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GTA V Meets The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Gather round, and witness the newest creation of the legendary film-smith, Merfish. Having become quasi famous on the web due to his recreations of the openings of various 90’s family shows, such as Arthur and Full House, Merfish now tackles another well known show from that era.


Though toned down a tad (not accounting for the ending, of course), the presence of significantly more violence than in the source material which has become a staple of Merfish’s work is apparent here too. Check out The Fresh Prince of Rockford Hills.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a sitcom that ran for 6 seasons from 1990 to 1996. The series stars Will Smith, who after getting in a tassel with a few thugs in a basketball court, needs to move into the mansion of his dirty-rich uncle. Sucks, right? The show was the first step in Will Smith’s acting career, who now is most known for his roles in several high-profile films. Merfish went into painstaking detail to get his recreation as accurate as possible, whilst filling it with enough deviation to make the whole endeavour more comical. Check out a side-by-side comparison below and see for yourself.

Merfish isn’t the only one out there who knows how to make good use of the extremely versatile Rockstar Editor. The gameplay capture and video editing software, available with the PC versions of GTA V, has been used to recreate game and movie trailers such as Need for Speed and Mad Max, alongside Merfish’s cute, family-friendly 90′ sitcoms. These recreations are possible thanks to the director mode of the software, allowing players to view recorded scenes from different camera angles and under various lighting condition, and mods, making new, fan-created assets available to use.

What do you guys think of this recreation? Have you ever made a video with the Rockstar Editor?

GTA V Singleplayer DLC Coming After All

Oh, the AAA industry. When a big name company says they won’t do something and then do the thing anyway. Most recently we had Microsoft announcing backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, and now, after the CEO of Rockstar’s parent company said not to expect any singleplayer content, one of the voice actors teases some upcoming DLC.


A photo posted by I AM WHO I AM (@solo118) on

Shawn Fonteno, voice actor of Franklin, one of the three playable protagonists of GTA V, posted a picture on Instagram of himself wearing a motion capture suit in front of a GTA Vice City poster. The image description reads “Shhhh…..YALL KNOW WHY I GOT THIS SUIT ON”.

Its pretty obvious he’s doing some mocap work for is role in GTA V, which means we’ll definitely be getting some more single player DLC.

Some eager players began mining the game’s code for information, and some interesting things popped up. A pointer to a model called “ig_agent14”, which is different from the “ig_mp_agent14” which appears in GTA Online suggest we’ll be meeting Agent 14 in the upcoming DLC. Other sources say that, while Trevor will be off infiltrating the IAA in the Agent DLC, Michael will be battling the risen dead in the Zombie DLC. How Franklin factors into this all, we do not yet know, but he is most likely involved in the Casino Heist.


The info mining on the unconfirmed DLC has turned up possible mission trigger locations, such as the IAA headquarters.

In regards to the Zombie DLC, there is much less concrete info. The DLC has been hinted at in the past, and it’s not unlike Rockstar to release undead content for their games, see RDR. It is most likely that the DLC will be in connection with Michael’s strong ties to the movie industry, and the missions will be centered around the production of a zombie flick.

What do you guys think of these rumors? Are you happy that there is singleplayer DLC on the way?

Two New Pieces of GTA V Artwork

We hope you guys are enjoying Grand Theft Auto V – is there anyone out there who hasn’t clocked the story mode yet?

If you have, then take a look at the hundred plus hints and tips we have for the next stage of the game, GTA Online. If not, then you might wanna look at the hundred plus hints and tips we have for single player to help you out.

Also, it’s nice to see Rockstar still taking the time to release new artwork for the game. These two latest pieces feature Chop (Lamar/Franklin’s dog) and Franklin with a heavy sniper (something you can have a lot of fun with in GTA Online). Both pictures make great wallpaper.




New GTA V Scraps for Monday


New information about Grand Theft Auto V continues to leak out at a frustratingly slow pace (we want to know it all, now!) but that said we do have a little something for you today courtesy of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu… mostly about animals in GTA 5. The original article (along with all the details) is in Japanese, so here’s quick primer on some thing you can expect regarding animals and pets in the game:

  • You can purchase accessories, like dog collars, for any pet (such as Chop, Franklin’s dog).
  • Chop can get lost and even end up in the Dog Pound if you neglect him (previously released information).
  • There are more than 15 different types of animals in the game.
  • All wild animals (that is, not pets) can be hunted. We saw a glimpse of this in the gameplay video.

Famitsu also had these non-animal-related tidbits to share:

  • GTA V will be released in Japan on October 10 this year.
  • Each character has it’s own walk (I guess this means the realism will be there – good to know).
  • Animations are much improved over previous games in the GTA series (again, good to know).
  • One of the missions you need to complete in the game will take place entirely underwater.
  • Trevor and Michael can share a jet-ski ride together. Two comments on this: (1) how sweet; and (2) wonder why Franklin is left out of the fun?

Anyway, there you have it. A very random list of new Grand Theft Auto 5 information from a Japanese gaming magazine. What else did you expect?

All New Character Trailers for GTA 5

The three character trailers for GTA 5 have been released and let me say this game is gonna be AWESOME. Check out all three clips within the single video below – first Michael, then Franklin, and finally Trevor (in our opinion, saving the best for last).

Direct video link:  http://g5c.co/6

Within the game you’ll be able to actually switch between all three characters as you progress, and as you can see, each has a very different background and motivations for what they do.

Here at GTA 5 Cheats we were pumped for the release on September 17, but now it’s safe to say that we really, seriously can’t wait! Grand Theft Auto V does not look like it is going to disappoint.

GTA 5 has been announced for PS3 and Xbox 360 only at this stage.

Update:  if you want to view the individual trailers for each character, they are available now on our videos page.

New GTA 5 Wallpaper, Release Countdown Timer

New GTA 5 Wallpaper

Rockstar Games has just released two new HD wallpapers for GTA 5. First, in an image titled “Cash and Carry: By Sea”, we have Michael making what looks to be a getaway on a specific jetski model – the “SpeedoPhile 2000”. Then, in a related picture called “Cash and Carry: By Land”, we have Franklin making a getaway from a robbery on a motorcycle. It’s safe to say that both modes of transport will be available to players in the final version of GTA V and you can download high definition versions of both new wallpapers by simply clicking on them below.




GTA 5 Release Date Countdown Timer

You should have noticed the new countdown timer in the sidebar up and to the right of this post. The concept is pretty straight forward – it’s just a handy little timer that will tell you exactly how long you have to wait until the game is released. So bookmark it and be sure to check back whenever you need to know just how much longer there is to wait until you can get your hands on GTA V!