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GTA V Meets Prison Break, Is Fantastic

It seems that right after we started mentioning that ever since the Freemode Events update brought the Rockstar Editor to consoles and suddenly the number of GTA V fan videos took a nose dive, instead of rapidly increasing, the community got its shit together and started making these things again.

Among the most frequent GTA V fan videos made using the Rockstar Editor are recreations of scenes from popular films or television series, and among these, the most are scene-for-scene adaptations of the opening sequence. Some of these are serious and even artistic, while others venture off into comedy and absurdity.

The newest show on the chopping block of well known GTA V video creator Powerlight-13 is Prison Break. The series which almost never came into being, but was saved by the popularization of serialized prime time television, gained a massive following and expanded into a large, multi-media franchise with several tie-ins and spin-offs.

The series focuses on a pair of brothers, one of whom is falsely accused and convicted of murder, and placed on death row. The other, instead of trying to go through official channels, devises an elaborate plan to spring his brother and clear his name, which he proceeds to tattoo all over his body when perfected. The actor playing the lead character actually got the permanent tattoos, and famously refused any painkillers during the procedure where they were removed with laser.

The main Prison Break series ended in mid 2009, with a shorter reboot to be aired this year. The recreation, as always, follows the original scene-for-scene, even adding the faded tattoo overlays. Experienced GTA V players will recognize a number of locations from the video, which fit perfectly with the scenery from the series’ opening sequence. The attention to detail that we have come to expect from Powerlight-13 is present here as well, resulting in a prime recreation.

Do we have any long-time Prison Break fans among our readers?

GTA Vice City Speedrunner Finishes Game In Under An Hour

One hour… you can finish an average Cal of Duty campaign in that much time!

The video game community has spawned a number of sub-communities and niches which have become more popular and effectively connect the gaming world. One such sub-community is that of the “speedrunners”.


These are gamers, typically very skilled, who make sport of finishing the main storyline (or even 100%’ing a game) in the shortest possible amount of time. To achieve this, they exploit any beneficial bugs, glitches and the like. However they cannot use mods, cheats or hacks to assist them. The only tools they have at their disposal are those the game hands them.

There is some pretty serious rivalry going on in this niche, with various members seeking to beat one another in a race where even the milliseconds count.

Once such speedrunner, KZ_FREW, managed to get to the top of the food chain for one particular game, with no better recorded completion time out there.

GTA Vice City, the second GTA game of the 3D era, like any other game in the franchise, has a ton of content, and even its story missions add up to quite a nice sum, plus the map isn’t too tiny either (to see how long it takes to cross it exactly, check this out). Even so, KZ finished the game in under an hour.


54 minutes and 13 seconds, to be precise. He chose to use the Japanese localised version of the game for this speedrun, as that release was a tad glitchier than the Western releases, allowing him to cut a few more corners – but hey, that’s what speedrunning is about.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from the comments in the Youtube video, though. Have any of you guys ever dabbled in speedrunning? What is the shortest time in which you completed a GTA game?

How The Hulkbuster Iron Man Armor Arrived for GTA Online

JulioNIB is a well known name around these parts. He has adapted the iconic vehicles, gadgets and weaponized humanoid exo-skeletal armor suits of previous GTA games and other intellectual properties. He’s responsible for the addition of the legendary jetpack (of GTA: San Andreas fame) that players have been looking for in GTA V since it launched. The fabled jetpack is allegedly the reward for unraveling the mystery of Mount Chiliad’s strange UFO phenomena. Julio’s other famous creation of the Just Cause 2 grappling hook, giving players an all new method of traversing Los Santos and Blaine County. Most recently, the Brazilian modder has magicked the Mark III Iron Man suit into the world of GTA V, allowing players to fly around, send cars into the air with a single punch, and fire the suit’s signature unibeam.


Now, Julio has delivered an upgrade to the Iron Man mod, by releasing a separate mod for the massive Hulkbuster armor, as seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This variant of the iconic red-gold exo-suit is extremely bulky and heavily armored, as it was designed to be deployed against the Incredible Hulk in the case that he goes out of control, which happened in the film, where it is shown that despite Tony Stark’s best efforts, the special armor still had difficulty in subduing the green beast.

The GTA V version of the armor is significantly smaller than its big-screen counterpart, however it still proves to be an imposing sight among the squishy mortals of Los Santos. The Hulkbuster armor can fly, fire volleys of missiles, pick up and throw vehicles, and slam into the ground from the air. It is also extremely durable, since the thing is designed to go toe-to-toe with the freaking Hulk. If you feel like you’re in the mood for a bit of wanton destruction, then this is the mod for you! Will you be trying out the Hulkbuster in GTA V? Let us know!

GTA V Hits 54 Million Sales, Best Game Ever?

The most recent sales data on GTA V stated that the game has sold a whopping 52 million copies, but now Rockstar’s blockbuster has managed to hit another sales benchmark. TakeTwo has revealed that the number of GTA V copies sold has reached (and passed) the 54 million mark, which is a mindbogglingly large number when it comes to video game sales. Most of the new sales are coming in from the PC versions of the game, as that is the platform where GTA V launched latest. The PC version of GTA V is considered by many to be the “definitive” iteration of the game thanks to the immense visual upgrade over the console version because of hardware capabilities, as well as the inclusion of the Rockstar Editor and modding “support”.


In other news (or should we say non-news) despite the rumors surrounding the upcoming DLC that the recent week-long events have been building up to, Rockstar has yet to make any announcement regarding the content update or the existence of any Story DLC in the pipeline. The announcement of the new sales benchmark would have been a great chance to announce the new DLC, as such announcements always boost sales temporarily. However, considering that GTA Online content updates are entirely regular, the reveal of single-player DLC would be groundbreaking, and would surely make sales spike.

Certain rumors, though most of them baseless, have already began to circulate about the potential sequel, GTA VI. Considering we have chatter about the next game in the series, it would be about time for Rockstar to reveal what they have in store for the GTA V era’s future, or whether or not they even have any plans for single-player DLC.

Do you think story DLC really is under development, or is Rockstar focusing 100% on GTA Online?

New Batch Of GTA V Custom Jobs Envoke Old Rockstar Games

As we all know Rockstar does a good job promoting some of the best player created jobs for GTA Online. They’ve made posts on the Newswire about jobs in the theme of previous, well-known Rockstar properties other than GTA, and they’ve posted about player-created missions around the Fort Zancudo and Los Santos International Airport areas. Now, Rockstar is once again bringing the community’s attention to some fan-made jobs which evoke old games that were developed and published by Rockstar. However, this time, they’re reaching further into the past. The three franchises up on offer in this batch are Midnight Club, Smuggler’s Run and Manhunt.


The Midnight Club themed missions are obviously about getting in a car and going faster than anyone else who got in a car (basic, right?). On PC, GTA Online players will partake in a point-to-point race titled Midnight Club: LA. To keep the feeling just right, make sure your vehicle class is set to super and the stars are shining in the night sky. Xbox players can also enjoy another P2P race called The Midnight Club taking them to new heights at its end. Playstation players can treat themselves to the lap-based “The LS Midnight Club III” race meanwhile.

Those among you who are thirsting for some blood will enjoy the Manhunt themed missions. PC players will visit a harrowing abandoned warehouse where they and their friends will duke it out in a Last Team Standing called Twisted Warehouse. Xbox players of GTA Online will partake in the Manhunt LS deathmatch, taking place at a construction site. Playstation players will slash and chop their way to victory in the melee-only Manhunt deathmatch.


Reaching back farthest of the three games, the Smuggler’s Run missions will have players play fast and loose with traffic rules. Players on PC will pick from several vehicles and hit the road in a point to point race. Xbox players will need to capture a briefcase from an enemy team. On Playstation, GTA Online players will partake in a lap-based race.

Will you guys be giving these jobs a go?

Rockstar Carpet-Bombing Users Of FiveM GTA Online Mod

Rockstar has been known to respond quickly against modders of GTA Online. Following the massive sledgehammer-to-the-face that was version 1.28’s anti-cheating defenseban

Rockstar has responded by dropping the moderation-equivalent of a nuclear bomb. Yesterday, pretty much everyone who was in any way, shape or form affiliated with the FiveM mod was banned from the Rockstar Social Club. This included the creator of the mod, users of the mod, and even the moderators of the GTA V PC subreddit.

I am not a developer of FiveM, I am just the mere moderator of the subreddit, but yes, I have some sort of affiliation with the mod. I was skeptical that we were banned (screenshot) for being contributors (in some way) to the FiveM project.

It seems that Rockstar really is going to extreme lengths to eradicate anyone who modifies GTA Online. Do you think Rockstar is getting a little brutal with their bans, or do you think the ends justify the means?

A Guide To GTA Continuity

We’ve recently posted a piece about that fan-made map that placed all five major cities of the GTA franchise on a single large combined continent. At the beginning of that post, we’ve mentioned the three continuities that can be distinguished in the franchise, and how that fan map throws them out the window.


This post will give you a quick rundown of the three separate universes in the GTA franchise, and will answer a few questions such as why Los Santos looks completely different in GTA V compared to the city of the same name as it appeared in San Andreas, which in turn is completely different from what appeared in GTA…

First of all, we have three universes. These is the 2D universe, the 3D universe and the HD universe.

The 2D universe encompasses GTA, London 1969, London 1961, and GTA II. GTA II incorporated some 3D elements, but was mainly 2D and was still played from a top-down perspective, thus it is still considered part of this universe. The London packs are the only ones to feature “real” cities. GTA 2 is set in Anywhere City, which does not appear in any other game in the franchise again.


The 3D universe encompasses the games released between 2001 and 2006, meaning the universe began with GTA III and ended with GTA: Vice City Stories. The games in this universe include GTA III, Vice City, Advance, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories. The characters, locations and storylines of these games are related, and cross-over on many occasions. Ironically, Grand Theft Auto III, the first game in this universe, is also the one which happens last chronologically, and story-wise, the other games are all prequels to it.

The HD Universe entails all games from GTA IV onward, including all of its DLCs, Chinatown Wars and GTA V. The reason why GTA V’s Los Santos is different from the one which appeared in San Andreas, is that the two games appear in completely different canonical universes, and the team’s goal with GTA V was to make it resemble the real world city it is based on more.

Which of the GTA universes is you favorite?

Check Out All GTA Cities On One Map

The continuity of the GTA series has gone through a few iterations, with three distinguishable “universes” established. The following fan-made map takes a liberal approach to the franchise’s lore, and decides to ignore those universes.


GTA V already has a pretty large map, but that is a recurring trend in the franchise. Another thing to consider is the fact that several other games are notorious for their massive, expansive maps such as Just Cause 2 (the iconic grappling hook of which has been modded into GTA V) or the extreme level of detail like in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Following the first two 2D GTA games featuring several cities in which the players could spread chaos and death, with the sole exception of GTA: San Andreas, all games focused on a single city, and the surrounding countryside (if there is any). GTA: San Andreas had a pretty damn big map for its day and age, with the cities of Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro dotting a landscape of extreme variety, with beaches, deserts and mountains.

Now, with several rumors circulating about how GTA VI’s map might be based on the whole of the USA with several cities that can be traversed, one particular GTA  fan mashed together the maps of the 3D and HD universes into a massive continent with all five cities present.

Rockstar has stated in the past that they are interested in making a GTA game down the line which would contain all of their cities, and would allow the player to travel throughout the whole nation in which the games are set. Leslie Benzies, producer at Rockstar Games has spoken of this idea several times.

Of course at some point we would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas.

What do you think? Would you want a massive sprawling map the size of a country, or would you prefer a smaller, more dense and focused map?

GTA Online Vehicles Discounted

The successor to yesterday’s heavy weapon sale, today Rockstar has slashed the price on the vehicles associated with the Pacific Standard Job heist, which is the theme of the current GTA Online week long event. The final of these events, featuring the last and most difficult heist, is offering a double RP and GTA$ reward on all the set-up missions for the heist, the heist itself, and various jobs and side-missions around the open world which are at least tangentially related to the heist.


As was the case with the previous events, Rockstar has also announced that they will be running a series of temporary daily sales in tandem, until the 9th of August. Previously they had discounted the sticky bombs in one sale, and the heavy sniper rifle and homing launcher in another, which ended yesterday. Cycling through the sales, today we come up on a pretty significant one.

Rockstar has halved the price of all vehicles which are connected to the Pacific Standard Job heist. Some of these are pretty heavy hitters, so make sure to take advantage of the sale. The vehicles on offer are the Boxville Van, the Savage Helicopter, the Gang Burrito Van and the Lectro Bike.

The boxville van is the heaviest delivery van in the game, but does not have a particularly hefty price tag, going for $45,000 without discount. The Gang Burrito Van is a GTA veteran having appeared in previous games many times, and it has gone through quite a few visual iteration. Sans discount, the van costs $65,000. The Lectro Bike is where the price skyrockets. If you miss out this weekend, you can only buy one of these beastly bikes for $750,000.

Leaving the best for last, the Savage Helicopter is a monstrous military gunship toting several missiles and a machine gun mounted on the nose. The full price of the vehicle is $1,950,000, so this half price sale is a great opportunity for those of you looking to buy a savage.

Will you be picking up any of these vehicles?

GTA V Story DLC Possibly Showcased At Gamescom

Gamescom is underway as we speak. The largest European gaming convention, Gamescom might not be a venue that sees as many announcements as E3 does, but it gets its fair share of new reveals. As is the case with most game shows, Gamescom is separated into two sectors: the public sector and the business area, which isn’t open to the public.


Developers sometimes show off their upcoming games at a very early stage in development to a very small group, or give press-presentations. Game shows like Gamescom are a perfect opportunity for this, and the business area holds many secrets that we mere mortals would love to find out.

One such secret is, what on earth could Rockstar be possibly showcasing at Gamescom? Well, recently the company has renewed their trademark on AGENT, a game that was announced in 2009 as a PS3 exclusive. The game was described as a stealth game set during the cold war, and would have (will?) had a espionage theme. Just imagine, Rockstar’s take on James Bond? Now that would have been pretty sweet.

And if TakeTwo is to be believed, AGENT is still in development after all this time, so we might just yet see what kind of spin Rockstar will put on the good old spy genre.

The other main contender is the long awaited GTA V story DLC, which has been spoken of ever since the game originally launched, however other than conflicting information coming from the developer, nothing new on the topic has been heard of.

The rumored GTA V story DLC allegedly once again follows the exploits of Michael, Franklin and Trevor, as opposed to previous GTA games featuring DLCs with new characters and story-lines. Players have been pretty anxious to jump back into the boots of the terrible trio and see how their lives in Los Santos continue.

What do you think was showcased at Gamescom?