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GTA V Needs A Plastic Surgeon

GTA Online allows for players to customize the appearance and gender of their characters – once. However most other online games nowadays (which incorporate custom characters) have mechanics which allow players to alter or re-customize their in-game avatars in case some new options are added later on or if the player just simply wants to change their face. This may appear as a game mechanic found in the relevant game’s virtual world, such as a magic mirror or barber shop, while in other cases players must contact the game’s support staff to trigger the character-creation process on that given avatar once again.


GTA Online didn’t have any such option available for quite a while, however after popular demand, the support method was implemented. If you contacted Rockstar support, telling them you want to change your character’s appearance, they would have you log out of GTA V, and the next time you log in with the character you want to re-customize, you would be shown the character creation screen before spawning into the world. While there wasn’t any official set limit to this, obviously you couldn’t go around changing your character’s appearance every other day. However you weren’t necessarily restricted to a single alteration either. One thing the new system did not allow for though, was a change of your character’s gender.


Once again, following popular demand, a gender change system was eventually implemented. While rumors of the feature circulated before the release of the update it was contained in, the rumors assumed it would be an in-game feature. Instead, it could be done by contacting support, and only once.


For some incomprehensible reason, neither of these services are available for players any more, one GTA V fan has pointed out. He and some other players stated that adding a plastic surgeon feature to GTA Online would be a win-win situation, as making it expensive would boost Shark Card sales, and give players a feature they’ve been wanting for a good long while.

Would you make use of a plastic surgeon in GTA Online?

Trevor Phillips Is In Fallout 4?

You may have noticed that there is quite a bit of buzz around Fallout 4 on GTA 5 Cheats, despite this being a site dedicated to GTA V, as the name suggests.

The reason for this is that multiple times in the past it became clear that the fanbase of the two franchises overlaps greatly. This is proven by how much Fallout themed fan content has been made for GTA V, and, to our defense, we only ever write about something that is related to GTA V.

Now, with the release of Fallout 4, which supports mods on both PC and Xbox One (take notes, Rockstar), it’s time to report on some GTA V fan content made for the post-apocalyptic RPG.


With the amount of content in Fallout 4’s release version, people are still chomping through the official content, so modding hasn’t really taken off yet. Despite this, players have found a way of bringing a bit of other franchises, namely GTA V, into the wasteland. Fallout 4 features the most advanced character creation system the video game industry has ever seen, giving the player a seemingly insurmountable amount of customization options. Obviously the first thing people did with it was try and remake existing characters or celebrities.

One player, wselander, has remade GTA V’s own Trevor Phillips, the psychopathic Canadian who appears as a protagonist in Rockstar’s blockbuster. The recreation is so authentic, that you’d think it really is just Trevor from GTA V, and if you weren’t told that the screenshot was made in Fallout 4, you’d probably never figure it out.


Players have also recreated other popular game characters, such as Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist of the Witcher franchise, the third installment of which also took some creative pointers from GTA V. Others include Walter White, Vladimir Putin and the duo from Beavis and Butthead.

Have you guys stayed true to GTA V, or are you off exploring the wasteland?

GTA V Community Clamoring For Survival Mode

GTA V has been graced with a mod effectively turning it into an open-world survival game, with an inventory system, zombies, and the post-apocalyptic scenery to go with it. However, prompted by a Reddit thread asking for an option for lobbies without the radar activated, a number of players have gone off on a tangent regarding how all the mechanics of a standard survival game are present in GTA V.

It would take little effort on Rockstar’s part to make an official survival game on the basis of GTA V. While one can hardly say that GTA V lacks content, players are constantly requesting more and more features.


The discussion cropped up in the comment section of a Reddit discussion regarding the possible addition of the option to deactivate the radar in select lobbies, in order to augment game play, making stealth much more significant.

Commenters went on to discuss how they’d like more freedom in customizing private lobbies, with the option to toggle friendly fire, PEDs, traffic, forced perspective and so on. Then one player mentioned how in GTA IV he’d spawn into an empty world and role play as the survivor of an apocalypse. This comment sent the community off into discussing how the conversion of GTA V into a post-apoc survival game would be both awesome and easy.


Turn off radar and player markers.

Turn off traffic but leave some abandoned wrecked cars on some roads.

Make working car spawns very rare.

Player starts with nothing.

Weapons spawn randomly.

Less NPC’s and those that do still spawn attack on sight.

The new survival mode would also bring in some serious money for Rockstar. Knowing Rockstar, they would put a sweet twist on such a simple idea either way, making the survivor mode extremely catchy and addictive. The mode itself would be a free DLC update, with in-game supplies being scarce and sold as microtransactions. Boom. Money.


Who’d be keen on an official GTA V survivor mode?

GTA V Fan Artists Outdo Themselves

You guys have probably gotten used to how Rockstar occasionally publishes a collection of the best recent fan art on their dedicated news platform, the Newswire. These are the cream of the crop when it comes to fan art related to GTA V and other Rockstar properties, though the posts are typically dominated by works inspired by the massive open-world crime game. Both the fan art and modding circles show just how much talent and creativity can be found in the GTA V community. It’s this kind of effort and appreciation fans put into games that elevate them into the realm of art.

The two main attractions of this most recent batch is the series of art deco posters and also professional photos showing off the game’s sweet rides. These pieces we have here are seriously wallpaper material.

This first trio is the previously mentioned art deco poster series. Would you believe that these works are his first foray into the realm of fan art? You’d think that someone with such skill would already be well established and widely known.

deco1 deco2 deco3

Next up we have a few Snapmatic shots from the game. Now, if you first thought that these are professionally shot real-life photographs, we’ll forgive you. Mikhail Sharov is a genuine photographer when he isn’t playing GTA V – or, as of late, even when he is playing GTA V – who shoots vehicles for a living. You can clearly see how his work is guaranteed to pay the bills.

photo1 photo2 photo3

The following two works are, well, as creepy as they are impressive. Why bother with masks when you can turn your face into a pig with mere make-up?

makeup makeup2

Feeling hungry? Well, if this were Los Santos, you’d just hop in to the nearest Burger Shot and get yourself a Bleeder value meal. Well, you can have it in real life as well now, just in candy form.


Are any of you guys aspiring GTA V fan artists?

GTA V Announced 4 Years Ago Yesterday

Yesterday, we slipped over a rather significant landmark in the life of GTA V. Over the years, the game has grown in ways we could not have imagined previously. With countless GTA Online DLCs behind us, such as the Hipster, the Business, the Ill-Gotten Gains, the Freemode Events, most recently the Lowriders and the upcoming Halloween update, plus many more we have not listed, the game is much more today than what it was at launch.

The community has gamed through numerous GTA Online events, racking up riches and fame twice as fast. Players celebrated special dates such as Independence Day in GTA Online. Players have uncovered clue after clue, leading them towards unraveling the baffling Mount Chilliad Mystery. Players have discovered the secret of the Bigfoot. Players have created legendary videos with the Rockstar Editor, entertaining missions with the Rockstar Creator and artful shots with the in-game Snapmatic app.


And it all began four years ago, on the 25th of October 2011. Since then, the game has been released on 5 platforms. Since then, GTA V sold over 54 million copies, plus who knows how many millions in digital sales. Since then, Rockstar has fought a bloody war against the hackers and modders of GTA Online, and went so far as breaking the game entirely at one point. Since then, GTA V was discounted numerous times. Since then, the community has pulled together to create a digital art magazine dedicated entirely to GTA V.

Four years ago, the fans of the franchise went wild as the hastag with the much awaited “V” behind it was first tweeted by an official Rockstar source, confirming that the next big installment of the massively popular series is on its way. GTA V has dominated the gaming press ever since.

Four years of awesomeness. Rockstar, we salute you!

First LSPDFR Community Staff Favorites Revealed

The team over at LSPDFR are truly trying to follow Rockstar’s lead when it comes to engaging with their community. They frequently listen to feedback, are active on the forums, keep fans updated on what they’re up to, and now they’ve taken to promoting fan made screenshots (and videos later on) which they particularly like. To this end, a set of changes recently arrived to the news feed section of the website, including the aforementioned community staff favorites and “member behind the mod” feature.

With the recent update to the download portal and the preview series done for 0.3, LSPDFR’s new content editor didn’t have a lot of work in his hands. So he decided to have some community driven features implemented and start filling the feed with posts. These include collections of screenshots, videos and artwork made in or based on LSPDFR, the massive police simulator total conversion mod for GTA V, as well as various GTA V mods.

In order to keep the flow of posts coming, and the quality high, the community has been called upon to provide the necessary material, and the first fruit of their labor has just been pluck. The following screenshots were made in GTA V modded with LSPDFR’s newest available build.

First up, we have a good old retro police squad car dashboard, showing a suburban scene.


Next up, we have a chase that has really taken off.


This is one damn stylish shot.


This image has a ton of press potential.


As you can see, the LSPDFR team did well to rely on their community, as the players came through with the material necessary to kick off the Community Staff Favorites section with a solid debut.

Are any of you guys looking forward to LSPDFR 0.3?

Calling All Artisits: Check Out This GTA V Fan Art Mag

Occasionally, a given game or franchise has the kind of pull, the kind of following, which spurs its fans to express themselves through the appreciation of said fandom. They create works of art inspired by the object of their obsession. That is how fan art is born, and is fairly common.

However, sometimes, these creative people band together with others who feel, think and act likewise, and create something truly special and unique. Rockstar sometimes publishes collections of fan art on its website and in one such post, brought attention to a work-in-progress project which planned to release a comprehensive compendium of GTA V fan art in the form of an art magazine.


Titled “What Happens In The Dark”, the art zine was in its preliminary stages at the time, but undoubtedly the publicity Rockstar’s endorsement granted them helped much in the way of getting the community’s attention. The GTA V fan community is absolutely massive, with plenty of up and coming artists in its ranks. So following Rockstar’s post, people of great artistic talent came in droves to have their work displayed in the art zine.

Well, at long last the art zine is complete, and it outperformed any and all expectations. The art found within is varied and of an astronomical standard, plus there is a lot of it. What Happens In The Dark is 74 pages long, with some double-paged pieces of art, though usually one per page.

The works encompass a number of styles, themes and tones, which make the experience of perusing the magazine a colorful one. At risk of sounding pretentious, despite being based on a video game (which in my personal opinion should not be an excluding factor, but public opinion is against me), much of this could and should be considered high art.

You can take a look at the whole art zine here.

Real-Life GTA Video Filmed… In Russia

We’ve seen videos recreating GTA in real life, with flesh-blood actors and famous locales in the actual city of Los Angeles (plus a healthy amount of special effects) before, but this is quite something else.

All (well, almost all) GTA games have been set in a re-imagined fictional major North American city, featuring slightly altered versions of notable landmarks. However, as with many other games of similar popularity, the community thoroughly enjoys exploring “But what if x?” scenarios. Today, we’ll get an answer to one of those proposed scenarios. Instead of a major US city, what if GTA would travel to the westernmost major city of great mother Russia?


GTA: Kursk City is a live-action YouTube video which emulates the character animations, HUD and gameplay features of the 3D universe GTA games, primarily GTA: Vice City. The actors do a great job of replicating the jarred, inaccurate motions of the NPCs in GTA games of the era (the air-hug best demonstrates this), as well as the unnatural death animations. The sped-up footage also adds to the feel of authenticity, making the movements that much more jagged.

While strangely (and disappointingly) devoid of any actual stealing of automobiles, and scarce driving (of a go kart, no less), if it wasn’t for the perfect acting and the action sequences, you wouldn’t guess this is a GTA fan video, however overall it is absolutely recognizable. Even the pistol prop used is large and blocky, reminiscent of GTA graphics back in the day (amazing how far we’ve come, no?).

Pedestrians cower in fear or run while waving their arms in the air, missions are received through an uncomfortably large phone, the player character opens doors with the force of a constipated gorilla and you know you’re going the right direction if you bump into a goon who starts shooting at you. Yup, definitely GTA.

What country would you like to see an official GTA game take place in other than the US?

Check Out These Epic GTA Film Posters

Fandoms have a way of attracting and inspiring some of the most creative people out there to produce art themed after the subject of said fandom. GTA V is no different.

There is countless artistically capable fans out there showing their appreciation for Rockstar’s blockbuster video game through paintings, drawings, tattoos, graphics and other visual arts. A growing trend among video game fan art is the creation of minimalist stylized movie posters based on the games of the artist’s choice.  Many beautiful works of art have been born thanks to this, and it was about time that the GTA franchise got its fan-made minimalist poster treatment, brought to you by Tom Van Dijk.

Let’s look at these in release order, shall we? GTA: Vice City is the oldest installment of the series to get its new poster. It’s more or less what you’d immediately think of when hearing “GTA: Vice City minimalist poster”: palm trees, the Vice City skyline in the background, Tommy Vercetti and a whole lot of pink. The poster fits the game’s atmosphere perfectly.


Next up we have the legendary GTA: San Andreas. SA got an easter-egg filled poster, with a famous cheat code written on the side of the train, and the label for the bumper buttons on gaming controllers appear on its front. The infamous quote of the infamous mission in the game is also plastered all over the top half.


GTA IV’s poster tries to tug the heart-strings with a beautiful sunrise silhouette of Liberty City, and Niko out on the docks alone, staring at the open trunk of a car surrounded with blood stains. In the clouds above the city, the line Roman keeps repeating in the phone is written with large letters.


Finally, we top this amazing collection off with the GTA V poster, displaying the deadly trio in full heist gear.


Which poster is your favorite?

Don’t Try This At Home: Stopping GTA V’s Trains

Like any good modern-day, open-world game with a large map containing a metropolitan area, GTA V has trains. Now, this fact alone does not amount to much – a number of games have trains. A number of games don’t. Trains don’t really stand out to players, and are rarely important in any way, shape or form. But then again, this is GTA V, meaning that the player base is fairly insane, meaning that like any responsible human being, what they chose to do with the train in GTA V was to stand in front of it.


Well, park in front of it, to be more exact.

Thing is, GTA V’s train is unstoppable. The train isn’t indestructible however, and can be wrecked, but players have yet to find a way to make it stop without damaging the vehicle. Recently, another attempt was made. Redmar Belle and a group of GTA Online players hopped into their favorite vehicles and crowded one of the tunnels the juggernaut of a train passes through. Seriously, there were a ton of cars crammed into that small space. 4x4s, trucks, sports cars, bikes, everything that could get in there went in there.

Then the silhouette of the train ominously appeared in the turn. It approached the tunnel, the driver of the first car in the barricade became so anxious he thought he was gonna puke. The train arrived and then…

Well, that’s that for the vehicles, I guess. The attempt to stop the train fails so badly that the commentator’s large black armored off-road vehicle is destroyed with the character in the driver’s seat getting killed – presumably in a considerably gruesome manner. Well, that’s one more method to add to the list of failures. The GTA V train remains unstoppable till this day.

Edit: yup, the Youtube clip has been removed… so we found this one instead

Have you ever tried stopping the train in GTA V?