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Have You What GTA V Would Look Like On N64? (Video)

Well, this is certainly new. We here at GTA 5 Cheats like to bring attention to the newest graphics mods for the game, and also frequently highlight how visually stunning GTA V is. Well, today we have something a bit contradictory in store for you guys. Several Playstation 4 players have encountered a peculiar glitch which won’t just make you question whether you’re playing on PS4 or PS3, but more like if you’re playing on a PSOne or N64.


This glitch always occurs in one particular GTA Online mission for PS4, meaning there is some sort of bug in the code there messing up the game’s visuals. At least, that was what was assumed until recently, when PC players also encountered the same issue, in the exact same place, and the bug could not be “undone” in-game…. As the visual issues still persist no matter how much distance players put between themselves and the “infected” area, nor does it matter how much time passes.

The bug seems to take texture resolutions down to the absolute minimum, and also massacres polygons in the static assets, making all buildings completely angular and rectangular, and some things just flat out do not load.

Other issues this bug causes which I have christened the “Retro-Virus” include clipping and collision errors, shaky camera, missing animations, and weird wonky physics.

Honestly, some of the older gamers out there (or the younger ones who have caught up on their retro gaming) might find this glitch to be genuinely charming and nostalgic to a degree. To be frank, knowing what a bunch of silly tricksters the folks over at Rockstar can be, I would not be surprised in the least if it turns out that this whole things happens on purpose!

Would you guys want a true “retro” graphics option for GTA V?

GTA V ENBSeries Mod Is One Way To Impress Your Friends

While GTA V has enjoyed a thriving and vibrant modding community ever since it launched, nowhere is modding as competitive as in the graphical department. With several high profile mods out there geared towards making GTA V look even more spectacular than it already does, each of them is determined to be the best of the lot.

The primary battle is between SweetFX, Gionight and the topical ENBSeries mod. The ENBSeries of graphical mods are renowned among the modding community, with ENB modders improving the graphics of several popular video games by magnitudes.


Most of these graphical mods work on improving textures, shaders and lighting effects primarily, but they also make a multitude of other tweaks as well. The challenge in creating these mods is knowing what exactly affects the visuals in what way, and how to make things look the best they possibly can.


Gloom, render distance and distortion has also been visibly altered in this iteration of the mod. Naturally, you’ll need a pretty damn beefy PC to run GTA V with this mod without any kind of lag. GTA V has been known as an extremely hardware demanding game on the highest settings, but it must be noted for Rockstar’s benefit that the game is masterfully optimized, meaning its a good bet that anyone could run it on medium settings at great framerates.


Another major feature many graphics mods incorporate are realistic reflections. In many cases, games nowadays have static reflections, meaning a window may reflect the game area in front of it, but that is just an image, so the vehicles moving in the background, or the player model is you stand in front of it won’t be reflected. In one rather notorious case, Watch_Dogs, advertised to be a visual landmark, had a single static reflection image used everywhere in the game, so 90% of the reflections didn’t ever reflect what was actually there.

What do you guys think of the new updated GTA V ENBSeries mod?

Forget Forza, Gran Tursimo – GTA V Has The Best Looking Cars

Marketing graphical fidelity is one of the main selling points of the new generation of consoles. And with console exclusive titles trying to outperform one another in order to prove the superiority of their respective host platform, you would think that the Forza (Microsoft) and Gran Turismo (Sony) franchises would have the best looking automobiles in the industry. Especially considering how they are both racing games, as well as Forza being one of the Xbox One’s launch titles back in the day, with a sequel in the works.


Well, you’d be wrong! Here we have GTA V, which is not only a multiplatform game that launched initially in the previous console generation, but cars aren’t even the primary focus. Sure, they’re kind of a big thing, with “Auto” being the A in the title and all, but they aren’t as much in the spotlight as cars would be in dedicated racing games such as Forza and Gran Turismo.

Now, lest we be accused of being biased, we all can agree that both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are solid platforms, and their prospective games look pretty damn good. Discounting any and all opinions, however (keep the console wars out of the comments, please), the PC’s hardware capabilities allow for high end desktops to outperform both – especially when mods are taken into account.

We bring to you, in the following Rockstar Editor video, the best looking car models from the gaming industry, straight from GTA V. The video makes use of a modded PC version of GTA V, with several graphical mods installed to up the visual quality, as well as a few of the recent real-world car model mods that have been in part enabled with the new ZModeler GTA V import/export feature.

What do you guys think of the video? Impressive, right?

You Can Now Drive Your Favorite Real Supercars In GTA V

Ah, modding. GTA V has been made so much more expansive thanks to players taking the time to create their own assets and game modes for Rockstar’s blockbuster. The modding scene for GTA V is extremely active, despite recent measures on Rockstar’s part to discourage it. Entire dev teams have popped up working on total conversion mods for the game, and all sorts of wacky creations are released day-by-day. Be it alternative forms of transportation, or high-tech exoskeletal suits of armor, mods have you covered.


Some thing that is kind of a big thing when it comes to the GTA franchise is cars. Driving is a centerpiece of the action, cars enable you to travel around the map, etc. etc. I mean, it’s in the game’s name, after all.

Most vehicles in GTA are based off real-world automobiles, however due to licencing costs and legal pitfalls, they aren’t quite what we see in the streets every day. Slight changes in design, fantasy names and manufacturers keep things cheap on Rockstar’s end, but these changes can break immersion.

Luckly, modders are here to the rescue. Reddit user and GTA V player D_TOXX has created a mod that lets you drive the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, Ferrari F430, 1970 Dodge Challenger and many, many more in GTA V. All of the vehicles have been modeled with extreme detail and authenticity, and if your rig can take the stress, with the R-hancer Photorealism Mod, they almost look more real than they do in real life. Almost.


This mod is relatively new, so we doubt that this much high quality work could have been done with the very recently released ZModeler GTA V import/export feature so quickly, so props to th modder for figuring this one out.

While this is only half of the equation, as not you will be driving real cars in not-Los Angeles, but it is still an impressive feat.

Will you be using this mod to hop into a Lambo in GTA V?

Do We Have a New Ultimate GTA V Graphics Mod Champion?

Over the past few months we’ve been reporting on the work of a few GTA V modders who, instead of adding new vehicles or game-play features or some-such, have been working on improving the already astounding visuals of the game. GTA V’s PC version is a beauty to look at, even on the lower graphical settings, but if you ramp up the heat, and provided you have a brutal enough rig to handle it, you’re in for a treat. There is a reason why people took to calling GTA V’s PC version the first real “next-gen” game – and we’re not even talking about the console versions! These mods – ENBSeries, SweetFX, Gionight – take things to the next level, even further improving the game’s visuals. Usually, GTA V graphical mods target textures, shaders and lighting effects, but these are pretty complex beasts and tweak practically everything humanly possible to give you the best visual end result.



The newest modder to join the unofficial competition to determine the best mod-smith in the graphical department is reddit user Toddyftw, who has recently released the first batch of screenshots for his own GTA V graphical mod. This mod hopes to make GTA V downright photo realistic, and while focusing on the usual texture, shader and lighting elements, we can also recognize obvious signs of improved water effects, draw-distance tweaking, and distortion effects in play. The screenshots are pretty darn impressive, and can definitely go head to head with the other contenders. If we would have one nitpick with the results, everything seems extremely dark. Possibly this is due to all screenshots being taken at sunrise/sundown. If this is the case then color us even more impressed, as the images are atmospheric as hell.


Who do you think will win this competition? Do you guys use any of the contenders’ mods?

GPUs Ranked By Measure Of GTA V Performance

As we all (and most of us painfully) know, GTA V’s PC version is extremely tough on our desktop’s hardware (I say desktop because laptops capable of running this beast are extremely few and far between), especially on graphics cards.


Now, before we proceed with the gist of this article – which GPUs are best to run GTA V – let’s be clear that this data does not take into consideration Rockstar’s anti-cheating protocols which were recently added to GTA Online. While the low frame-rates caused by these measures have been allegedly fixed, some people are still experiencing issues. Naturally, we won’t be taking circumstances into account which happen to pull single digit FPS while running on SLi Titan Xs. Basically, if a bug is in play, then no matter what GPU you have, you’ll be lagging big time.

What the test has revealed is a few pointers that are true across the board and will thus help you ultimately decide what GPU you should get for your GTA V build. Basically, when compared to their rival’s cards in the same category, Nvidia GPUs always outperform their AMD counterparts in the same league. Another thing to consider is that on normal settings, pretty much any GPU from the R7 250 up will solidly bring over 30 FPS. On the flip side, on max settings, even at 1920×1080 it takes two Titan Xs in SLi to hit 58.1 FPS , and on higher resolutions it ranges from the badly optimized to the downright unplayable.

This whole thing should be pretty straight forward for players who are looking to play at 1920×1080, since it won’t be hard to make the game look pretty with most GPUs if you juggle with the settings a bit, so this is more for players looking to get some decent performance out of higher resolutions.

Check out the benchmarks here. Did you upgrade your PC for GTA V when it launched, or are you still considering which components to change?

Get The Most Out Of GTA V With This Mod

We’ve covered certain graphical mods in the past, but this particular modification is more than just an upgrade of graphical fidelity. This here is a total, complete overhaul of the game’s visuals in every sense. We are proud to present to you, The Pinnacle of V. This mod incorporates portions of the ENBSeries graphical mod, the SweetFX graphical mod, the More Faces and More Traffic mod, and more, plus a massive amount of the author’s own work!


The Pinnacle of V – World Enhancement Project is an extremely ambitious undertaking. The mod overhauls pretty much every facet of GTA V from a visual standpoint.

The features of this mod include a completely reworked weather system and cycle, and reduced the amount of fog. Related to this, the clouds have been improved, and all lighting effects have been entirely replaced. The color and lighting corrections from SweetFX shine in this mod (no pun intended), making the virtual sunrise in Los Santos a beautiful sight to see. The textures on the moon and the skydome have also been improved, and photo realistic vehicle textures have been added. The wind effects have been overhauled, and the plant textures reworked too.

An entirely new addition is the ability to shoot through certain materials or thin cover, such as car doors. The variations of NPC models has also been boosted, as well as the amount of traffic, thanks to Beyond Galaxy, another modder. Smoke and water effects are greatly improved, as is the dirt, so burning some tires on the race track, be it a dry or rainy day will look impressive. The depth of field effects of the game have also been overhauled, and the various particle effects associated with explosions are also reworked. Bullet impact textures have also been improved, and bullet holes disappear after a longer time.

All in all, this is damn impressive mod! Will you be giving it a try?

SweetFX Joins GTA V Graphics Mod Race

With both the ENBSeries and Gionight‘s graphics mod both turning heads throughout the modding and gaming communities, the race is on for a place in modding history. With the aforementioned two making the rounds on the internet, graphics enthusiasts watch with excitement of varying intensity, waiting which will be ready first.


What’s this? A new challenger appears!

SweetFX is the name of the newest mod on the block, and the name is quite accurate. GTA V is a damn pretty game in its own right, even, even, on last-gen consoles. This was the game that players called the “first true next-gen” release. This was the game that proved in April that the Xbox One and Playstation 4 still fall way behind the PC. Unmodded GTA V running on max setting in 4K produces screenshots that could be mistaken for photographs.


And then came a few crazy, crazy people who decided that that wasn’t enough. Talented coders and modders sat down sat down in front of GTA V and said it does not look good enough. Instead of spewing hateful bile on some forums though, they decided to actually do something about it.

We’ve seen the release of other ENB mods, such as the one for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Gionight has also worked on the same game. The guys behind SweetFX have also released mods for a metric ton of other games, making countless titles that much easier on the eyes. They’ve also done a great job with Rockstar’s latest open-world hit. It will be damn difficult to proclaim a winner in this particular unofficial competition considering the minute difference, and who knows how many others will join the fray.


What do you guys think of this graphical mod? Does it trump the other two? Do you even care?

Sneak Peek Of GTA V’s Next Big Graphics Mod

GTA V is widely known to be a very good looking game, especially on the PC. With the superior hardware capabilities PCs possess, games generally look significantly better on them than they do on consoles. Exceptions to this occur either due to horrible optimization, or purposeful graphical downgrades. Now, GTA V is a very, very pretty game. On max settings, some screenshots can be mistaken for a real-life photograph on first, second and third glances.

Another massive advantage PC has? Modding. While mods can be used for all kinds of mischief such as grappling hooks and jetpacks, or if you so desire, a total conversion of the game into a police sim, they are also widely used to beef up the visuals.

While we’ve already reported on one of the graphical heavy-hitters of the modding community, the ENBSeries aren’t the only popular graphical tweaks out there. Gionight, known for his modding of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has recently released to the public the first glimpse of what GTA V looks like after he got to work on the game. Note that despite being very much a work in progress, these screenshots already show a visible upgrade to the visuals of the game, even without a side-by-side comparison. If this is what Gionight’s Los Santos looks like incomplete, we can only imagine what the finished mod will make GTA V look like. Seems like the ENBSeries mod has a pretty serious contender.

mod2 mod6 mod7 mod3 mod1 mod5 mod4 mod5

Just as it is well known that GTA V looks pretty damn good on max settings, it is also common knowledge that you need a pretty beefy machine to get it running. The thing with most graphical mods is that since they are usually made by a one-man team, optimization wise these mods aren’t always the best, and shoot up the system requirements by magnitudes. However, looking at those screens, it’s damn sure worth it.

Do you guys use and graphical mods in GTA V?

GTA V PC Benchmarks Put The R9 Fury X After The GTX 980 Ti


With both Nvidia and AMD coming out with new cards soon, gamers are eager to know which of the two will be better. AMD was always the budget option with a tad weaker performance, while Nvidia always had a bigger price tag but also packed more of a punch.

AMD recently announced a new line of graphics cards, including the R9 Fury X, their new flagship GPU, and the first ever to feature HBM and stacked memory. Before the NDAs were over, everyone had extremely high hopes for this card, and was lauded as the “Titan-killer” by many AMD fans. The truth, however, is a little less glamorous…

Several benchmarks that have been leaked or released show that, as opposed to what people expected, the Fury X couldn’t quite defeat Nvidia’s pointlessly overpowered Titan X. However, Nvidia has also announced a new GPU since, the GTX 980 Ti, the bigger brother of the 980. The GTX 980 was meant to be the halfway-point between the price of the “regular” cards and the power of the Titan series. While many users suggest that builders go with 970 in SLI instead, the GTX 980 is still a solid card, and the Ti is just more of the lovin’.

GTA V on PC is known to be quite the hardware hog, though the fact that it is well optimized (*cough* Assassin’s Creed Unity *cough* ) means that it can run well on weaker systems too. However, if you want to get GTA V to look the best it can, then you’ll need quite a beast of a machine. As such, the game works well as a benchmaring tool for high end hardware, and a recent comparison between the 980 Ti and the Fury X shows that Nvidia still has the edge with performance.




Do you guys prefer Nvidia or AMD cards? Will you be upgrading your rig anytime soon?