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Check Out This Batch Of GTA V Fan Art

We’ve previously reported on a batch of fan art that Rockstar brought attention to on the newswire. Much like the occasional selection of endorsed community made jobs and missions, Rockstar frequently gives credit to the best of the fan art made to commemorate the company’s games, GTA V being the most prominent among these.

This time around we’ll take a look at what may be some of the most dedicated GTA V fans. Putting tons of effort into an extremely detailed cosplay, and having an image obviously associated with GTA (more-or-less) permanently carved into your dermal layer is a pretty epic show of fandom!

A Youtuber with a fair following wants to show off his refined taste and appreciation of classics by having a rather large image of 8-Ball from GTA III on his shin. If you think that’s an impressive flaunting of dedication, just wait till you see the finished work of the full montage with Misty and Claude Speed as well.


While you wouldn’t think that the fans of a game like GTA V might have many make-up artists among them, however there for sure is at least one extremely talented one among them. While Trevor is hardly sets an example to be followed, a little cosplay cannot hurt, and this one is extremely detailed, not to mention authentic.


And when you thought that’s the last instance of GTA V fan make-up art, you’re in for a bit of a shocker, as someone has gone ahead and turned their face into the monkey mask as seen in GTA Online. Imagine what a mess washing all of that off might have left (at least as much as a particularly bloody heist, we recon).


There are quite a few other pieces of fan art that Rockstar has promoted. Check them all out here.

Have you guys ever created GTA V fan art?

GTA Online’s New Batch Of Player-Created Jobs

GTA Online is filled to the brim with all kinds of activities and jobs for players to complete. Seriously, there is a ton of these things! However, if by some unfathomable means someone might think that there isn’t enough stuff to do in GTA V, Rockstar has added the ability for players to put together their own jobs and missions, and every now and then, Rockstar endorses the best of the best.


Most recently, the Sony platforms, the Microsoft platforms and the PC all got separate Rockstar-endorsed fan jobs added to Fort Zancudo and the Los Santos International Airport. So what kinds of jobs does it take to get Rockstar’s attention?

Well, PS3 and PS4 players will have a chance to try out Drogom’s Zancudo Team Death Match. Located on the northern side of the fort, the job provides you with all the firepower you could possibly need, and has players rely heavily on cover. Over at the Airport, players of GTA V on Sony consoles can take part in a kart race taking place in the guard post.

Xbox 360 and Xbox One players visiting Fort Zancudo will be offered to compete in a hair-raising race. “Race around Fort Zancudo! Don’t crash into the locals. They tend to shoot people”. The job’s designer, srethrennate, makes a point of urging caution. Over at the airport, Xbox players can once again determine who has the best driving skills in an epic Grand Prix running all around LSIA.

PC players can look forward to a creative and original race in the outskirts of Fort Zancudo, giving them a chance to shows off their wall-riding skills for some serious rep. PC players can also deal out some death at a crash site at the airport, where they can take cover behind pieces of burning wreckage.

What is your stance on community made missions?

GTA V’s Trevor Is A Better Joker Than Jared Leto

With the recent buzz around the upcoming Suicide Squad film, following the leak and subsequent reveal of the movie’s first trailer, the debate regarding Jared Leto’s depiction of the Joker has set the web on fire. Many fans are disappointed at how far removed this particular Joker seems to be from the character that appears in the comics. Those defending the new approach to the character often say that before the movie was released, everyone was skeptical of Heath ledger.


And this is where GTA V comes into the picture. With the whole Joker debate going full steam, GTA V’s resident mass-murdering psychopath, Trevor, put a smile on his face. Using a host of mods, a player has transformed “his” Trevor into what seems to be a mix of Jack Nicholson’s and Heath Ledger’s Joker. Though Trevor/Joker does not seem to be having too much fun in his insanity induced rampages, which pretty much defeats the whole idea of being the Joker, the costume, if you will, is pretty damn authentic. The mix of the two quintessential psychopaths doesn’t bode well for the citizens of Los Santos and Blaine County!


Trevor, much like the Joker but in a significantly more obvious way, is social commentary (something that comes up often in GTA V) molded into the shape of a human being, so their combination seems like an illogical but fitting evolution for both characters. This seems like perfect cross-over territory. Michael, a rich but dissatisfied and bored former-athlete witnesses the atrocities committed by Trevor/Joker, so he blows a fortune to body-mod a car into a poor Batmobile replica, and he starts chasing the psycho with an arsenal of heavy weapons, thus thoroughly disrespecting the source material because he doesn’t actually know anything about Batman. Fan-fic writers, you’re welcome! How good a Joker does Trevor make in your opinion?

Fan GTA V Map Better Than Official?

You just have to love the GTA V community. Between the plethora of great Rockstar Editor creations, creative and extensive mods, the masterfully shot snapmatic pictures, and the wide variety of fan art, GTA V fans have created so much community content, put so much effort into showing their love for the game, and helping fellow fans enjoy it even more, that it puts most other fandoms to shame. Fans have built LEGO replicas of vehicles from the game, they’ve made domino tributes and videos where they re-create the game in real life.


Most recently, one particular fan of GTA V has made the lives of Los Santos citizens much easier by creating the most detailed and most extensive interactive map of the game’s massive open-world ever.

Tspoon’s map, Unofficial Map for GTA 5, has a host of useful features, making it the premier companion app for your GTA V experience… and it isn’t even an official Rockstar creation! The map can be downloaded from Google Play or the iTunes App Store, or it can be used directly from your browser. The map allows you to toggle between different views of the island, including atlas, road-map and satellite. The map also features the GTA V-equivalent of Google Maps’ street view feature, allowing you to find out exactly where a particular point of interest can be found. It also allows players to sync it with their progression in the game, and in a recent addition the map also includes peyote locations.

The developer recently announced that the next update will feature a search function where you can look-up any street in-game. While the GPS found in the game itself is adequate, this particular app has its uses, and can make your exploits in Los Santos that much more convenient!

Will you be making use of the Unofficial Map for GTA 5?

GTA V Meets… Dominoes?

If you thought you’ve seen weird fan art before, you’re in for a treat. One particular GTA V fan, who has criminal quantities of free time, has made a massive and extremely elaborate domino construction as tribute to Rockstar’s massively popular franchise.


The artist used up a whopping forty thousand dominoes in this project, and set them up to draw out the GTA V and Rockstar logos, and minimalist depictions of the three protagonists. Now, getting to this part of the video most of you are probably amazed at why the hell someone would spend time with this, and be awed by the meticulous attention to detail. But wait! There’s more! Following the three protagonists, we see “Los Santos” written out in the stylized font, followed by famous landmarks and recognizable buildings made entirely of dominoes collapsing in elaborate ways. We even see multi-tiered domino constructions – it’s insane. Check out the video below!

The genius behind this feat of absolute time-wasting (we’re not serious about these jabs, we all have hobbies, and we genuinely admire the guy’s skills) is someone who goes by the internet moniker WebGuy1000, who runs a Youtube Channel called Domino Entertainment. It should be pretty apparent what kinds of videos go up on the channel. But for those among you who may have had a rough night and struggle with stringing cohesive sentences together (also, why are you on the internet if this is the case?), the channel is filled with various videos of dominoes falling over.

Now, if we think beyond small pieces of plastic set up with extreme care, only to be toppled soon after, we realize how poetic this all is. GTA V, at its core, is about chaos, mayhem and destruction, and that is what we see here too.

Have you crossed GTA V with one of your unrelated hobbies?

Rockstar Showcases GTA V Fan Art

It is no secret that GTA V sold extremely well, and that the number of gamers who play GTA V grows day by day. Now, that’s a lot of fans, and chances are, some of them have a knack for arts and crafts. The GTA series has always been very fan-artable, and arguably GTA V has the most potential for community made masterpieces yet. Rockstar Games knows that they have much to thank their community for, and in accordance with this, like to bring attention to the various GTA-related things the fans get up to every now and then.

Players can design their own missions in GTA V, and Rockstar showcases and promotes the best of these missions every now and then. However players don’t only make a show of creativity in the world of GTA V. Fans show their love for the game by creating various works of art, and Rockstar recently posted a collection of what they think are the best recent works of fan-art related to GTA V.

First up, we have a stylish sketch of Trevor out in the desert, doing what we can only assume is his favorite pass time. Killing and drinking. This is hardly Julia Scott’s first piece of GTA V fan-art, aas Rockstar readily reminds us.


GTA has always had its signature art style, one so characteristic that it has become synonymous with the series. So what happens when the protagonists are depicted using a different art style, created by a caricature artist? Well, really nice art, actually.


For some atmospheric and gloomy art, look no further than Pashoto’s tribute to the Lost and Damned.


With rumors about GTA VI possibly featuring a female protagonist, these particular submissions may as well have been an attempt to land a job at Rockstar Games.




The following two works run in a similar vein.

art 7 art 8

Next up, we have a rendition of Michael’s younger years. Seems like he was no happier with life back then than he is during the events of GTA V.


Last but not least, we have one pretty dedicated fan’s LEGO replica of the Grotti Turismo R.

art10 art10-1 art11 art11-1

Have you guys ever made any GTA V fan art? Feel free to share!

GTA V Gets New RDR, LA Noire, Max Payne Inspired Content

For some time now, players have had the ability to put together their own missions in Grand Theft Auto Online, and share it with the community. Occasionally, some of these fan missions were put together so well, with such attention and so much effort, that they caught the eyes of the team at Rockstar, who would then promote these fan missions.

In this batch, Rockstar has collected a set of community made missions which were inspired by some of the other games the studio is responsible for. Namely, Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire and Max Payne 3.


First up, the Red Dead Redemption missions have players turn up the cowboy in four different jobs set in the desert area. You can either race through a canyon with the blazing sun at your back, show off your gun-slinging skills in a one on one revolver duel, nick some riches from rival gangs situated in desert settlements, or going in guns blazing on these very same gangsters (and nicking their riches, obviously). Naturally, all of this would be done with your character wearing a sweet and stylish cowboy hat.


Taking a step forward in time, we leave behind the wild wild west and step into the sombre, smoky embrace of the 40’s. The LA Noire missions have players race with vehicles reminiscent of the era, as well as setting the more inquisitive players on some unsolved cases near the most recognizable landmarks.


Last but not least, we have the missions inspired by Max Payne 3. Taking players to the seedier locations of Los Santos, these missions equip your character with a specific set of weapons to ensure that the fights are visceral, close up and personal. Seeking to outright re-create one of the missions from the source material, expect to visit a horse-track when playing these missions.

Rockstar has fully embraced community content with Grand Theft Auto V. Between modding, the Rockstar Editor and custom missions, the players of GTA V will surely keep the game alive for a damn long time.

What do you guys think of fan content? All-in, indifferent, or do you stick to the official stuff?

Fan Creates 20 GTA V Magazine Ads

GTA V magazine ad

Reddit user ze_ex_21 has taken several GTA 5 screenshots and transformed them into magazine ads, many of which poke fun at aspects of the game, such as the Pegasus ad pictured above. Other than the watermark on the images (which oddly seems to be the Mortal Kombat logo), it’s easy to imagine these as actual ads.

GTA V magazine ad 2

You can check out the 10 magazine ads he shared today in the gallery below.

However, that’s not it. That album is his second round of GTA V magazine ads. He actually posted the first 10 a few days ago.

Most fans have praised his work, although some have demanded to know why he’d spend so much time on this. Why is any sort of fan art created? If this is how he enjoys spending his time, that’s great. Remember the GTA V food blog?

Be sure to let us and ze_ex_21 know which of these ads are your favorites. Have you ever created GTA V fan art of any kind?

Some Cool GTA V Fan-made Images

With under a week left until the release of Grand Theft Auto V you can really feel the anticipation starting to grow. Internet forums and discussion boards are getting filled with GTA 5 related posts and traffic here at GTA 5 Cheats is also increasing significantly – it seems you guys want to know the cheat codes just as much as we do!

That said there has also been a lot more fan-created content being published and today we have three GTA 5 images we think you’ll enjoy.

The first piece will appeal to fans of the movie Heat. Thanks to RumblePhish of Reddit for posting. And in fact, Heat is probably the sort of movie to watch if you wanna get fired up for GTA V. Makes sense…


Next up is this new piece of artwork from renowned illustrator Patrick Brown. We’ve covered his work previously at GTA 5 Cheats and he literally just published the image below. We love it as much as his pretty pieces so make sure you check them all out at his official website.


Finally, Reddit user mandarijn decided to create this pretty cool animated GIF that not only shows off the size of the GTA V map, but does so using elements of the character switching feature that is new to GTA 5. Inspiring stuff!


Oh, and did we mention it’s just 6 days (nearly 5 in fact) until release hour!