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GTA V Meets Russian Roulette, Bullet Meets Brains

Meta-mods (mods which place games within games) are among the most fun community-made content out there. Sure, it’s not like GTA V is in need of more content, considering there is already more than enough fluff and faff populating the game to ensure that you never get bored. It appears that is so much so that other games are using it as an example to be followed.

Even if you happen to be in possession of illegal quantities of free time and actually manage to get bored of GTA V, you can always go play GTA Online, which has about twice as much content, and was incidentally recently expanded even further with the Freemode Events update.


However, if you’re hurting for a fun little game to play in a game with the people in the game, then look no further. This simple, yet fun little mod adds Russian Roulette to GTA V. Now, since this is GTA, it should go without saying that this is indeed live-fire Russian Roulette, meaning that of the two people who sit down to play, only one will stand up with their brain still inside their skull (or, well, stand up at all, for that matter). You can play the mini game with any NPC found in the game.


When you approach your selected opponent, a prompt to begin the round will appear, and a table will spawn. You then sit face to face with your opponent, and will have a six shot weapon between you with a single bullet. In the game, you can choose to shoot yourself, spin the chamber, or, in true GTA V style, just up and shoot your opponent. Granted, the NPC opponent will have the same options, and thanks to complex AI (in a mini game, yup), sometimes they will try and cheat. Let the games begin!

Will you be giving Russian Roulette a try? In GTA V of course – don’t try this at home. Seriously.

How To Make GTA V Family Friendly

It is a well known fact that GTA V is a violent, immoral, violent, graphic, violent, excessive, violent, brutal, violent, visceral and violent game. Add to that, it features themes of alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, sexual content, murder, crime, violence and theft. You might imagine that most parents, politicians and rating officials aren’t too keen on having small children get their hands on a controller while GTA V is in the console.


However, there are ways to turn GTA V into a nice’n’fluffy little game that is suitable for the smaller members of the family.

Well, not really.

Ever considered that it is possible to physically mod games? It is a simple concept really, but people rarely consider it. Now, by physically modding we don’t mean manually scratching your own indents into the disc, because that would obviously screw things up (don’t look like that, some people out there would genuinely try), but rather augmenting your gaming experience by altering your environment.

Sure, the following is just a joke video about how GTA V can be a child-friendly dog-simulator by riding a bike in first person, muting the game and listening to ambient dog sounds, but the method carries surprisingly many possibilities.

As stupid as all this might seem, the method depicted in the video is the basis of augmented reality. Using the variable ambient environmental factors outside the game to control or alter the game itself, as used with the AR cards on the PSVita, for example, is the much more advanced version of the very preliminary method shown in the video.

It might seem absurd to read so much into one silly video, however usually the greatest of inventions start out with the humblest of beginnings (granted, this isn’t the beginning of AR, but you get the sentiment). Do you change the lighting conditions or anything in your gaming environment while you play GTA?

GTA V And Other Rockstar Games On Sale At Humble Store

Just in case you haven’t have had enough of GTA and Rockstar sales in the past month, the Humble Store is holding a sale on all games developed by Rockstar available through the digital distribution platform.


The wave of sales was kicked off by Sony when they discounted all Rockstar games that were available on the Playstation Store to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the legendary Playstation game console. Following this, Microsoft put GTA V and some other GTA games on sale through their Deals with Gold service, which allows gold and silver Xbox Live subscribers to purchase games through Xbox Live at a discount. Most recently, Rockstar’s games were discounted on PC by Green Man Gaming, and by Rockstar themselves on the IOS App Store and Google Play, ticking off all platforms. The GMG PC sale saw GTA V’s price hit an all time low, going for as cheap as $37 for the first time.


In an attempt to cater to the, like, six people out there who still haven’t bought GTA V (I mean, its been years since intial release, and these are some pretty solid sales. Chances are everyone who wanted GTA V got it by now, no?), the Humble Store, the non-bundle section of the popular Humble Bundle digital distribution service, has discounted their full library of Rockstar games, with GTA V leading the charge.

GTA V can be purchased at a 20% downmark, while buying it bundled with a shark cash card will allow you to save 30%. Other Rockstar games on offer are various GTA titles, L.A. Noire, the Max Payne games, Manhunt, and Bully, making this a pretty standard lineup. As with the bundle sales, buyers may select the amount of their purchase which goes towards a charity of their choice, meaning that you’ll be buying games for a good cause!

Anyone picking anything up? Some older GTA  games, maybe?

The Galactic Republic Brings Democracy To GTA V – Star Wars Mod!

We already have an Imperial Star Destroyer mod, so might as well take a trip back in time (there’s a mod for that too) through Star Wars history to an era where the large army of identical dudes wearing white and black combat armor were the good guys. Arguably the shittier half of the legendary franchise, much of the prequel trilogy and affiliated media deals being with the Clone Wars, a period of conflict between the age-old Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Now, the clones have attacked Los Santos thanks to a new mod.


GTA V is extremely popular. Star Wars is extremely popular. GTA V can be modded. Nobody should there be surprised that there are Star Wars mods for GTA V. Previously, we’ve seen the addition of Luke’s landspeeder in stylish metallic chrome, and also a mod which replaced the small hapless little blimp timidly circling the Los Santos airspace. Yeah, that was replaced with an imposing triangle Imperial Star Destroyer (albeit sans turbolasers.).

With the game already containing a sci-fi weapon in the form of the railgun, it was about time we got a sufficiently futuristic outfit to go with is. As stylish as high-powered beam weapons are when paired with suits, a well tailored blazer won’t be much help if the enemy has similar armament. This is where the phase I Clone Trooper armor mod comes into play.

The armor mod (complete with clipping issues and all) looks gorgeous in GTA V. And despite being unlike any weapon to rear its head in Star Wars, the GTA V railgun fits the picture nicely. Even those unfamiliar with Star Wars can realize that this indeed is a clone and not a Stormtrooper, as he does not miss a single shot (granted, there are only two).

Would you guys be interested in seeing further Star Wars mods in GTA V?

Rockstar Trolling GTA V Dataminers?

So it seems that after the period of strict iron rule imposed during the brutal war against GTA Online hackers by Rockstar, the game developers’ sense of humor is returning slowly and steadily. With countless GTA V related rumors springing up based on information uncovered by data miners, players who dig around in the game’s code and files to discover hidden data, Rockstar has decided to put an end to it. In a move befitting Rockstar’s silly-funny public persona, seemingly they’ve begun to hide false info in the game files to throw data miners and tipsters off track.


Months ago, rumors regarding the eventual opening of the GTA 5 casino began circulating. It all began when someone reported that the sign on the casino changed from “opening soon” to “opening next week”. When no-one else encountered the phenomenon, and it was noted that the tipster was playing a PC version, it was concluded that he simply used a mod to gain fifteen minutes of fame. True enough, the casino has remained closed to this day, but the rumors have not died down. I mean, just thinking about it, it would be logical for Rockstar to do something with the casino, adding a gambling system to the in-game economy.

Another rumored DLC was the so-called “Mansions” update, which would add ridiculously over priced properties to the game with countless luxurious features for players with an endless wallet (possibly made possible through gambling wins) to blow their GTA $ on.


Recently though, some GTA V data miners happened upon the following:

0xCED5A615 = Start your day like a pro: play 8 hours of Casino blackjack with your remortgager and divorce attorney. Then wash it all down with a time trial through North LS to a Vinehood Hills mansion you’ll never own.

References to both the casino and a mansion and we think, a not-too-obvious troll. Both the casino and mansions were popular rumored DLCs. Coincidence? What do you think?

Do GTA:O Freemode Events Foreshadow GTA’s Future?

You know what would be absolutely insane, and yet in keeping with today’s typical AAA trend? GTA 6 being a free to play MMO with paid microtransactions.


I’m sure the brains of most of you just melted, exploded or combusted at reading that sentence (GTA 5 Cheats does not accept any responsibility for injuries caused by reading our content), Knowing Rockstar, it probably won’t happen. But the sad truth is, with the state the industry is in at the moment, the possibility exists.

With the recent announcement and even more recent release of GTA Online Freemode Events, it is clear that Rockstar is taking GTA in a more multiplayer direction, and with reason. GTA Online was, and is, a massive success, outperforming even the greatest expectations of the developer. With the Freemode Events and continued silence regarding the question of single player DLC, it is clear which mode Rockstar is devoting more resources to. The reason behind this decision lies in some older news regarding GTA V sales.

When the game hit the insane 54 million shipped copies milestone, Rockstar and Take Two Interactive released some financial info showing that the vast majority of their revenue came from microtransactions in GTA Online. GTA Online players may purchase Shark Cash Cards for real money, which then add in-game currency to their characters. The free-to-play/pay-to-win model for video games has been immensely popular and lucrative in the past few years, with a number of big-name MMOs switching to an F2P system.

Now, among “hardcore” gamers, “Free to Play” is a hated term. I myself despise this trend in gaming. Defiance, a Sci-Fi MMO started as a $60 purchase and unlimited game-time, went F2P. Many of the early adopters jumped ship. Guild Wars 2 recently switched to a F2P model, and old players have been evacuating en masse. However, the old core fans leaving isn’t noticed in the massive influx of new free players, which is why developers don’t really care. As long as the player and profit numbers go up, anything goes.

Would you abandon the GTA franchise if it turned into a F2P microtransaction-ridden MMO?

GTA V Started A Multi-Protagonist Trend In AAA

The effects of GTA V on the AAA gaming industry are long reaching indeed. The game’s influence has been felt throughout the video games world ever since it launched. From basic things such as rival franchise Saint’s Row releasing a joke DLC called “GAT V” around the same time, all the way to influencing the entire mentality of player freedom underlying the highly anticipated and soon launching Fallout 4. However, GTA V has also started a few trends in game development. These are only becoming apparent nowadays, several years after GTA V’s initial launch, as development times are lengthy and only now can we see the fruits of GTA V’s influence.


A recent AAA success, while in a entirely different genre and setting, was still affected by Rockstar’s blockbuster. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt featured a wide open world that could be freely explored, much like GTA V. Now, this isn’t particularly special, as any open-world game worth your while is jam-packed with stuff to do, however the Witcher 3 also adopted another feature that was present in GTA V, and is significantly less common place. The game featured multiple playable protagonists. In some sections of the game, players assumed control over Ciri instead of Geralt of Rivia. While this could not be controlled by the player like in GTA V, the feature’s inclusion is a clear allusion.


A further example of GTA V’s influence is another upcoming AAA game, which is the next installment in an extremely popular franchise with almost as much brand recognition as GTA. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate will feature twins Jacob ad Evie Frye, two fierce, stealthy assassins with their unique personalities and game play styles. It has yet to be clarified whether or not switching between the twins will be restricted in any way, but based on Ubisoft’s statements, we assume that they’ve opted for full player freedom.


Do you think GTA VI will also feature multiple protagonists? It’s pretty hard to believe it wouldn’t!

Jobs Listed for New Rockstar Next-Gen Game


Rockstar New England is hiring, and the new job postings hint at what its mystery project might be.

One job is for a physics programmer. It requires experience with the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, and PS4 and mentions that the programmer will use “technology related to ragdolls, cloth fragments, [and] collision.”

The second job is for a graphics programmer to work on the visuals for “Rockstar’s next big title.”

Speculation is rampant about what this new game could be. Many fans are hoping for a sequel to Bully or Red Dead Redemption 2. What do you think it could be? We’ll keep you updated as we learn new details.

You can check out the job listings for yourself here and here.

All New GTA V Info – DLC Details & More!


The Official Playstation magazine for Brazil “Playstation Revista Oficial” scored an interview with Rockstar Games and have given us just a little bit more information about the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto V…

  • Franklin’s missions will all primarily involve gang warfare and car racing.
  • Heists are not actually part of the “core game story”.
  • There will be downloadable content available to purchase (DLC), but no release date was provided.
  • There will be buses (and specific bus routes) in the game.
  • You can activate your character’s special powers by pressing either L3 (PS3) or LS (Xbox 360).
  • Photos that you take in-game can be uploaded to the Rockstar Social Club.
  • Franklin’s “look” has changed the most over the period since development of the game started.
  • Rockstar Tip #1: If you are going to steal a plane, choose Trevor. He’s the best pilot.
  • Rockstar Tip #2: If you want to escape during a car chase, choose Franklin as he’s the best driver.

Translation courtesy of Reddit user ‘OverratedMusicGenre’. Bring on September 17!

GTA V Unlikely to be Banned in Australia

Update: GTA V (uncensored) has since been granted an R18 rating by the ACB in Australia. Details here.

Australian gamers worried about Grand Theft Auto 5 being outright banned there can breath a sigh of relief if the email capture below (courtesy of Reddit) is to be believed. Via its “Mouthoff” feedback system, Rockstar Games has advised that everyone who pre-orders GTA V in Australia will receive a copy – the inference being that the next iteration of the sometimes controversial GTA game series will not banned Down Under.


The worry stems from the Australian Classification Board’s (ACB) previous stern approach to games like the Grand Theft Auto Series, Left 4 Dead 2, Saint’s Row IV and Manhunt. Concerned gamers have been wondering if GTA 5 would be outright banned (which was always going to be unlikely) or otherwise to what extent it will be censored. At least email above should calm a lot of fears about the first scenario.

Another “positive” for Oz gamers is the R18+ rating which can, as of the start of this year, be given to video games. Previously only films could get an R18+ rating and games an MA15+, meaning that any game above MA15+ would be banned or require censure to bring it within MA15+ guidelines.

For a bit of history, Grand Theft Auto III was originally banned in Australia due to sexual violence involving prostitutes, with a censored version being released later. A PC version was then released uncut. Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360 and PS3 was pre-censored by Rockstar Games and given an MA15+ rating, however the PC version was released unedited and given the same rating. Rockstar then released a patch for the console versions of the game that reversed the censoring originally put in place. The game retained its MA15+ rating.

The bottom line seems to be that Rockstar are on top of things and hopefully actively working with ACB. Whether they submit Grand Theft Auto V uncut and hope for a R18+ or MA15+ rating, or whether it requires some form of censor remains to be seen. The odds of Australian gamers being left “GTA V high and dry” come September 17 though are pretty much non-existent.