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New GTA V Artwork and an Amusing Video

We have some new GTA V media for you today in the form of an amusing fan-made video and a brand new piece of artwork from Gamestop.

First up is the video, which features Niko Belic (the protagonist from GTA IV) watching the gameplay trailer for GTA V. Niko’s not happy that he’s been left out of the much-improved-upon GTA 5 game and seems a little sad that his time in the Grand Theft Auto series is up (most wouldn’t argue with that – GTA 4 was seen as pretty weak by many people). Niko finally tries to end it all, with hilarious results.

Secondly, the new piece of artwork, which as mentioned comes to us courtesy of Gamestop. In fact it’s really an advertisement for the official Bradygames Strategy Guide for GTA 5 (does anyone actually still buy those!?). Hopefully we get a high resolution, non-branded version of the artwork shortly from Rockstar.


New GameStop GTA V Artwork

It’s been a while since we got any fresh artwork or images for GTA V, so the two new pieces below are most welcome.

New GTA V Artwork

As you can see, two new pre-order display images (taken from a GameStop) look like they will be rolling out across the country. One shows a bank robber making his getaway on a motorbike with a police helicopter overhead, while the other shows a different bank robber with pantyhose masking checking his watching during the middle of a heist. The name of the jewelry store being robbed is Vangelico’s.

Vengelico’s, in case you didn’t know, is a jewelry store that is robbed by Michael, Franklin and two others in the first GTA 5 trailer.  With GTA V’s release window opening in just over two months’ time, expect more media like this to be released.

Thanks to FRA1Z3R.