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Double RP, GTA$, and More Aug. 22-24

GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Weekend

If you haven’t already downloaded the newest update, which includes several changes and additions, you’ll want to this weekend. To celebrate the release of the San Andreas Flight School Update, Rockstar is holding a special GTA Online event this weekend, from August 22-24 (Friday-Sunday).

All weekend long, you’ll earn double RP and GTA$ for participating in the event playlist, as well as an exclusive parachute pack you can pick up from Ammu-Nation once you complete it (winning is not a requirement).

Air Races and Parachute Jumps will give you double GTA$, too.

In addition to these main attractions, there are many other perks this weekend:

  • Double RP if you fly under a bridge during an Air Race
  • Double RP for kills and extra GTA$ during Gang Attacks at the Los Santos Airport and Blaine County airfields
  • Locate planes and helicopters for free
  • Helicopter Pickups for only $500
  • 25% off the Del Perro Heights Apts 7 & 20 and 0120 Murrieta Heights Properties, each of which includes a 10-car garage
  • Crate Drops that contain RP, GTA$, Miniguns, RPGs, and Sticky Bombs

Rockstar is holding some special events and contests to coincide with the weekend. First, on Friday at 4 PM ET, the official Rockstar Live Stream will play through content from the San Andreas Flight Update, alongside Little & Cubed (Martyn Littlewood and Dan Nerdcubed).

And if you’d like to win some prizes this weekend, you have three options. Take photos of your adventures with the new content and tag them #FLIGHTSCHOOL for a chance to win 1 million GTA$ and a special license plate for GTA Online, in the #FLIGHTSCHOOL Snapmatic contest. If in-game photography isn’t your thing, create an Air Race and tag it #FLIGHTSCHOOL for a chance to have it become a Verified Job and win $1 million GTA$ and another special license plate, in the #FLIGHTSCHOOL Creator contest.

Finally, enter the Gear Giveaway Sweepstakes for a chance to win a deluxe GTA T-shirt pack.

Interested? Ready to enjoy the San Andreas Flight School this weekend? Check out Rockstar’s official announcement for the full details.

Update 1.16 Adjusts Payouts, Expands Lester’s Abilities, and More

GTA V miljet

As we reported yesterday in our announcement of the San Andreas Flight School Update, today’s update to GTA V and GTA Online has brought with it new features as well as fixes. Now that it’s out, the full list of changes in Update 1.16 has been revealed.

The Flight School content itself includes 10 flying lessons, four new vehicles (the Buckingham Mil-jet, the Western Besra, the Buckingham Swift helicopter, and the Invetero Coquette Classic, which also comes in a roofless version), reserve parachutes, 6 new parachute canopies, 25 “flags of the world” parachute bags for GTA Online, a Flight Suit Outfit, and a Flight Suit Cap. It has also brought 8 VS Mode jobs, 4 Parachute jobs, 8 Races, and 2 Capture jobs.

Four older jobs have also been reactivated: Stocks and Scares, Chemical Extraction, Rich Men in Richman, and Hack and Dash.

The update introduces new features and tweaks. Among the most notable are the payout changes. When you complete a Contact Mission, you’ll receive the full cash reward even if you’re replaying it. If you play a Contact Mission with friends, you’ll earn an additional 10% for each additional player.

Another change that has met with great approval from fans is the expansion of Lester’s abilities. Previously, “Remove Wanted Level,” “Cop Turn Blind Eye,” and “Off Radar” only affected the player who used them. Now, they apply to everyone in the vehicle.

There are more minor changes, as well as numerous bug and glitch fixes that should really smooth out your GTA Online experience. Take a look at the full patch notes from Rockstar and let us know what you’re the most excited about.

Download the San Andreas Flight School Update Tomorrow

GTA V San Andreas Flight School

No, there’s still no word on heists, but tomorrow marks the release of new DLC for GTA Online. The San Andreas Flight School Update includes new air and land vehicles and special aerial challenges.

Check out the exciting announcement trailer to learn more.

Gameplay will also be tweaked in this update, as explained in Rockstar’s official announcement, with higher payouts for difficult missions and bonuses if you complete missions with other players.

Everyone’s pretty excited about this update. Feel free to share your own thoughts, and come back tomorrow with your impressions of the San Andreas Flight School Update.

This New Glitch Lets You Walk in the Air


We’ve got another crazy glitch to share with you today. You probably know there’s a cheat code that spawns your character in mid-air to send you into free fall, but Youtube user DomisLive has found a glitch that lets you actually walk through the air (and on water).

This works in both GTA V and GTA Online. Check out the video below to learns the steps necessary for this glitch. All you need is a helicopter, an assault rifle, and a knife.

It’s a pretty cool glitch, especially for how simple it is to activate. Fly the helicopter to a certain pool and perform a few specific actions, and suddenly you’re rising into the air. Some fans think it’s great, but others think the advantages it gives you in GTA Online makes it an unfair, game-breaking glitch. What do you think? Either way, you’d better try it fast, in case Rockstar fixes it in the next update.

Double RP Weekend for GTA Online Starts Tomorrow

GTA Online double rp

Be sure to play GTA Online this weekend, because you’ll receive double RP across the entire game. Jobs, Gang Attacks, Hold Ups, Import/Export, and every other activity you earn RP for will give you twice as much from August 1-3. That means it starts tomorrow, so get ready!

And don’t forget, the content from the Independence Day update will only be available through the end of this weekend. If you haven’t picked it up already, be sure to do so before the end of Sunday.

Check out the official announcement for full details about this weekend.

Tip Guides for GTA Online Contact Missions

There’s lots to do in GTA Online, but if you want to have some fun, team up with your buddies and earn some $GTA money at the same time, then you should be looking at doing Contact Missions. While they can be very enjoyable, they can also be pretty hard, so check out the following tips guide for five of the toughest Contact Missions in GTA Online.

Factory Closure


  • This mission is unlocked when you reach Rank 18. It can be played by 3-4 players, and you access it from the Start Menu. In this mission, you must steal motorbikes from the Maibatsu factory.
  • First, you must assign each player a role: Sniper, Transporter, and Lookout. This strategy uses four players, two of whom are Transporters.
  • Approach the factory from behind. There is a ladder nearby. The Sniper should climb the ladder and provide fire and information from above. The other players should fight the guards from cover. Don’t shoot the trailer by mistake, because you need it to complete the mission.
  • Once the guards have been killed, one of the Transporters should take the trailer and drive it to the drop-off point. The other Transporter and the Lookout should take a car to protect the trailer along the way.

Death From Above


  • This mission is unlocked when you reach Rank 23. It can be played by 1-4 players, and you access it from the Start Menu. In this mission, you must infiltrate a mansion. The main difficulty you’ll run into is the combined force of the mansion guards and the cops, who will arrive shortly after you get inside.
  • This strategy requires four players.
  • Use a helicopter to station one player on the roof of a nearby building. The rooftop player should act as a sniper and kill the guards on the mansion roof. Then, use the helicopter to drop two other players to the mansion roof. They should proceed inside, kill the target, and get the proof. The player in the helicopter can then return for them.
  • Either call Lester or head somewhere isolated until your Wanted Level decreases, and then return to Madrazo.

High Priority Case


  • This mission is unlocked when you reach Rank 25. It can be played by 1-4 players, and you get it from Lester. In this mission, you must get certain documents to Lester.
  • This strategy is best handled with four players.
  • Fly a helicopter to the Mile High Club. Three players should parachute out and approach the area with the aid of cover. The player in the helicopter should fly to the Maze Bank and act as a sniper, taking out the guards that approach. Once the guards are gone, one of the players on the ground must get the suitcase. Stay there in cover when the enemy helicopter comes. Your helicopter should help fight, and then take the player with the suitcase to Lester’s warehouse.

Base Invaders


  • This mission is unlocked when you reach Rank 27. It can be played by 1-4 players, and you access it from the Star Menu. In this mission, you must steal a Cargobob from Fort Zancudo.
  • This strategy requires multiple players.
  • Land your plane on the runway west of Fort Zancudo, where you’ll have a better chance of going undetected. On your way, drop one player on the roof of a hangar to act as a sniper. After you land, another player should drive a Barracks past the Lazer Fighter Jets and put a Sticky Bomb on every one. Detonate them when you’re ready to steal the Cargobob. More guards will arrive, so make sure you have a bomb on every Lazer.
  • One player should circle around the back of the hangar while the others spread out and fight the guards. Infiltrate the hangar, kill the guards, and grab the Cargobob. While this player should be chosen in advance, a backup infiltrator should also be picked, in case the first one fails.
  • Escape the base and fly to Sandy Shores Airfield.

Out of Harmony


  • This mission is unlocked when you reach Rank 50. It can be played by 1-4 players, and you get it from Ron. In this mission, you have to steal a trailer filled with weapons from The Lost, and you only have a limited amount of time.
  • This strategy requires four players.
  • Split up. Two players should come from the north, and two should come from the northeast, through the hole in the fence. The pair from the north needs to keep The Lost busy. The pair coming from the fence should fight until they can run to the truck. Drive the truck backwards to hook on the trailer, and then escape. Use the streets to reach the Catfish View boatyard.
  • The pair still on foot should kill the first two motorcycle-riding guards and use their motorcycles to follow and protect the trailer. The player in the truck can smash through motorcycles in front of them on the road.
  • At the boatyard, sneak up with the aid of the gravel piles, and then get into cover. Protect the trailer from The Lost.

Two New Strip Clubs Coming to GTA Online?


If you consider yourself a bit of an aficionado on the various strip clubs found in Grand Theft Auto V then read on, because it looks like two more have been found…

Youtuber “MrBossFTW” has been doing a bit of investigating and thinks he’s found two new strip clubs for GTA Online that will possibly be unlocked/included in upcoming DLC.

The first club is in North Vinewood and called Hornbills. It’s a 24/7 strip club that’s quite a bit smaller than the Vanilla Unicorn currently open in the game. MrBossFTW thinks that a map/layout for a new club that he’s found in leaked DLC files matches this club pretty well.

The second club is potentially in Vespucci Beach and called “Bahama Mamas”. This is a much bigger club than Hornbills and also quite similar to the types that you might find in The Ballad of Gay Tony, which was DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV. In these types of strip clubs you can drink, dance, get yourself a dance, etc.

The source of the leaked strip club layout diagrams is not revealed, and to be honest we’re not even sure if the supposed “leaks” are real… but hey, it’s strip clubs and it’s GTA V related. We’re in!

Bring Any Story Mode Car into GTA Online


It is possible for you to bring a car from your single player game into GTA Online even after the latest update – you just can’t do it with DLC cars or with cars labeled as “too hot.”

Follow the steps below to bring any other car into GTA Online:

  1. First, drive the car to any Los Santos Customs location.
  2. Save your game.
  3. Drive it into Los Santos Customs.
  4. Pause the game and choose to enter an Invite Only Session of GTA Online.
  5. From there, pause again and choose to host a Job.
  6. Pick a race.
  7. Complete the race.
  8. Rate the race.
  9. Quit out of the “Vote on the next Job” screen, which should make you spawn in Los Santos Customs in the car you drove there, even though you’re still online.
  10. Either sell the car or take it to your garage.
  11. Switch back to single player to repeat the process if you would like to bring more cars into GTA Online.

If it isn’t working for you, there are a few things you can try… Make sure you don’t have any of your GTA Online vehicles outside of your garage, because sometimes you’ll spawn into them instead. Also, adjust your spawn location settings if you continue to have trouble. After all that if you still continue to spawn in the wrong spawn, reload your save and try again.

Switch targets in Buzzard

We’ve also got one final tip for you – when flying a Buzzard helicopter and using rockets against multiple targets, you can tap L1/LB and R1/RB (PS3/Xbox 360) to switch the target you’re locked onto.

If you don’t want to lock on to your target, aim with the miniguns and switch to the rockets just before you fire.

Thanks to DutchAThon for sending in the vehicle glitch and TheDoob for posting the Buzzard tip.

Will GTA Online’s Heists Be Competitive, Instead of Co-op?


The mysterious promised heists continue to haunt GTA Online.

Back in April, Rockstar promised that the spring updates would include new cooperative heists for GTA Online. Fans were very excited by the news, and waited for the heist update to come.

Eventually, “Where are the heists?” became a common response to any update, until June, when Rockstar confirmed that the heists have been delayed. They’re still in GTA Online’s future… but now a new rumor suggests they might not be what fans expect.

Youtube user DomisLive posted a video of what he claims is a leak of GTA Online information. In it, he details several different types of upcoming multiplayer heists, all of which include some form of team-based competitive gameplay. For example, one mode puts 16 cops against 16 criminals trying to save a gang member. Another is a bank heist featuring 4 criminals and 16 cops.

This sort of gameplay could still be interesting, but it’s not what fans expected from the co-op heists. Although DomisLive has a good track record for GTA rumors, as he found the “I’m Not a Hipster” Update leak, this is just a rumor until we hear something official. And if it’s true, Rockstar may have a hard time appeasing disgruntled fans who wanted a true cooperative gameplay mode.

Celebrate Independence Day With the New GTA Online Update

GTA V Independence Day

It’s July, and Independence Day is this Friday. Rockstar is getting into the spirit of the holiday with the latest update for GTA Online, available now. In the Independence Day Special (in association with Ammu-Nation), you can display the colors of the American flag with the new Liberator monster truck, the Sovereign motorcycle, and a variety of clothing options.

Two new weapons are available from Ammu-Nation: the Musket and the Firework Rocket Launcher. There are also seven new properties from which you can set off fireworks displays. Other additions include the Ferris Whale and Leviathan Roller Coaster at Pleasure Pier.

GTA V Independence Day screenshot

You have until mid-July, with the specific date to be announced later, to redeem content from the Independence Day Special. Check out Rockstar’s announcement for the full details. There will be an Independence Day Special event this weekend.

This update also launched On Call Matchmaking, where you can accept a Job and then continue to play until the Job fills, as well as other bug fixes.