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GTA Protagonist Roast Battle (Video)

Gamers tend to be pretty competitive and defensive when it comes to personal preferences. Which platform is the best? Which game is better than the other? Whose favorite game character would win in a fight? You’d think that at least fandoms of any given franchise would pull together, but arguments over which GTA game is the best, for example, often erupt within player bases. The eternal question of which GTA protagonist is the best has enveloped the community ever since the beginning of the 3D era.


Each game has a pretty loyal camp of followers advocating that everything about said game is superior to all other games in the franchise. Main characters, being “main” and “characters” are usually at the center of every conflict.

GTA V was the first in the series to introduce 3 fully voiced and fleshed out characters (the original GTA had multiple protagonists, but choosing whichever one had no impact). The community and marketing department has more or less elected Trevor as the poster boy for this game. As such, it’s fitting that he should be the one to take on Niko Bellic, protagonist of GTA IV.

Now, they could have easily settled this via gunfight, race or rampage, however the most GTA-esque way of settling this debate is obviously a roast battle. GTA fan and YouTuber Btoony has decided to put it to a final test.

The lines are sound files ripped from the two games, mixed together to fit the back-and-forth between the two competitors. It should go without saying that this is definitely not safe for work, unless you boss is okay with “dicks” being said over and over again. Both provide strong performances – probably why Btoony chose to end the video like he did.

Which GTA protagonist across the whole franchise is your favorite?

LSPDFR 0.1 Released For GTA V

One of the most extensive total conversion mods for GTA IV, LCPDFR – Liberty City Police Department First Response – is making its way to GTA V. LCPDFR (quite a mouthful) takes the basic concept of the GTA series and turns it upside down. Instead of playing as criminals, breaking the law at every turn, in LCPDFR, we seek to uphold the law.


Turning the player into a policeman, and giving them missions such as arresting criminals or chasing down escapees, LCPDFR put an absolutely new spin on GTA. It added features such as the ability to detain, arrest and search any other character in-game, as well as pulling over any vehicle and responding to 911 calls. Now, players can enjoy these new features in GTA V as well!

We’re delighted to announce the first public release of the LSPD First Response modification for Grand Theft Auto V on PC.

Implementing a basic framework for enforcing the law in San Andreas, LSPDFR includes a number of features such as arresting suspects, pulling over vehicles, full character and vehicle selection, basic callouts and hot pursuits. Also included in LSPDFR are a variety of police backup options, an interaction menu and various other features.  Be sure to study carefully the User Documentation provided with the modification, which explains the features LSPDFR offers.

LSPDFR (that one letter makes all the difference) takes the police action to Los Santos. The 0.1 version is the first public release of the mod, and this does show. While many fans of the GTA IV mod are praising LSPDFR for its unique range of features and the way it freshens up the game, but the mod is unfortunately plagued by bugs and crashes. Worry not however, as the team is hard at work to stabilize the mod, so you can all enjoy the fulfillment of your CSI: Los Santos fantasies without interruption!

Check out the full news release and grab the mod here. What do you guys think of this mod? Have you played the predecessor?

Mod Brings GTA V Radar and Specials to GTA IV

You might get the chance to experience some of Grand Theft Auto 5’s new features sooner than you think if GTA IV modder nixolas1 has anything to do with it. He’s the same guy behind the GTA 4 superman mod and is working on bringing a lot of the HUD features from GTA V across to Grand Theft Auto IV.

As you can see in the video below, the radar HUB from GTA V has already been done, as has the new “special abilities” function that each main character will possess in GTA V (along with the requisite specials meter). A GTA V-esque weapon switching wheel is also included in the clip.

With Grand Theft Auto V due out next month a lot of us will be using these new features for real shortly, however it’s cool to see that the GTA modding community is alive and well. In our opinion this only adds to the reasons why GTA V needs a PC version!

One GTA V Version to Rule Them All?

Whenever there’s a major multi-platform release, tongues inevitably waggle as to which platform version will be the best one to get. And when tongues waggle about consoles and their capabilities, fanboy flame wars usually follow, accompanied by all the destructive insult-hurling you can shake two consoles at.

With the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 having been locked in mortal kombat for some years, they’ve had quite a few head-to-head battles, with each side coming out victorious in some cases, and humbled in others. One of those great and mythic battles was courtesy of Grand Theft Auto V’s predecessor itself, GTA IV. As one of the most hyped (and ultimately best-selling) games of all-time, there was fierce debate over which console version was better. In the end, while both versions did a superb job of running the game and were very close technically, most tech and gaming experts gave the edge to the Xbox 360 version (fanboys – you may commence battle in the comment section below).


At the time however, the PS3 was still in its relative infancy, the game was developed and optimized for the 360, and given that the PS3 was a particularly challenging system to learn on top of that and was no simple task to port a 360-based game to, the results did have to be accompanied with a proverbial pinch of salt. Now years later, as each console nears the end of its glorious gaming lifespan, the battle appears much more even.

Rockstar will definitely be making a more concerted effort to develop the game for both platforms, in such a manner that they may end up being virtually indistinguishable from each other. In fact the early screens and gameplay footage were courtesy of the PS3 version of the game, which tells a good deal about the differences between this new GTA version and the past one.

In the end, the PS3 vs. Xbox 360 battle may be a moot point, as the rumored PC version would have the potential to trump both of them. GTA IV’s PC version was able to deliver vastly superior graphics, sharper textures, render more objects on screen at once, and provide a much greater viewing distance. Of course unlocking that full graphical prowess required a sizable amount of computer horsepower (at least for the time) that not every gamer was able to tap into.

The PC port of GTA IV also came loaded for battle with additional features courtesy of its later release date; an occurrence that will likely repeat itself yet again if (or more likely when) the PC release rumors are proven true. Such features included a replay editor and traffic density control.


The wildcard is the possible Wii U port. While a Wii U version is unlikely to exceed the PS3/360 versions by much (if anything) graphically, the game could take advantage of the Wii U’s unique hardware to produce additional and creative ways to explore and battle through Los Santos. Grand Theft Auto has not made an appearance on a Nintendo home console to date (however, there have been versions made for the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS).

It’s safe to say that no matter which version of GTA V you snag, it’s going to be an amazing, good looking time. As to which version may technically be the best however, that we’ll have to wait (grrrrr!!) and see.

Two More GTA IV Chapters Coming to PS3 and PC


Rockstar Games has announced that Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City will be released on both the PS3 console and on PC (via the Games for Windows LIVE platform) on March 30 2010. What this means for fans of Grand Theft Auto is that they’ll be able to experience two new chapters from Grand Theft Auto IV.

The chapters in question are “The Lost and The Damned”, which puts you as an outlaw biker “Johnny Klebitz”. Johnny is entrenched in the streets of Liberty City and attempting to keep his gang together while inner turmoil threatens to derail the gang’s leadership and it’s power base.

The second piece of content that will be available is “The Ballad of Gay Tony”. In this chapter for GTA IV, gamers will take on the role of Luis Lopez, who is attempting to balance the all the vice, money and power that Liberty City offers, versus his obligations to family and friends.

Of course both episodes will features lots of new weapons, clothes, characters and other items… not least of all new cheat codes – so stay tuned and if you have a PS3 or Windows PC system, and mark down March 30 in your diaries.