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GTA Online Power Play DLC Released

Yesterday’s unannounced GTA Online update which added a new car, free shirt and new discounts to the game has finally been unveiled by Rockstar on their Newswire. The update also includes a new Adversary Mode which wasn’t made available before the official reveal went up.


The update was noticed yesterday after Steam users saw the client update the game with a 55.2 MB patch. The small size first made players assume it was just a handful of tweaks, however some eagle-eyed players noticed that a new car has snuck into the game. A few discounts were also noticed, alongside a free T-shirt awarded to anyone who logged on.

The whole thing smelled like a weekly event with a tiny DLC attached, however no official announcement was posted about it. While updates going live before the Newswire post isn’t new, this was the longest time in between the two. The update was also updated (so meta) today with further content.


GTA Online has received yet another Adversary Mode, which is something of an amalgamation of existing game mechanics. Power Play is your typical team deathmatch spiced up with all kinds of crazy power-ups that hearken back to the heyday of competitive shooters. Big circular icons floating a few inches above ground will grant you various wacky advantages over the enemy.

Beasted will turn the user into the beast from Freemode Events, including all of the special powers; Zoned will activate bullet-time for all players; Doped will obscure the sight of enemies with a green haze; Raging will increase damage dealt and decrease damage taken for your whole team; Flipped will change the camera controls of the enemy team and scramble team chat and finally Dark will take your team off the radar.


Honestly, Flipped seems to be the most intuitive and interesting of all these power ups which really can mess with the enemy. While the power ups may make this Adversary Mode fun for a few rounds and good fodder for Youtube videos, we’re guessing it won’t hit the same status of being a classic like Slasher or Sumo.

GTA Online’s fascination with Adversary Modes has always been something of a double edged sword. The modes allow the developers to explore fun gameplay ideas that wouldn’t fit into the proper game and are simple enough to be churned out, however they are all plagued by low populations.


Rockstar hopes to boost the player base of Power Play by offering a week-long double RP and GTA $ promo on the new mode. Just jump into the event playlist and watch as the cash rewards roll in twice as fast. There are currently three maps available for this new Adversary Mode but you can expect more to come.

The new super car, which is not only the fastest but the most expensive ride in the game, has also finally been officially inaugurated. The car, as well as two others, were first leaked soon after the release of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update. Chances are Rockstar is going for another weekly release schedule for each car.


The new free t-shirt that is rewarded to anyone logging in to GTA Online while the event lasts is adorned with the Grotti logo, in celebration of the all new X80 Proto. This shirt was also released ahead of schedule, yesterday. There are some 50% discounts going for Valkyries, all Swift variants and the Toro, as well as a 33% markdown for all homing launchers to dissuade Hydra griefers.

Have you bought the new car yet? What are your impressions of the new Adversary Mode that has been added to GTA Online?

GTA Online Secretly Updated, New Car Available

Rockstar, the sneaky bunch that they are, have snuck out a new GTA Online update earlier today, accompanied by some discounts and a free shirt. It seems like your standard fare weekly event with an extra thrown in – namely, a new car.

Just one, though.


We recently reported that one of the recently leaked cars that were slated to arrive in GTA Online sometime soon, the Proto Tipo, was seen on the streets of Los Santos by multiple players. How this was possible considering that the car has yet to be released was beyond the guess of anyone, however it was most likely the result of hacks.

There has yet to be any kind of official announcement (at the time of writing, at least), however it seems that Rockstar has now released the vehicle to everyone, accompanied by a new weekend event.


Renamed the Grotti X80 Proto, the new car costs an insane GTA $ 2.7 million. 2.7 million. That price tag makes the Proto the most expensive car in the game currently.

But what does all that cash buy you? Players have reported that in a straight line, the Proto is now the fastest car in the game. It also has the best acceleration, however the handling – as can be expected – is horrible for a trade off. At high speeds, even the smallest turn will send the car spinning wildly out of control.


The new car also has some sweet paint job options. You can customize primary, secondary, accent and trim colors to make your investment truly unique. The vehicle has some upgrade options if you have some spare cash to tune it to perfection.

The new car isn’t the only treat Rockstar has in store for the fans. A new weekly event has also kicked off by the looks of things. There are a few decent discounts going on as well as a log in reward shirt on offer. Several vehicles have had their prices slashed by 50%, including the Valkyrie, the Toro and the three Swift variants.


On PC, this update has a size of 55.2 MB. It was the Steam update indicator which ticked off several players about some changes coming to GTA Online. The new car wasn’t hyped up at all or announced, so it is an easy thing to miss if you’re not paying attention.

Have you already bought yourself a new Proto? Is it you new favorite car in GTA Online?

GTA Online’s Hacker Issue *Might* Have Been Solved

We’ll be cautious about this news for now, but if it turns out to be true, it would be a game changer for GTA Online. It seems that the new anti-cheat system implemented in Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is doing its job.


If certain reports (in some cases by – now former – hackers themselves) are to be believed, as of yesterday the method of using mod menus in GTA Online has been patched, boarded up, riveted and welded shut. In addition to this, Rockstar now has a policy of actively hunting down hackers and banning them on the spot, rather than resorting to occasional ban-waves.

This isn’t your regular temporary solution either – until now, the only thing Rockstar has managed to do was put roadblocks in front of GTA Online hackers. They usually circumvented these blocks within a week. However, as opposed to blocking the proverbial bridge, this time around Rockstar blew it the hell up.


Most mod menus used in GTA Online work on the basis of script injection (detectable but “slippery”) or tunables (previously undetectable). Or, should we say “worked”? Whatever Rockstar did seemingly made injection impossible and tunables detectable.

Hackers have been reporting bans far more numerous than during any ban-wave previously, PC lobbies are extremely clean and it looks like things will stay that way – for a while at least. Nothing is un-hackable, however finding an all new method will take far more time and effort than finding a way to circumvent a few security measures.


Due to the high number of so-called “transfer cheaters” on current gen consoles and the complete and absolute lack of anti-cheat on last gen, this sudden move by Rockstar has made PC the cleanest platform for the first time in the game’s history.

Have you noticed a marked decrease in the number of hackers in GTA Online overnight?

GTA 5 Heavily Discounted On PC

GTA 5 is probably going for a Guinness World Record for “game most frequently discounted” or something like that with all these sales going on all the time. We’ve always said that it’s technically on sale all the time, as there is almost definitely some kind of discount on one of the platforms at some distributor somewhere, at any given time.


The game has managed to retain the same full price that it had upon launch, which is rare when first release happened three years ago. Not even the biggest AAA rivals keep their value for so long, but it seems that the game is compensating for the $60 regular price tag with the constant sales.

While the PS4 version of the game is trying to keep up, it is undoubtedly the PC version that sees the most discounts, simply due to the high number of third party digital distribution sites available for the platform. In fact, GTA 5 has hit its lowest price ever on PC last year, going for less than thirty bucks.


While this most recent sale gets close to that, it isn’t breaking any records. The base game and some Shark Card bundles are all discounted on GreenManGaming, a third party game-key distribution site.

The standard version is discounted by 33%, the Great White Shark Card bundle by 35%, the Whale Shark Bundle by 40% and finally the Megalodon bundle by 45%. Add to this a stacking 20% coupon code “DEALZON20” and the prices are slashed by an even greater degree.

Not only is this a great way for players to upgrade to the definitive edition of GTA 5, but it is also a prime time to nab some of the bigger Shark Cards for cheaper. For example, the stock price of the Megalodon Shark Card is $100. With these discounts, you can buy a Megaloson bundle for $59.83, which is a pretty solid markdown, plus you’ll have a spare copy of the game to gift to your friends, for example.

The other card bundles don’t quite offer such epic savings, but all of these are solid discounts, perfect for any player still looking to upgrade, or to acquire some in-game cash the easy way for cheap. GreenManGaming often hosts sales on many popular titles, so even if you aren’t buying in now, you should keep an eye on their store page to catch any good discounts.

Will you be cashing in on any of these sweet GTA 5 deals?

Prototipo Spotted In GTA Online

Well, this is certainly new.

Hackers in GTA Online have been able to cause all kinds of mayhem with various paid mod menus. We say “hackers” simply because it is shorter than saying “immature children buying mod menus with their parents’ credit card” each time we refer to them, but you can be certain that 99.9% of the people you see hacking in Online didn’t actually code the hack themselves (not that doing so would make it okay…).


Ranging from the regular stuff like spawning cash, instantly killing everyone in the lobby, spawning limitless props to crash the session all the way to stealing player’s cash through insurance fraud (which thankfully has been fixed), hackers have been reported doing pretty much everything in the game that legit players are prevented from for the sake of balance.

However, hackers unlocking DLC before the official release date is something never before seen. A player has reported on a GTA Online related Subreddit that they have encountered a Prototipo, one of the recently leaked but not yet released DLC cars, in a race.


Other players have responded to the thread explaining how this would work in theory and another player also posted screenshots of encountering such a vehicle in game. This seemingly proves that this isn’t a case of someone using a car skin mod Online and quickly documenting it before being detected.

The player driving the Prototipo claimed that he is a “Rockstar Beta Tester” putting the car through its paces before launch. However, seeing as that isn’t actually a thing (definitely not in public lobbies, at least), it was probably someone with more than a little tech know-how unlocking the car in advance.


Seeing as the Prototipo driver was killed several times and didn’t use any hack other than the car itself, it is safe to assume that we’re not dealing with a malevolent scripter running a paid mod menu, rather someone who actually knows their way around game files and tunables finding a “backdoor” to walled off content.

As innocent as this action was, it is still technically “illegal” by Rockstar’s terms. Some of the commenters in the thread also claim to have tried the car out. While you should probably take everything in the thread (and this whole story, really) with a few metric tonnes of salt, players are claiming that while the car is incredibly fast, it has some handling issues and poor traction.


The Prototipo, Pfister 811 and Seven 70 were leaked not long after the release of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC, as the vehicles were contained in the game files of the update, but not yet made available for the players.

Many assume that the three vehicles will be added to the game proper with the upcoming Cunning Stunts DLC which was first announced in the same post as Finance and Felony. The DLC will contain a massive overhaul of the GTA Online Content Creator, alongside the new vehicles.

Have you seen players driving around in not yet released vehicles in GTA Online?

GTA Online’s CEO Editor Competition Announced

While the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony snapmatic competition is still running, giving players a chance to win GTA $ 1 million with a sweet shot flashing the new goods added to the game with the new update, Rockstar is now offering you budding artists out there another – and even better – opportunity to win some prizes for your creations.


The Finance and Felony DLC was released last week, bringing a whole new layer of gameplay to GTA Online with CEO missions. The DLC has players found a criminal enterprise built around the illicit business of black market merchandise trafficking.

Missions involve buying goods, protecting said goods and finally delivering the goods. In all three motions of a transaction, you are bound to be attacked by not only NPCs, but rival organisations (which is okay) as well as asshole griefers in Hydras (not okay).


In fact, the griefer issue has gotten so out of hand that people have begun to tamper with their internet connections just to get into a public lobby alone in order to run missions in peace. CEO missions in GTA Online can become extremely fruitful, however they require an initial investment – which is a concept not all players seem to grasp.

Rockstar has been known to host snapmatic competitions whenever they release a major DLC update for GTA Online, however Editor contests were scarce in the past. This one, which is obviously modeled after the DLC itself might be an indication that Rockstar is going to make these things more frequent.


After all, the next DLC that is slated for release, called Cunning Stunts, is prime material for this kind of thing. The competition could be for the best stunt montage and boom, you have the perfect community event.

But we digress – The #CEO Rockstar Editor Contest is the name of the game and the prizes are some pretty sweet physical goods as well as store credit in the Rockstar Warehouse for runner-ups. The theme of the contest should be pretty self-explanatory.


Entrants must create a completely original video using the Rockstar Editor showcasing their illegal activities as an elite crime syndicate in the most stylish way possible. Obviously, the goal is for the videos to be primarily focused on content introduced in the Executives and Other Criminals and the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony updates.

While you are tasked with showcasing your company as an enticing workplace or potential target for investment, Rockstar doesn’t want you to go with the typical, overtly happy, clean and tame family friendly video. As they state in the Newswire post, the point of this competition is to show off your less than legal activities.


The creative brief for the competition is, well, brief. The only guidelines Rockstar has provided are that the video must be made entirely in the Editor, i.e. no third party video editing software and that the video should focus on the criminal activities of a given organisation gallivanting around GTA Online.

Will it be a narrative with a story to tell? An action-flick where organisations clash? A montage of all kinds of dastardly deeds? You decide! Pretty much everything goes as long as it is overflowing with felony and is primarily based on the two executive DLCs.


The first prize for the competition is a pretty impressive one – though it isn’t a gaming peripheral this time around. The winner of the competition will obviously have their work showcased on the Newswire, but they will also receive the first-ever Rockstar Editor trophy, emblazoned with the logo of the Editor and the Social Club ID of the winner. Other than this, they will get a Director’s Chair (also with SC ID) and the “ultra-rare” GTA 5 varsity jacket (you guessed it, also with the SC ID).

Two runner-ups will receive a smaller rewards in the shape of $100 Rockstar Warehouse store credit and a small package of physical merchandise. Funnily enough, this might even be more enticing to some players, as it allows them to buy anything GTA 5 related based on what they actually like.


Entering the contest is a simple matter. Make your video, tag it with “#CEO”, publish it and voila! There are some restrictions as to eligibility, seeing as some countries and even states don’t allow these kinds of competitions and obviously Rockstar employees can’t participate.

It is also stated that the entered videos must be made in 100% mod-free versions of the game. The use of any mod will get the video disqualified, even non-content mods like Scene Director used to augment the movie-making experience, not adding any actual stuff to GTA 5 on its own.


There isn’t a set date for winner announcement, however entrees are only accepted until the 18th of July, one month from now. That should be plenty of time for aspiring GTA 5 filmmakers out there to whip together a winning entry.

Will you be entering the Rockstar Editor contest?

GTA 5 Meets Watch_Dogs 2 Trailer (Video)

Ever since Ubisoft revealed the first Watch_Dogs gameplay style a few years ago, the comparisons with GTA 5 seemed to be never-ending. While hyped up as a GTA “killer”, the game ended up being a bit of a disappointment following a serious graphical downgrade. Content wise, the game was still top-notch, which is why outside of the very vocal hater minority, most people considered the first game a flawed but fun open-world hacker romp.

However, there is a reason why GTA 5, an older game, is still popular today, while Watch_Dogs is gathering the digital dust in everyone’s UPlay library. While the sequel hasn’t shed the obvious similarities with Rockstar’s hit series, the developers have stated that they are going for a more original and unique feel this time around, putting more emphasis on their own, new game mechanics instead of trying to conform.

Despite Ubisoft’s desire to distance the two franchises (which isn’t too hard thematically, but tricky in terms of gameplay), the communities of both games have seemingly latched on to the comparisons and are refusing to let go.


After all, it was probably inevitable, but for a Rockstar Editor recreation of the Watch_Dogs 2 reveal trailer to pop up so soon? Looks like the creator is purposefully trying to poke fun at Ubisoft.

Youtuber and gamer Lion Montages, who previously specialized in GTA IV machinima has displayed obvious talent with the Rockstar Editor and third-party video editing software in his aforementioned recreation.

If you’ve been busy trafficking crates as a part of the all new Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC and didn’t have time to watch all the E3 trailers, there is a side-by-side comparison below to show just how accurate the creator was.

While some mods were obviously used in the making of this video, Lion Montages got pretty creative with the use of assets in the game by default.

Incidentally, one of the mods Lion Montages did use was the detailed and fantastic Marcus Holloway skin mod made by GTAFREAk67S. The mod is intended to be used in conjunction with JulioNIB’s Iron Man mod, as it acts as an additional “armor”.


It’s pretty impressive that the protagonist of a game that was only just revealed has already been modded into GTA 5. Many of the assets used in the mod are completely hand-made by the author, seeing as there are no sources for Watch_Dogs 2 assets available to the public.

How much many cues do you think the Watch_Dogs franchise takes from GTA?

GTA 5 Acts As Inspiration For Watch_Dogs 2

Time to add a new entry to the ever growing list of AAA games that were moderately or heavily inspired by GTA 5, Rockstar’s hit open-world crime game. The massively popular title has been released on five platforms, has sold over 65 million copies not counting digital sales and continues to turn a massive profit – damn right other games want to match its success.


Among others, Fallout 4 is known to have taken inspiration from GTA 5 in terms of player freedom, allowing gamers to explore and experience the game world with little to no restriction, while also giving them a wide range of interaction options with other characters and objects.

GTA 5 was also an obvious inspiration for Ubisoft’s open-world vigilante hacking adventure, Watch_Dogs, which was released in 2014. The game was set in and around a liberal interpretation of a large American city; it had a heavy emphasis on stealing vehicles and driving; it was a third person shooter-adventure hybrid; it focused on the player doing illegal things and finally had tons of side missions and collectibles strewn about the game world.


While the massive hype around Watch_Dogs had people decree it the “GTA Killer” everyone was waiting for, in the end it fell flat. While most reviewers enjoyed the game, they called it out on a few flaws. The public response was even less favorable, with the community crying foul on the graphical downgrade. Even so, the game had solid sales and if it counts for anything, we loved the thing in spite of the issues.

Ubisoft never hid the fact that they wanted Watch_Dogs to be a long-running franchise. They did plenty of setting-up in the first game, with tons of backstory, a cliffhanger ending and official confirmation that it and Assassin’s Creed occur in the same fictional universe.


Now that Watch_Dogs 2 has been officially unveiled at E3, players were shown a game that, while still obviously inspired by GTA, was a tad more unique. Even so, the connection with Rockstar’s hit franchise is too prominent for even the developers to avoid mentioning. Jonathan Morin, the Creative Director on Watch_Dogs 2 addressed the comparisons.

The way I see it – many movies are shot in New York, we shouldn’t stop making movies in New York just because it’s been done. So for me, making games in cities, we only scratched the surface. GTA does a great job at what it does, us, we’re all about hacking, everything has to be for that fantasy.

Morin also goes on to state that when two games are of the same basic genre, some points of similarity are inevitable. Even so, no two open-world games are truly the same and there will be plenty in Watch_Dogs 2 to set it apart from GTA.

You can’t be in a city and not be able to get into a car, it needs those things, but in the same way shooters can go faster these days because people are used to the mechanics, we benefit from having players who understand the base but then you have to have your own elements to bring to the simulation.

Its clear that while GTA has its fair share of satire and over-the-top exaggeration, Watch_Dogs is going for an approach less grounded in reality. It is set in the near future where entire cities are controlled by a single operating systems, people can basically hack anything with one press on a smart-phone and hacker-x-gangsters wear sunglasses with LCD screens for lenses that display emoticons based on the situation. Yeah.


GTA’s far-reaching influence can be attributed to a number of factors. It is one of the longest running franchises still active in AAA gaming today and with age comes respect. GTA has also achieved a kind of mainstream appeal rivaled only by sports games, Battlefield and Call of Duty.

Plus, there is the game’s massive popularity. GTA Online still has at least 8 million unique players every week, making it the most-played multiplayer mode in AAA games after free-to-play titles. The microtransactions in the game, called Shark Cards, have also turned half a billion dollars in profit. Even though it is three years old, the game continues to out-sell anticipated new releases.


While Rockstar has been quizzically MIA during E3 this year in spite of Take-Two’s statements, there were plenty of games shown off similar to GTA. Other than Watch_Dogs 2, Mafia 3 was also showcased. The franchise, developed by 2K which also happens to be under the Take-Two umbrella, was always considered a rival to Rockstar’s flagship IP.

Some journalists have even likened the upcoming Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands to GTA, despite massive differences in theme and setting. Instead of a city, Wildlands sends players to the Bolivian wilderness. True, the whole drug-cartel thing fits with GTA’s MO, but controlling a highly trained military unit with sci-fi tech and abilities sticks out. Journalists cited the open-world freedom as the main point of comparison.


Players have been speculating what Rockstar could be up to and what the reason for their absence is. We know that the company is working on some new games and that Take-Two was relying on these reveals to help them “win” E3. Some suspect that alongside a new game (probably Red Dead 3), Rockstar might announce some major update to GTA Online, or even a spin-off game – this, however, is not likely.

Did any of the games at E3 catch your attention? Will you be resting GTA Online to play any of them, or are you unable to go without your fix?

GTA Online Gets New Maps And Weekly Event

One of the most overlooked features of the recently released Further Adventures in Finance and Felony GTA Online update is the all new Trading Places Adversary Mode. The mode takes the concept of climbing the social ladder by going over those above you rather literally.

The game starts with the players being assigned either to the “winners” or “losers” team. Losers become winners by killing winners, but need to keep an eye out for other losers, because if they kill them while they’re winners, they become losers again.


This is the odd occurrence of something being complicated on paper but simple in practice. However, like most other Adversary Modes, Trading Places didn’t exactly catch the attention of the majority of players, who were busy bankrupting themselves with the new content from the GTA Online DLC.

While some Adversary Modes like Sumo manage to hit the right note with the community and turn into popular classics played months after release, others become de-populated within a week. For every Slasher you have at least three In and Outs. Rockstar is trying to push Trading Places into the former category – and the mode has that potential, due to the thrill of its unpredictable nature.


As such, the devs have expanded the Mode’s map roster with three new additions as of today. Hop on to GTA Online and you can take the class-war to Little Seoul, the Lost Club House in Grapeseed and the Harmony Place Construction Site. Unfortunately, there is no double RP or cash promo going on for the new maps.

However this isn’t all that’s graced GTA Online recently. Rockstar has kicked off another set of week-long discounts as well as a log-in reward in an unnamed event celebrating… the new maps, probably?


If you log in to GTA Online anytime through next Monday, you’ll be treated to a nice set of red-swirly pajamas and a matching smoking jacket. They complement last-week’s pastel green set wondrously – if we’re lucky, Rockstar will add further colors in the future.

The discounts we mentioned seek to improve your chances of nabbing those special cargo crates while under fire. Getting your tires shot out while transporting precious goods is the fastest way to lose big time on an investment, so a 50% discount on bulletproof tires should help you out. Of course, the health of the driver is also imperative, so the price of car armor has also been slashed by 25%.


If you’d rather take to the skies instead of burning rubber, but don’t want to leave your arsenal grounded, GTA Online offers a wide selection of military aircraft including attack helicopters. One of these fearsome vehicles (albeit the one player like the least) is also on sale. You can buy a Annihilator at a 25% markdown through Monday.

However if you’re stuck on foot or in a mission which requires you to leave your rides behind, you still won’t be left without a few toys. Ammunation is holding a pretty large sale on a wide range of products.


All ammo types, parachutes, body armor, weapon bling and a whopping 7 guns are discounted by 25%. The weapons on offer are the Assault Rifle, Compact Rifle, Carbine Rifle, Combat PDW, SMG, Machine Pistol and Heavy Shotgun.

While Finance and Felony only recently dropped, players are already anticipating the next GTA Online DLC. Based on the post announcing the release of F&F, the name of the next update has been revealed to be “Cunning Stunts” instead of “Stunt Ready” that was teased in an earlier post. It is likely that the three recently leaked vehicles will be added to the game with this update.

Which part of this new GTA Online event are you happiest about?

PSA: GTA Online Off The Radar Doesn’t Hide Crates

With the recent release of GTA Online’s massive Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, Rockstar has added a whole lot of content to the game making it easy for players to get a tad lost, or simply misinformed.


The update’s main draw is the new black market mechanic, wherein players can become the CEOs of their own criminal organisations and gain wealth by selling and buying illegal merchandise. This involves ferrying crates of contraband from your warehouses to drop-off points, during which you can be attacked by NPC enemies and other players.

Unfortunately, the “other players” part includes those pathetic juvenile Hydra griefers who simply blow you up because that’s the only way they can get off or something. Of course, there are ways to fight and avoid these bastards, but it may be hard to do while ferrying crates.


Some of the not too favorable public opinions about the DLC stem from unrealistic expectations and misinformation. We’ve tried to collect a few basic tips in a previous article to combat any inconvenience players might suffer, however some things have only recently come to light.

While the go-to method of playing in a safe haven away from the griefers is to fiddle with the internet until you land into a public lobby of your own, some players might find this to be too much of a hassle.


A frequently used tactic that we’ve been seeing in GTA Online is that players use Lester’s “off the radar” service. Yeah, like I said, “we’ve seen”. The issue here is that while this service hides the player’s blip and name from the map, the blip of the crates themselves, ergo the things that attract griefers like flies are attracted by dogshit, stay on the map.

That, plus even if it would work, the griefers could just drop change and have Lester reveal you just as easily. However, there is a simple, if expensive solution.


VIPs and CEOs have the special “hide organisation” ability, which is basically the same thing, except it hides all members of your corporation and your crates as well. Granted, this ability is significantly more pricey than Off the Radar is, but when you’re trafficking several thousand dollars worth of goods in a GTA Online lobby with griefers abound, it is more than worth the investment.

Have you had any luck running successful crate missions in griefer ridden GTA Online lobbies?