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GTA IV Cheats Mistaken For Coup Code

It’s always amusing to see GTA make international headlines related to topics which otherwise have no relation to video games.

While this usually involves people driving irresponsibly and news agencies referring to the event as “GTA in real life”, or some new controversy spawning a campaign to have the games banned, today we’re bringing a completely new and absurd piece of news.


If any of you have been following world news recently, you might have heard of a short-lived but bloody and disruptive coup attempt in Turkey. A rogue element of the Turkish military apparently attempted to wrestle power from the current prime minister, however the coup was quickly put down.

Unfortunately, the aftermath has drawn quite a bit of ire due to its alleged brutality. There are many controversies surrounding Turkey and many news sources report different things. We will not talk about that today though. Today, we will talk about something a bit more lighthearted (but obviously related).


On live television, a Turkish pro-government journalist found a small notebook in the trash with a set of GTA IV cheat codes listed. You know, the usual codes for weapons, ammo, health, armor and more. For some reason, the reporter then assumed it was a set of codes used by the conspirators to communicate during the coup!

This is how they communicate in secrets. Even though it says “cheats,” health and gun, health and armor, weather, this were the things they used in the coup.

Naturally, the internet has latched onto this as the source of many jokes. The coup failing due to the conspirators having to go bowling with cousin Roman is the most popular one, but saying that if the aggressor tanks had went to a Paint’N’Spray they would have gotten away with it is also common.

Then again, we imagine if the rebels truly had access to virtually unlimited armor, weapons, “health” and attack-helicopters, the coup would have gone differently. We’re just glad people can’t summon RPGs out of the freaking ether just by calling a phone-number!

In all seriousness, the coup was a tragic event that lead to dozens of deaths and left political upheaval in its wake. However this little tidbit of lighthearted fun probably can’t hurt. How a reporter at a large news agency doesn’t actually know what GTA is does baffle us a bit. After all, it’s not like we assume she plays, but how hasn’t she even heard of it before?

Which real-life GTA news story is your favorite?

GTA V Gets Iconic Mad Max Vehicle And More

Sometimes a movie or game is released which makes massive waves in popular culture. Typically a good way of identifying these franchises is by seeing if they have inspired two or more GTA V mods around the time that they are relevant. Great examples of this would be Fallout 4 and Star Wars (specifically episode 7, The Force Awakens), both of which have had plenty of mods and fan videos made for GTA V.



Another such franchise, one that we are focusing on today, is Mad Max and more specifically the recently released Fury Road. Mad Max has been known for its sandy post-apocalyptic world and the iconic tacked-together rides. Fury Road dials the wacky cars to maximum with massive weaponized semis, vehicles with random spikes jutting out from every direction and a massive truck ticked out with a ludicrous amount of speakers.

The so called Doof Wagon can now show the citizens of Los Santos a good time thanks to prestigious modder Abstractmode. We’ve covered the work of this modder and Youtuber before and with good reason.

His newest project, the Funny Vehicles Pack #1, which contains the aforementioned Doof Wagon also has a few other funky rides for discerning players. The pack inlcudes Santa’s Sleigh, a car with a dead guy in the trunk, a dangerous shopping cart, a flat back with a DJ playing tunes, an old, green truck packed with weed, a similar van towing a stolen ATM, and finally a van that you “drive” from the surfboard strapped to the top.


If the mod’s title is to be believed we can look forward to even more such wacky cars coming from Abstractmode, so hopefully we’ll get a ride-able Easter Bunny sometime in the spring, along with a truck that has a pool in the back instead of a dance party.

What kinds of crazy vehicles would you like to see modded into GTA V?

GTA “Funny Moments” Videos Are The Scourge Of YouTube

“Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe” says the description below the 70th GTA V Funny Moments video uploaded by some self-proclaimed YouTube celeb with single digit subs.

Typical example of this filth.

If you’ve ever tried to find quality GTA V content on YouTube whenever you’re not in a position to play but get the GTA itch, you’ve probably encountered a few examples like the one above.

Ever since the gaming video trend took off a few years ago (see the rise of, YouTube has been flooded with untalented young adults and children with way too much free time on their hands. These people assumed that getting rich off YouTube would be easy, like it was for those dozen or so people for whom it actually worked out.

The result is over 95% of all video game related content appearing on the internet’s largest video repository is absolute garbage, or someone attempting to replicate someone else’s garbage. One of the least savory side effects is sites like the various subreddits dedicated to GTA V being spammed with such videos.

How the hell it happened is beyond us, but the situation has reached a point where Rockstar themselves endorsed a “funny moments” video on the Newswire as a part of their Executives and Other Criminals GTA V Film Festival.

Granted, that one was made by a content creator who was one of the first to get on the GTA V video train, and they’re among the few who aren’t screaming all the time. The clip also includes genuinely humorous happenings, but the principle is still troubling.

Somewhat more reserved, but the content is still questionable.
Somewhat more reserved, but the content is still questionable.

One particular GTA V YouTuber known as “Mr.Boss” was the focus of the community’s hate for a good long time. This was primarily down to him uploading extremely short videos wherein he speaks of some made up rumors and also giving his video’s titles which suggest that some legitimate leak with solid evidence would be revealed. Of course the motivation behind all this was only to boost views and now it seems the heat is moving over to the “funny moments” videos.

Have any of you gotten annoyed with these spam vids, or are you too busy playing GTA V to care?

If you are annoyed, then feel free to save this tag search at GTA 5 Cheats – most days throughout the week we do the work for you and showcase at least one quality GTA V clip on Youtube. That way can cut through the crap and just enjoy good content!

We Shine The Spotlight On GTA V Fan Videos

Once again Rockstar has taken to it’s Newswire to increase the popularity of select GTA V fan videos which go above and beyond all expectations. These videos are particularly well shot, particularly entertaining, particularly crazy or particularly professional. The one thing that is common among them all is the immense amount of effort that went into perfecting them, into making them the best of the best.


Occasionally Rockstar has been known to use it’s own blog as a platform to spread the word on select fan creations, be it jobs, videos, challenges or art.

This week, they’ve brought us the cream of the crop when it comes to Rockstar Editor creations. We here at GTA 5 Cheats decided to complement Rockstar’s list with the unsung stars of GTA V fan videos.

First up we have “Breackneck”, an 8 minute short film made using the Rockstar Editor, 150 GB of footage, and a custom soundtrack mixed one-effect-at-a-time, containing over 1100 individual sounds. If you think that’s impressive, wait till you see the video. It is inspired by some of the greatest car chase scenes in all of cinematography, and features Trevor as he attempts a high speed escape. Every scene is made with care, and the whole thing oozes professionalism.

Next up we have a rather valiant effort of creating a GTA V video on a console instead of PC. While the Rockstar Editor will be releasing on consoles soon, it hasn’t quite happened yet, and creating machinima in consoles is significantly more difficult. This video is a GTA V adaptation of Friday the 13th. Jason uses a rubber baton instead of a machete, and the scream near the beginning of the film is still better voice acting that the source material. Check it out!

Rockstar collected some truly great videos in their list. Which videos would you guys add?

Hi, I’m Trevor Philips. Welcome to Jackass


This is easily the funniest user-created GTA V video we’ve seen so far. Heck, it’s the funniest GTA V we’ve seen full stop! “Hi, I’m Trevor Philips. Welcome to Jackass

We never knew that Trevor was a dead ringer for Johnny Knoxville!? On the other hand we’re thinking that the actual stunts themselves are a little extreme for Knoxville, so maybe it’s more Steve-O?

Enjoy and let us know your favorite stunt!

Bringing Back the Humor in GTAV

One complaint that a lot of GTA aficionados had about Grand Theft Auto IV was the toned down humor. Sure, there was plenty of laughs to be had from the in-game radio chatter and ads, but by and large the world around you was more like real life, rather than the exaggerated versions we had in other GTA games.

We need more jokes this time around!

The Main Characters

One reason that GTA IV wasn’t as innately funny as previous games was because the main character simply wasn’t funny. Not that every single former protagonist was funny, but Niko Bellic was more a fish out of water/stranger in a strange land type, rather than someone who was able to throw out the one liners and keep up with the strange cast of characters that he was interacting with.

In Grand Theft Auto V, however, we’re going to have three main characters and they all look like they’re going to have their various quirks that open the door for more insane interactions. Michael’s a been-there-done-that career criminal that will have tons of funny insights, Trevor’s a burned out psycho, and Franklin’s a repo man that works for Armenians. Lots of potential there!

Michael - GTA V

The Supporting Cast

The supporting cast in GTA IV was where the humor was at as far as characters went, and we should expect no less this time around. Grand Theft Auto V already has quite the supporting cast lined up with various girlfriends (of course), Michael’s overspending wife and kids, conspiracy theorists, and plenty of others, including a dog.

Look for all these characters to inspire a variety of missions that will see your characters engaging in various salacious acts that will bring a smile at the very least. Rockstar thrives in this sort of environment and hopefully they’ll really bring it in GTA V.

Let’s just hope there aren’t those annoying bromance missions you have to do every time one of your buddies gets lonely. Packie…ugh! Leave me alone!

It’s a Mad, Mad World

The worlds of the various Grand Theft Auto games are like an insane, drugged-out version of our own. Rockstar takes shots at everyday things we see in the world around us by taking them, twisting them, and turning it all up to eleven.

Modern Western culture is already neck-deep in overt sexuality, and GTA games are absolutely soaked in it. Expect GTA V to take hard shots at all things Americana that we’ve seen in the past 4-5 years since the last game came out. Anything and everything will be on the table, and there will be something to offend everyone. Your favorite movie, TV show, energy drink, band, or type of music will be blasted at some point.

But that’s the fun!

Expect Rockstar to Nail It

When it comes to the humor in GTA V, we have to expect that Rockstar will not hold back. Sure, grit is good in any game that consists of you performing any and all sorts of illicit activities, but at the same time we want to be entertained by Rockstar’s take on the everyday things we have around us. The humor is already there, it just needs to be exploited! These guys already have some funny folks in their stable, they just need to give them free rein and see what they come up with. Get on it Rockstar!