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GTA 5 Redux Mod Delayed, Slightly

Since the internet has made pretty much all information readily available to everyone at all times, it has turned into the primary venue for marketing globally. While the phrase probably originates from the pre-internet era, never before has the concept of “all publicity is good publicity” been so common. However, in the unfortunate case of the extremely promising GTA 5 Redux graphics mod, even good publicity was bad, or so it seems.


Recently, the GTA 5 news scene has been covering the soon-to-release mod, which is promising a user-friendly and complete graphical overhaul. Most graphics mods like ENB and SweetFX need a pretty advanced level of tech savviness to get them working properly, and they can be mixed and matched to achieve different effects. Many potential users who want a simpler solution are put off by this, as well as the fact that most feel unfinished.

GTA 5 Redux aims not only to be the best graphics mod visually, but to beat the others in terms of accessibility too. These factors have drawn quite a bit of praise and hype, with significant media coverage spreading word of the mod. Pretty much all of the news has had a positive note to it, so why would such publicity be bad?

Well, it drew the attention of the wrong crowd. Some sad people out there don’t like it when others do well for themselves and gain some recognition for their work and efforts. Josh Romito, the developer of the mod, reported that he has been hacked recently in an attempt that was obviously aimed at preventing the release of GTA 5 Redux.

Last week my home network and computer was hacked, and Redux compromised. Everything has been secured, although some data has been lost in the process. This will not prevent the project from being released in any way, it is merely a small delay. I have multiple external backups of the project, and what was lost will be back[ed] up in no time. I appreciate everyone’s patience during this unfortunate time.

Originally, GTA 5 Redux was slated to be released on the 26th of August, which is two days from now. Unfortunately, that release date has been pushed back to September 16 while Romito is trying to restore all of the data has been lost. Luckily for prospective fans of the mod, Romito subscribes to the computing rule of “back up everything, including your backups”.


GTA 5 Redux aims to be much more than just another graphics mod, by improving on a number of game mechanics other than the visuals as well to truly act as a full overhaul for the game, bringing it up to speed with modern standards. You might look at Grand Theft Auto and ask “why would this need to be brought up to speed?”, but remember, we are talking about a 3 year old game here.

The mod will overhaul many of the shooting mechanics, like tweaking the magnitude of recoil and rate of fire on all of the weapons. GTA 5 Redux will also add more police to the game in order to ramp up difficulty, it will significantly increase the PED density in areas where it would be warranted like the city of Los Santos, and Romito is also adding his overhauled ragdoll system.


We reported on the progress of GTA 5 Redux some time ago, and have been following its development attentively. The mod has been coming along nicely, and based on what we’ve seen so far may be the greatest overhaul mod for the game so far. Romito’s efforts are guaranteed to give a boost to Grand Theft Auto V’s longevity, at least on PC.

Have you been anticipating GTA 5 Redux?

PSA: Mods Still Not Allowed In GTA Online

Really, this post shouldn’t need to be published, but there are such an overwhelming number of questions in various GTA Online related fan communities about certain types of mods being allowed or not that it has become necessary. There is a very clear, easy to understand and all-inclusive guideline to modding in Online.



While most players get that mods that give them an obvious unfair advantage aren’t allowed, there are a typical few types of mods that keep coming up in questions along the lines of “is this an exception?” or “will this also get me banned?”. Here’s the thing: there are no exceptions, and all mods will get you banned.

Some of the most frequent offenders are FOV mods, graphics mods and real-life car mods. Now, while it may not be apparent, all of these affect gameplay in a way that imbalances the relationship between modded player and unmodded player.


The first one, the Field of View mod is the most obvious one. There’s this thing where PC players (I too am guilty of this) are bummed out when the FOV in a game – meaning how wide your field of view extends around the character – is capped at 90 and cannot be adjusted.

Now, seeing as GTA 5 can be modded, FOV mods are there to solve this in single player. However when you go Online, things change. If you use an FOV mod, you’ll have a direct advantage over people who don’t, as you could potentially see them without them seeing you even if you were in the same relative position to one another. Seeing around corners others can’t is another advantage posed by these mods.


Graphics mods also come up. Why would higher-resolution texture, better lighting effects and so forth give you an edge? It’s simple, really. Visual identification is key in shootouts, as is keeping track of your targets. Different lighting effects could alter the way shadows fall for you as opposed to other players, while higher draw distances mean you’ll see an opponent far sooner than they will see you.

Better textures, higher draw distances and higher quality models will allow you to more accurately identify weapons and vehicles used by the enemy at a distance, allowing you to tailor your tactics accordingly. Better reflections could tick you off on a sneak attack which otherwise wouldn’t be obvious. There really are a myriad of ways that graphical mods can tip the scales in your favor. Hence, they are also banned.


Finally, with car mods, changing the appearance of vehicles to resemble real world cars or even other non-GTA fictional vehicles is the least apparent way of gaining an advantage. First, you need to understand that GTA Online being a peer-to-peer connection, most things that happen in game do so client-side, so third party files in your game directory will only affect your screen. Other players won’t see some car as a Batmobile if they don’t have the mod installed.

Depending on how sophisticated a mod you’re using, the modded cars might have their own unique damage states mapped, causing different deformations, resulting in different forces acting in different directions, which would whack the physics engine of the game right home. Using such mods that change in-game models won’t even let you boot up GTA Online anymore, as they will throw you an incompatibility exception.


Basically, the rule of no exceptions would apply even if a mod wouldn’t grant you an advantage. The newest anti-modding systems GTA Online uses will detect any third party tampering and ban you, regardless of the mod.

Spread the word – Absolutely no modding in GTA Online.

Upcoming GTA 5 Graphics Mod Unveiled

The world of graphics modding in GTA 5 is much removed from the regular modding community. While with other mods, the goals are adding fun aspects to the game, improving the gameplay experience, bringing new weapons and vehicles into the fray or just messing around, graphics modding is “serious business”. The creation and sharing of other mods is a lighthearted process done just for the fun of it.


Graphics modding on the other hand is rife with rivalry, harsh criticism and even deceit. There are a handful of well known and popular graphics mods out their, with their users defending their mod of choice with the ferocity of tipsy football fans. Anyone who uses a different mod is the enemy.

Getting some of these graphics mods to work on your machine – provided you have a strong enough rig – takes about as much tweaking as is required to run a pre-2000 game on Windows 10 without an official compatibility patch at hand.


Josh Romito is a well known name in video game graphics modding circles. He has a pretty solid reputation for making some of the highest quality graphical overhauls. He has been working on a massive GTA 5 graphics mod for quite some time now, occasionally digging himself out of the hard work to share some work-in-progress screenshots.

As you can see, the mod is coming along real nice. Ever since it has been known that he put his head to GTA 5, everyone assumed that the mod known as GTA5Redux will come out to be a rival of long standing champions SweetFX and ENB.


Something the images don’t convey, however, is that GTA5Redux will also feature a completely reworked physics system as well as a new way of managing weapons in the game. There is no projected release date for the mod yet.

Have you been following the development of GTA5Redux?

GTA V Faces AMD Issues Once More

It seems that GTA V and AMD are just not right for one another. AMD graphics cards have suffered from issues with the game on multiple occasions in the past, with the same issues being fixed over and over again after re-appearing. With entire portions of the screen going black, to low-rez shadows and various crashes, AMD rigs have suffered every possible graphical bug and issue with GTA V over the months.


The issue became so prominent that AMD included fixing issues with GTA V in it’s annual top 10 goals – something that a few players and AMD users found to be a bit ridiculous. However it was seemingly a smart move, as the bothersome shadow issues returned just one major driver update after the fabled Crimson drivers allegedly fixed the bug.

The last time around, the bugs were once again exterminated. However, some players have once again been reporting issues on rigs running AMD GPUs while playing GTA V after the recent driver update. Specifically, after the update the game would frequently crash while throwing the “err gfx d3d init” error message.


The rule of thumb for these issues is to roll back to the previous driver when everything worked, however obviously it proves to be an inconvenience for users, as they cannot enjoy the other benefits of the new drivers.

AMD isn’t the only one suffering driver issues. Their counterpart, nVidia, has its own share of problems to deal with, though it isn’t suffering GTA V specific issues. The most recent driver update for nVidia cards completely disabled entire PCs and allegedly bricked some hardware (unconfirmed).


This doesn’t help AMD with their GTA V issues, however. Even stronger cards are struggling with the game, though not for lack of ability. The graphics bugs are universal, meaning it matters not how powerful a GPU you have running under the hood as long as it is AMD.

GTA V on PC is considered to be the peak of video game visuals by many players – provided we’re talking about maximum settings. That has always required some serious beef in your rig to run at serviceable framerates. With AMD and nVidia leading the industry and being really the only options out there, as integrated graphics can’t take the heat, players are at a bit of an impass.


Now, with both major manufacturers facing issues, what can GTA V fans do? Sticking to older drivers or jumping to console are the only two solutions currently, however picking the latter would lead to missing out on the bonuses of the PC version.

Beyond the superior visuals, the PC version of GTA V features modding support, allowing players who prefer a solo experience to expand their content. The lack of any single-player DLC having been released by Rockstar means Story mode is pretty much identical to what it was at release if un-modded.


Swinging back on course, we can expect AMD to address the driver issues with GTA V in a hotfix pretty quickly, so AMD users don’t need to stick to outdated drivers for long.

How long do you think until the GTA V graphics issues return on AMD rigs after the fix is implemented?

GTA V Be My Valentine Causing Performance Issues

A recent increase in performance issues and hardware demand in the PC version of GTA V has been linked to just-released DLC. Known for being a visual masterpiece, GTA V’s final port was always notoriously needy on the higher settings, though the mid range was well enough optimized that it could run smoothly on most machines. Modding also added a new factor into the equation, with both graphics enhancing mods which upped the requirements, or performance improving mods, which occasionally achieved their results at the price of worse visuals.


Even so, GTA V had a bit of a bumpy road on PC. There was a time when hackers and modders in GTA Online got so bad that Rockstar opted for the rather extreme solution of cluttering up the game files with heaps of dead code. They succeeded in making modding no longer viable both in single player and in Online, however they also accidentally made the game a tad broken.

However when that was fixed, the troubles of the PC players weren’t over. A large portion of PC gamers have rigs running AMD graphics cards. Despite being generally weaker than their nVidia counterparts, AMD cards have the massive advantage of a balanced price-value ratio. While nVidia GPUs are a bit stronger, they’re more than a bit pricier. You’ll be able to run mostly the same settings with a high-end AMD card as a high-end GeForce, at a smaller price.


You might imagine then how big of an issue graphical bugs that only affected AMD cards were. AMD even put fixing GTA V compatibility on the top of their list of yearly goals. Efforts are still underway.

A new issue has seemingly popped up too. Ever since the Be My Valentine DLC was released, some players have begun to report performance issues and specific graphical bugs with shadows.

The subreddit dedicated to the PC version of GTA V suddenly saw an influx of new posts complaining about a change in the quality of shadows throughout the game. Even worse, the pixellated darkness covering parts of the screen, which was the AMD exclusive bug until now, has been encountered with nVidia GPUs as well.

The issues are pretty complex and different fixes seemed to have worked in different cases. One of the first things you should try is cycling through all the available shadow settings. It seems that the update tweaked each setting level in some way, so maybe something that worked before is no longer optimal for your setup.


The second step is attempting to tweak your post-processing settings, both in game and the native settings of your GPU (if possible). You’ll need to be careful here, as these are some of the most taxing graphical features.

A different cause some GTA V players have discovered is that the game is less tolerant of low-end HDDs ever since the update. Depending on the RPM of the drive you have GTA V installed on, you may be experiencing issues with texture pop-ins. This means that even after the loading screen is gone and you’re in-game, some textures and objects haven’t loaded and will appear randomly.

Adding to the issues with shadows, nVidia’s own shadow rendering system, PCSS has seemingly stopped working properly since the update. If this setting is selected, shadows will disappear entirely beyond a certain altitude with no reason.


There are other general issues as well, such as lower framerates and the HUD flashing in and out across all specs.

Have any of you guys encountered these issues in GTA V since the DLC was released?

AMD Users Still Experiencing Issues With GTA V

It seems like GTA V is to AMD what Batman: Arkham Knight was to Nvidia… and AMD. Players running GTA V on rigs with AMD GPUs have been experiencing a number of graphical issues that their Nvidia using counterparts weren’t – nor were console gamers – for quite some time now. This is despite both current-gen consoles running AMD hardware.


The GTA V issue got so out of hand that when AMD released a top ten list of the main issues that their newest wave of shiny and crispy Crimson drivers would solve, the GTA V issues were among them.

However, the aforementioned shiny and crispy Crimson drivers ended up not fixing the issues with GTA V. In fact, they all but introduced new issues, while making the already existing partial blackness graphics glitch became worse for many players.


AMD also released an unrelated patch around this time which allegedly fixed the heating issues many of their GPUs were suffering from by allowing more power to be directed to the fans (as in the spinny bits that cool the card down, not the people with copious amounts of brand loyalty).

As the issues persisted, droves of angry players took to the internet to voice their concerns. Some player fixed the issues by reverting to an older version of Direct X. Others solved it by updating to the newest version of Direct X. Most didn’t solve it at all.

Then, after yet another driver update, the issues were seemingly gone.


Then, after yet another driver update, the issues returned in full force.

Less than a whole day ago, a number of posts began cropping up on GTA V related subreddits wherein AMD users complain of issues after the latest driver update, and the attached screenshots are hauntingly familiar.

Any AMD users experiencing this while playing GTA V?

GTA V’s Newest Graphics Enhancer Combines Best Mods

Want to make use of your beastly gaming rig and max out the visuals of GTA V, but can’t make heads or tails of all these graphics mods floating around? Here’s one that packs them all into one neat enhancer.


We’ve covered a number of graphics mods for GTA V that push our PCs to the limit and enable near photo-realistic graphics while playing GTA V. We’ve written about big names in the modding community like ENBSeries and SweetFX, as well as some newcomers like Toddyhancer and Gionight, however all of these take slightly different approaches to enhancing the visuals of the game.

For laymen, the whole affair may seem overly complicated and more trouble than its worth, with all sorts of additional files that need downloading, strange options and settings, and cumbersome installation processes.


If you want to top up your graphics quickly and simply, this mod is for you. Project RELOAD combines elements of ENBSeries and SweetFX, as well as some assets from Pinnacle of V. Better yet, the download also comes with several option presets, so you don’t need to spend time tweaking the new mod.

Granted, you will need to download ENB and SweetFX as well as this mod, however it is still significantly simpler than the installation of most full graphics enhancers out there. The mod packs some serious content, and most importantly is bug free.


Reload adds immense amounts of new textures to the game, all of them in crispy 4K resolution. The usual suspects are all here, such as lighting effects, water effects, particle effects, reflections, materials and smoothing improvements, with a number of entirely new graphics options added. Foliage and plant density has also been improved, and the trees themselves saw a large makeover.

Have any of you guys thought of modding GTA V’s graphics? Which enhancer do you use?

GTA V (Finally) Meets Watch_Dogs. Sort Of.

This mix between GTA and a potential rival has been a long time coming. Seriously, how did this not happen sooner?


Watch_Dogs, after its announcement at E3 2012, garnered massive popularity, and was lauded by many as a “GTA Killer”. The gameplay trailers released immediately after seemed to back up that claim, However as time passed, the trailers kept showing a progressively worse and worse image of the game.

Then, it was released in 2014, and gained the ire of players and reviewers almost instantly. The whole game felt half-finished. It only accomplished a fraction of the things it claimed in marketing material and was ridden with bugs. It did show the hints of potential, shadows of the game it was before the corporate shear cut it down into the cheapest game it could become.


Despite all this, the game still has some fans. Some players who kept themselves away from most marketing material and didn’t have too many expectations for the game. For all the issues, the hacking feature works well, and the gameplay is extremely fun and solid. Any issues with the game are directed towards the marketing and graphics, and in the end the game itself is enjoyable.


However, GTA V is considered better in absolutely every way, so why not add Watch_Dogs’ hacking feature to it? This Hack Mod, not to be confused with a method to gain unfair advantage over other players, allows the player to use his smartphone to hack into various social services in the city, such as the power grid. Currently, the mod only has the blackout feature from Watch_Dogs, however the author seeks to expand it with the other hacks that appear in the Ubisoft game.

What games other than Watch_Dogs do you think would be better as a GTA V mod?

GTA V Issues With AMD Continue After Driver Update

It seems PC players using AMD GPUs aren’t in luck when it comes to GTA V.


Recently, we reported on a set of driver updates being released for AMD graphics cards, which were intended to solve a host of priority issues with the GPUs. Top on the new Crimson driver’s shitlist was random crashes occurring when playing GTA V, even if the card is up to snuff hardware-wise (as much as an AMD card can be, mind you).

Unrelated to the Crimson drivers, AMD has also released a patch which allegedly fixed the heating issues AMD cards are infamous for. The fix is meant to work by allowing the fans to run at full speed, providing sufficient air-flow and cooling to keep the cards at optimal temperatures and forcing scores of AMD gamers to turn on the heating for the first time this year.


However, AMD gamers who have had their drivers and software fully updated with a nice, clean, uninterrupted game of GTA V were in for a disappointment. The newest drivers may have fixed the crashes, however the Crimson drivers have introduced a new one – black textures and dead pixels. Before you start fearing for your expensive gaming screen, we don’t mean “dead pixels” in the hardware sense, rather as a graphical bug in GTA V that prevents certain areas of the screen getting any signal.


While some players have managed to solve the issue by switching over to the most recent version of Direct X, others are still enduring the issue. In some extreme cases everything save the sky itself is entirely black, as if some ancient void has consumed existence itself.

Have any of you guys encountered this issue?

Disclaimer: The jokes berating AMD’s GPUs are solely included for comedic effect. GTA 5 Cheats fully acknowledges the versatility and adequacy of AMD cards. Put the pitchforks away.

GTA V Looks Better Than Real Life

Graphical modders keep pushing the visuals of GTA V to the next level.


If you have a pointlessly overpowered PC, and feel that GTA V at maximum vanilla settings is “acceptable”, its not like you’re strained for options. Between ENBSeries, Toddyhancer, SweetFX and who knows how many others, you can pick any mod to your liking to milk those four Titans you have in SLi, justifying that insane amount of money you paid for them (of course, your GPU isn’t the only factor).


Most recently, the constantly under-development mod, Pinnacle of V, which we reported on when it was in its early stages, has shown off more progress images proving that they really want to stand by their name.

The recent batch of screenshots focus on the 4K textures the mod adds to the game and the alterations it makes to colors in GTA V, making everything look more vibrant and alive. The developers have also made some immense strides in their own weather system and the custom water is also in full display (with which we get up close and personal with in the first few seconds of the video). Another substantial improvement was that of the explosions, undeniably one of the most frequent and important effects found in GTA V.


Some of these GTA V screenshots look like photographs, while others look downright more real than actual life does. Considering the speed at which technology is advancing, this very well may be a glimpse into the future. While today you need stupidly powerful rigs to run this sort of thing, soon, the hardware that enables visuals like that will be common place and cheap. While virtual and augmented reality are on the rise, it will be a good long while before anything on the Oculus looks like GTA V does with this mod.

At what settings do our PC GTA V fans run their games at?