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Check Out This Batch Of GTA V Fan Art

We’ve previously reported on a batch of fan art that Rockstar brought attention to on the newswire. Much like the occasional selection of endorsed community made jobs and missions, Rockstar frequently gives credit to the best of the fan art made to commemorate the company’s games, GTA V being the most prominent among these.

This time around we’ll take a look at what may be some of the most dedicated GTA V fans. Putting tons of effort into an extremely detailed cosplay, and having an image obviously associated with GTA (more-or-less) permanently carved into your dermal layer is a pretty epic show of fandom!

A Youtuber with a fair following wants to show off his refined taste and appreciation of classics by having a rather large image of 8-Ball from GTA III on his shin. If you think that’s an impressive flaunting of dedication, just wait till you see the finished work of the full montage with Misty and Claude Speed as well.


While you wouldn’t think that the fans of a game like GTA V might have many make-up artists among them, however there for sure is at least one extremely talented one among them. While Trevor is hardly sets an example to be followed, a little cosplay cannot hurt, and this one is extremely detailed, not to mention authentic.


And when you thought that’s the last instance of GTA V fan make-up art, you’re in for a bit of a shocker, as someone has gone ahead and turned their face into the monkey mask as seen in GTA Online. Imagine what a mess washing all of that off might have left (at least as much as a particularly bloody heist, we recon).


There are quite a few other pieces of fan art that Rockstar has promoted. Check them all out here.

Have you guys ever created GTA V fan art?

GTA V Meets Iron Man

If you follow popular GTA V mods and also read our articles regarding those mods, the name JulioNIB should not be unknown to you. He’s responsible for both the legendary Jet-Pack mod and the amazingly awesome Just Cause 2 grappling hook mod. Courtesy of him comes another exotic method of transportation in the form of an Iron Man suit.


The logical next step for the insanely creative GTA V modder, this creation allows players to don Tony Stark’s signature red and gold metallic powered armor suit which, besides being armed with an impressive range of weapons, and is nearly indestructible, can fly. The suit added to GTA V by way of the mod shares much of the functionality of the suit in Marvel’s canon, and visually is based on the Mark III suit seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first Iron Man film.

The mod adds a new radar on the bottom of the screen, and gives the character a separate armor and health bar. The suit is fully animated, and it is possible to fire the flight stabilizers and the unibeam at enemies and vehicles. The suit also features super-strength, destroying cars with a single punch. You can also, obviously, fly and hover around. The mod seems like a great choice for players who want to add a bit of superhero flavored mayhem to their GTA V experience.

JulioNIB has also recently detailed his future plans for GTA V mods. He intends to create a Hulk mod to complement the Iron Man suit, as well as adding characters from Watch_Dogs to the game. Other plans include a Superman and Flash mod to bolster the ranks of DC characters added to GTA V, and zombie/alien invasion themed mods are also planned.

Are you going to try out this Iron Man mod?

GTA V Gets RPG Mod

The modding community for GTA V is extremely vibrant despite Rockstar’s best efforts (we kid, they’ve stated that they’re okay with single-player modding). From tiny mods such as simple skins, to the addition of some vehicles such as the legendary jet-pack, through meticulous graphical mods that fine-tune the game’s visuals, all the way to massive mods which fundamentally alter GTA V’s features and gameplay.


The newest mod that is changing and adding new gameplay features is GTA: RPG, which expands on the slight RPG elements present in GTA Online. We’ve reported on another upcoming mod that will be adding RPG functionality to the game, however this one is already available. GTA: RPG adds fairly detailed skill-trees and and a dialogue system optimized for role-playing. This mod is the brain-child of LogicSpawn, hailing from the UK. Alongside the aforementioned ability trees and conversation system, the mod also features a broad class system, which, naturally, determines what kind of skills you can invest in, and also includes specializations. In addition there is a large amount of new side-missions and activities for you to test your new unique skills and abilities. Check out a video detailing what the mod entails below!

As you can see a ton of effort has been put into this mod with a character creator, a leveling system and the RPG-like inventory being complemented by a loot-system. As you’ll see the health bar has been relocated as the small bar below the minimap is now dedicated to displaying your character’s name, level and class. The mod is a work in progress, as a few slight errors seen in the video attest, however it is being constantly updated with new features also being added alongside bugfixes. You can download the mod here.


What do you guys think of this mod? Are you among those players who expected to see more RPG elements in GTA V?

Development of LSPDFR For GTA V Still Underway

We’ve been following the development of the popular LSPDFR mod here at GTA 5 Cheats, and reported on the status of previous versions (check the links). LSPDFR is a total conversion mod for GTA V, where the players take on the role of police officers instead of criminals, which is the exact opposite of what GTA is about. With the recent addition of a pretty extreme anti-modding measure in the 1.28 update for GTA Online, development on the mod was significantly slowed down. The mentioned anti-modding method involved a massive amount of dead code pumped into the GTA V files in order to make the modder’s work much harder, however an unforeseen side effect caused massive performance drops, even in cases where there were no mods installed at all.


Obviously this drew quite a bit of ire and Rockstar swiftly altered the code, however modding is still extremely difficult. The team working on LSPDFR for GTA V, who happened to be the ones that noticed the dead code, announced that they are not giving up, but the mod will be severely delayed. Quite a long time has passed since they previewed 0.2, but the version finally went live on the 14th of July. Two new updates have also been posted since – 0.2b, the newest iteration of the mod, includes a host of new features for players to enjoy.

The new version includes a stun-gun as the default armament for police officers and a new and updated police computer which can be used to identify and track individuals, search areas and unit blips on the map. The computer also has the ability to request identification and issue warning alongside many more functions. Alongside the new features, 0.2b also include a host of bug fixes. The previous build suffered from a few issues such as certain vehicles being “immune” to pulling over, dead suspects still displaying an arrest prompt, some pedestrians being immortal, and mismatched sounds. Smaller miscellaneous fixes and additions are also present in the update, so there is plenty to discover! You can check out the new version here.

GTA Online’s New Batch Of Player-Created Jobs

GTA Online is filled to the brim with all kinds of activities and jobs for players to complete. Seriously, there is a ton of these things! However, if by some unfathomable means someone might think that there isn’t enough stuff to do in GTA V, Rockstar has added the ability for players to put together their own jobs and missions, and every now and then, Rockstar endorses the best of the best.


Most recently, the Sony platforms, the Microsoft platforms and the PC all got separate Rockstar-endorsed fan jobs added to Fort Zancudo and the Los Santos International Airport. So what kinds of jobs does it take to get Rockstar’s attention?

Well, PS3 and PS4 players will have a chance to try out Drogom’s Zancudo Team Death Match. Located on the northern side of the fort, the job provides you with all the firepower you could possibly need, and has players rely heavily on cover. Over at the Airport, players of GTA V on Sony consoles can take part in a kart race taking place in the guard post.

Xbox 360 and Xbox One players visiting Fort Zancudo will be offered to compete in a hair-raising race. “Race around Fort Zancudo! Don’t crash into the locals. They tend to shoot people”. The job’s designer, srethrennate, makes a point of urging caution. Over at the airport, Xbox players can once again determine who has the best driving skills in an epic Grand Prix running all around LSIA.

PC players can look forward to a creative and original race in the outskirts of Fort Zancudo, giving them a chance to shows off their wall-riding skills for some serious rep. PC players can also deal out some death at a crash site at the airport, where they can take cover behind pieces of burning wreckage.

What is your stance on community made missions?

GTA V New Zealand Mod updated

Some time ago we reported on one particularly patriotic citizen of New Zealand that had painstakingly switched out a few skins to make Los Santos feel more like home. Dre Hema-Kani, a fan of GTA V and resident of Aotearoa, has since released a set of updated screenshots of his well-known-but-not-yet-available New Zealand conversion mod for GTA V.


The man was motivated by a desire to see more of his home in the digital world while playing his favorite game. He published initial screenshots of the mod in action a while back, and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community for his efforts. Ostensibly Kiwi things such as Tui beer and the Mongrel Mob filled the scenery of Blaine county. Many of the new additions included trademarked content which is the primary reason why the mod is not yet available to the public.

I didn’t realise that the public would respond so well to my screenshots, so a lot of people saw them, including businesses that I put in the original images, [and] a few of them requested for me to cease and desist.

However, despite a few hiccups, he proceeded with his work on the mod and the community continued to cheer him on. Dre is now in the process of clearing the legal water in order to be able to release his mod. Not commercially, of course, this is fully intended to be a free mod when it finally does become available for all.

Since I have started asking permission to use logos I have had more yeses than noes which is great [and] the ones that have said yes are really supportive.

Unfortunately Dre had to remove the Mongrel Mob from the mod due to legal issues and community outcry, but in his recent update he has shown off several new additions. Are you looking forward to the release of this GTA V mod? Let us know down below from Down Under!

You Can Now Play GTA V In Your Browser

GTA V on PC was the last version to be released following the initial launch on last-gen consoles and then the belated release on current-gen consoles. While the game’s outing on desktops carried with it a number of bonuses, such as the Rockstar Editor (which might be heading to current-gen consoles in a limited fashion) and mod support, the one most people seem to bring up is the significant visual superiority. However, you do need a pretty damn beefy PC to run GTA V on the higher settings, and not everyone has a 980 in their machines.


But what if you didn’t need to have top of the line hardware? Well, you can find out right now! The developer of a video communication app called Instant Webcam has reverse-engineered his own code to create a game-streaming program which, seemingly by accident, turned out to surpass the developers expectations greatly.

Jsmpeg-vnc, as the creator has dubbed his wonder-program, is absolutely free and open-source, meaning you can try it out right now without paying a dime, and even review its source-code. The tiny program was put together in C, and can stream games at 60 fps to any browser. Basically, the program converts the captured game footage into a MPEG1 format, which it streams online. Then you take the device of your choosing, and simply hop on the stream from the device’s browser through WebSockets. The only hardware requirement on the receiving end is something strong enough to run JavaScript, which is used to decode the stream. Honestly, nowadays you’d be hard pressed to find anything not capable of that.

To top things off, the program can also detect input from the receiving device, so you can control GTA V from the machine you are watching the stream on. Now, all of this is well and good, but you still need a powerful machine to stream GTA V from, but if your friend or family member happens to own a beefy PC, you can now enjoy its performance too without bothering the owner!

GTA Online Double Event On Series A Funding Heist

Continuing their string of double GTA$ and RP events in GTA Online, Rockstar has recently announced that in between the 27th of July and 2nd of August, players completing the set-up missions and the finale of the Series A Funding heist will receive, surprise surprise, double GTA$ and RP.


These event are an on-going campaign to entice players to turn to honorable means of acquiring in-game currency and RP, as opposed to hacks or mods. Rockstar hopes that by doubling the reward on select activities, players would rather actually play the bloody game rather than cheat and risk a ban. Why anyone would resort to underhanded idiocy such as attempting cheats and hacks in a multiplayer game (bending the rules in singleplayer is fine, especially when we’re talking about Rockstar’s cheats) is beyond logic, but we’re trying to shut down these bastards, not understand them.

Rockstar has also upped the bonus rewards on the challenges associated with the heist, which are optional objectives that net players additional gains and bragging rights. Completing the following challenges will stuff your wallets twice as much as they did before.

  • Complete in under 6:30
  • Kill 75 enemies
  • Nobody gets wasted

Once again like last time around, if your character hasn’t hit the level requirement for the heist, which is 12, Rockstar is doubling the RP reward on a number of regular activities you can complete in the over-world. The following jobs will get you where you need to be twice as fast.

  • Gang Attacks
  • Mission: Out of Harmony
  • Missions: Deliver a Package Bonus
  • Deathmatch: All Kills
  • Deathmatch: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place finishes
  • Deathmatch: 3, 6 and 10 Kills
  • Deathmatch: Power Player, Kill When Close to Death
  • Vehicle Deathmatch: Kill Power Player
  • Survival: Wave Reached
  • Capture: RP Rewards for Collecting Mission Package

And to finish things up, over the course of the event, Rockstar will once again be cycling through limited discounts on gear, starting off by slashing the price of the Meth Lab Suit by 50%.

Will you guys cash in on this opportunity?

GTA V’s Trevor Is A Better Joker Than Jared Leto

With the recent buzz around the upcoming Suicide Squad film, following the leak and subsequent reveal of the movie’s first trailer, the debate regarding Jared Leto’s depiction of the Joker has set the web on fire. Many fans are disappointed at how far removed this particular Joker seems to be from the character that appears in the comics. Those defending the new approach to the character often say that before the movie was released, everyone was skeptical of Heath ledger.


And this is where GTA V comes into the picture. With the whole Joker debate going full steam, GTA V’s resident mass-murdering psychopath, Trevor, put a smile on his face. Using a host of mods, a player has transformed “his” Trevor into what seems to be a mix of Jack Nicholson’s and Heath Ledger’s Joker. Though Trevor/Joker does not seem to be having too much fun in his insanity induced rampages, which pretty much defeats the whole idea of being the Joker, the costume, if you will, is pretty damn authentic. The mix of the two quintessential psychopaths doesn’t bode well for the citizens of Los Santos and Blaine County!


Trevor, much like the Joker but in a significantly more obvious way, is social commentary (something that comes up often in GTA V) molded into the shape of a human being, so their combination seems like an illogical but fitting evolution for both characters. This seems like perfect cross-over territory. Michael, a rich but dissatisfied and bored former-athlete witnesses the atrocities committed by Trevor/Joker, so he blows a fortune to body-mod a car into a poor Batmobile replica, and he starts chasing the psycho with an arsenal of heavy weapons, thus thoroughly disrespecting the source material because he doesn’t actually know anything about Batman. Fan-fic writers, you’re welcome! How good a Joker does Trevor make in your opinion?

Fan GTA V Map Better Than Official?

You just have to love the GTA V community. Between the plethora of great Rockstar Editor creations, creative and extensive mods, the masterfully shot snapmatic pictures, and the wide variety of fan art, GTA V fans have created so much community content, put so much effort into showing their love for the game, and helping fellow fans enjoy it even more, that it puts most other fandoms to shame. Fans have built LEGO replicas of vehicles from the game, they’ve made domino tributes and videos where they re-create the game in real life.


Most recently, one particular fan of GTA V has made the lives of Los Santos citizens much easier by creating the most detailed and most extensive interactive map of the game’s massive open-world ever.

Tspoon’s map, Unofficial Map for GTA 5, has a host of useful features, making it the premier companion app for your GTA V experience… and it isn’t even an official Rockstar creation! The map can be downloaded from Google Play or the iTunes App Store, or it can be used directly from your browser. The map allows you to toggle between different views of the island, including atlas, road-map and satellite. The map also features the GTA V-equivalent of Google Maps’ street view feature, allowing you to find out exactly where a particular point of interest can be found. It also allows players to sync it with their progression in the game, and in a recent addition the map also includes peyote locations.

The developer recently announced that the next update will feature a search function where you can look-up any street in-game. While the GPS found in the game itself is adequate, this particular app has its uses, and can make your exploits in Los Santos that much more convenient!

Will you be making use of the Unofficial Map for GTA 5?