-End apartments, 3 new vehicles, 3 new heist-themed outfits, 5 new hairstyles, and 2 new contact lenses. PS4 and Xbox One games will also receive new CCTV features for their apartments and 2 new Crops and Crooks-themed masks.

Heists will be listed on a special new menu screen, and the heist matchmaking features will be implemented. Players can purchase BZ Gas from Ammu-Nation to use during heist missions, and you can revive a fallen Crew member during heists by calling a new phone contact called Jeff. You can also email other members of your Crew about your heist plans, which will make you the leader for that heist. PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to print out the email and keep it in their documents.

The update also includes 34 texture modifications to 4 locations, 4 heist audio files, and unrelated measures to prevent GTA Online cheating.

Without official word from Rockstar, this is still just a rumor… but if it’s fake, it’s an incredibly elaborate hoax, with this much leaked information being reported by multiple sources. We might have a good idea now of what the heist update will contain. Are GTA Online heists really set for next Tuesday, December 23?