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Calling All Artisits: Check Out This GTA V Fan Art Mag

Occasionally, a given game or franchise has the kind of pull, the kind of following, which spurs its fans to express themselves through the appreciation of said fandom. They create works of art inspired by the object of their obsession. That is how fan art is born, and is fairly common.

However, sometimes, these creative people band together with others who feel, think and act likewise, and create something truly special and unique. Rockstar sometimes publishes collections of fan art on its website and in one such post, brought attention to a work-in-progress project which planned to release a comprehensive compendium of GTA V fan art in the form of an art magazine.


Titled “What Happens In The Dark”, the art zine was in its preliminary stages at the time, but undoubtedly the publicity Rockstar’s endorsement granted them helped much in the way of getting the community’s attention. The GTA V fan community is absolutely massive, with plenty of up and coming artists in its ranks. So following Rockstar’s post, people of great artistic talent came in droves to have their work displayed in the art zine.

Well, at long last the art zine is complete, and it outperformed any and all expectations. The art found within is varied and of an astronomical standard, plus there is a lot of it. What Happens In The Dark is 74 pages long, with some double-paged pieces of art, though usually one per page.

The works encompass a number of styles, themes and tones, which make the experience of perusing the magazine a colorful one. At risk of sounding pretentious, despite being based on a video game (which in my personal opinion should not be an excluding factor, but public opinion is against me), much of this could and should be considered high art.

You can take a look at the whole art zine here.

Real-Life GTA Video Filmed… In Russia

We’ve seen videos recreating GTA in real life, with flesh-blood actors and famous locales in the actual city of Los Angeles (plus a healthy amount of special effects) before, but this is quite something else.

All (well, almost all) GTA games have been set in a re-imagined fictional major North American city, featuring slightly altered versions of notable landmarks. However, as with many other games of similar popularity, the community thoroughly enjoys exploring “But what if x?” scenarios. Today, we’ll get an answer to one of those proposed scenarios. Instead of a major US city, what if GTA would travel to the westernmost major city of great mother Russia?


GTA: Kursk City is a live-action YouTube video which emulates the character animations, HUD and gameplay features of the 3D universe GTA games, primarily GTA: Vice City. The actors do a great job of replicating the jarred, inaccurate motions of the NPCs in GTA games of the era (the air-hug best demonstrates this), as well as the unnatural death animations. The sped-up footage also adds to the feel of authenticity, making the movements that much more jagged.

While strangely (and disappointingly) devoid of any actual stealing of automobiles, and scarce driving (of a go kart, no less), if it wasn’t for the perfect acting and the action sequences, you wouldn’t guess this is a GTA fan video, however overall it is absolutely recognizable. Even the pistol prop used is large and blocky, reminiscent of GTA graphics back in the day (amazing how far we’ve come, no?).

Pedestrians cower in fear or run while waving their arms in the air, missions are received through an uncomfortably large phone, the player character opens doors with the force of a constipated gorilla and you know you’re going the right direction if you bump into a goon who starts shooting at you. Yup, definitely GTA.

What country would you like to see an official GTA game take place in other than the US?

Check Out These Epic GTA Film Posters

Fandoms have a way of attracting and inspiring some of the most creative people out there to produce art themed after the subject of said fandom. GTA V is no different.

There is countless artistically capable fans out there showing their appreciation for Rockstar’s blockbuster video game through paintings, drawings, tattoos, graphics and other visual arts. A growing trend among video game fan art is the creation of minimalist stylized movie posters based on the games of the artist’s choice.  Many beautiful works of art have been born thanks to this, and it was about time that the GTA franchise got its fan-made minimalist poster treatment, brought to you by Tom Van Dijk.

Let’s look at these in release order, shall we? GTA: Vice City is the oldest installment of the series to get its new poster. It’s more or less what you’d immediately think of when hearing “GTA: Vice City minimalist poster”: palm trees, the Vice City skyline in the background, Tommy Vercetti and a whole lot of pink. The poster fits the game’s atmosphere perfectly.


Next up we have the legendary GTA: San Andreas. SA got an easter-egg filled poster, with a famous cheat code written on the side of the train, and the label for the bumper buttons on gaming controllers appear on its front. The infamous quote of the infamous mission in the game is also plastered all over the top half.


GTA IV’s poster tries to tug the heart-strings with a beautiful sunrise silhouette of Liberty City, and Niko out on the docks alone, staring at the open trunk of a car surrounded with blood stains. In the clouds above the city, the line Roman keeps repeating in the phone is written with large letters.


Finally, we top this amazing collection off with the GTA V poster, displaying the deadly trio in full heist gear.


Which poster is your favorite?

Don’t Try This At Home: Stopping GTA V’s Trains

Like any good modern-day, open-world game with a large map containing a metropolitan area, GTA V has trains. Now, this fact alone does not amount to much – a number of games have trains. A number of games don’t. Trains don’t really stand out to players, and are rarely important in any way, shape or form. But then again, this is GTA V, meaning that the player base is fairly insane, meaning that like any responsible human being, what they chose to do with the train in GTA V was to stand in front of it.


Well, park in front of it, to be more exact.

Thing is, GTA V’s train is unstoppable. The train isn’t indestructible however, and can be wrecked, but players have yet to find a way to make it stop without damaging the vehicle. Recently, another attempt was made. Redmar Belle and a group of GTA Online players hopped into their favorite vehicles and crowded one of the tunnels the juggernaut of a train passes through. Seriously, there were a ton of cars crammed into that small space. 4x4s, trucks, sports cars, bikes, everything that could get in there went in there.

Then the silhouette of the train ominously appeared in the turn. It approached the tunnel, the driver of the first car in the barricade became so anxious he thought he was gonna puke. The train arrived and then…

Well, that’s that for the vehicles, I guess. The attempt to stop the train fails so badly that the commentator’s large black armored off-road vehicle is destroyed with the character in the driver’s seat getting killed – presumably in a considerably gruesome manner. Well, that’s one more method to add to the list of failures. The GTA V train remains unstoppable till this day.

Edit: yup, the Youtube clip has been removed… so we found this one instead

Have you ever tried stopping the train in GTA V?

GTA V Community: Forging Special Friendships

“You play video games? You must have no friends!” – every ignorant tool ever

We’ve often reported on Rockstar’s stellar handling of community involvement. They’ve been an exemplar of engaging their player base with GTA V and keeping them engaged, through the frequent organisation of contests and competitions, through the posting of fan-made missions or art on their news platform, through to GTA Online crews.


These crews function much like guilds and clans do in other games, namely they are groups of varying size, composed of like-minded players who assist each other, play with one another and compete with rival crews in GTA Online. These crews might be centered around roleplay, requiring their members to always be in-character and follow a style guide, they may be hardcore competitive crews where members need to clock a certain number of hours every week/day and always play to win, there are casual crews with no obligations, there are crews for people who in real life share a hobby or profession, and the list goes on and on. These are small communities within the greater GTA V community, allowing players to forge new friendships regardless of how far away their crew members are physically.

One particular crew called the “Hillbilly Agenda”, themed around the outdoors, has a leader who went above and beyond the call of duty. KnoxNerd has created real, physical custom GTA V themed number plates for his crew members, and delivered them personally all over the United States. Most recently he ventured to Oregon, where he and his crew member attended a logging expo, in keeping with the theme of their crew. KnoxNerd has traveled far and wide all across the States to get these one-of-a-kind plates to his crew.

Are you guys part of a GTA Online crew? How dedicated and loyal are you?

Rockstar Sponsoring Bike Race, Players Want GTA Online Event

Rockstar recently announced that they will be once again sponsoring the Red Hook Criterium bike race. The third of its kind, this race will be held in Barcelona, Spain. Several well known cyclists appear on the Red Hook, with some genuinely fierce competition going on. The racers collect points during each Red Hook, which are cumulative, and there are already some stars emerging from the rosters of both the Men’s and Women’s fields.


In the Women’s field, we have the leader coming in at 79 points, making her first in the entire race, all participants included, with second and third places coming in at close 57 and 52 points.

Over on the Men’s side, we have a tie for first place with two competitors bringing 59 points, with second place trailing in at 50.

Now, news of this bike race has been posted on the Newswire, and certain fans in the comments have begun requesting Rockstar do a weekend event in GTA V while the race is on, meaning September 5.

The proposed event would include a number of bike race jobs bringing in double the cash and RP, as well as some discounts on the in-game bikes that players can purchase. Another one of those Newswire spotlights of player created bike themed missions and jobs has also been mentioned. Rockstar has yet to comment on these requests, but we’re hopeful.

Rockstar has always been great at engaging the GTA V community, so making a much requested GTA Online event a reality isn’t impossible in the slightest. A simple event as described above, pitting GTA Online players against one another equipped with two wheels and nothing more wouldn’t be hard to put together even in such limited time, but it would certainly keep the fans mighty happy.

Would you guys be interested in a Red Hook Criterium themed GTA Online weekend event?

Kifflom! Here’s Some New Rockstar Endorsed GTA V Jobs

Following straight after a set of fan made GTA V videos using the Rockstar Editor, the developer has gone ahead and posted a batch of player created missions which are styled after the actions and activities of the expansive and arguably insane Epsilon Program cult.


The Epsilon cult has been a part of GTA lore for quite a while. They appeared in GTA: San Andreas to a limited extent, but got a bit more of the spotlight in GTA V than they did ever before. These challenges have been hand picked by Rockstar Games for your playing and truth seeking pleasure. Kifflom!

The first job is accessible to PC players, and is a team deathmatch titled Cult of Cash. As we all know, cults are typically hoaxes, fronts for greedy people trying to get rich. Chances are, Epsilon is no different, so its time you took all that dough off their grabby hands, by shooting up their headquarters.


In Blood N’ Fire, Playstation players go back to where it all started and light the peak of Mount Chiliad on fire with their team, after which they proceed to cause blunt force trauma to anything that moves in the blaze.

Xbox players may take part in the Altruist Camp Offensive, where one team is armed with a wide range of weaponry but only their legs to transport them, while the Cult Stoppers will have a limiter armory, but several rides at their disposal.

PC players, once tired of spilling enemy blood, may take to the road in the Going With The Downflow race, taking them through Tongva Hills, Tongva Valley and Banham Canyon. Let Kraff take the wheel!

Rockstar assumes Playstation players are more bloodthirsty than the others, as their second job is a deathmatch once again, sans the team bit. Time to shoot up the Epsilon HQ (again)!

Finally, Xbox players will take part in a challenging bike race called San Chianski Race. The title kinda gives away the location.

Will you guys be giving these jobs a go?

Here’s Something New: R* Endorsed GTA 5 Playlists

Rockstar is an industry leader when it comes to community engagement, possibly second only to Star Citizen. With GTA V featuring numerous ways in which players can create fan content in relation to the game, it is clear that the community is extremely vibrant in this regard. Rockstar has taken to endorsing certain fan made videos, jobs and now activity playlists on the Rockstar Newswire, the developer’s own news platform.


Every now and then, where there are a few player made jobs on each GTA 5 platform, Rockstar posts these jobs on the Newswire. Now this tradition has been extended to playlists, where, instead of songs in the usual sense, players string jobs together to form a cohesive campaign. Be it artistic expression, humor or story-telling, these seemingly simple GTA Online playlists can accomplish a number of tasks. Rockstar has looked far and wide to find the most sublime community created playlists to grace the Newswire with and here is what they came up with!

Xbox players will be treated to 4 select races of the highest quality in the Z-Games Rallycross Tournament, which incrementally get more and more difficult as you progress. These races are made with only the most skilled of GTA Online drivers in mind, with plenty of nasty tricks hidden in them, requiring great expertise to master.

Playstation players will get to take part in a day of reckless fun in the To be Rich and Bored in LS playlist, which sees the bored teens of the dirty rich Lake Vinewood area getting up to no good to pass the time. These are a wide variety of jobs, covering the whole spectrum, and much like the spoiled kid of Los Santos, it will surely keep you occupied.

PC players will be able to participate in the aptly named PC Master Race, which features a number of unique races, be it in the air or on water. Will you guys be trying these playlists out?

The Newest Best GTA V Fan Art

Rockstar likes to keep the GTA V community engaged even when they’re not running one of GTA Online’s challenging heists. They often post on their proprietary news platform, the Rockstar Newswire, about community creations such as custom jobs, impressive Rockstar Editor videos or particularly creative fan art. We’ve brought to you reports of previous batches of GTA V fan art publicized on the Newswire before, and Rockstar has just posted another batch.

First up we have a criminally stylish desktop wallpaper inspired by the neon-laden setting of GTA: Vice City. A night drive along the beach boulevard with the colorful glow of the city illuminating the evening seems like the perfect way to relax after a hard day, based on this sweet image.


Next up we have, instead of a particular art submission (though that cover is impressive), another collection of GTA fan art. meta. “What Happens In The Dark” is a community created GTA fan art online magazine, aimed at all you discerning criminals out there. Check it out here!


The next, rather active image comes from Chank, who specializes in sticker-style art. Here, he gives us a disturbingly accurate idea of what kind of a person Trevor Phillips really is.


In a sharp turn following the previous piece, this submission depicts what Trevor would be like after his “conversion” to the mentality of peace, joy, happiness, tolerance and… well, drugs. Some things never change, right?


Next up is a callback to the days of GTA: San Andreas, depicting the Grove Street family big-head style. The well known and loved characters of the legendary game, Sweet, Big Smoke, CJ and Ryder appear in their signature green garb and toting a fierce arsenal.


You can check out the rest here.

We ask this every time, but have you guys ever made any GTA V fan art? Feel free to share in the comments!

Guess the Six New Fan-Made Challenges Endorsed by Rockstar

We’ve frequently reported on Rockstar posting about select community created jobs in GTA Online. These jobs were either creative or good enough to pique the developer’s interest so much as to endorse them on the Newswire. Previously, Rockstar has used their primary news platform to bring attention to batches of player made jobs themed after other Rockstar properties such as Max Payne, Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire. Another batch contained missions which took place around the Fort Zancudo and Los Santos International Airport areas, and most recently they publicized a collection of GTA Online missions which evoke older Rockstar games such as Midnight Club, Manhunt and Smuggler’s Run.


This time around, the fan-made GTA Online activities that enjoy the fame and pomp of the Newswire are a tad different. Instead of being standard races or deathmatches, these gameplay challenges step outside the borders of convention, and go for a more unique gaming experience. While built around the standard game-modes the GTA Online creator allows, using intuitive design and some “house-rules”, these particular challenges force players to think outside the box.

PC GTA players can enjoy the Railroad Deathrun and the Sky Derby Muscle Cars challenges. The Railroad Deathrun has one team of “Runners” trying to reach the course’s end as quickly as possible and survive the onslaught of the Sniper team, who not only have their long range rifles going for them, but numerous traps as well. The Sky Derby Muscle Cars challenge is basically dodgem in the air.

Playstation players can partake in the Pearls Triathlon and a Scavenger Hunt. In the triathlon players will need to ride, swim and run to victory, while the Scavenger Hunt has them looking for brief cases all around the game world.

Finally, Xbox player can play the gentleman’s sport of Skeet Shooting and the not-so gentlemanly Bloody Darts. The first has players trying to hit a truck jumping off a ramp with an RPG, while the second has player hurling themselves off a high place onto an improvised darts board.

Will you guys be trying out these unique new challenges? Grab links to them all from the Newswire here.