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Xbox One Getting Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility – Where’s GTA?

Microsoft recently started a storm online by announcing that it was introducing Xbox 360 game backwards compatibility to the Xbox One.


Backwards compatibility on current-gen consoles was a much-requested feature ever since the new consoles were announced – without the feature. The jump from last-last-gen to last-gen was significantly larger than the difference between current consoles and the previous line, as the launch titles of the Xbox One didn’t show much difference/improvement from the latter titles available on Xbox 360 (proven by the fact that some games had cross-gen releases, like GTA V) . Despite this, the Xbox 360 launched with a backwards compatibility function, and currently more than 400 original Xbox titles are compatible with the 360, which is more than half of the full library of the original Microsoft console.


At this year’s E3, Microsoft announced that they will be introducing the backwards compatibility feature to the Xbox One console gradually, with more and more games added in waves. However, to the dismay of many fans, the list is devoid of any games developed by Rockstar Games, meaning all GTA games and Red Dead Redemption. Another popular game missing from the list is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. When asked about the situation, Microsoft could only offer answer regarding Bethesda’s RPG, but there is still no word on why the Rockstar games aren’t getting the compatibility treatment.

lowrider-car-show (1)

In the case of Skyrim, Microsoft simply stated that getting some games to work with the feature takes longer than others, so Skyrim is coming, players just need to be patient. Rockstar’s unwillingness to participate in this campaign is puzzling, however, as the developer has quite an impressive library on the Xbox 360, with extremely popular games. Of course this includes previous GTA games which would certainly sell well on the Xbox One as well a Red Dead Redemption (players are desperate for a sequel to that too). The best bet on this is that the company has run into some licensing issues, which are the main problem other game developers are experiencing with the compatibility program.

Would you guys want to see old GTA titles on the Xbox One?

GTA V Minecraft Project Progressing

Some months ago we reported on one extremely bored and dedicated Minecraft player who has decided to recreate the whole of GTA V inside the voxel based survival-construction game.

Since that article went up, N11ck has recruited 15 other equally bored and/or insane (in a good way, honest) people to assist with the ambitious project. Their undertaking has garnered the team quite a following and N11ck has been updating fans of their progress via Youtube videos. Since the original post, they’ve made immense progress in their project, proving their dedication. If only people cared as much about things that actually mattered as much as they do about things like this (and sports), imagine what a paradise our world would be!


The development and growth of Minecraft could accurately be tracked via the kinds of fan creations that cropped up. As time went on, and newer and newer features were added to the game, player creations grew in size and complexity. First you had a small-scale model of, say, Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings. Then someone made Hobbiton. Then a life-sized Minas Tirith. Then the whole of freaking Middle Earth. The recreation of GTA V’s Los Santos and Blain County is hardly the first massive Minecraft project, but so far it does seem to be the most detailed one.

All of this began when N11ck just recreated Michael’s house from GTA V. The success of his efforts then inspired him to leap all the way to making the entire map (talk about skipping steps), which he began on his own.

You can check out the team’s progress in this incredibly impressive interactive 360 degree map-video, showing off the incredible level of detail they have put into recreating Los Santos. Have you guys ever attempted to recreate anything GTA V related in Minecraft?

GTA V Meets Top Gun or H.A.W.X…. Kind Of

If modders have their way, you’ll soon be able to play every game within GTA V. Mark our words, a year from today, GTA V on PC will be the only game anyone will ever need. Mods have made it possible to play a modern military shooter, a post-apocalyptic survival game, an RPG, and even< a href=”http://www.gta5cheats.com/you-can-now-play-fallout-in-gta-v/”>Fallout, all within GTA V.

But Wait.

There’s more!


Now, you can also play Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. in GTA V, or at least, a very distant cousin of it. The mod titled Air Superiority adds a new mini game to GTA V, which, when triggered, places the player in the cockpit of a P-996 Lazer fighter jet. Four squads of 5 jets each face off in the skies above Los Santos. The four team are all color coded, but they also have an associated nation (not that it makes any difference at present), with the Chinese being green, the Russians red (obviously), the USA blue and the UK yellow.


In its current version, Air Superiority is a tad simple. Shoot down the enemy planes, don’t get shot down yourself, cover your squad, and rack up kills. The first team to reach 1200 points is victorious. The author has expressed a desire to update the mod with further features, such as a way of repairing damage to your plane on the fly (no pun intended) and missile countermeasures such as flairs and chaff.


The mod could also use some additional game modes (Defend the Blimp? Hunt the Chopper? CTF? FFA?), as the current team deathmatch setup is rather straight forward. However, there is a whole lot of new potential locked in this mod, and with the recent surge in the popularity of flight simulators (well, space sims, but the basis of gameplay is the same) in the face of Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous means that this could grow to be a very popular mod.

Are you keen on taking to the skies of GTA V with this mod?

GTA V Halloween Surprise Item Bug Still Plaguing Players

Following a slew of leaks spoiling more or less all of the Halloween “Surprise” DLC for GTA Online, Rockstar recently released the update a bit ahead of the actual celebration. With Halloween behind us, the DLC still lingers on until the 16th of November, after which you won’t be able to buy the items and vehicles added in the DLC – however if you already have them, you’ll still have access to them. As such, players are in a frenzy to get their hands on the unique, spooky goods before they’re gone for good, but some gamers were in for the biggest fright of this year’s Halloween when they checked their inventory after making a DLC purchase.


After the DLC went live, GTA Online players almost instantly began reporting bugs. After purchasing a limited Halloween item such as the flashlight or one of the costume masks, the article they’d bought did not appear in their inventory, but their character’s in-game bank account was charged. After several support tickets were submitted, Rockstar allegedly resolved the issue, and any player affected had their purchases reimbursed. They should then have been free to repurchase the items. For most, the fix truly solved the issue, however a few players were still experiencing the same bug.

We are currently investigating cases for a small group of players who might have purchased these items and did not receive them during that time.


Rockstar has since applied a second fix to the same issue, and they’re getting closer, with even more affected players finally being able to buy the items successfully, but some still experienced the bug. In any case, if you are still unable to purchase the limited Halloween items, do not be distressed, as Rockstar knows of the issue and is working hard to fix it, and you’ve still got until the 16th to make up for lost time.

Were and of you guys afflicted with this GTA Online bug?

GTA V Rakes In Golden Joystick Awards

The 33rd Golden Joystick Awards have just wrapped up, and this year’s competition was tight,= but the results are hardly surprising.

Despite not having been released initially this year, the launch of the PC version having happened in 2015 meant that GTA V could compete for recognition in the world’s second oldest video game award ceremony this year as well. Considering the game’s launch versions were highly praised, and that the PC version added a whole lot of new content and features, it is not surprising that GTA V took home several awards, though it got knocked out of the “Ultimate Game of the Year” throne by we-all-know-who.


While the biggest winner of the year is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – to absolutely no-one’s surprise – with a total of 5+1 (the +1 being CDPR winning Best Studio for TW3) awards. The awards are well earned, with the game being almost universally praised by all critics and players, and this goes to show in the sales department as well.


Coming tightly in second place is our own GTA V, with four awards to its name. An obvious community favorite, GTA Online took home the Playfire Most Played Award, with lord knows how many lifetimes worth of game time racked up. GTA Online also got the prestigious award of Best Multiplayer, going up against games which are exclusively multiplayer. Funny how a game-mod beat whole games at their own, well, game. Another rather big award taken home by Rockstar’s blockbuster is best PC game, which is a pretty big thing considering the majority of GTA V’s fans are couch gamers. Last but not least, GTA V won Innovation of the Year for none other than adding First-Person mode to the game.




But who are we to argue, right?

Did you guys vote for GTA V this year?

How To Convince Your Parents To Let You Play GTA V

We all know that GTA V very well deserves that 18+ rating (or “M”, depending on where you’re from). There’s plenty of killing, stealing, destroying, burning, thieving, murdering, and a whole lot of other verbs that are less than savory. There’s blood, gore, swearing, and full frontal nudity. Generally, it isn’t a great idea to let young children play this sort of game. Not because it turns them into criminal psychopaths when they grow up (which is BS), but because they’ll have plenty of time to enjoy mature fiction once they’re grown up. They really should have a childhood, and a chance to enjoy the things they wouldn’t once they’re older.


However, sometimes kids are a little ahead of their peers on the learning curve. Sometimes they want to get a piece of the fun which many others they look up to are partaking in. Some kids just want to play games with their favorite cousin.

So what does a 13 year old, determined to play GTA V despite the mature themes, do to convince his parents?

13yo just presented us his case for GTA 5.

Make a PowerPoint presentation, of course! Now, don’t roll your eyes. It actually worked.

He had us three slides in, but we made a good show of reticence.

The mother of the child, who undoubtedly will have a successful career in politics, posted the full presentation on Imgur to provide budding GTA fans across the globe with inspiration on how to negotiate an agreement with their parents … one which gives them the license to consume an entertainment product intended for a much older audience.

The kid is certainly dedicated, and with this sort of diplomatic approach, we bet he could talk down griefers in freemode and turn them into productive members of the GTA Online community simply through the microphone.

Do you guys know any youngsters who are mentally mature enough for GTA V?

GTA V Inspired EA To Expand Into New Fields

It seems the gaming industry won’t shake off the influence of GTA V’s success any time soon. This game has inspired and affected well established franchises and series with its game mechanics and ideology. Fallout 4’s dev team looked to GTA V as an example for player freedom in an open world game, while the multiple protagonists of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and the Witcher 3 were in part inspired by Franklin, Trevor and Michael’s exploits in the world of Los Santos.


However, as significant as these influences are, they are just single titles. A game here, another game there, regardless of how popular or influential they themselves become or became, will hardly have the weight of one of the AAA gaming industry’s largest publishers putting their weight into a relatively untapped field, spurred by the massive popularity and sales of GTA V.

EA publishes action packed games, granted, but how many of their games actually fit outright the “action” genre?

Sure, Battlefield *has* plenty of action, but that’s an MMS. Dragon Age has plenty of action, and the latest installment is open world to an extent, but that’s an RPG. We could go on, but we’d be sitting here till hell freezes over considering the number of games EA has to its name. But somehow, not many will fit the bill of an open world action adventure game in the vein of the GTA franchise.


If you look at the biggest segment in our industry, which is action, we don’t have a lot, EA is not known to make gigantic action games like Assassin’s Creed or Batman or GTA or those types of games that are really big.

In recent years, open world games have begun to steal the crown of the AAA industry from the Modern Military Shooter franchise, and with EA being one of the largest players, its time they took a slice of the cake.

What other games do you think the influence of GTA can be felt upon?

GTA V Meets Russian Roulette, Bullet Meets Brains

Meta-mods (mods which place games within games) are among the most fun community-made content out there. Sure, it’s not like GTA V is in need of more content, considering there is already more than enough fluff and faff populating the game to ensure that you never get bored. It appears that is so much so that other games are using it as an example to be followed.

Even if you happen to be in possession of illegal quantities of free time and actually manage to get bored of GTA V, you can always go play GTA Online, which has about twice as much content, and was incidentally recently expanded even further with the Freemode Events update.


However, if you’re hurting for a fun little game to play in a game with the people in the game, then look no further. This simple, yet fun little mod adds Russian Roulette to GTA V. Now, since this is GTA, it should go without saying that this is indeed live-fire Russian Roulette, meaning that of the two people who sit down to play, only one will stand up with their brain still inside their skull (or, well, stand up at all, for that matter). You can play the mini game with any NPC found in the game.


When you approach your selected opponent, a prompt to begin the round will appear, and a table will spawn. You then sit face to face with your opponent, and will have a six shot weapon between you with a single bullet. In the game, you can choose to shoot yourself, spin the chamber, or, in true GTA V style, just up and shoot your opponent. Granted, the NPC opponent will have the same options, and thanks to complex AI (in a mini game, yup), sometimes they will try and cheat. Let the games begin!

Will you be giving Russian Roulette a try? In GTA V of course – don’t try this at home. Seriously.

How To Make GTA V Family Friendly

It is a well known fact that GTA V is a violent, immoral, violent, graphic, violent, excessive, violent, brutal, violent, visceral and violent game. Add to that, it features themes of alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, sexual content, murder, crime, violence and theft. You might imagine that most parents, politicians and rating officials aren’t too keen on having small children get their hands on a controller while GTA V is in the console.


However, there are ways to turn GTA V into a nice’n’fluffy little game that is suitable for the smaller members of the family.

Well, not really.

Ever considered that it is possible to physically mod games? It is a simple concept really, but people rarely consider it. Now, by physically modding we don’t mean manually scratching your own indents into the disc, because that would obviously screw things up (don’t look like that, some people out there would genuinely try), but rather augmenting your gaming experience by altering your environment.

Sure, the following is just a joke video about how GTA V can be a child-friendly dog-simulator by riding a bike in first person, muting the game and listening to ambient dog sounds, but the method carries surprisingly many possibilities.

As stupid as all this might seem, the method depicted in the video is the basis of augmented reality. Using the variable ambient environmental factors outside the game to control or alter the game itself, as used with the AR cards on the PSVita, for example, is the much more advanced version of the very preliminary method shown in the video.

It might seem absurd to read so much into one silly video, however usually the greatest of inventions start out with the humblest of beginnings (granted, this isn’t the beginning of AR, but you get the sentiment). Do you change the lighting conditions or anything in your gaming environment while you play GTA?

GTA V And Other Rockstar Games On Sale At Humble Store

Just in case you haven’t have had enough of GTA and Rockstar sales in the past month, the Humble Store is holding a sale on all games developed by Rockstar available through the digital distribution platform.


The wave of sales was kicked off by Sony when they discounted all Rockstar games that were available on the Playstation Store to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the legendary Playstation game console. Following this, Microsoft put GTA V and some other GTA games on sale through their Deals with Gold service, which allows gold and silver Xbox Live subscribers to purchase games through Xbox Live at a discount. Most recently, Rockstar’s games were discounted on PC by Green Man Gaming, and by Rockstar themselves on the IOS App Store and Google Play, ticking off all platforms. The GMG PC sale saw GTA V’s price hit an all time low, going for as cheap as $37 for the first time.


In an attempt to cater to the, like, six people out there who still haven’t bought GTA V (I mean, its been years since intial release, and these are some pretty solid sales. Chances are everyone who wanted GTA V got it by now, no?), the Humble Store, the non-bundle section of the popular Humble Bundle digital distribution service, has discounted their full library of Rockstar games, with GTA V leading the charge.

GTA V can be purchased at a 20% downmark, while buying it bundled with a shark cash card will allow you to save 30%. Other Rockstar games on offer are various GTA titles, L.A. Noire, the Max Payne games, Manhunt, and Bully, making this a pretty standard lineup. As with the bundle sales, buyers may select the amount of their purchase which goes towards a charity of their choice, meaning that you’ll be buying games for a good cause!

Anyone picking anything up? Some older GTA  games, maybe?