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GTA Online’s CEO Editor Competition Announced

While the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony snapmatic competition is still running, giving players a chance to win GTA $ 1 million with a sweet shot flashing the new goods added to the game with the new update, Rockstar is now offering you budding artists out there another – and even better – opportunity to win some prizes for your creations.


The Finance and Felony DLC was released last week, bringing a whole new layer of gameplay to GTA Online with CEO missions. The DLC has players found a criminal enterprise built around the illicit business of black market merchandise trafficking.

Missions involve buying goods, protecting said goods and finally delivering the goods. In all three motions of a transaction, you are bound to be attacked by not only NPCs, but rival organisations (which is okay) as well as asshole griefers in Hydras (not okay).


In fact, the griefer issue has gotten so out of hand that people have begun to tamper with their internet connections just to get into a public lobby alone in order to run missions in peace. CEO missions in GTA Online can become extremely fruitful, however they require an initial investment – which is a concept not all players seem to grasp.

Rockstar has been known to host snapmatic competitions whenever they release a major DLC update for GTA Online, however Editor contests were scarce in the past. This one, which is obviously modeled after the DLC itself might be an indication that Rockstar is going to make these things more frequent.


After all, the next DLC that is slated for release, called Cunning Stunts, is prime material for this kind of thing. The competition could be for the best stunt montage and boom, you have the perfect community event.

But we digress – The #CEO Rockstar Editor Contest is the name of the game and the prizes are some pretty sweet physical goods as well as store credit in the Rockstar Warehouse for runner-ups. The theme of the contest should be pretty self-explanatory.


Entrants must create a completely original video using the Rockstar Editor showcasing their illegal activities as an elite crime syndicate in the most stylish way possible. Obviously, the goal is for the videos to be primarily focused on content introduced in the Executives and Other Criminals and the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony updates.

While you are tasked with showcasing your company as an enticing workplace or potential target for investment, Rockstar doesn’t want you to go with the typical, overtly happy, clean and tame family friendly video. As they state in the Newswire post, the point of this competition is to show off your less than legal activities.


The creative brief for the competition is, well, brief. The only guidelines Rockstar has provided are that the video must be made entirely in the Editor, i.e. no third party video editing software and that the video should focus on the criminal activities of a given organisation gallivanting around GTA Online.

Will it be a narrative with a story to tell? An action-flick where organisations clash? A montage of all kinds of dastardly deeds? You decide! Pretty much everything goes as long as it is overflowing with felony and is primarily based on the two executive DLCs.


The first prize for the competition is a pretty impressive one – though it isn’t a gaming peripheral this time around. The winner of the competition will obviously have their work showcased on the Newswire, but they will also receive the first-ever Rockstar Editor trophy, emblazoned with the logo of the Editor and the Social Club ID of the winner. Other than this, they will get a Director’s Chair (also with SC ID) and the “ultra-rare” GTA 5 varsity jacket (you guessed it, also with the SC ID).

Two runner-ups will receive a smaller rewards in the shape of $100 Rockstar Warehouse store credit and a small package of physical merchandise. Funnily enough, this might even be more enticing to some players, as it allows them to buy anything GTA 5 related based on what they actually like.


Entering the contest is a simple matter. Make your video, tag it with “#CEO”, publish it and voila! There are some restrictions as to eligibility, seeing as some countries and even states don’t allow these kinds of competitions and obviously Rockstar employees can’t participate.

It is also stated that the entered videos must be made in 100% mod-free versions of the game. The use of any mod will get the video disqualified, even non-content mods like Scene Director used to augment the movie-making experience, not adding any actual stuff to GTA 5 on its own.


There isn’t a set date for winner announcement, however entrees are only accepted until the 18th of July, one month from now. That should be plenty of time for aspiring GTA 5 filmmakers out there to whip together a winning entry.

Will you be entering the Rockstar Editor contest?

GTA V Fan Video Starring… Fearless Bunny?

As far as odd GTA V fan videos go, this takes the cake – and gets nominated for cutest picture in the meantime. The introduction of the Rockstar Editor in GTA V’s PC version led to the appearance of a whole new generation of Grand Theft Auto fan film creators. Not only is gameplay capture much easier on PC than it is on consoles for laymen, the Rockstar Editor cuts out the need for the use of various third-party programs for recording and editing.


The Editor allows players to record their gameplay in GTA V and edit it using a diverse range of tools, effects and props all without having to leave the game. Director mode allows players to set up entire scenes, with NPC actors performing scripted actions. This handed the kind of power to the average gamer that was reserved for those with enough technical know-how to get it done.

Countless fans with the desire to create videos based on and within their favorite game now could do so without too much extra effort required. Those who simply didn’t want to bother with all fuss now had no “excuse” not to make the videos they’ve envisioned.

This led to a boom in the number of GTA V fan videos being shared with the internet every day. When the Editor came to current-gen consoles last year, the potential user-base multiplied once more. All kinds of videos, ranging from recreations to original content have been made over the months.

The video we’re sharing with you today falls in the latter category. A joke trailer for a movie that would be shot within GTA V titled simply “Bunny”, the video goes for a funny tone. This would pair up real nice with the video someone made of a chicken’s daring escape.

Bunny, the protagonist of his or her eponymous film, is a fearless rabbit who braves not only the highest peak of GTA V, but takes the indestructible train head on and even jousts with the jumbo jets on the tarmac of LSIA. The trailer reaches its crux when the scene where Bunny is escaping a frantic shoot-out switches to the shot of two planes exploding at the airport.


Is it a film of self-discovery? It is an action flick for the ages? Well, we’ll never know, since this is more of a one-off joke video than an actual trailer for a longer GTA fan film in the works.

Have any of you guys dallied in the Rockstar Editor? Feel free to share your GTA V fan videos!

GTA V Meets Carl Sagan, Science Happens

GTA V’s magnificent Rockstar Editor video suite has been used for all sorts of awesome things. Many of these creations were things people didn’t expect to see coming from something related to GTA V. Be it a thinly veiled animal rights message, various trailer recreations or somber artsy short films, there is a plethora of creativity streaming from the GTA V community. This video might just be the coolest thing the Editor was used for, which is saying a lot.

I’ll assume you’ve all heard of a man named Carl Sagan. This legendary scientist had an impressive number of accolades to his name. He penned over 600 academic papers, 20 books, he composed the first physical communiques which would be sent into space in order for other intelligent life-forms to interpret. He discovered the high surface temperatures of Venus. He demonstrated how amino acids could form on other planets or even out in space due to radiation. He narrated the most viewed television series, Cosmos: a Personal Voyage, ever.


Among his works is an audiobook titled “Pale Blue Dot”. A segment of this work has been popularized to the point of being known more than its source. It is one of the best verbal representations of how small and insignificant we all really are.


Duggy, Youtuber and GTA V fan decided to make a video to accompany this speech using the Rockstar Editor. You usually wouldn’t link GTA with deep, moving philosophical rhetoric about the insignificance of humanity and our planet. This makes it even more strange that the video works. This is undoubtedly one of the best Rockstar Editor creations we’ve seen and definitely the most unique and unexpected. The video respects Sagan’s message and there isn’t any typical lewd GTA-esque punchline here.

Do we have any fans of good old Cosmos among our readers?

Hone Your GTA Online Sniping Skills With Community Jobs

It’s time for Rockstar to once again officially endorse a fresh batch of fan-made GTA Online jobs. Every so often Rockstar uses it’s proprietary news platform, the Newswire, to bring attention to the best of the best when it comes to community created activities. Sometimes they have a theme such as that time when throwback jobs for The Warriors were on the menu. Sometimes they’re just the best stuff that Rockstar staff could find. The theme this time around is Sniping and accuracy.


PC players can test their target tracking skills with Snipers vs. Speed Boats, an LTS where one group is perched on a ledge with heavy snipers while another comes at them on boats.

Sniper fanatics on PS4 have quite the challenge to look forward to in Hunting Season. This LTS features a group of runners who need to cross a kill zone into safety while snipers are tasked with picking them off.


For something unique you’ll need to be playing on PS3. Headshot Addiction places players atop windmills, the blades of which can deflect shots so timing is crucial to success. Whether beginner or expert marksman, this deathmatch is perfectly suited to sharpen your aim.

Don’t let the name of the Xbox One sniper job mistake you. Holes of Glory is a tight, up-close and personal CQC sniping LTS. This here isn’t real ‘sniping’ in terms of tracking targets at long range and waiting for the perfect shot. This game mode is geared towards twitch reflexes and quick-scoping or no-scoping.


Xbox 360 players will need to plan ahead in Sniper Tragedy I: Atk/Def. This strategic job places one team in a fortified location with limited ammo, while giving another team massive firepower and vehicles, but puts them right out in the open.

How good a GTA Online sniper are you?

GTA V Meets The Godfather

The epitome of all organised crime related fiction, the magnificent Godfather saga, has set a high standard in many fields. Film-making, pacing, writing, acting, direction and so on. While they focus on different eras and settings it is obvious that the Godfather had quite a bit of influence on the GTA franchise. Granted though, the Mafia series may be a tad closer.

The Godfather can really be described as a much more elegant and grounded version of GTA. That sentence may be better if reversed, but the similarities are undeniable. With certain retro cars like the Roosevelt appearing in GTA V along with the legendary Tommy gun, acting like a good old gangster is possible.

The Godfather films, as many other influential movies, have several iconic scenes. Debating which one is the most iconic is pointless as there is no definitive answer.


One of these is definitely the toll booth assassination scene. We’d put a spoiler warning here but this movie is an ancient classic. It’s not like there is a spoiler warning before all the “Luke, I am you father” jokes, right?

8-Bit Bastard, the magnificent team behind the two GTA V wildlife documentary videos is back again with their recreation of the aforementioned scene from the first Godfather film.

Sonny Corleone meets his grisly death in GTA V the exact way he did on screen – scene for scene. When comparing with the original footage, every minute detail is perfectly replicated by the 8-Bit team, up to the rather ridiculous way he writhes from the near hundred bullet wounds he suffers.

Of course, there are some things that the Rockstar Editor isn’t capable of, however 8BB really brought out the best they could from the limited animation and asset library of the software.

Do you guys wish GTA V would get some DLC geared at good old retro gangsters?

GTA V Overgrown In Cinematic Post-Apoc Mods

GTA V has its fair share of post-apocalyptic mods. Many of them focus on zombies, there is that survival game conversion and of course the big Fallout mod. All of these depict the world after the end as a barren, dry place with no life. GTA V also has its fair share of mods geared towards fan film creation, allowing you to augment your Rockstar Editor videos.


So what happens when you put the two together with a new spin on the whole post-apocalypse theme? You get the GTA V – After Us and Plant Invasion mods.

These two have a take on the end of the world which more resembles Crysis 3 than it does Fallout with the ruined metropolis having been overgrown with vegetation and plant life. Instead of being a dry, barren landscape, these show us a lust and vibrant world after humanity has fallen. Both mods are primarily geared towards avid GTA V Fan Filmmakers.


After Us focuses on a smaller area, part of a block that has a highly detailed city ruin feel to it. Burned out cars, crashed planes, crumbled walls, destroyed buildings and lots of greenery have taken over a few streets with expertly placed props all over.

Plant Invasion goes more for quantity than quality. A significant portion of Los Santos has been overgrown with sliding plants (mostly due to performance issues). The buildings still glow with the lights from the rooms at night and quite a few surfaces are bare, however this mod makes for some magnificent scenes at dusk and dawn, with the rays of sunlight filtering through the thicket around towering skyscrapers.


Both mods are a great addition to the arsenal of any avid GTA V video creator, and they certainly mix up the usual post apocalyptic setting.

What kinds of post apocalyptic GTA V fan videos would you guys make using these mods?

GTA V Trailer Remade In Madrid

Real life GTA videos are hardly a new thing with fans having previously recorded themselves revisiting notable landmarks in Los Angeles which also appear in the game’s world. Hell, the foreign GTA video is also a frequent idea with both Russian and Taiwanese versions existing. This most recent production fits both bills but does something different by going for a scene-for-scene recreation of the first GTA V teaser trailer that was released waaaay back.

The primarily Spanish team over at Zapruder Pictures has done a pretty solid job of recreating the magnificent teaser trailer for GTA V. This trailer got folks hella excited back in the day when the launch of GTA V was still a bit off and people could only speculate as to what kind of an experience it will be. No one knew at the time how big a hit it would become. Of course they knew it would be successful, it’s GTA after all, however no one could have foreseen the massive success it still enjoys three years later.

Surprisingly enough Madrid makes for a great Los Santos despite not resembling Los Angeles in the least. The teaser’s scenes and direction lend themselves to live action and the team really put the effort into getting all the shots right. With quite a few guest actors, they have all the NPC placement right on point, as well as all the locations for the various shots.

In some places the team had to resort to special effects, as they hardly had the kind of funding to get two police car replicas to crash, or, you know, a fighter jet. The video is quite popular too, having reached near two million views since it was first posted, making it one of the most popular GTA V fan videos out there.

Have you ever attempted to create a real life fan vid?

GTA V Bullet Art Taken To The Next Level

Ever since video games reached a level of advancement which allowed them to display accurately placed persistent bullet holes, gamers have been shooting all sorts of pictures into innocent bits of wall. Of course GTA V, what with being one of the most visually advanced games out there to date, is no exception.


Granted, this being the internet and gamers being gamers, usually bullet art does not go beyond phallic imagery or mammaries. More advanced students have also reached the level of spelling out various words of profanity ,though this is rare as proper grammar is hard to focus on if others are potentially shooting at you.

One GTA V player took things to a whole new level. Spacecook90 had a dream. A dream of a world where shot-up walls and buildings will be family friendly and where bullet holes could be appreciated by sophisticated individuals.

As we mentioned GTA V is really advanced when it comes to visuals. This is mostly apparent in the attention to detail. Different weapons leave different kinds of holes. After all, a pistol won’t do the same thing to plaster as, say, a high caliber anti-material rifle. Showing true professionalism, our artist here switched weapons while “painting” his masterpiece, like any true artist would switch brushes in Photoshop.


But what was his masterpiece, in the end? Well, ladies and gentlemen, this guy went ahead and shot the Mona Lisa into a wall in GTA V. It’s no stick-woman neither. The end result is quite recognizable actually.

He expertly chose which weapon to use for which section, giving the final result actual texture and the varying darkness, concentration and size of the holes make the face distinguishable from the mass of holes.

Have you guys even made any bullet art in GTA V beyond various human body parts?

GTA V Fan Tribute To The Eagles

2016 is shaping up to be quite a tragic year with a number of high profile celebrity deaths occurring. David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Lemmy Kilminster all passed on during the first month of the new year. An actor, a musician, and someone who did plenty of both. What was similar about all three was that they were extremely influential in their particular fields and had massive followings, leaving millions of grieving fans behind them.

Unfortunately, about a week ago yet another name was added to that list. Glenn Frey, founder and lead of the Eagles, one of the most influential American rock bands ever to exist, passed on due to complications which arose due to the medication he took for his long-term arthritis.


As with Lemmy, fans from all walks of life decided to give tribute to their favorite musician. While Frey didn’t get his own mod, he did get a Rockstar Editor tribute in the form of a GTA V music video for Hotel California.

The video depicts the lone night drive of an unknown individual through the landscapes of GTA V. We usually view it from a first person perspective with it occasionally switching to a cinematic third person view when it fits the music.

The video is nothing overly fancy with elaborate set pieces or directing. This is just a tribute created by a fan sad to see Frey go. The Eagles had a bumpy run, but whenever the band was together, Frey was part of it. Despite having been at the center of all the band’s many conflicts, he was also the force that kept it together in the good times. Hotel California was one of the most popular songs of the band.

Have any of you guys done anything in GTA V in memoriam of Frey?

GTA V As Played By Ride Along 2 Stars

What happens when you put a popular GTA V Youtuber and the two stars of a recent movie that can be likened to GTA? Something rather dull at the best of times and extremely painful at worst, actually. Once you realize that the Youtuber happens to be one of those unoriginal screamers and the two “actors” are Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, we’ll understand if your enthusiasm drops.

It’s quite clear that the two guests are wholly uncomfortable with the situation, and this contributes to the video not being even remotely entertaining. The fact that they were put in a race instead of the open world already crippled the concept before the camera ever started rolling. We get that they’re celebrities and all that but the point of these videos usually is the game. The streamer’s face should either be in a small box in one corner, or in the best of cases, not shown at all.


Despite mostly being known as comedians, many will take into question the ability of either actor to be funny on camera, however this outing was a new low for both of them. Technically, this video does have quite a bit of marketing value, all they need to is caption it with “The movie isn’t this bad”.


Ride Along and its sequel are action-comedy films about cars, crime and satire. This means that it is similar to GTA thematically, except it’s a film and got panned by critics and viewers alike. How they got a sequel green-lighted is beyond us, but if this is what the marketing budget was enough for, we’d guess that maybe it resulted in the pockets of the two leading actors getting a tad lighter.

Have any of you guys seen the new Ride Along, or were you spending your free time playing GTA V instead?