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Everything You Need to Know About GTA Online


We hate writing ridiculously long articles just as much as you hate reading them. That’s why we created the list below. It tells you all the major things you need to know about GTA Online quickly and simply. Enjoy!

Trailer: Watch it here.

Availability and release: GTA Online is free and will be available from October 1 2013.

Player limit: The player limit is 16.

Phone contacts: On your phone there are various contacts that can help you with different things (like if you’re on a mission, or need to escape the cops) and as you progress through GTA Online and rank up, you’ll get access to more contacts/help.

Unlocks: As you progress through the GTA Online world, new characters, gear, places and missions/activities will become available.

Alone or together: You can choose to play GTA Online either alone or with friends, and can work co-operatively to complete missions, participate in activities or complete the other game modes.

Passive mode: There is a game mode called “passive mode” in which people can’t shoot you and you can’t shoot them.

Content creation: You can create and share your own missions and activities via the Social Club cloud. Other players can rate what you’ve created.

Rivals: There is a rivals feature. You will know when your rivals come online and be able to find them.

Headset integration: If you speak into your headset, your character will lip-sync in time! Plus if you speak while robbing a store (for example) the clerk will react to the urgency in your voice!

Customization: You can customize your online character and spend money on them by improving stats, purchasing and customizing vehicles, and purchasing property and weapons. You can also pre-select their favorite weapons and vehicles.

Starting out: GTA Online begins with you arriving with zero money to Los Santos. You are then required to complete a few missions to earn some money and get introduced to the mechanics.

Insurance: You can take out insurance on your car and then get a new one if it’s destroyed.

Bad Sport: There is a stat called “Bad Sport” and basically if you constantly blow up other player’s cars (for example) it will increase and you will be penalized.

Additions: Rockstar say they will constantly add to the world over time.

Max Payne 3: Your Max Payne 3 ranking will be carried over to GTA Online, and if it was high enough, you’ll receive some special bonuses.

Team creation and control: When creating a team (like to carry out a heist or activity) you can select from your friends or recruit people based on their skills (ie driving or flying). You also get to choose how the rewards from the mission are split.

Reputation: By playing GTA Online you earn Reputation Points. This is the primary ranking function across GTA Online and is based on your shooting, driving, parachuting and flying skills.

Properties: There’s lots of different property you can buy and you can “hang out” in your properties with friends. You can also watch TV, surf the net, change clothes, shower and watch your CCTV (if you have one).

Money and bank accounts: You can deposit money into your bank account as you please, but if you die and have cash in your wallet, other players can steal it from you.

Matchmaking: Matchmaking is based off of your ranking.

Car pound: If you leave your customized cars around the map for too long they will get impounded and you’ll need to cough up some cash to get them back.

And HEAPS of other things… we suggest you watch the trailer again!

Ten Features for Grand Theft Auto V


(sorry, The Game isn’t included, it’s just cool art!)

While the GTA V news blackout continues (seriously, it’s been a drought!) we got thinking what new features it would be cool to see included in the game. Have a read of the list below and then let us know what new stuff you want to see in GTA 5 in the comments section below.

  1. Toll pass: stopping at the bridge toll booth each time can be annoying after a while, so how about being able to purchase an e-tag or some sort of pass that lets you through via a special lane. Of course if you smash the barrier arm the cops are called.
  2. Zombie mode: there could be a dedicated online zombie mode. Either everyone else turns into zombies and you (and maybe some buddies) need to survive, or everyone turns and it’s a free-for-all. Another options is for some sort of zombie mode cheat, which we’ve previously discussed.
  3. Weather effects: the weather affects the environment more noticeably than in previous games. For example if you’re flying and there is a storm, it is harder to control your plane or helicopter (and you’re screwed if you happen to be skydiving!). In addition, weather forecasts are played over the radio.
  4. Visibility to police: if the police can’t see you, they will search for you and will not universally “know where you are”. Dogs could be used to chase you and at night they will use flashlights to try and spot you.
  5. Crash scenes: when you, or anyone else, causes a car crash, the police mark-off the incident and traffic flow is restricted around that area. You need to take different routes and be a lot more careful around the increased emergency services presence.
  6. Vehicle ownership: you can purchase and own your own car (or any other vehicle). You don’t lose these vehicles by way of despawn, but rather can go back and get them from wherever you left them (via GPS). If one happens to get stolen you can report it or even seek retribution from the thief yourself (potential mini-game).
  7. Prison system: instead of being transported to outside the police station after being arrested, if there was some sort of prison system that could be interesting. For example, while “inside” you could learn new methods for heists, recruit people to help, establish businesses within the prison and generally cause havoc: think riots!
  8. Progressive rewards for collectibles: instead of being required to find all 100 hidden packages in the game (or whatever the number is) and getting a reward then, you get rewarded for every ten packages you find. This would make the process feel a lot more achievable and less of a grind!
  9. Movie studios: how can Vinewood not have one or more movie studios/sets with actual production carrying on? These would be cool to check out and cause mischief in. Would also add to the realism of the game.
  10. Cheats: we need these. They are a huge part of the GTA series to date and make the game more fun! If you don’t want to use cheats, then don’t. Others like to use them once they’ve clocked the game to increase replayability, and also to generally cause havoc. We’ve included this “feature” as a site dedicated to GTA 5 cheats and also because we’ve seen a few (albeit not many) calls for cheats to be excluded from the game. That said, cheating in multiplayer games should not be allowed (unless there is a specific cheat/anything goes multiplayer mode).

Most Wanted GTA 5 Features & Additions


The lack of any recent GTA 5 news got us thinking – what cool features would we like to see announced or revealed next? Rockstar is supposed to be releasing a heap of multiplayer information soon (like how it works!), but who knows when it will arrive…? So in the meantime, check out a list of the changes/features we think should be included in Grand Theft Auto 5.

What do you think of our suggestions, and do you have any of your own to add?

Cheat codes that work in multiplayer

But only in private matches… Of course we don’t want (or sanction) cheating of any kind in public matches, but in private matches we think that there should be more freedom to do what you want with your friends. This would include enabling cheat codes in private multiplayer matches. Things like vehicle spawns, weapons, health regen and wanted level could make things very interesting and would definitely be welcomed by most GTA fans. With cheats our emphasis has always been on making the game more fun!


Pulling off heists/bank robberies are a major part of GTA V and what often happens while one is taking place? Hostages are taken. You can actually see some hostages in one of the trailers, but it’s not clear whether players will have the ability to take and “use” them to any extent (i.e. whether hostages were included as a gameplay feature or just a cut scene). Also think of the possibilities when you have a 5 star wanted level and are in a stand-off with the cops… It would be a pretty major addition/feature and could be a bit much for Rockstar to squeeze into the game though.


Military drones are a controversial topic at the moment, but we don’t think that should stop them being includes in GTA 5, and in fact it’s reasonably likely they will be. We already know that there will be a military base in the game that you’ll be able to break into. Having some drones there to control, or steal and take home to use (perhaps via laptop from your pad), wouldn’t be a stretch.

Custom vehicles in multiplayer

The extent of your ability to customize your own Grand Theft Auto V experience has been talked up a lot by Rockstar (particularly in respect of cars, but also your own characters – including a “custom character”) and we think that extending it to customized vehicles within the multiplayer portion of the game would be a logical step. Showing off your hard work and customization skills to friends is always fun, plus you can check out all the cool stuff other people have made first hand.

Improved pedestrian behavior

Oftentimes in previous GTA games you could crash a helicopter or a car in the middle of a busy street and everyone would continue going about their business like nothing happened. While we can expect pedestrian behavior to improve in GTA 5 (and this has been confirmed) the extent to which it actually gets better will be interesting. If you have a sick ride we want people taking photos, same if you crash a car into a store front and then run off. Maybe massive crowds could also gather if you start doing crazy things in the middle of the street…

Fans speculate over new features in GTA 5

Well, you can definitely say this much about Rockstar: they know how to build expectation for a game! All it took was one trailer to send a whole army of GTA fans into a speculative frenzy about what new features will be in GTA 5. Will there be crazier weapons? Will old characters come back? Will there be a female character?

Well, one thing is for sure… nobody really knows. However, there have been leaks here and there that gave us fans more insight into the game’s developments and new features.

Some fans have been speculating that popular characters from previous releases might come back in GTA 5. There have been rumors that the Grove Street Gang might make a return and that characters such as Tony Cipriani and CJ might return to our console screens.

Rumors of the return of the Grove Street Gang (from GTA: San Andreas) have been encouraged by the fact that you can spot references to the gang in “The Lost and The Damned” (an expansion pack for GTA 4). However, as one member of GTAForums said, previous versions of GTA were set in a previous universe, so it’s unlikely that old characters will make a comeback. You may see them on ads around the city or hear about them on the radio, but the chances of actual characters coming back on screen are pretty slim.

Grove Street Gang

However, there is no official indication either way as to whether Rockstar will choose to forsake its previous formula and bring those much loved characters from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas back onto the scene. It is not out of the realms of possibility – especially since San Andreas was the most critically acclaimed game of the series and given that GTA 5 is set to take place in the state that shares the name.

There has also been much speculation as to what the main character’s gender will be. As you may already know, the gaming industry is trying to target female demographics more aggressively. It has been said that 48% of current gamers are women, and this would be the perfect opportunity to put a female in the lead role. However, if the trailer is any indication, this is unlikely to happen since we can only see a male protagonist. Continue reading