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GTA V Second Best Selling Game In 2016 So Far

Rockstar sure knows how to kick off a new year. January was an extremely strong month for the guys behind GTA V and they’re showing no sign of slowing down any time soon. GTA 5 has somehow managed to stay in the current top five games constantly without dropping off ever since launch. The number of records broken by this one game is astounding. Rockstar sure had the right idea when they spread out the launch dates of the various ports – those intervals guaranteed the game’s longevity at the financial peak.


Typically the top-five best selling games can be easily predicted in the AAA sphere. The big-name, over-hyped titles always switch each other out. Whenever a Call of Duty, Battlefield, FIFA or Assassin’s Creed game is launch, it’s bound to hold the spot for a while until the next over-marketed big budget title drops. However somehow GTA V managed to defy the unwritten laws of the AAA industry and it never surrendered its position. Hell, it went up.

This is the third consecutive January where Grand Theft Auto V was a Top 5 title. Astonishingly, the game has moved up in ranking placement from fifth place in January 2014, to third in January 2015 and to the second-best selling game in January 2016.


The above quote comes from an NDP Group analyst and they’re hard to impress. The NDP is known for disregarding digital sales, which in today’s world is a significant oversight. Add to this the fact that GTA V has sold over 60 million copies since launch and those figures might change a tad. The only game that outsold GTA V in January was Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Because of course it did. If the game’s sales keep up the pace GTA V just might become the best selling video game of all time before it’s taken out of circulation.


How many sales have you contributed to GTA V’s portfolio? We ask since some players are known to re-buy games for multiple platforms.

GTA Online Valentine’s DLC Items Here To Stay

The times of missing out on thematic DLC content appear to be behind us. GTA Online’s most recent update, Be My Valentine is adding a bunch of new content to the game. Hopefully this update has set a new status quo too, as Rockstar has confirmed that unlike the Halloween Surprise DLC, all Valentine’s DLC items will remain in the game permanently. No more drive to buy everything up before they’re gone forever. No more watching others pounce about in their DLC clothes knowing that you missed out.


The content of the Be My Valentine DLC leaked a good long while ago, spoiling the surprise of a boatload of new vintage clothing items and the return of the Roosevelt. Last year Rockstar also released a DLC commemorating Valentine’s Day which included gangster era clothes, an old timer car in the shape of the Roosevelt and the legendary tommy gun.

Then soon after they took it all out again. Of course if you’d bought the gear it stayed yours, however it otherwise disappeared from stores to purchase. Rockstar repeated this policy with several other thematic and seasonal DLCs.


This Valentin’s though, a fan decided to go and ask Rockstar support how long the DLC items would be around, since there was no word on this in the official announcement.  Seeing as this is kind of a big deal, it’s surprising that Rockstar decided to downplay this little tidbit of info. The comments regarding this revelation show just how much it means to the fans. It’s not like Rockstar needs to improve their already perfect public image, but this would have been a solid boost.

A discussion regarding making thematic DLC items permanent in game had popped up previously in the past, and surprisingly enough most people were against the idea. Now that Rockstar’s actually doing it, they’re all for it!

What are your feelings on making DLC items a permanent addition to GTA Online?

GTA Online Desperately Needs Better Weapon Management

Weapon wheels have become extremely widespread in all kinds of games in recent years. They have become a staple of AAA action titles, however can be discovered in indie productions too. Be it a shooter, an RPG, or and Action Adventure game; top down, first person or third person; sci-fi, modern day or fantasy; the weapon wheel is everywhere. It is an easy, neat and elegant solution for equipment selection. The weapon wheel also happens to be GTA V’s system of choice.


You’d think that after all these years something as simple as a round thing with weapon options on it has been perfected. GTA V is here to prove you wrong. Despite getting so many things right, Rockstar managed to get it wrong with this particular aspect. You might call this nitpicking but anyone who has played GTA Online to the point where they’ve unlocked most weapons know that this is a serious issue.


The weapon wheel in GTA Online is kinda crap. Not only is hauling literally your entire arsenal around with you incredibly unrealistic, it is a pain in the ass to sort through it all. The weapon wheel is separated into eight sections, each representing one category. If you want to select a weapon within a category you’ll need to cycle through all weapons in that category.

If you’re in the middle of a freemode spat or taking part in an Adversary Mode which requires quick reactions to new situations, standing still to dig through your weapons is problematic.


An easy solution which would also force players to think ahead and pick their arsenal carefully would be to restrict players to carrying only one weapon from each category while out and about. All Rockstar needs to do is add a weapons locker to player apartments, and voila.

Has the GTA Online weapon wheel caused you guys any trouble in the past?

Permadeath Comes To GTA V

There are a large number of games that all fall into a category that is not defined by genre. These kinds of games are typically unforgivingly hard, they are unpredictable due to either random or procedural generation and they are considered to be among the most “hardcore” games out there. Typically dying in these games is also pretty permanent.


We’re talking about Roguelikes, named after what may have been the first (popular) Roguelike, a game aptly called Rogue. Anyone who spent any time with GTA V will know that it is nowhere near Roguelike and the addition of one simple game mechanic will not suddenly change that. However it will certainly make it feel more like a good old Roguelike.

This particular mod comes to us from Sladernimo, who wants to make your GTA V experience just a bit more difficult – or frustrating. Once you’ve dug through all the legal notices you’ll find out that the mod named Dead Is Dead makes death permanent in GTA V.


We say “permanent”, but what the mod actually does is simply remove checkpoints from missions, forcing you to either load a save or start a new game if you die. Instead of, you know, just waking up in a hospital with a tad less pocket change weighing down your pants.

Like we said this isn’t exactly the most groundbreaking mod, nor is it a paragon of complexity, but it achieves what it sets out to do. It makes staying alive more of a priority than it was before.

The existence of this mod can be attributed to one of the few criticisms that GTA V has been getting over the years. Not only is it too easy but it also feels like failure has no consequences. You lose a bit of cash, so what, right?

What other game mechanic changes would you welcome in GTA V?

GTA V Named PC Gamer’s Best 2013 Game Of 2015

While securing profits for three (and possibly more) years by spreading out the release dates for the different platform versions of your game is a great financial move, for the love of god, think of the journalists!


GTA V is a game from 2013. The PC version was released in 2015, and was great, however it is this kind of weird launch scheduling that spawns abominations such as the “2103 game of 2015 award”.

PC Gamer, one of the most well known, well respected and frequently read gaming publications made a bit of an oops in this year’s game of the year awards by introducing weird nominations like this one. As much as GTA V deserves this, it sure as hell does not deserve this.


However, the points brought up by the writers are spot on. GTA V’s PC version should be showered with at least as much praise and awards as the launch versions, and the current-gen console versions after that, if not more. Undoubtedly the definitive edition of the game, the PC version of GTA 5 adds some crucial elements which have perfected the already magnificent masterpiece that Rockstar released on the console prior.

The possibility for mods, the Rockstar Editor (which, granted, is now available on current-gen as well), and the stunning visuals all elevated the PC version of GTA V above the other releases, and above most other 2015 games as well. Of course, there were a few worthy contenders, however few really matched Rockstar’s blockbuster open world action adventure epic.


The PC version has been sweeping in awards throughout the year, and it isn’t slowing down now that the definitive awards – the Game of the Year awards – are being handed out. This is despite having strong competition from the likes of Metal Gear Solid V, the Witcher 3 and Fallout 4.

Do you count GTA V PC among your games of the year for 2015?

Spice Up GTA V With Rippler’s Realism

Do you over feel like your GTA V experience is missing something, but don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of modding with all sorts of different files and utilities? Would you rather just play than fiddle around with a dozen different mods to get around compatibility conflicts? You don’t need all sorts of flashy new additions, just improvements to the stuff Rockstar already put into the game, as well as some deeper game mechanics? Rippler’s Realism might be perfect for you.

In one neat, user friendly mod, Rippler’s Realism adds some solid new game mechanics to GTA V’s single player mode. The mod started out as a weapon tweak which revamped the gunplay mechanics in GTA V to allow for more realistic combat. The shots from the grenade launcher exploded on impact like they’re supposed to, and the damage and rate of fire stats for several weapons were made to resemble their real life counterparts.

A later addition was a bullet penetration mechanic, which meant that shots passed through certain materials, like wood or thinner sheets of metal, causing damage to whatever or whoever was behind.

After several updates, a mechanic allowing players to fire pretty much any weapon from a vehicle while driving, even in first person, was added, giving you some new tactical options during a firefight or chase. Rippler, the mod’s author, also began porting over weapons from GTA Online exclusive DLCs, such as the PDW and Machine Pistol from their respective updates. DLC content showing up in single player thanks to mods is quite the popular trend.

Another tweak to the combat is the inclusion of damage states for the enemies, meaning that damage and wounds depend on what area of the body you hit, and what kind of protection the target is wearing on said body part.

Do you hope to see some more realistic game mechanics in GTA VI whenever it is released?

We Have Yachts, Are RVs The Next Logical Step?

Yachts, yachts, yachts. Every community portal dedicated to GTA Online, and even ones that aren’t, are flooded with discussion of the new yachts which were added to the game via the recent Executives and Other Criminals DLC.

The buzz around the yachts is so powerful that is has even overpowered and stifled any conversation regarding the rather ground-breaking, revolutionary and significant VIP and Bodyguard system feature which also debuted with the update.


However, even so, with these super popular yachts only being five days old, players are already considering what the next similar addition to GTA Online should be, and the most logical evolution appears to be the idea of Recreational Vehciles, better known as simply “RVs”. Luxurious mobile homes have had a small resurgence these past years in the appropriate circles, but are still hardly as widespread as yachts.


Since GTA Online got semi-mobile apartments on sea, it would be easy to assume that semi-mobile apartments on land will be coming next (with zeppelin like semi-mobile apartments in air…), in the form of high-end RVs.

Luxury ships already feature some display of engineering know-how, as the task of fitting specialized rooms and equipment into an object of a specific shape and size can be quite challenging, but cramming everything which would make a luxury home, well, luxurious into a road-legal vehicle, along with all the regular features of a van or truck seems almost impossible.


Rockstar’s designers would have plenty of inspiration to draw from if they are planning such an update. Luxury mobile homes come in all shapes and sizes ranging from standard mini-vans to massive extended trailers pulled by semi trucks. The three tiered solution would certainly be doable in this context as well, and players would surely be all over the idea, just like they were with the yachts.

What kind of new luxurious end-game content do you want to see added to GTA Online?

GTA V Awakens The Force

While Executives and Other Criminals, the newest GTA Online DLC, alongside the new luxury yachts it has added to the game, has been dominating the news recently, another rather significant pop culture event also took place.

If the title didn’t give it away, we’re talking about the premiere of the much anticipated Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. While there have been plenty of awesome Star Wars related mods in the past, not to mention several trailer recreations, few were nearly as entertaining as the one we’re about to discuss.


Undoubtedly hoping to ride the hype-wave generated by the release of the new Star Wars movie, this GTA V mod, while being Star Wars themed, does not seem to have much to do with The Force Awakens. In fact, it is channeling a different, and somewhat controversial, Star Wars label, namely the Force Unleashed (though we see how easy it would be to mix the two up).

The mod, made by well known modder JediJosh920, adds four powerful Force powers to GTA V, usable by any of the three single player protagonists.

Force Push, possibly the most iconic and widely known force power, is self explanatory. It pushes stuff away from you. Violently. And with, well, force. Force grab is a sub-power of this, wherein you can hold on to your target, and throw them later on.


Force Lightning, which in turn is the most iconic Sith force power out there, is once again self explanatory (these Force-users really didn’t like to complicate things.) – you flail your hands in the general direction of your target, who gets cooked by ethereal electricity.


Finally, implemented in a way that most likely wasn’t contemplated in Star Wars is the Jedi Mind Trick. In this mod, it allows you to compel any NPC to commit suicide. Yeesh.

Have any of you guys gone out to watch the new Star Wars movie, or are you busy playing GTA Online, trying out all the new content from the DLC?

Executives And Other Criminals Feature Details

The much awaited GTA Online DLC, Executives and Other Criminals, is now available for downloaded worldwide. The new DLC adds a number of groundbreaking features such as the new VIP and Bodyguard system. It also includes several other new features that aim to turn GTA Online into “the ultimate VIP experience”.


All new game modes have been added to Freemode, giving players new ways to make a name for themselves as top bodyguards or the fiercest corporate sharks.

Hostile Takeover requires two teams to compete in extracting and delivering a package to a drop-off point. But this isn’t your typical fetch-quest. Each variation has a unique twist, such as the “package” being a tank which you need to steal from the fort.

Asset Recovery has bodyguards face off against enemy players and NPC cops as well. You’ll need to secure organization vehicles that have been impounded, with the enemy team and the LSPD trying to destroy said cars before you get them to the safe zone.


In Piracy Prevention, players are faced with a siege scenario. The defending team spawn on the yacht, an need to protect the ship from the attackers coming in from the beach.

Executive deathmatch is the high-roller version of the classic gamemode, being played across the entire Freemode map, with each player given no more than 10 lives.


VIP challenges also add a way for bodyguards within the same organisztion to decide who is best. Most Wanted strikes all members with 5 stars, and the last one alive wins. Market Manipulation has players race to “collect protection money” from all convenience stores across the map. Finally, Auto Buyout has players commit Grand Theft Auto, and steal as many cars as possible.

Which game mode added to GTA Online are you enjoying the most?

Xbox One Getting Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility – Where’s GTA?

Microsoft recently started a storm online by announcing that it was introducing Xbox 360 game backwards compatibility to the Xbox One.


Backwards compatibility on current-gen consoles was a much-requested feature ever since the new consoles were announced – without the feature. The jump from last-last-gen to last-gen was significantly larger than the difference between current consoles and the previous line, as the launch titles of the Xbox One didn’t show much difference/improvement from the latter titles available on Xbox 360 (proven by the fact that some games had cross-gen releases, like GTA V) . Despite this, the Xbox 360 launched with a backwards compatibility function, and currently more than 400 original Xbox titles are compatible with the 360, which is more than half of the full library of the original Microsoft console.


At this year’s E3, Microsoft announced that they will be introducing the backwards compatibility feature to the Xbox One console gradually, with more and more games added in waves. However, to the dismay of many fans, the list is devoid of any games developed by Rockstar Games, meaning all GTA games and Red Dead Redemption. Another popular game missing from the list is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. When asked about the situation, Microsoft could only offer answer regarding Bethesda’s RPG, but there is still no word on why the Rockstar games aren’t getting the compatibility treatment.

lowrider-car-show (1)

In the case of Skyrim, Microsoft simply stated that getting some games to work with the feature takes longer than others, so Skyrim is coming, players just need to be patient. Rockstar’s unwillingness to participate in this campaign is puzzling, however, as the developer has quite an impressive library on the Xbox 360, with extremely popular games. Of course this includes previous GTA games which would certainly sell well on the Xbox One as well a Red Dead Redemption (players are desperate for a sequel to that too). The best bet on this is that the company has run into some licensing issues, which are the main problem other game developers are experiencing with the compatibility program.

Would you guys want to see old GTA titles on the Xbox One?