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New Rockstar Projects Won’t Launch Before April 2017

Then again, this shouldn’t be too surprising, since Rockstar has a tendency to cook its meals for a good long time – just look at how GTA V was delayed. Not too long ago, in an earnings call to investors, Take-Two Interactive representatives confirmed that Rockstar Games is indeed working on new projects, most likely meaning new games.


This immediately kicked off a massive avalanche of speculation going around both the press and the fans. What will their next game be? When will it be announced? When will it be launched? How many projects are they working on? Is GTA 5 story DLC one of those projects?

Well, in order: We don’t know, most likely at E3, not sooner than the next financial year, we don’t know that either and unlikely.

It was in the same call to investors that a small but more than significant tidbit of info was also dropped: All of the products Take-Two plans on launching in this financial year have already been announced. Financial years, like academic years, do not line up with calendar years (screw whoever came up with this), meaning that “this” financial year won’t end until April 2017.


While immediately kicking off financial years with new releases isn’t unheard of, it is atypical (Incidentally, GTA 5 on PC launched in April). As far as we know based on previous comments from Take-Two, Rockstar will be showing off something major at E3 this year. Now, the truly high-profile AAA releases are usually announced well over a year before release, not accounting for any potential delays – which are increasingly common.

Whatever it is that Rockstar will show off at E3 probably won’t be released anytime soon after April 2017 either – but most definitely not before. If the recent semi-official-semi-rumor info that GTA 6 has indeed recently entered development is true, the development cycle for games of this (presumed) scale is really long.


Depending on whether “entered development” means that it just got greenlit or that actual work has already begun places possible release about 4-5 years from now, including an error margin for delays. Even if this is true, it is doubtful that Rockstar would reveal a project so early on.

This means that whatever they’re showing off at E3 is not GTA 6, nor will it be released before the summer of next year. Now, a popular fan theory is that one of the things the devs will show off is long-requested story DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5.


This again, is unlikely – unless they putting together the biggest DLC campaign the franchise has seen, or have a small team working on it because most employees are off building a different project. If enough of it is finished to properly announce, then it would be complete long before April 2017.

At first glance, the info that “there won’t be any new Rockstar games before next April” doesn’t reveal much, however if you dig deep enough, such info can reveal quite a bit more about the big picture.


Piecing together info from other sources also allows us to add to this analysis. A different Take-Two statement sometime ago was related to the number of IPs registered under the company being too high. This means that it is unlikely for Rockstar to be developing anything which isn’t related to an established franchise. Some time ago, the company did file a trademark on the name “Judas“, however this is likely in some way related to existing IP.

Summing up what we know so far:

  • Rockstar Games will announce multiple projects at this year’s E3 conference
  • A new IP is unlikely
  • The company will not release anything before April 2017
  • GTA 6 won’t be announced
  • GTA 5 Story DLC won’t be announced

What do you think Rockstar will announce?

Rockstar Games Confirmed To Announce New Game

Some time ago, Take-Two Interactive made a statement about how the publisher is going to have a major presence at this year’s E3 event. Now, Take-Two has both 2K and Rockstar Games under their wing, however they didn’t specify which of the two would account for that “major presence”. 2K has been a regular presenter at E3 to some extent in the past, so that doesn’t warrant a special announcement. Plus, 2K has mostly bared its cards by now.


Even so, until now the fact that it’s going to be Rockstar that will show off some new game was mere suspicion. It was the logical choice, as they haven’t revealed any major project since the launch of GTA V a whole 3 years ago. Granted, they’ve released new ports of the game for newer consoles and PC, along with a steady stream of new DLC – but none of this would have taxed Rockstar’s resources.

An excerpt from a recent earnings report has finally officially confirmed that it is indeed Rockstar that will steal the show at E3 in Take-Two’s name. If there was any doubt until now whether or not Rockstar is working on any new games, there is none now.

Rockstar Games is ofcourse hard at work on some exciting future projects that will be revealed soon

Take-Two counted GTA 5 to be the greatest contributing factor of revenue in the past quarter, despite high-profile new releases such as XCOM 2 and NBA 2K16 also having been released in that period. It seems that the gift of Shark Cards keeps on giving, as an even larger portion of income was attributed to microtransactions, rivaled only by the DLC for the Borderlands franchise.

The developer of GTA 5 also has a number of other franchises to their name. Most popular of these is Red Dead, the latest installment of which, Redemption, has achieved immense success on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Other famous series include Manhunt and The Midnight Club.


Following the massive success of GTA 5, having brought in over $3 billion in profit, Rockstar could develop a hit AAA blockbuster from the fraction of that cash – seeing as the total budget of GTA 5 was “only” $265 million. Fans have been waiting for a new game to be developed by Rockstar for a good long time. The team displayed a high level of expertise with pretty much all of their projects, making the community excited as for what they might come up with next.

Based on a recent statement by Take-Two about how the company already owns too many IPs, the chances of seeing a beloved franchise return from the dead. Of course, there is the chance that Rockstar plans on revealing the next GTA game (which could easily be a spin-off, not necessarily GTA 6).


However, seeing as they plan to keep GTA Online’s current iteration active and profitable through 2020 at least, they probably won’t be releasing a new game in the franchise for a few years, making such an early announcement pointless. Much more likely, however, is that they will take a different franchise out of the freezer.

The most likely candidate is, of course, Red Dead. While the franchise was originally kicked off by Red Dead Revolver, which shared many gameplay mechanics with Redemption, but had fewer features. The franchise only achieved mainstream success with the release of Red Dead Redemption, which is to this day considered one of the best games of the previous console generation.


Fans have been pleading Rockstar for a PC port of the game pretty much since launch, alongside a sequel. However not so much as an off-hand mention of the franchise ever occurred from official sources. If Rockstar really is going to drop a bomb at E3, then its likely to be a new Red Dead game – let’s just hope it isn’t merely a Red Dead Remaster, because that would be Red Dead Regrettable.

Then again, they could release a remastered version of RDR alongside the new game, similar to the way the new Call of Duty is launching alongside a remastered version of the original Modern Warfare, also known as the last good CoD game. Hopefully Rockstar won’t make the same mistake of not selling it separately.


Should Take-Two opt to give the franchise a Red Dead Revival, chances are we’ll see an Online component developed for it too. Since the game is basically Grand Theft Horse, pulling the mechanics of GTA Online over a similar game with a different setting wouldn’t be hard. Let’s just hope Rockstar pulls up a solid internal server park by then and avoids this peer-to-peer nonsense.

While “projects” doesn’t exclude this from being the case, the formerly popular theory of Rockstar working on single-player DLC has been pretty much given up by the community following years of pleading and hoping only ever being answered by silence. Rockstar isn’t likely to spend immense resources on a product only a fraction of the community will buy when they can either work on a fresh, new game – or just make more GTA Online DLC to drive up Shark Card sales.


The popularity of GTA 5 may have pre-determined the nature of the games we will get from Rockstar in the future. The reason the possibility for another Red Dead game is so high because it is the franchise that is most likely to Red Dead Replicate the success of this massive blockbuster. After all, if a game is still the primary source of income for a massive AAA company five years after launch, you know it was doing something right.

Then again, if Take-Two and Rockstar decide to have their cake and eat it too, they might decide to make the next open-world wild-west gunslinger game Online-only with single player component. If this happens, they’ll probably have a Red Dead Revolt (okay, I’ll stop now) on their hands.


What franchise are you hoping to see revealed/revived by Rockstar at E3 this year? Do you want a classic to return, or would you be happy with the announcement of the next GTA game?

GTA V (Finally) Meets Watch_Dogs. Sort Of.

This mix between GTA and a potential rival has been a long time coming. Seriously, how did this not happen sooner?


Watch_Dogs, after its announcement at E3 2012, garnered massive popularity, and was lauded by many as a “GTA Killer”. The gameplay trailers released immediately after seemed to back up that claim, However as time passed, the trailers kept showing a progressively worse and worse image of the game.

Then, it was released in 2014, and gained the ire of players and reviewers almost instantly. The whole game felt half-finished. It only accomplished a fraction of the things it claimed in marketing material and was ridden with bugs. It did show the hints of potential, shadows of the game it was before the corporate shear cut it down into the cheapest game it could become.


Despite all this, the game still has some fans. Some players who kept themselves away from most marketing material and didn’t have too many expectations for the game. For all the issues, the hacking feature works well, and the gameplay is extremely fun and solid. Any issues with the game are directed towards the marketing and graphics, and in the end the game itself is enjoyable.


However, GTA V is considered better in absolutely every way, so why not add Watch_Dogs’ hacking feature to it? This Hack Mod, not to be confused with a method to gain unfair advantage over other players, allows the player to use his smartphone to hack into various social services in the city, such as the power grid. Currently, the mod only has the blackout feature from Watch_Dogs, however the author seeks to expand it with the other hacks that appear in the Ubisoft game.

What games other than Watch_Dogs do you think would be better as a GTA V mod?

Xbox One Getting Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility – Where’s GTA?

Microsoft recently started a storm online by announcing that it was introducing Xbox 360 game backwards compatibility to the Xbox One.


Backwards compatibility on current-gen consoles was a much-requested feature ever since the new consoles were announced – without the feature. The jump from last-last-gen to last-gen was significantly larger than the difference between current consoles and the previous line, as the launch titles of the Xbox One didn’t show much difference/improvement from the latter titles available on Xbox 360 (proven by the fact that some games had cross-gen releases, like GTA V) . Despite this, the Xbox 360 launched with a backwards compatibility function, and currently more than 400 original Xbox titles are compatible with the 360, which is more than half of the full library of the original Microsoft console.


At this year’s E3, Microsoft announced that they will be introducing the backwards compatibility feature to the Xbox One console gradually, with more and more games added in waves. However, to the dismay of many fans, the list is devoid of any games developed by Rockstar Games, meaning all GTA games and Red Dead Redemption. Another popular game missing from the list is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. When asked about the situation, Microsoft could only offer answer regarding Bethesda’s RPG, but there is still no word on why the Rockstar games aren’t getting the compatibility treatment.

lowrider-car-show (1)

In the case of Skyrim, Microsoft simply stated that getting some games to work with the feature takes longer than others, so Skyrim is coming, players just need to be patient. Rockstar’s unwillingness to participate in this campaign is puzzling, however, as the developer has quite an impressive library on the Xbox 360, with extremely popular games. Of course this includes previous GTA games which would certainly sell well on the Xbox One as well a Red Dead Redemption (players are desperate for a sequel to that too). The best bet on this is that the company has run into some licensing issues, which are the main problem other game developers are experiencing with the compatibility program.

Would you guys want to see old GTA titles on the Xbox One?

GTA V Gets Grappling Hook

On the off chance that you’ve gotten bored of the fantastic Jetpack mod that was recently released for GTA V, there is a fun new way to traverse the massive map.

The grappling hook, a rather common device in gaming, is potentially one of the coolest ways to get from point A to point B. Recently popularized by Just Cause 2, grappling hooks are popping up more and more in games. The recently revealed Dishonored 2’s E3 trailer clearly depicts some sort of ethereal grappling hook of sorts, and the device has found its way into other popular franchises.


GTA is no exception, however, in this case, the grappling hook comes as a courtesy of a modder called JulioNIB, also responsible for the Jetpack mod. Based entirely on the incarnation of the device seen in Just Cause 2, the same kind of mayhem that the game became famous for can now be achieved in GTA. Currently, the hook connects to vehicles, buildings and pedestrians, but JulioNIB is hard at work on the next version, in which the hook will connect to support objects as well. Functionality wise, the grappling hook works just as it did in Just Cause 2. You can fire the hook at something and pull yourself towards it, or tether various objects and people together to cause some A grade insanity.

Just Cause 2 was a popular game, though people cried for a multiplayer mode, as the game had such a penchant for wanton destruction and un-scripted awesome that more people messing around the island could only be better. A mod on Steam added multiplayer functionality to JC2, and, as expected, it was wildly popular, fun and insane (I had more guilty fun with that mod than I’m ready to admit.).

Despite this, the upcoming sequel, Just Cause 3 will launch without a multiplayer mode, however the grappling hook is coming back. In the meanwhile, you can play GTA V with the awesome device.

Have you guys played any of the Just Cause games? What did you think?

Forza Motorsport 6 Trailer Recreated In GTA V

Another day, another spectacular Rockstar Editor creation. E3 2015 just wrapped up, with a ton of awesome new games shown off at the expo. Microsoft seemingly “won” E3 (until Sony came along, that is) with their announcement of backwards compatibility coming to the Xbox One free of charge, but that certainly wasn’t the only thing they had going for them. A bunch of Xbox One and Microsoft exclusives were also announced, or previously announced titles got their first trailers. One such game, exclusive to the Xbox One, is Forza Motortsport 6, successor to the Xbox One launch title.

The first gameplay trailer for Forza 6 was shown off at E3 2015.

What does Forza have? Cars! What else has cars? GTA V! What game has in-built gameplay recording and editing software? Also GTA V! You see where this is going.

Many fans were disappointed by Forza Motorsport 5 back when it launched on the then-newborn Xbox One, as they didn’t feel that the graphical and technical difference between it and the later racing games of the previous generation was large enough to warrant the “next-gen” descriptor. Current-gen car games started popping up, as Ubisoft released The Crew last year, and Forza Horizon 2 was also released. But hey, we’ve all had GTA for our racing needs, right?


The current-gen racing scene is a tad sparse, but we can look forward to a few newer releases soon to scratch this particular itch, and it seems that these titles will finally make proper use of the current generation’s hardware. We’ve already seen an improvement in the visuals of games released for Xbox One and Playstation 4 in the past year over the launch titles, and considering the massive difference between the launch titles of their predecessors and later games released on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, we can look forward to some genuinely amazing graphics. (Or, you know, just play on PC.)

Are you guys looking forward to Forza Motorsport 6? What did you think of Forza Motorsport 5?

Will the Wait for PS4/X1/PC GTA V End at E3?

GTA V High Life 4

We’ve spent a long time waiting for the announcement that GTA V will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and/or PC. There have been plenty of rumors and random retail listings, but nothing concrete. Well, if Rockstar is going to announce it, there’s a pretty good chance it’ll be at E3.

Rockstar doesn’t usually go to E3, but as pointed out by gaming site Rockstarturk, Take-Two Interactive is going to be there. Now, Take-Two is responsible for many more series besides Grand Theft Auto, but don’t forget all the rumors that place a PS4/X1/PC release in the middle of June. Some even marked out June 13 as the release date, and what would be more dramatic than for Take-Two to announce that the game is not only on its way, but will be available immediately after E3?

Then there’s the mysterious game Rockstar will release for the PS4 and Xbox One before March 2015.

We have just over two weeks to wait until E3. If GTA V isn’t announced for more systems then, we’ll be back to the waiting game.

Special Edition GTA V PS3 Bundle Announced

Update: we have since confirmed that the headset DOES NOT come with the bundle. It must be purchased separately and is only listed on the bundle box as an additional accessory. We think it’s pretty deceptive packaging.

Sony just had their press conference at E3 and kicked some serious butt with the Playstation 4. That’s not all though; also revealed was a GTA V PS3 bundle.


Included in the package is a 500 GB PS3, a copy of the game, a 30 day Playstation Plus trial membership and a custom GTA V Pulse – Elite Edition headset. You also get a “custom audio mode” for GTA 5, which is meant to take full advantage of the headset (read: more bass – crashes, explosions, bullet-fire, etc). The custom audio mode can be downloaded from free via the Pulse – Elite Manager App.


The bundle will retail for US$299 and will be available from the get-go when GTA 5 ships on 17 September.

Rockstar Officially Not Attending E3

Further to our post just a few days ago that while GTA V may be at E3 in some form (like a pretty basic promotion in a Take-Two booth) there will be no major announcements about it (such as a PC or next-gen version), Rockstar Games has officially confirmed the same.

No way will there be any Grand Theft Auto 5 news at E3 without Rockstar being present. So if you’re holding your breath for that much anticipated (however extremely unlikely) PS4/Xbox One/PC announcement, or any other news about GTA 5 really, don’t!