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AMD Users Still Experiencing Issues With GTA V

It seems like GTA V is to AMD what Batman: Arkham Knight was to Nvidia… and AMD. Players running GTA V on rigs with AMD GPUs have been experiencing a number of graphical issues that their Nvidia using counterparts weren’t – nor were console gamers – for quite some time now. This is despite both current-gen consoles running AMD hardware.


The GTA V issue got so out of hand that when AMD released a top ten list of the main issues that their newest wave of shiny and crispy Crimson drivers would solve, the GTA V issues were among them.

However, the aforementioned shiny and crispy Crimson drivers ended up not fixing the issues with GTA V. In fact, they all but introduced new issues, while making the already existing partial blackness graphics glitch became worse for many players.


AMD also released an unrelated patch around this time which allegedly fixed the heating issues many of their GPUs were suffering from by allowing more power to be directed to the fans (as in the spinny bits that cool the card down, not the people with copious amounts of brand loyalty).

As the issues persisted, droves of angry players took to the internet to voice their concerns. Some player fixed the issues by reverting to an older version of Direct X. Others solved it by updating to the newest version of Direct X. Most didn’t solve it at all.

Then, after yet another driver update, the issues were seemingly gone.


Then, after yet another driver update, the issues returned in full force.

Less than a whole day ago, a number of posts began cropping up on GTA V related subreddits wherein AMD users complain of issues after the latest driver update, and the attached screenshots are hauntingly familiar.

Any AMD users experiencing this while playing GTA V?

GTA V’s Newest Graphics Enhancer Combines Best Mods

Want to make use of your beastly gaming rig and max out the visuals of GTA V, but can’t make heads or tails of all these graphics mods floating around? Here’s one that packs them all into one neat enhancer.


We’ve covered a number of graphics mods for GTA V that push our PCs to the limit and enable near photo-realistic graphics while playing GTA V. We’ve written about big names in the modding community like ENBSeries and SweetFX, as well as some newcomers like Toddyhancer and Gionight, however all of these take slightly different approaches to enhancing the visuals of the game.

For laymen, the whole affair may seem overly complicated and more trouble than its worth, with all sorts of additional files that need downloading, strange options and settings, and cumbersome installation processes.


If you want to top up your graphics quickly and simply, this mod is for you. Project RELOAD combines elements of ENBSeries and SweetFX, as well as some assets from Pinnacle of V. Better yet, the download also comes with several option presets, so you don’t need to spend time tweaking the new mod.

Granted, you will need to download ENB and SweetFX as well as this mod, however it is still significantly simpler than the installation of most full graphics enhancers out there. The mod packs some serious content, and most importantly is bug free.


Reload adds immense amounts of new textures to the game, all of them in crispy 4K resolution. The usual suspects are all here, such as lighting effects, water effects, particle effects, reflections, materials and smoothing improvements, with a number of entirely new graphics options added. Foliage and plant density has also been improved, and the trees themselves saw a large makeover.

Have any of you guys thought of modding GTA V’s graphics? Which enhancer do you use?

GTA V (Finally) Meets Watch_Dogs. Sort Of.

This mix between GTA and a potential rival has been a long time coming. Seriously, how did this not happen sooner?


Watch_Dogs, after its announcement at E3 2012, garnered massive popularity, and was lauded by many as a “GTA Killer”. The gameplay trailers released immediately after seemed to back up that claim, However as time passed, the trailers kept showing a progressively worse and worse image of the game.

Then, it was released in 2014, and gained the ire of players and reviewers almost instantly. The whole game felt half-finished. It only accomplished a fraction of the things it claimed in marketing material and was ridden with bugs. It did show the hints of potential, shadows of the game it was before the corporate shear cut it down into the cheapest game it could become.


Despite all this, the game still has some fans. Some players who kept themselves away from most marketing material and didn’t have too many expectations for the game. For all the issues, the hacking feature works well, and the gameplay is extremely fun and solid. Any issues with the game are directed towards the marketing and graphics, and in the end the game itself is enjoyable.


However, GTA V is considered better in absolutely every way, so why not add Watch_Dogs’ hacking feature to it? This Hack Mod, not to be confused with a method to gain unfair advantage over other players, allows the player to use his smartphone to hack into various social services in the city, such as the power grid. Currently, the mod only has the blackout feature from Watch_Dogs, however the author seeks to expand it with the other hacks that appear in the Ubisoft game.

What games other than Watch_Dogs do you think would be better as a GTA V mod?

GTA V Issues With AMD Continue After Driver Update

It seems PC players using AMD GPUs aren’t in luck when it comes to GTA V.


Recently, we reported on a set of driver updates being released for AMD graphics cards, which were intended to solve a host of priority issues with the GPUs. Top on the new Crimson driver’s shitlist was random crashes occurring when playing GTA V, even if the card is up to snuff hardware-wise (as much as an AMD card can be, mind you).

Unrelated to the Crimson drivers, AMD has also released a patch which allegedly fixed the heating issues AMD cards are infamous for. The fix is meant to work by allowing the fans to run at full speed, providing sufficient air-flow and cooling to keep the cards at optimal temperatures and forcing scores of AMD gamers to turn on the heating for the first time this year.


However, AMD gamers who have had their drivers and software fully updated with a nice, clean, uninterrupted game of GTA V were in for a disappointment. The newest drivers may have fixed the crashes, however the Crimson drivers have introduced a new one – black textures and dead pixels. Before you start fearing for your expensive gaming screen, we don’t mean “dead pixels” in the hardware sense, rather as a graphical bug in GTA V that prevents certain areas of the screen getting any signal.


While some players have managed to solve the issue by switching over to the most recent version of Direct X, others are still enduring the issue. In some extreme cases everything save the sky itself is entirely black, as if some ancient void has consumed existence itself.

Have any of you guys encountered this issue?

Disclaimer: The jokes berating AMD’s GPUs are solely included for comedic effect. GTA 5 Cheats fully acknowledges the versatility and adequacy of AMD cards. Put the pitchforks away.

GTA V Looks Better Than Real Life

Graphical modders keep pushing the visuals of GTA V to the next level.


If you have a pointlessly overpowered PC, and feel that GTA V at maximum vanilla settings is “acceptable”, its not like you’re strained for options. Between ENBSeries, Toddyhancer, SweetFX and who knows how many others, you can pick any mod to your liking to milk those four Titans you have in SLi, justifying that insane amount of money you paid for them (of course, your GPU isn’t the only factor).


Most recently, the constantly under-development mod, Pinnacle of V, which we reported on when it was in its early stages, has shown off more progress images proving that they really want to stand by their name.

The recent batch of screenshots focus on the 4K textures the mod adds to the game and the alterations it makes to colors in GTA V, making everything look more vibrant and alive. The developers have also made some immense strides in their own weather system and the custom water is also in full display (with which we get up close and personal with in the first few seconds of the video). Another substantial improvement was that of the explosions, undeniably one of the most frequent and important effects found in GTA V.


Some of these GTA V screenshots look like photographs, while others look downright more real than actual life does. Considering the speed at which technology is advancing, this very well may be a glimpse into the future. While today you need stupidly powerful rigs to run this sort of thing, soon, the hardware that enables visuals like that will be common place and cheap. While virtual and augmented reality are on the rise, it will be a good long while before anything on the Oculus looks like GTA V does with this mod.

At what settings do our PC GTA V fans run their games at?

GTA V AMD GPU Crashing Fixed

You know what gamers look for in their graphics cards? Great performance, low heat, low noise, and an affordable price which fits the value of the card.


You know what else gamers look for in their graphics cards? The ability to run the most popular games without crashing constantly due to poor drivers. Nvidia may be top dog when it comes to GPUs, however quality comes with a price, and the more affordable pricing of AMD cards have made the arguably inferior manufacturer equally popular among the hardcore gamer crowd. However, this time around it wasn’t the hardware causing the issues.


GTA V fans with AMD cards have been reporting for quite a while now that the game started crashing with alarming frequency since the latest driver update. AMD has reached out to the community regarding the matter, stating that they have compiled a list of the 10 most urgent fixes, with the crashes that have been plaguing GTA V and Diablo 3 being at the top.

Placing this issue at the top of the hit list is understandable, considering that GTA V and Diablo 3 are among the most popular games still being played. GTA V alone sees a weekly traffic of over 8 million players, which makes it the single most popular online AAA video game, surpassing even the weekly players of most popular MMOs, and outperforming the most popular modern-military shooter franchise.


GTA V on PC has been known to be quite the hardware-hog when pushed to max settings, however it is undoubtedly worth it. GTA V has been praised as the first truly next-gen game – even though it came out in the previous generation. Don’t worry though – the game is well optimized, and on medium to low settings, any rig will run this open-world masterpiece.

Do we have any AMD gamers who had issues with GTA V before?

Graphical Mods In GTA Online Will Get You Banned

GTA 5 Cheats has covered the most popular and most advanced graphical mods out there quite extensively – however, will they get you banned from GTA Online?


These mods allow PC users to drastically enhance the visuals of GTA V by adding extremely high resolution textures to the game, as well as new visual effects and tweaks to existing ones. The kinds of results these mods have achieved are nothing less than astounding, with the most popular ones creating a near photo-realistic graphics while playing – provided you have a rig powerful enough to run it.

Now, these graphical mods increase visual fidelity and improve special effects, but they don’t affect gameplay – or do they? The question whether or now strictly visual mods are allowed in GTA Online has been one even Rockstar Support hasn’t been able to answer for a good long while. Players have spoken of instances when even after a 6 response ticket was closed, the support representative still could not provide a clear answer as to whether or not its use is a bannable offense.


Some users of SweetFX have, surprisingly, gotten positive response from Rockstar.


As long as you do not use the mods to effect the online experience you will not be banned.

However, it seems Rockstar’s policy has since changed, and this is likely to be a result of the prolonged crisis regarding the extremely high amount of hackers present in GTA Online. Most recently, one player reported that they got a very, very clear response from Rockstar, which is bound to quell any further discussion on the matter for good.

Unfortunately, mods of any kind are prohibited for online use. This would include graphic enhancement mods.

Another rep goes on to clarify as to the reason why.


Even a subtle change in saturation can give you an edge in visibility (eliminating glare for instance) when engaged in PVP.

Straight from the source folks – no graphics mods are allowed in GTA Online.

Have you guys been using any visual mods while playing GTA Online?

Watch GTA V Played On A Motion Simulator

Modern AAA games strive to be as realistic as current technology allows, with the biggest publishers and devs going so far as to invent newer and newer tech to make their games ever more immersive and life-like.

The focus in the endeavor to create realistic games is usually placed on the visuals. As time goes on, games feature greater and greater graphical fidelity, with higher resolution textures, more polygons, and better animation. Another big factor is immersion, and the given game’s physics engine is a key factor here, because if the character falls in the opposite direction of the push, no level of graphical fidelity will make it look realistic!


That said though, software can do only so much. No matter how many individual strands of hair are animated on the hero’s head, no matter how smoothly the blades of grass sway in the breeze, no matter how closely the blood spurting from the neck of the hundredth orc adheres to liquid physics, you’re still just sitting on a couch with a controller in your hands.


The guys over at Force Dynamics want to change that. Motion simulators with tactile feedback are hardly and innovative, but what Force Dynamics has done with their 401cr models is truly a step forward. While the motion simulators of the past were severely handicapped, and their limitation caused extremely jarring movement, the 401cr has a full range of motion and is considerably smooth. The team demonstrated what their machine can do by playing none other than GTA V, displaying its versatility by driving several of the in-game vehicles, including a jet ski, as well as getting on a roller coaster. Also, since this is GTA, they got into a police chase. Running over innocent pedestrians has never been so realistic!

Any of you guys dream of playing GTA V using a motion sim?

Turn GTA V Shootouts Into Rave Parties

This is probably one of the flashiest mods out there for GTA V. Some mods add new methods of transportation to the game. Some mods add a gardening game mode. Some mods change the whole game into a police simulator, or an RPG. Some mods add power armor to the game.

This mod? This mod makes GTA V look the same as a Daft Punk performance if said Daft Punk performance had the yearly budget of the U.S. military.


The mod, simply titled Particle Guns, gives you 18 different particle effects to your shots. It really is a visual masterpiece. Possible the coolest looking effect is shown off first in the face of the “purple puff gun”, which causes a massive neon-purple cloud to appear at the point of impact. The cloud has transparent tentacle like effects sprouting from its epicenter which are reminiscent of the northern lights. In case that ain’t enough for you, there is always the “huge purple puff gun”, which is the same but with amplified effects.

The other options activate more common effects, such as various forms of smoke emanating from the bullet holes. The color of the smoke can be edited to enhance the effect. Other than the colorful smoke, the purple puffs, sparks and possibly the blood spatter, the rest of this mod is more interesting for graphics junkies, and seems to be more of a tech demo than anything else, however it does result in some unique visuals if played around with.


The various gun settings also include light smoke, water splash/drops, leaves, freaking sewer water and flying rocks, which, unfortunately do not augment damage. Now, add this to your arsenal of weapons which fire other vehicles, and you’ve got the right kind of party going.

Any of you guys have some insane weapon mod ideas for GTA V?

GTA V Never Looked This Good

Some time ago, the race between the various authors of GTA V graphical mods was heated. ENBSeries, SweetFX, Gionight and Toddyhancer all threw their best works up on the web and gained serious reputations as graphics modders. Enough time has passed though, and we’re now able to settle the score once and for all, and whose work is the best.


Of the four big runner ups, ENBSeries has the longest history, having been released for several games. SweetFX and Gionight followed closely, with a similar approach. Toddyhancer was popularized most recently, being lauded as making the game “photorealistic”. While this claim was (obviously) a tad exaggerated, the mod is extremely impressive.


It was about time for these mods to catch up to the seemingly miraculous iCEnhancer mod for the previous installment in the series, GTA IV. The ENBSeries base has been used for graphical mods by several users, who modified it to their personal specifications. Now SweetFX is getting the same treatment, however on a professional level.


Enter ReShade, a new, universal and generic post processing and graphical enhancement tool based on SweetFX’s framework. This tool can be used to add an extensive range of adaptive post processing effects to almost any game.

Imagine your favorite game with ambient occlusion, real depth of field effects, color correction and more …

The team decided to demonstrate the tool’s capabilities using GTA V as a testing platform. The images we posted here do contain jets which were modded in, but they weren’t pre-enhanced, and everything else in the shots is unmodified beyond the use of ReShade. Even more so than Toddyhancer, this particular GTA V graphical mod has propelled the game even closer to photo realism, however you’re going to need a beast of a machine to get decent framerates while playing with this baby active.

Which GTA V graphical mod takes the crown in your opinion?