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A Hitchhiker’s Guide To GTA Online

GTA Online, besides being universally praised for its solid gameplay, extreme amount of content and great visuals, has become infamous for its community. Of course, pretty much every online community is pretty toxic simply because it’s *online*, but that toxicity is only as apparent as the mechanics of the medium allow for. By its nature, GTA Online is the perfect trolling and griefing platform for the scum of the internet.


We’ve covered some ways of dealing with the griefers of the game, but handling the hackers – even worse – is a lot more difficult. Dealing with these scripts kiddies isn’t something any player wants to endure, but GTA Online’s hacking problem has been prevalent for quite some time. Unfortunately, fixing it is considerably difficult by virtue of the game’s peer-to-peer server architecture.

As such, social experiments are nothing new in GTA Online. Some time ago a YouTuber decided to go around and say “hi” to 100 players in the game and record the result. Barely a handful of players didn’t kill him on first sight. It seems that the only time the community of Online outgrew their violent ways was when the snow fell over Los Santos during the Christmas DLC events.


Now it was PC Gamer’s turn to conduct a little experiment in the game. PC Gamer is one of the most well known and prestigious gaming publications globally, with both a print edition and a popular website relaying all the most important news in PC games and hardware.

One of the staff writers for the site decided to ditch his cars in the game and start hitchhiking – beckoning other players to pick him up and give him a ride to the beach.


The little experiment highlights the severely psychotic behavior of the typical GTA Online player, as well as some of the odd game mechanics. For example, when PEDs are killed, an NPC ambulance comes out to the scene, the medics examine the corpse – and promptly leave it there and leave.

It seems that there isn’t really a scale of “decent to asshole” in GTA Online when it comes to players, only a scale which measures how much of an asshole the player in question is. When asking for a ride and having the player simply pass you by is the best possible reaction, you know this is GTA.


The game is also home to a pretty colorful range of psychos. In one instance, the journalist was targeted and purposefully mowed down by someone whose character was wearing smiley-face contacts, attire fit for a university lecturer and an expressionless gaze.

Of course, it was inevitable to bump into someone on the higher end of the spectrum. The Christopher Livingston managed to encounter one particular player whose only method of communication was slightly varied versions of the sentence “kill yourself”. Oh, wonders of the internet.

If you’re interested in the whole saga, involving jazz hands, cautious non-violent players and drivers who are faster than their cars, you can experience it here.

Have you ever tried hitchhiking in GTA Online?

GTA And Self-Driving Cars Don’t Mesh Well

Surprisingly enough, Google is a lot more than that site you go to whenever you can’t settle an argument with your buddy. The company has their feet in countless pools of innovation, owning or funding various incubators, smaller and bigger Research and Development companies, or simply developing their own stuff.


Some years ago Google was merely a search engine. Today they make smart-glasses and self-driving cars. The browser in which I’m typing this is a Google product as well.

Speaking of self-driving cars, these AI controlled vehicles are one of the company’s more controversial projects. While many are too afraid to hand their lives over to a machine, advocates claim that the AIs are more secure than any human driver could possibly be.


Considering that the autonomous automobile has racked up almost one and a half million miles without an accident (that it caused, at least), chances are soon we’ll see a version that more people trust.

However the following GTA 5 fan video sure as well won’t win the project any supporters. The tongue-in-cheek “parody” of the self-driving car idea packs a healthy dose of GTA flavor satire. Knowing what kind of game GTA is as well as its player base will allow anyone to guess what kind of a video this is.

Long story short, the Google car when unleashed on the streets of Los Santos turns into a true death machine. It mows down PEDs, uses the rear end of another vehicle as a ramp and mows down even more PEDs. Then it proceeds to mow down further assortments of PEDs with a point-of-view camera angle recording it all.

The video sure feels like GTA, but we doubt the creator scored any good points with Google. Seeing as this was uploaded to YouTube, which is owned by Google, we wouldn’t be surprised if the video mysteriously… disappeared soon.


Then again, since human drivers are a hell of a lot more aggressive in GTA 5 than they typically are in real life, this can be written down for adherence with game mechanics. The people of Los Santos better prepare to bow down before their new four-wheeled overlords.

All we need now is for someone to mod this into the game, allowing players to spawn a Google car and have it drive them around. Add a “murder mode” which, upon activation, sends the vehicle into a bloodthirsty frenzy.

What are your thoughts on the self-driving car? Would you sit in one?

GTA Online’s In And Out Available Now

After the announcement last weekend, the release day for GTA Online’s newest Adversary Mode, In and Out has arrived. The new mode is yet another one in a long list of competitive multiplayer game types added to Online by Rockstar in recent months, earning the ire of some players in the community – even if it isn’t entirely deserved.


This newest Adversary Mode is basically good old capture the flag on steroids. The attacking team needs to acquire not one, but 8 packages of contraband while dealing with the disadvantage of being outgunned by the enemy. The heavily armed defenders need to be on their toes if they’re up against a well coordinated team, as the attackers are more light on their feet.

The mode launched with 3 maps, which are now in the weekly event’s double RP and GTA $ deal rotation. In and Out looks to be the most “tactical” of the Adversary Modes, if you allow the use of such a buzzword. The varied strengths and weaknesses of the different teams, coupled with the high number of packages demands a significant amount of coordination from both sides. Planning is crucial if you want to get out on top of this mode.


While we mistakenly associated the last of the leaked content with the second wave of Inch By Inch maps, we can now truthfully say that every item on the list of leaked content is ticked off.

For the first time (for real this time) players have no clue as to what the future of GTA Online looks like, but there are a few guesses. If the Biker DLC petition gets enough steam, you can bet on seeing it come to fruition.

Either way, following the slow-period of 2016 so far, meaning that while we got more frequent updates, they weren’t particularly substantial, there is a good chance that Rockstar will drop a pretty big DLC soon.


A studio that big wouldn’t be even near capacity working on these small DLCs, meaning that they’ve been baking whatever is next in line for GTA Online for a good long while. We’re hoping for something at least as big as Executives and Other Criminals – if not bigger.

In the mean time, we’ll have to make do with this newest Adversary Mode. You can count on In and Out receiving new maps soon, before the big update drops, so we just have to sit and wait.

What kind of a big GTA Online DLC are you hoping for?

GTA 5 Get’s Bullet Cam Thanks To Mod

While many mods we feature either innovate the single player mode of GTA 5 by adding whole new original features, adapt features from another medium, or even just do –something– sufficiently grandiose, those coders who create the small and nice mods also need some time in the spotlight.


Especially if that mod, no matter how small, was considerably hard to code. When you’re looking at a tough coding hurdle, even a mod that ports a small but cool looking feature from other games to GTA 5.

We’ve seen veteran coders and modders like JulioNIB take features like the entire hacking mechanic from Watch_Dogs and weaved it into Rockstar’s massive open world experience. However, if you’ve ever dealt with programming before you’ll know that for someone inexperienced a bigger piece of code might be intimidating.

Even so, relative newcomer to the modding scene PeterTheHacker managed to expertly pull off a mod for GTA 5 which undoubtedly took some serious coding effort, even though the end result isn’t particularly complex – but damn us if it doesn’t look freaking awesome.

Fans of the older Max Payne games or the somewhat more recent Sniper Elite titles will be familiar with the Bullet Cam effect. Basically, when taking a long range shot, the camera closely follows the bullet on it’s path to the unwitting target’s whichever body part (famously even testicles in Sniper Elite).

The effect is pretty cool, but can be detrimental if you think about it since losing control of your character for even a split second could be disastrous in some situations. Then again, you won’t be under fire or in immediate danger of death when sniping if done right – this isn’t Call of Duty after all.


The Bullet Cam mod not only follows the projectile to the intended destination but tweaks the values of GTA 5 to increase the knock-back effect of bullets to make for a more cinematic experience. Few things are cooler than to follow the trajectory of a well placed shot in slow-mo until it reaches its target, launching the now lifeless body of your opponent backward with the force of a jackhammer.

Now if only someone would mod the guided sniper rifle shot from Bulletstorm into GTA 5. Everyone’s sniping dreams would come true. I’m sure many of us would donate to see that happen.

What other cool features from various games would you like to see modded into GTA 5?

GTA 5 Meets Dragon Ball Z

Get ready for a massive nostalgia attack, guys.

While plenty of fan videos with original content are out there, it seems the Rockstar Editor’s primary vocation is to be used for the creation of crossover videos where scenes from popular shows or movies are remade in the world of GTA 5. Live action shows get this GTA treatment as often as cartoons do – though those are usually violated at the hands of Merfish.


However, this most recent adaptation seeks to be as true to the source material as possible. The show whose intro sequence has been remade in the Editor using more than a few mods by BTZ has probably been an integral part of many of your childhoods. One of the most popular animes in the world with a massive following even today, Dragon Ball Z is known for its great characters and extremely long fight scenes.

Recreation is a perfect, scene for scene adaptation that nails every shot. Some of the solutions used by BTZ are both ingenious and hilarious. The way he created the dragon alone deserves mention. The skins he used for the characters are on-point.

For those of you how don’t know, Dragon Ball Z is the continuation of the original Dragon Ball anime. The original portrayed Goku growing up, while Z shows his exploits as an adult. He and his varied cast of allies protect Earth from all kinds of attackers while attempting to find and re-find all of the titular Dragon Balls.

The attention to detail displayed by this video is amazing. We’ve featured BTZ’s work before. Twice. His constantly growing channel features a wide range of content, including several other GTA recreations that he’s put together.

What other popular shows would you like to see remade in GTA, in a non-satirical manner?

No, GTA 5 Doesn’t Breed Terrorists…

*Sigh* Here we go again…

The GTA series has always had a tough run with the media. It has often been the subject of much controversy whenever a new release occurred because political extremists always found something to bitch about. Hell, even one of the slogans that appears on the Rockstar website says “Uniting Conservatives and Liberals in hatred since 1998”.


GTA is often brought up whenever the obligatory, annual, baseless non-study about “how video games corrupt the minds of children, cause everyone who plays them to turn into murderous psychopaths and will ultimately cause the violent and painful collapse of society” turns up.

You know, the exact same thing that was said about film and television back when games weren’t around yet. Funnily enough, society is still around (and whatever issues it has aren’t caused by interactive entertainment…), but the “studies” keep getting published by the same outlets.

An ill-fated and practically illegal docudrama was even made about a most famous case of GTA controversy. When politician and lawyer Jack Thompson tried to get the series banned on grounds of it being a direct cause of various cases of homicide – and failed -, he swiftly became the most hated individual among the gaming community.


The controversies came and went. Violence, crime, theft, prostitution – all of these garnered their share of negative media attention. GTA San Andreas made the rounds for the Hot Coffee code, GTA V for the strippers and the torture scene, Vice City for the drugs, etc, etc.

These bouts of publicity obviously helped Rockstar more than it hurt. The only people who believed this sort of thing were the kind that didn’t play games anyway, so they didn’t lose any customers. But the news sites took care of advertising the games for them plenty.

The lists seem never ending, with several sites still haphazardly bringing it up. A news outlet which shall not be named, but is generally considered the laughing stock of international journalism, recently posted an article allegedly covering the recent server maintenance, and couldn’t help but insert a large, colored box at the end about that baseless study about GTA and violence.


So you can imagine how much it helps the situation when the lawyer of a known mass murdering terrorist publicly insults said terrorist by linking him with the game.

He is the perfect example of the GTA generation who thinks he lives in a video game

Now, in a world where journalism isn’t a seething cesspool, that simple throwaway comment would be just that and nothing more. Merely a jab at the simpleton the lawyer is (by his own admission, unwittingly) representing.


But journalism is a seething cesspool. Countless news outlets, instead of focusing on the issue at hand – you know, something as “small” as the trial of the last surviving perpetrator of the Paris attacks – decided to spin this into an anti-video game rally.

Paris terrorist is a moron who did it because of Grand Theft Auto: lawyers

That’s an actual headline. Someone actually thought publishing that would be a good idea. Yes, congratulations, the member of a known terrorist cell killed over a hundred innocent people because of GTA. Please, do blame a piece of electronic interactive entertainment for the most devastating act of terrorism in Europe in the past decade.

A bit of context: Salah Abdeslam, a French citizen of Moroccan descent is the last survivor of a team of terrorists who coordinated a simultaneous attack on several key locations in northern Paris last November. He was also linked with a shootout in a Belgian apartment.


Like the others involved in the attack, he was supposed to detonate a suicide bomb vest strapped to his body, but backed out in the last minute. He was on the run for four months before caught. He was first held in Belgium, with his transfer to the French authorities underway. Currently he has both a Belgian and French lawyer, both of whom have received threats for representing him.

Both of them have also publicly ridiculed the caught terrorist. His intellect has been likened to that of an empty ashtray and is referred to as the “little moron from Molenbeek” – rather fitting.

Sven Mary, Abdeslam’s Belgian lawyer coined the comment about him being part of the “GTA Generation” (do people actually say that? Isn’t it “Generation Y”?).  The man probably had no idea that the careless parallel will spark yet another media witch-hunt.


Seriously, journalism, this isn’t okay. You can’t just take an international tragedy and twist it to match your own short-sighted and deranged political views. This blatant exploitation is the absolute lowest you can stoop and is about disrespectful as you can get.

What do you make of this rather saddening display of disregard for the facts and the twisting of words just to get another excuse to rile on GTA yet again?

GTA Online: All About Shark Cards

Too Many Items We Want!

If you’ve played practically any amount of GTA Online, – and if you’re reading this we’ll assume you have – you’ll know how difficult it is to earn or acquire money in the game. If you want to be as efficient about it as possible in a numerical sense, you’ll find yourself grinding the same mission over and over – and that ain’t fun for anyone.


However, if you defy the attraction of all those amazing in-game items and play how you want, you can easily find yourself lagging behind other players in terms of new or high-end items and vehicles. Sure, a Banshee gets the job done, but damn, you’d love to be driving a T20 or 900R, wouldn’t you?

It’s true that grinding heists is a thankless job, as while they do provide the biggest payouts, that only comes to pass if you succeed… and you need to put in a lot of effort to get there. Plus, if you don’t have a regular crew to run with, playing with randoms will quickly be a drag unless you’ve got sufficient patience.


The Executives and Other Criminals update did give players a feasible alternative in the form of VIP work. Doing the right jobs in the right order will synchronize the cool-down times allowing you to go from job to job without any wasted minutes, making some serious cash along the way. There is one catch, though – you need a million bucks just to unlock the missions.

Rockstar loves pumping GTA Online full of flashy high-end content that generally has a heavy price tag (and hey, let’s be honest, we love that content too!). There are gold-plated jets and yachts with a going-price of $GTA 10 million. There’s the ever expanding list of lowriders keep attracting players, but each will cost you a million $GTA easy.  Plus, you need your garages well stocked with rides fit for any scenario.


The Solution

So what does an enterprising player do when they wish to avoid grinding (which still only gets you cash really slowly), but want to update their gear in GTA Online? Rockstar has come up with a simple, fair and extremely lucrative solution.

No, it’s not a money cheat. Hell, there isn’t even a money cheat in the single player portion of GTA V for the simple reason that Online’s stock market is connected with that of the story mode, meaning a money cheat there would affect the Online economy as well.


Shark Cash Cards

Enter the Shark Cash Cards. In today’s gaming industry, the use of microtransactions has become wide-spread in multiplayer, especially of the massively variety, games – though they are even present in some single player experiences.

Microtransactions are the result of stretching the concept of “project $10” which spawned the paid DLC craze to it’s absolute limit. When done right, microtransactions allow fans of games to improve their playing experience with a small, additional investment in exchange for currency or visual items. When done wrong, microtransactions turn games into pay-to-win monstrosities.


GTA Online quite clearly falls into the former category. You absolutely can acquire that money without paying another cent, therefore people who purchase Shark Cards aren’t given an unfair advantage. All the cards do is allow players to give their time value.

What do you value more? Time, or money? Would you rather play for 10 hours or pay 10 bucks for the same outcome? Shark Cards give you that option. They are paid DLC items which, when bought, provide your in-game bank account with a monetary boost depending on what tier you bought in to.

Cash is king in this town. Solve your money problem and help get what you want across Los Santos and Blaine County with the occasional purchase of cash packs for Grand Theft Auto Online. All purchased cash is automatically deposited into your character’s bank account. Spend wisely, cash therapy is fleeting.

Buying Shark Cards is entirely optional and Rockstar pays close attention to balancing prices in a way that the game supports both Shark Card buyers and non-buyers alike. However, they are a great way of getting that cash boost you need to buy what you want.

There are several tiers of Shark Cards, each providing different amounts of cash. Logically, the more expensive the Card, the more in-game GTA $ you’ll receive. These can range from a few dollars all the way to being more expensive than a full-price AAA game.


In keeping with the “Shark” branding, each tier is named after a real, existing species of shark. The size ratios between the actual animals is reflected in the price and value differences of the cards. Starting on the shallow end, we have the pretty insignificant Red Shark, which nets you GTA $100,000. Next on the ladder is the Tiger Shark with double the value but less than double the price, making it a better deal.

The next on the list is the Bull Shark with a bit of a leap, granting players half a million dollars in GTA Online – and the differences only get bigger from here. The Great White is worth $GTA 1,250,000!.

The two largest cards will chomp your wallet for sure, but you won’t be hurting for cash in the game either. The Whale Shark comes in at $GTA 3.5 million, eclipsed only by the Megalodon, named after the massive pre-historic shark species, which grants players $GTA 8 million in game.

shark6 shark3

Initially, these cash cards were called Maze Bank Cards, since the in-game accounts are all managed by the eponymous fictional bank. The two largest tiers, the Whale and the Megalodon weren’t part of the initial selection of cards, but were rather added later along with DLCs that contained more expensive content.

In the sea, there are big fish and there are little fish. The same is true on land. But which are you? Isn’t it the time to define yourself? At Shark, we have different Shark credit cards based on your level of insecurity. Let your credit card color define you.

Why They Make Sense

Despite some players criticizing the use of Shark Cards, they have become an integral part of GTA Online. You know those DLC updates the game keeps getting every now and again, adding tons of content to the game which took time and resources to develop? You know, the ones everyone can play without having to pay literally a cent?

Yeah, those exist because Shark Cards? Rockstar’s next game? Oh yeah, that too is financed by Shark Cards. Let’s do some math, shall we? GTA Online’s Shark Cards alone made over $500 million worth of profit for Take-Two Interactive.

GTA V’s total budget? $265 million.

Yeah. Shark Cards alone made almost twice as much as it cost to make the game. So if you find yourself enjoying the new content with which GTA Online is being update, or if you’re anticipating Rockstar’s next game, think twice before dissing the Shark Cash Cards.

Rockstar holds special promotions for Shark Cash Cards every so often (example above)

Plus, Rockstar has put the cards on sale more than once, with a twist. Instead of decreasing their price, Rockstar held limited time promotions during which paying the same amount of real cash got you significantly more in-game money.

You can purchase Shark Cash Cards at Amazon or via the Rockstar Warehouse.

GTA V Meets Fight Club In Arena Mod

Ever since the Rockstar Editor became available on the current-gen consoles, GTA V’s PC version now only has superior visuals and mods with which it retains its status as the definitive edition of the game. Mods, being the stronger of the two, have accumulated a large community around them, with creators and users alike contributing constantly in countless ways.


By now anyone who likes to mod their GTA V are probably familiar with the name of JediJosh920. The acclaimed modder has put together countless well received files which have greatly expanded the single player portion of the game with new features, mechanics and various tweaks.

We’ve covered many of his creations here at GTA 5 Cheat, such as the kidnapping mod, the mod which turns the game into the Force Unleashed and the tribute to Lemmy. Jedisjosh920 has once again created something that has a place in everyone’s mods folder.

The widely popular and often grossly misinterpreted book and latter film adaption of Fight Club hasn’t had a particularly flowering run in the gaming medium. There was a movie tie-in fighting game akin to Mortal Kombat released, but it was of poor quality, couldn’t afford the same actors or ever the license to use their likeness and only adapted about 10% of the actual story.

JediJosh920’s mod is an endless fighter arena which keeps spawning enemies that come at you with melee weapons for as long as you survive. The longer you wing it, the more cash you accumulate. The mod will be expanded with a betting system and different gameplay types. There is also a shop at the arena where you can hire team-mates or buy weapons for yourself as well.

This is another one of those moments where you wonder why there wasn’t a fighting mini-game in the game by default.

What other kinds of mini-games would you have liked to see in GTA 5?

GTA Online’s Bikers Unite For DLC

With the last of the April lowriders having been released a few days ago, we’ve come to the end of the GTA Online DLC that has been leaked. For the first time in months, the future of GTA Online is a mystery to the players. What will the next DLC contain? When will it be announced and when will it be released?

After receiving lowrider themed content for about half a year, players are a bit exhausted and hoping for something new and fresh. Ideas and concepts have been flying around for a while now. Police themed updates and single-player content are among the most popular requests.

However, the crown for most desired GTA Online DLC goes to the “Biker Update”. Such an update has been requested pretty much ever since Online launched and started receiving updates. Considering how biker crews are among the most common in the game and how popular “The Lost and Damned” was during VI’s run, that isn’t too surprising.


The MCs have now united in a way never before seen in GTA Online. 70 crews have come together to launch a massive popularity campaign for the Biker Update to convince Rockstar to make and release it. They’ve also kicked off a petition which already passed the 4500 signature mark.

It’s always been the bikers who’ve shown the most coordination and dedication among the crews of GTA Online. Some time ago, several biker crews banded together for a ride around the map to raise cancer awareness – an act which, for whatever reason, received a pretty negative response from the community.


The crews are hoping that their joint efforts, coupled with the petition will finally prove to Rockstar after all this time that they should create the Biker DLC that the community has been wanting for years. Considering they have a biker gang already established in the lore with a pretty central role in the story, it wouldn’t be too far fetched.

Considering GTA Online occurs before the story of 5 chronologically, Johnny Klebitz – protagonist of the previously mentioned GTA VI DLC – is still alive. Since this wouldn’t be the first time a character prominent in the story is used as a contact, he could be added to Online as a quest-giver.


Since new contact missions are also among the most frequently requested features, Rockstar would gain some serious karma with this move. Other hotly requested Biker DLC features would include several new bikes with extensive customization options an liveries, as well as character customization items such as clothing, tattoos and hairstyles.

Some of the wilder ideas included the additions of a Benny’s-style bike-only garage where you can perform extensive visual and performance modifications to your bikes. Imagine the end result resembling something that rolled out of Orange County Choppers. Various ideas for biker themed Adversary Modes have been tossed up as well every now and then. biker4

If Rockstar would go in this direction and create a biker DLC with new content that has a wide price range, they would make a killing and satisfy the community in one go. Since the Biker DLC is so desired, releasing it will motivate players to actually buy the news items.

Adding a few cheaper rides would give those players who aren’t all about the biker theme a taste of the new style, so they’d take a liking to it. This would then increase the number of players investing in the more expensive bikes and upgrades. This, in turn, would drive up Shark Card sales – and we know how influential those are.


In fact, considering this aspect, adding a “Benny’s For Bikes” would make even more sense from a financial point of view. Fully upgrading a lowrider is pretty damn expensive and if the custom bikes would go for similar prices, many players would buy Shark Cards to cover their expenses.

A DLC of this caliber would definitely bring with it a GTA Online Event Week. Usually, those events which celebrate DLC releases include a Snapmatic competition, where the prize is one million in GTA $. A Biker themed DLC would lend itself perfectly for a photo contest, resulting in some sweet shots.


It might also give Rockstar the chance to kick off Editor Competitions as well. The idea of having video competitions similar to the Snapmatic ones has been floating around for a while now considering how much quality content is being produced by the community.

Rockstar was really hitting things off with the major thematic DLCs last year. Freemode Events, Lowriders and Executives were all extremely well received, expanding GTA Online on massive proportions. This year’s mentality of less-more-often isn’t so popular among players, however. A return to form in the shape of a Biker Update is something the game needs.

Would you be excited for a Biker themed GTA Online DLC on a large scale?

GTA V’s Streets Get A Lot Meaner (Mod)

GTA V is a game thoroughly based in crime and the criminal underworld. You steal money and cars, you own and use unlicensed weaponry, you hurt and kill people and much much more. Of course, you’re hardly the only criminal walking the game’s virtual streets- usually the guys you’re knocking off aren’t exactly law abiding citizens either. Even so, Los Santos and Blaine county seem particularly peaceful, if it weren’t for the mayhem caused by the players themselves.


Have you ever felt that GTA V needs more crime? Usually, you’d say no. Between, the main missions, the side missions and the game mechanics themselves, there is plenty of illegal activity to go around. But then, GTA has always been about doing things over the top. In vanilla V, there isn’t a lot of street crime going on. Not many muggings, street shootouts, burglaries and the like. Plus, since when are you the only car thief in the entire state?

There have been mods in the past to help this issue, such as the mod adding a whole gang war mechanic and the other which occasionally sends people after you in the open world to shake things up, but that too involved the player character in a large capacity. What about everyone else in Los Santos being violent towards one another for a change?


The very descriptively named More Crime Mod seeks to address this issue specifically. A set of pre-defined criminal events are randomly spawned all over the game map and can play out without the involvement of the player if you choose not to get involved (unless some of the psychos target you for choppin’).

The mod will randomly initiate one of the following: a shootout between two rival street gangs, where the police also get involved; a group of shooters randomly appearing, targeting everyone including one another and the player; a pair of NPCs beating one another up with just their fists and finally a sole attacker who has some kind of grievance with the player character and intends to discuss his issues over a nice cup of assault and battery.


While encountering any of this with the frequency that you will after using the mod in real life is impossible, since LA is nearly that dangerous, realism wasn’t the goal here anyway. This mod seeks to shake up the freemode faffing about portion of GTA V’s single player with some good old violence. This mod may not be for everyone, or some may only enjoy it on small portions, but it certainly makes things more interesting and combat-heavy.

The author intends to continue supporting the mod with further updates, such as adding a configurable .ini file so that users may manage the frequency with which the various criminal events spawn, as the mod does turn GTA V particularly chaotic. That’s saying a lot, knowing what the game is like by default.


Would you like to see a higher rate of dynamic freemode crime in the next GTA game?