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GTA Online Fans Share Thoughts On In And Out

GTA Online’s newest Adversary Mode called In and Out was released yesterday. While Rockstar was a tad slow on posting the official announcement on the Newswire, players were already stealing packages moments after launch. Seeing as Adversary Modes have become a tad controversial in recent months, chances were that most players would be a bit buggered by the release.


While there are plenty of dissenting opinions, In and Out actually received quite a bit of positive feedback. Like every other Adversary Mode, it suffers from low player numbers. Coordinated efforts are being made on various GTA 5 related Subreddits to organize players to populate the Adversary Mode lobbies to combat this issue.

Even so, In and Out has seemingly fulfilled its promise of being Capture on steroids. Players who have had the luck to play with higher numbers of team-mates or even full lobbies report that the mode is every bit as frantic as expected.


Players have been sharing their thoughts on the new mode and many of them feel that In and Out is far too similar to Capture to warrant its own game mode, however there are opposing opinions.

Capture is way less intense in terms of gunfire and in the new mode you don’t have to drive huge distances to packages and back to your base.

Then again, there are those who like it precisely because it took the base concept of Capture, but put a new twist on it.

Personally I love captures and the new ‘in and out’ mode is to me a nice blend of capture with its ‘purposefulness’ and deathmatch with its intensity

Of course, there are those who aren’t as happy with the new mode as the above examples. Omitting the dissension lacking explanation, there have been those GTA Online players who’ve went to the effort of writing down their gripes.


4 minutes was nowhere enough time to collect all the packages.
Also do not play this with only one person on each team. It just becomes shootout till the timer goes off. So far I’ve only managed to get into games with small amounts of players so that’s been my experience so far. Will update if I discover something new.

It seems that the new mode is something of a mixed bag. However, how much of this negativity stems from Adversary Mode fatigue? GTA Online is desperately in the need of something new and different – jobs, contact missions and the like.

What are your feelings on the new GTA Online Adversary Mode?

GTA 5’s World Becomes More Vibrant (Mod)

Typically, GTA 5’s mod popular mods are quite specific in their nature. They either affect one concrete aspect of gameplay, add a specific new feature or tweak clearly defined attributes of the game. Even total conversion mods like LSPDFR have a clear direction. However, occasionally a mod turns out to affect GTA 5 on multiple levels, tweaking this, that and whatnot to get an overall better experience.

There world improvement mods used to be all the craze in the modding community a while back, but no new ones have popped up anytime recently. These usually added random events to the game, changed the way police or NPCs react to the player or just litter GTA 5 with tiny but meaningful changes.

A new mod has recently popped up to strengthen the ranks of these world improvement projects which takes the route of adding a wide selection of new random events to the game. Ever since launch, GTA 5 players have been wishing for more varied and frequent random events in the game.


Despite the high number of similar mods, Darkmyre’s GTA Comes Alive mod manages to add entirely new and original encounters. Many of them seem pretty self explanatory, with names like “Flat Tire”, “Blown Engine” and “Road Rage”.

There is a decent mix between passive and active random events. We consider events where you blow a tire or and engine to be passive. They just happen and there’s not much you can do about it. The active events count for “Mugging”, “Murder” and “Lost MC”. In these cases, opponents will appear and either confront you or another NPC, prompting combat.


GTA 5 isn’t really the kind of game where you get bored for lack of things to do. There is a massive pool of side-missions, collectibles, vanilla random events and challenges to complete even once you’ve finished the – pretty long – story. Even when you’ve gotten 100% completion, there is plenty of metagame for you to explore. Easter eggs and the Mt. Chiliad Mystery offer plenty of unexplored content.

Even so, the massive modding community that has developed around GTA 5 can’t help but keep on expanding it. At this point, the mods have become so varied and numerous that you can increase the potential playtime of the game exponentially, packing it full of content – of your choosing – buffing out the time value of it to upwards of a thousand hours.

And then you haven’t even touched Online yet.

Do you hope Rockstar include a greater number of random events in their next GTA game?

LSPDFR Shows Signs Of Activity

Some time ago we posted a short piece about the relative silence the LSPDFR website wrapped itself in. While the massive total conversion mod was a big thing in the news some months back, it went rather quiet following the release of their 0.3 build. While the player base of the mod remained steady and even increased, it would be no surprise if most of you didn’t know what it is.


Los Santos Police Department First Response is a massive GTA 5 mod being developed by a dedicated team, some members of which worked on it full-time, which re-purposes the game as a police simulator. The mod is of an exceptionally high quality packed to the brim with all kinds of features and constantly expanding.

Best of all, it was free. The LSPDFR team, who previously made a similar mod for GTA IV titled LCPDFR, get their money from ads on their website, which doubles as a place to host and download your own mods as well as donations from the community.


The team behind the mod faced their fair share of hurdles during development. The massive anti-modding measures of the two Ill-Gotten Gains updates, the second of which broke the game on PC completely, hit them particularly hard. However, they persevered and development continued.

Rockstar, however unwittingly (the official stance is that single player mods are perfectly fine), wasn’t the only ones to hinder them. Some time ago the site went offline due to a DDoS attack from an unknown source – luckily this didn’t affect development, only the site.


However, even though no major issues were encountered since the DDoS was cleared up, a few months ago the official flow of news on the site went dry. The community kept things going in the forums, but the last time we saw one of the “weekly” posts was in February.

But now, finally, official activity has been once again spotted on the LSPDFR website. Earlier in April, however small, a Community Spotlight post was published in the news feed. Even more interestingly, the website is currently undergoing maintenance.


Either there was an issue with the site that cause the radio silence, or maybe that “maintenance” is actually a large scale site update that the team was working on until now. If nothing else, we now know for sure that the team is still hard at work on what is without question the greatest GTA 5 mod of them all.

Have you guys given LSPDFR a try, or is police role-play not your cup of tea?

Could GTA Online Delay Rockstar’s Projects?

E3 approaches. The endless tide of GTA 6 rumors keep on coming, spawning continuous speculation among the fans. Debates on what non-GTA franchise Rockstar should revive as their next big project. Will it be Red Dead Redemption 2? A new Manhunt or Midnight Club game? Maybe even Bully?


Thing is, we might not find out for years to come. What if Rockstar’s bug E3 reveal is just a groundbreaking and massive update for the current iteration of GTA Online, such as the inclusion of new cities?

Let’s face it – GTA Online is a freaking juggernaut in terms of business. It has a massive dedicated and active playerbase, it’s driving up sales and generating absolutely massive amounts of income.


We’ve often talked about how Shark Cards have made over $500 million in profits for Rockstar, but it feels like the significance of that is somehow understated. Most games – even Rockstar games – don’t ever make that much money. At all, let alone from DLC. Let alone from microtransactions!

The fact that GTA Online stands as a constant source of steady, high amounts of income with minimal input required. Even the larger DLCs like Executives and Other Criminals require a tiny fraction of effort to make compared to the whole game.


GTA 5 has made $3 Billion in profits since release. The first billion was made within three days of release, when Online wasn’t available yet. However, looking at forums and the Subreddits show that an overwhelming number of players, or potential player bought the game solely for the Online component.

So, let’s count with $1.5 Billion thanks to GTA online, Shark Cards included. The game’s budget was $265 million, meaning it has already returned a massive profit. The constant stream of free updates for the game are funded by a constant stream of income from continuous sales and microtransactions.


Look at it from a business point of view: you’ve got a steady stream of income from an existing product. That income can be supported by minimal constant investment, turning a massive profit indefinitely. Would you jump into a new, large-scale investment which is also a risk, or keep feeding the giant?

If Rockstar chose to boost GTA Online with a larger expansion, their development costs would still be significantly below the whole game while retaining their current playerbase – and increasing it. Announcing a new city for GTA Online would undoubtedly cause sales to spike once and again on release.


There are multiple advantages to this: keeping your existing player base will prevent the dip in microtransaction income that would occur in the early months of the new game. It would convince several former players to return and would create new customers. In the end, this course of action would result in the game having the highest number of player.

Obviously, a higher number of total players equals a higher number of Shark Card customers, further increasing microtransaction income, allowing Rockstar to create subsequently larger and larger free DLC packs, which in turn would bring in more new players and Shark Card sales.


This would nudge GTA Online into a positive feedback loop. Re-invigorating the game with a new city would counter the organic entropy of the playerbase which occurs over time regardless of what Rockstar does with a new, massive influx of new and returning customers.

Ultimately boosting GTA Online with a large, groundbreaking free upgrade would be both the cheapest and most lucrative move for Rockstar, making the prospect of jumping into a whole new project less appealing from a business standpoint.


Even a property as popular and famous as Red Dead Redemption couldn’t turn that profit. Despite it’s fame in gaming circles, it doesn’t have the mainstream brand recognition of GTA. A sequel to the game, even if accompanies by an Online mode with microtransactions wouldn’t ever make as much of a profit as GTA Online does currently.

However if Rockstar wants to eclipse their accomplishment with GTA 5, or even live up to the original RDR, they would need to put at least around $200 million into development – of course, that seems minimal in relation to the $3 Billion, but it’s still a sizable investment.


Why put $200 million into a risky investment instead of using it to fuel the money-flames of GTA Online? That much cash would secure the development of several year’s worth of large scale DLCs and updated for the game, which would probably on their own turn a bigger profit than RDR2 ever could.

As sad as this may seem for fans of other Rockstar properties, it is the reality of business. However, if Rockstar would to throw significant effort behind GTA Online, they could mold what they have now into something truly revolutionary in terms of multiplayer gaming.



In what direction do you think Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games will proceed? Support GTA Online further, or will they jump into a new project instead?

GTA Online’s Adversary Mode Craze

It seems that lowriders aren’t the only recent trend in GTA Online which have been a bit overwhelming for fans. While some dissenting voices could be heard in the past as well, the recent reveal of the In And Out Adversary Mode coming on the 3rd of May garnered a pretty negative public response.


Rockstar has been hot on the release of new Adversary Modes for GTA Online since the fall of last year. We’ve seen standalone Adversary Mode updates even before Halloween’s Slasher mode. Ever since, Rockstar has released countless Adversary Modes, either on their own or as parts of larger DLCs.

The ideas the developers come up for these competitive GTA Online game modes are creative, varied and more often than not extremely intuitive. Slasher adapted the good old style of the Manhunt games, Offense Defense and Running Back managed to capture the feel of American Football (handegg?), but with cars. Modes like siege mentality are eternal classics and Sumo is a new fan favorite.


However, despite Rockstar’s best efforts with unique design, taking the risk of thinking outside the box and the generous double RP and GTA $ events, there are a few issues with Adversary Modes that just don’t make them as fun as they could be.

The biggest issue isn’t even something Rockstar can control: population. Most Adversary Modes work best with a full or almost full lobby. However, the number of players who go for the modes is pretty poor. You’d be surprised at how many players don’t know how to access the modes, or even that they exist (this isn’t exaggeration – just check Reddit).


Adversary Modes with few players are either unbalanced or just not fun. What’s the point of Slasher if there are few victims? In the case of uneven numbers, what chance does the smaller team have in Offense Defense, or any other team based mode? Where does the novelty of Every Bullet Counts go when there are fewer players than bullets in each gun?

Another issue is something Rockstar could remedy, however it might not be the best business strategy. Adversary Modes, even during double GTA $ promos, just don’t pay very well. Even if you’re on the winning side, you reward will be a fraction of that which you earn in other jobs, let alone heists.


However, considering how important a source of income Shark Cards are, giving players a quick, easy and fun way to earn cash would make buying Cards less appealing.

Before anyone cries foul, remember that all the free DLC Online is getting is primarily funded by the cash coming from Shark Card sales.

This second cause may be one of the causing factors of the first. Ramping up the payouts just a little, to make them capable of competing with other jobs would be enough to drive up player count.


However the creation of Adversary Modes from a developer’s perspective has several advantages. Adversary Modes are relatively easy to make with existing assets, but allow for the team to let their creativity loose in terms of gameplay. We’ve seen the kinds of approaches to multiplayer via Adversary Modes that were never done before. Several of the modes are pure novelty, contributing to the gaming industry as a whole on a transcendental level.

More importantly, if the players would actually play them, they would be the perfect small updates to tide over the community between large scale GTA Online DLCs.


Anti Adversary Mode rumblings were heard back before the Lowriders update. Well, you saw what that go you – three lowriders spread out across three weeks. And people we pissy about that too…

If GTA Online’s Adversary Modes were more populated and paid better, would you play more of them?

GTA 5 Developers Trademark “Judas”

With the time until E3 slowly passing, GTA 5 fans are getting more and more riled up about what it could possibly be that Rockstar will unveil at the massive gaming press event. Following GTA V’s massive success, the team is undoubtedly working on their next big project and based on a comment from Take-Two Interactive’s CEO, they just might reveal what that is this summer.

Of course, the speculation has been high ever since. Many players assume it to be the obvious choice of GTA 6, which we now know is officially under development. Others hope that it is a follow up to the massively popular Red Dead Redemption. Some speculate it could be an entirely new IP – though this is made unlikely based on Take-Two press releases.


The recently publicized work-in-progress screenshots from the mysteriously disappeared “Agent” game suggest that the project was scrapped – or rebuilt from the ground up. The game was supposed to be a spy game similar to GTA as a PS3 exclusive. Could it end up being a launch title of the upcoming PS4 upgrade?

Either way, Take-Two’s most recent move didn’t help clear things up. A few eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the company has filed a new trademark which poses more questions than it answers. About a week ago, the word “Judas” was trademarked by Take-Two.


The specific file classification makes it clear that the name would be used for some kind of video game, however there isn’t any subtitle attached – it might not even be a title. For all we know this could simply be the name/codename of the protagonist.

Since not long after GTA 5 launched, people immediately began to ask what’s next for Rockstar? Grand Theft Auto isn’t the only thing on their plate, with newer releases including Max Payne 3 and L. A. Noire, backed up by older classics like Manhunt and The Midnight Club.


Chances are we will see the return of a well liked, pre-established franchise or Agent at E3 as opposed to something completely new. But which franchise does “Judas” fit in to? Could it be the agent’s call sign? The name of the next GTA or Manhunt protagonist? Maybe “Judas” itself is a subtitle, to be tacked on after the name of the franchise it is related to. It’s unlikely that this is somehow related to The Midnight Club, but the other franchises, even Red Dead, are possibilities.

Which franchise, other than GTA, can you see “Judas” somehow fitting into?

GTA Online Console Server Maintenance

UPDATE: The servers are now online.

Considering the popularity of GTA Online, chances are many of you who are reading this now are doing so because you tried to log in to the game but were unable to. No, there isn’t an issue with your game, your console or your internet connection. In fact, there isn’t any issue at all – only routine server maintenance.


But how routine is it, really? The tweet from Rockstar support went out yesterday, informing everyone that the maintenance will occur. This was followed up by another today when the GTA Online servers were taken down – in tandem with the Social Club. Now, server maintenance isn’t anything special in a multiplayer game.

However, having your website affected by the server maintenance of the game is strange. GTA Online uses an atypical peer-to-peer system, saving Rockstar tons of resources that would have been spent on a massive server park strong enough to support the player base.


It also limits the control Rockstar has over the game servers, which is the main reason why solving the hacker issue has been so difficult. It also makes server maintenance pretty time-consuming. Most importantly, however, it makes hosting the website and Social Club on the same server impossible.

So why is the Social Club down along with the other platforms? Initially players only reported that the Xbox One and PS4 platforms went offline, but they were closely followed by the others and eventually the page tracking the status of the game servers was updated to show everything as down.


This is hardly the first time the servers underwent maintenance and some people are making the same mistaken assumption as last time, so we’ll make it clear – this five hour maintenance has nothing to do with new content. There was nothing announced, nor was maintenance ever necessary in the past before DLC release.

GTA Online’s use of a P2P server system stems from Rockstar underestimating the success of the multiplayer mode. Hopefully they’ll incorporate everything they’ve learned form this game into their next, so that the online experiences of future Rockstar games won’t be so rife with hackers.


The scheduled maintenance should last 5 hours, so keep your eyes on the status page so you can get back in the game as soon as the servers are back up and running.

Do you spend the time waiting for the Online servers to return in GTA 5’s story mode, or do you play something else?

GTA 5 Meets The Wiggles In Terrifying Fan Video

You all know the drill by now if you’re a regular reader – the Rockstar Editor is awesome and accessible, opening up the world of GTA V fan videos to people who otherwise wouldn’t bother with all the fuss of third party software. An enormous sub-culture dedicated to the creation of GTA 5 fan films has swiftly emerged and its own stars popped up over time. Clear directions and styles, like talent trees in RPGs, have also formed.

On the one hand we have the original content. Players inventing screenplays and stories for their actors to perform on screen. On the other hand, we have the recreation crowd, taking either the opening sequences of popular TV series, or scenes from well known movies and their trailers. Lastly, we have the parody version of both crowds.

Undoubtedly, the king of GTA 5 parody recreations is none other than the venerable Merfish. Truly a veteran of the Rockstar Editor, he has created countless, horrifically disfigured re-imaginings of well loved children’s shows with the characters from the game. He even dabbled in big-name movie trailers, but the series aimed at kids are still his specialty.

While he is known to defile our childhood memories with industrial quantities of human excrement and dildos, in the case of the show he’s recently remade in GTA 5, we honestly cannot decide whether his version or the original is more terrifying.

We are, of course, talking about the Wiggles, a group of four burned out men suffering from a wide range of behavioral disorders with possible pedophilia being a common one. They are color coded to make differentiating them easier for the retards whom obviously comprise the target audience for the show.

The four men are joined by a varied cast of anthropomorphic animals,  a crippled thief/murderer/rapist who primarily operates in the Caribbean sea and a pre-historic creature who was somehow revived through freak science.

The extremely terrifying and dare we say “iconic” wiggling of the cast, which granted the show its name is – obviously – replaced with GTA 5’s humping emote in the Merfish version. He has again reached his turd-quota, with the whole pirate hat on Lamar’s modded skin is comprised of crap.


The rest is good old Merfish standard. Extra violence of the GTA 5 variety, explosions, Lester being horribly misrepresented – the master’s genuine old self is back in it’s full, smelly glory.

What retro kids show would you like to see Merfish re-imagine in GTA 5?

GTA 5’s First 360° Drift Video Slides In

When YouTube recently released a new feature where creators can upload videos where the viewer may change the camera angle to any position, it was considered revolutionary. It was an experimental feature at first, but it took off swiftly and now there are plenty of breathtaking videos around. It was only a matter of time before it was used for gaming related, more specifically GTA 5, videos as well.

GTA 5 has an extremely dedicated stunting subculture, ranging from regular in-game stunts to the insane, nigh impossible parkour race maps. These players are dedicated to push both the game and the vehicles in it to the absolute limit and to capture their most amazing feats on camera.

We’ve covered some amazing stunts over the months here at GTA 5 Cheats, including one where a semi-truck jumps off a ramp, detaches the trailer, does a flip and lands in a way that the trailer reattaches on impact. Seriously, some of these GTA 5 stuntmen are pretty crazy.


This most recent video, however, comes from popular GTA V video creator RunItsAlpha, whose work we’ve featured before. His most recent video is the first GTA 5 fan video to make use of Youtube’s 360° feature. The POV drift video is only advised for people who don’t suffer form motion sickness, because this would surely trigger it.

The video depicts a “Gymkhana” style drift course as if the viewer were sitting on top of the car. You can use either the WASD keys or the mouse to look around while the video is playing, allowing you to witness the insane drifting goodness from any perspective.


If more GTA V videos are made using this feature, such as someone recording a successful heist run so that the camera sits in the face of a character, allowing us to witness the action from FP view, but allowing us to look around, the fan film creator community will go insane.

Are you planning on creating a 360° GTA 5 video?

GTA 5 On PS4 Is Exclusive To Prime Members On Amazon

Amazon, known to very, very often put GTA V on sale, known as one of the largest global distributors of… well, everything, known as a massive financial powerhouse have just made a decision that was probably thought up by a deranged mollusk. As part of an absolutely baffling new policy, Amazon has added certain video game to the list of items available exclusively to their Prime subscribers.

Amazon Prime is a subscription system where members get discounts on all purchases, access to special deals, faster and cheaper shipping and a plethora of other, less important bonuses for an annual fee of $99.

In 2014, Amazon began to wall-off some products, making buyers unable to purchase them from Amazon as the seller unless they were Prime members. The community reacted to this in a way that you would expect. Despite the outrage and loss of customers, Amazon decided to add to the list of Prime-exclusive items.


However, up until now they stuck either to niche products or categories which aren’t the biggest sellers. Their most recent move? Make GTA 5 and Fallout 4, two of the best selling and most popular video game currently available, Prime exclusive.

Granted, they only walled off the PS4 edition of GTA 5 and the PC version of Fallout 4, but the move is still an extremely illogical one. Potential buyers who otherwise aren’t Amazon regular will not pay a hundred bucks just so they can pay for something again, if they can get it with just one payment somewhere else.


Of course, you can still buy these items from the Amazon website, but from other buyers – which, depending on source, carries some risk. In this case Amazon just takes a percentage off the top so they’re still making money off of this!

Amazon seems to be a dangerously schizophrenic entity. One day they come up with extremely good ideas like 20% off for all newly released and pre-ordered games, or care-packages sent to Prime members as a bonus. On others they come up with crap like this.


For how long and based on what certain items are tied to Prime exclusivity is unknown, but based on Amazon’s official statement, it might have something to do with stock, but in the case of these two games, that makes no sense.

From time to time, Amazon offers exclusive selection and pricing on select items for Prime members. Customers who are not Prime members can sign-up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime to benefit from these exclusive prices or they can purchase these items or similar products from third party sellers often fulfilled and shipped by Amazon.

The community outcry against this has been the loudest one among those opposing Amazon’s aggressive pushing of their Prime service. Loyal customers who personally don’t see the subscription to be worth the money for them particularly feel cheated, especially if they use Amazon with such frequency that they generate more revenue than the average Prime member.


Amazon has also introduced some changes to the membership program recently, such as adding a monthly subscription option for $10.99 (which adds up to $132 a year as opposed to $99) and a Prime Video-only option for $8.99.

Despite its age, GTA V is still selling extremely well. Between the three versions, the next-gen console ports are the best sellers. Based on the PS4’s popularity advantage over the Xbox One, chances are that version sells the most. Amazon have potentially cut themselves out of hundreds of thousands of sales due to this move, as despite their aggressive campaign, the number of Prime members is still pretty low.

Are you an Amazon Prime member? How do you feel about this new move?