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Physical GTA V Goods Discounted For Black Friday

Rockstar’s celebration of Thanksgiving has extended beyond an in-game GTA Online event.


The GTA Online Thanksgiving event is well under way and gives players a chance to rack up double the RP and GTA $ by playing any of the several PvP Adversary Modes available. In fact, a whole new Adversary Mode was added to the game recently to celebrate the holiday. And in keeping with the tradition of the festive Thanksgiving football games, the new Adversary Mode, Running Back, is loosely based on hand-egg, or as the majority likes to call it, American “football”.

However, Rockstar’s special Black Friday and Thanksgiving Weekend sales will ensure that you bring a bit of GTA V into your celebration even if you’re not in front of the screen.

The special Rockstar Warehouse sale includes not just a few select items, but rather has a universal 40% discount on absolutely all games and merchandise found in the online store. However, that isn’t all, as Rockstar has also made some all new gear available for purchase as well, just so you have something special coming to you in that delivery. The special discount is live from tomorrow, Friday the 27th, all the way through the weekend until Monday the 30th, so you have four full days to carefully select what goes into your own personal crate drop.


Rockstar has also made some limited GTA V merchandise available for purchase. Previously, your only chance to nab any of these sought-after items was through promotions and giveaways, however now the Merryweather Polo, T-shirt, Cap and Mug, the Snapmatic T-shirt, the Loneliest Robot Pendrive and Greeting Card, the Epsilon Program Paperweight and the iFruit mouse pad and phone cases can be bought through the Rockstar Warehouse.

PC players got lucky with this sale, as not only is the PC version of GTA V also at a 40% discount, but all PC purchases will land the new players a deposit of GTA$500K. There is also an exclusive buy-one-get-one promotion in effect for all Shark Cards.

What GTA V merch are you guys buying?

GTA Online Gives Thanks With Double RP and $GTA


First it was just an Adversary Mode – now, a whole event.

You asked for more double RP and GTA$ events, Rockstar is giving you more double RP and GTA$ events. With the Lowriders week just behind us, Rockstar is tossing yet another event our way.

This time it is for the occasion of Thanksgiving, that one very old celebration which is held for various reasons in various countries (but is predominantly known as a US thing). Preparations are being made in households all over the world for this rather significant event where families unite to remember all the good things that have happened to them – or, you know, log on to GTA Online because double GTA$, yo.


The event lasts from the 26th till the 29th (don’t worry, that turkey dinner will fit), with something special planned for the 27th. Players will be able to pack in double the rewards and reputation from all Adversary Modes, including the all new “Running Back” mode, which is based on the traditional Thanksgiving football games held in the USA.

While the last-gen consoles are missing out on all the new content, they’re still getting a piece of the double reward action, and that offer is valid on all Adversary Modes.


On the 27th, which happens to fall on a particular Friday which is associated with a dark color (or lack of color, if you want to nitpick), there will be some special discounts on in-game items. All apartments can be yours for 40% less than regular price, plus a 25% discount on all vehicles. With the lowriders being as pricey as they are, that latter discount sure will be popular. Good thing your GTA Online character can’t get trampled to death.

How are you guys celebrating Thanksgiving? Will you be having your slice of the turkey while sitting in front of a screen, grinding GTA Online Adversary Modes?

Even More GTA V Discounts On Consoles

Yup, because apparently this still sells really really well. While the PC and last-gen sales did confuse us a tad, discounting the game on the PS4 and Xbox One makes sense to the extent that it gives last-gen players more incentive to upgrade. Not that the lack of any further DLC for GTA Online being released on the 360 and PS3 wasn’t incentive enough, but hey, spending money in video games may not be a priority for some.

However the timing of this particular sale should not be a surprise to anyone, considering that next week is Black Friday, the annual shopping spree holiday which is nothing more than a construct of consumerist society, and a minimum of five American people will be trampled to death by rabid crowds who just have to get that thing which is 50% off or something. (/rant)


Amazon is holding a special pre-Black Friday sale event for their Prime subscribers, who can nick some special deals. A whole horde of video games had been discounted quite significantly, with some special edition pre-orders among them. If you’re a PS4 owner and are looking to pick up GTA V cheap, and also happen to be an Amazon Prime member, you’re in luck. The PS4 version of Rockstar’s record breaking blockbuster is discounted by 43% in the Black Friday Prime sale.


Now, in the beginning of this article, we did write “consoles“, so members of the Microsoft crowd need not feel left out – in fact, Amazon is more generous to Xbox One owners, as they can get GTA V at a 43% markdown even if they’re not Amazon Prime subscribers.

Most other video game related sales this Black Friday focus on either very recently released titles, or highly anticipated upcoming releases – with heavy emphasis on special editions.

Any of you guys picking up GTA V today?

GTA Online Lowriders Week – Discounts And Giveaways

Hope you’ve been saving up, because Rockstar has a treat for you.

While the double GTA $ and RP weekend event to commemorate Friday the 13th was a step in the right direction, Rockstar has now proven that it heard the community’s pleas regarding the insane prices of the Lowrider upgrades with this week-long event.

They’re still not making things overly easy for you, but this week putting together your dream ride will be more manageable – and you won’t need to skimp on those hydraulics you wanted so much either.


Benny’s Original Motorworks is slashing the prices of the cars themselves, plus the procedure needed to upgrade them to lowrider status. Each day, a different lowrider will be available at 25% off, with the same discount on the upgrade.

  • Monday: 25% off Declasse Voodoo (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Tuesday: 25% off Albany Primo (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Wednesday: 25% off Albany Buccaneer (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Thursday: 25% off Declasse Moonbeam (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Friday: 25% off Vapid Chino (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Saturday: 25% off Willard Faction (Base Price & Upgrade)


The bobbleheads will also be getting the sale treatment with a 75% discount, and Ammunation is joining Benny’s in slashing certain prices by 25%.


Just in case your dream car still breaks the bank with these discounts, Rockstar is offering some serious opportunities to rack up some cash. During the week, each day will see a new and unique event playlist which will grant players double the GTA$ and RP. On Saturday, Lamar will be offering twice as much for four of his contact missions. On Sunday, it will be time to get violent, as the four new Adversary Modes will also give double payouts.


Players will also be rewarded simply for logging in each by with one-of-a-kind hats, which cannot be acquired any other way.

  • Monday: The ‘Strawberry’ Hat
  • Tuesday: The ‘Magnetics Block’ Hat
  • Wednesday: The ‘SA’ Hat
  • Thursday: The ‘Boars’ Hat
  • Friday: The ‘Davis’ Hat
  • Saturday: The ‘Westside’ Hat
  • Sunday: The ‘Eastside’ Hat

Who’s planning on earning up for your dream lowrider in this GTA Online event?

GTA V Steam Summer Sale Mishap Haunts Valve

Legal matters really have a tendency to drag out and it can sometimes take many months to settle something that should otherwise be simple and straightforward. Recently, we’ve been seeing a massive surge in GTA V sales and discounts across all platforms – real discounts -, even on Steam. Many of you may be confused by that emphasis, as Steam is known for its legendary sales, deals and discounts. However, this wasn’t always so in the case of GTA V, and only a few months ago getting your hands on a legal copy of GTA V for less than the standard AAA game full price was pretty darn difficult.


One possibility has historically been the huge Steam Summer Sale, where many had hoped to see a discount on Rockstar’s blockbuster. True enough, on the opening day of the sale , GTA V’s banner was slapped with the little green rectangle housing the little white percentage, showing just how much you’ll be saving.

In truth, if you bought the game then, you saved nothing. Just before the sale, GTA V’s price on Steam was drastically increased so that when the discount was applied, the final price to be paid was identical to the un-discounted regular, full AAA price. You’re right, that doesn’t seem fair to us either!


And as you might imagine, this caused quite the stir among gamers, as they thought that Rockstar or Valve were resorting to underhanded tactics, enticing the unwitting customer into a full priced purchase with a false discount. As it turned out, this version of GTA V (the only one available at the time) was bundled with a Shark Cash Card for use in GTA Online. Now, the card was one of the smaller ones, in no way validating the price difference, however the inclusion of the DLC made the game non-refundable.

The Advertising Standards Authority has since ruled against Valve in the matter.

On this point, the ad breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 (Misleading advertising) and 3.17 (Prices).

While Valve won’t be subject to any sort of punishment as such (i.e. no fine) they must not run that advertisement again. In addition, Steam has been put on notice by the ASA that any future savings claims made on Steam must not mislead customers about the benefits that might be available (like whether a Shark Cash Card is included, or how much the actual discount is off the regular price).

GTA V And Others Discounted In Halloween Steam Sale

The terrifying Steam sales. These are events which send wallets and credit cards rushing for the nearest sober-minded significant other or the pockets of a forgotten pair of trousers. The events which cause PayPal accounts to quiver, and savings to weep. It is during Steam sales that the already unmanageable backlog of a PC gamer grows even more, with a slew of titles they will most likely never even install.

There are, however, cases in which the sales go to good use, and a few gamers who think realistically, buy responsibly. This Halloween sale, however, with over 2,000 discounted titles, is geared more for the former.


Among those 2,000 discounted games is GTA V, which got a 33% price slash to commemorate the spooky event.  Going for £26.79 instead of the usual £39.99, this sale hardly brought the price down to its lowest, but it is still a significant rebate. So players seeking to get their hands on the PC version of the game cheaper, and haven’t done so yet, have their chance.

Despite being the Halloween Steam Sale, horror games aren’t the only ones on offer, as you can see from the fact that GTA V is discounted. The recent Halloween Surprise update does make GTA Online fit the theme, but one Adversary Mode is hardly enough to give the game the title of “horror”. Other major non-horror games which you can grab at a discount are The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Bioshock Infinite. You can also pick up a wide selection of high quality horror games for cents, many of which have been praised by the community.


Strangely enough there are still plenty of people out there buying GTA V. Whether it is late adopters, last-gen gamers making the jump to PC or people just going like “oh, hey, this exists, why not?”, GTA V still has a massive market, despite being years old.

Are you guys picking up anything during this sale?

Even More GTA V Discounts

This is a headline I would not be surprised you all are tired of reading about now. GTA V is on sale on PC again.

Surprisingly enough though, we know through our social media accounts and also by reading the comments on previous articles we’ve posted on the matter, that there’s people have have put off buying GTA V… until now. Considering how long ago the game was released (only on last generation consoles, granted), the immense number of sales with 54 million copies shipped (not counting digital), and the overall popularity of both the franchise and just this installment it’s hard to believe. Add to that a massive wave of discount following discount on every platform on which the game has been released on and no one interested in the game should really have had any reason to put it off purchasing it for so long.


Or so you would think. Thing is, not long after the previous record breaking discount, GTA V has once again reached an all time low with regards to price. This is once again thanks to Green Man Gaming, a redistribution website. Here are the newest coupons and their associated discounts:

The cheap great white bundle, giving the players a shark cash card worth of $1,250,000 in GTA Online will certainly be a big help, knowing the insane prices of the recent Lowriders update.

2 - VCi0FGe

The discount is live until next Monday, so you’ve got a whole weekend to convince your significant other that selling your soul to Rockstar’s massive time-sink of a game is totally a good idea and you should totally go for it.

Or, you know, wait another two weeks or so for GTA V to dip below the $30 mark, if it follows current trends.

So, anyone jumping into GTA V thanks to this particular discount?

Even More GTA V Sales This Week

Seriously, I never thought we’d reach this point. I didn’t even think this point existed. There are too many GTA V sales and discounts going on.


It has been available at significant markdowns several times on all five platforms in the past month. Sale is heaped on sale, with no three consecutive days passing without GTA V being available at a discount somewhere. Cheap games is never really something to complain about, but seriously, considering its been two and a half years since initial release, the fact that more than 54 million copies were sold, not counting digital sales, and that we have been assaulted with an endless stream of discounts in the past few weeks, is there really anyone left who wants GTA V but does not have it yet? Where are all the customers justifying these sales coming from?

Not that we’re complaining of course… the more that discover and get to enjoy Rockstar’s masterpiece of a game the better!

On Microsoft’s side of things, Rockstar’s blockbuster can be purchased for 33% off if you have a gold or platinum Xbox Live subscription, and GTA V can be nicked for Xbox 360 at a 58% markdown.


Sony fans don’t despair, as the same percentage of discounts are active on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 versions of GTA V should you purchase them through the PS Store. Both these and the Xbox discounts are live until next Tuesday.

Before the PC crowd starts feeling left out, Rockstar has slapped the downloadable PC version of GTA V, purchasable from the Rockstar Warehouse, with the 33% discount as well.

That’s a lot of discounts. Thing is, who’s going to be living with the opportunity? Sure, GTA V is a famous game even among those who do not play it, and chances are people not too interested in it will happen upon the discount now (if somehow they missed all the other discounts in the past few weeks…). They’ll most likely be like “sure, why not?”, but at this point everyone who was actively looking to get their hands on the game probably has.

Are any of you guys picking GTA V up for another platform, perchance?

It’s Yet Another GTA V PC Sale

In the world of digital distribution purchasing games at full price is flushing money down the shitter.

Buying games at full price is this, literally

When one distributor’s sale ends, another’s begins. Discounts codes, coupons, and sales offer a multitude of methods to acquire games for a significantly lower price than the standard $60 you usually need to shell out (for a AAA game like GTA 5). Recently, GTA V has been discounted on several occasions for every platform it released on. And now yet again the PC version of Rockstar’s blockbusting open world crime game can be bought at a low price.

If you head on over to GamesPlanet, a retailer and digital distributor based in the United Kingdom, you can pick up GTA V for £31.99. That is a full 20% markdown from the game’s standard price. Considering GTA V initially released more than 2 years ago, it has kept its value (at full price at least) steady. This was mainly made possible due to the spread out release schedule of the various platform ports, with the PC version being less than a year old.

You after this latest sale

In this day and age AAA titles lose value swiftly and the vast majority of games have their price reduced by half pretty quickly. However GTA is one of the few games with the kind of brand recognition that allows it to keep the $US60 price point up for so long. It stands alongside the likes of Call of Duty (even after several years, the older installments are still full price) and FIFA in this regard.

Yup, it's a games sale
Yup, it’s a games sale

Considering that this is the umpteenth GTA V discount in recent weeks, and that a ludicrous number of copies have been shipped (a whole 54 million), not counting digital sales (which far outnumbers physical), chances are that anyone who wanted to get GTA V probably has it by now.

Honestly, does anyone know anyone who wants GTA V but still hasn’t gotten around to purchasing it?

GTA V And Other Rockstar Games On Sale At Humble Store

Just in case you haven’t have had enough of GTA and Rockstar sales in the past month, the Humble Store is holding a sale on all games developed by Rockstar available through the digital distribution platform.


The wave of sales was kicked off by Sony when they discounted all Rockstar games that were available on the Playstation Store to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the legendary Playstation game console. Following this, Microsoft put GTA V and some other GTA games on sale through their Deals with Gold service, which allows gold and silver Xbox Live subscribers to purchase games through Xbox Live at a discount. Most recently, Rockstar’s games were discounted on PC by Green Man Gaming, and by Rockstar themselves on the IOS App Store and Google Play, ticking off all platforms. The GMG PC sale saw GTA V’s price hit an all time low, going for as cheap as $37 for the first time.


In an attempt to cater to the, like, six people out there who still haven’t bought GTA V (I mean, its been years since intial release, and these are some pretty solid sales. Chances are everyone who wanted GTA V got it by now, no?), the Humble Store, the non-bundle section of the popular Humble Bundle digital distribution service, has discounted their full library of Rockstar games, with GTA V leading the charge.

GTA V can be purchased at a 20% downmark, while buying it bundled with a shark cash card will allow you to save 30%. Other Rockstar games on offer are various GTA titles, L.A. Noire, the Max Payne games, Manhunt, and Bully, making this a pretty standard lineup. As with the bundle sales, buyers may select the amount of their purchase which goes towards a charity of their choice, meaning that you’ll be buying games for a good cause!

Anyone picking anything up? Some older GTA  games, maybe?