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GTA V Discounted On Steam In Lunar New Year Sale

Despite being considered the definitive and most well rounded edition of the game, GTA V’s PC version just isn’t pulling in as many sales as the console releases. That is probably the reason why it is the version of the game. With various sites selling games at a lower price while still staying within the bounds of legality (if only just) and several large digital retailers holding sales every two days, it isn’t hard to buy a copy cheap.


Steam, arguably the largest digital retailer on PC, has had its share of run-ins with GTA V. Since that one debacle, everything has been legit and the retailer recently kicked off a new kind of sale celebrating the Lunar New Year. The traditional Chinese calendar does not work like the standardized Gregorian one, as their new year is linked to the movements and position of the moon. Each year is also assigned to one of their zodiac animals.

This year being the year of the monkey, small apes are the mascots of the Steam sale. There is a “choose your own adventure” style of catalog game going on to present you with a selection of games based on your decisions. While GTA V isn’t present in this little interactive gimmick, it is among the over 9,000 games currently on sale.


GTA V has still retained its full price of €59.99 (and USD$ – that’s not how money is meant to work, but whatever…), of which during the sale 33% has been sliced off. Players can now buy GTA V for €40.19, which is still pretty steep compared to other sales the game has recently seen on PC.

We’re not expecting any response from our normal GTA 5 Cheats readers, but anyone out there that still hasn’t grabbed a copy of GTA V, for any platform?

GTA Online Executives Bonus Week Kicked Off

Let it not be said that Rockstar skimps on special events for GTA Online.

So soon after a weekend event to celebrate the new Adversary Mode as well as the expansion of Benny’s Original Motorworks, Rockstar has just announced a rather large event which has begun in GTA Online. For a game known for its high prices and slow cash earning, these events are a great chance for players to add several digits to their bank accounts – and for the game’s active user count to spike.


The recently released (and massive) Executives and Other Criminals DLC is all about big things. Big changes, big file size, big money, big guns and big boats. As such it is fitting that this is one of the biggest week long event GTA Online has seen.

As is VIP and Bodyguard missions weren’t lucrative enough already, all of them yield double the cash and RP while the event lasts. Considering that one of the best money earning tactics involved VIP missions, this is the best chance you’ll get to make some serious cash.

Accessing those lucrative missions is easier too. During the event the price of becoming a VIP is halved. Now all you need is to have 500,000 GTA$ to become an Executive as opposed to the regular million.


If you tire of the VIP missions, you can switch over to the double cash payout playlist featuring the two new Adversary Modes, Extraction and Drop Zone. Only on the 6th and 7th Running Back is also added to the roster of modes paying twice as much.

What event would be complete without discounts? The price of all the new DLC cars and helicopters is reduced by 25%, as is the price the Gold Luxor and Swift. Robes and Smoking Jackets have their price halved, while all boats and yacht customizations get a 10% discount.

Which part of this GTA Online event do you anticipate the most?

GTA Online Double Rewards Weekend Event Announced

After Rockstar’s little tease at the end of the previous announcement this weekend event really shouldn’t be a surprise to any of us. To commemorate the launch of the new Adversary Mode called Drop Zone and the addition of the Sultan and Banshee to Benny’s Original Motorworks, Rockstar has doubled the payouts and RP rewards of various jobs, and slapped some discounts on related items.

Click for more details on the event

All the way until midnight tomorrow players have the chance to rack up some serious cash and RP in GTA Online. All Adversary Modes, including the all new Drop Zone, will net you 2 times the regular rewards. Drop Zone sees players jump out of a plane and parachute into an area which they need to dominate for two minutes while enemy teams crack down on them.

Rockstar has also added a new GTA Online playlist for the weekend, awarding anyone who completes it with sticky bombs, grenades and ammo. To further entice players to upgrade the Sultan and Banshee with the new options, Rockstar has also made all Races pay out double cash and RP while the event lasts.


To help you dominate the new Adversary Mode, Rockstar is cutting prices on all the gear you’ll need to make a safe landing. All the essential paratrooper gear is available at 50% off. You can get parachutes, parachute smoke, parachute bags and bulletproof helmets at half price while the event lasts.

If you don’t have the necessary garage space to house one of the two new four wheeled beauties you can always buy more garages, right? Rockstar made this easy too, taking 25% off the price of all garage properties in GTA Online until the last minute of Sunday is up.


Rockstar also hosted a livestream event showing off the two new rides with a few guest players from the community.

Which part of this GTA Online weekend event are you most excited for?

GTA V Discounted In Playstation Essentials Sale

Let’s kick off 2016 with even more GTA V discounts!

Sony has begun the year with the so called Playstation Essentials sale, which slashes the price of must-have games for the owners of the PS3, PS4 and PSVita consoles. Surprisingly enough, only a single Playstation exclusive made its way into the list, however there are some great deals to be had.

PlayStation Sale

Players looking to pick up some GTA games for their PS4 are in luck, as all games in the franchise which are currently available on the console have been discounted, alongside a few shark card bundles of GTA V. PS+ members get a percentage lifted off the discount price as well, making these deals even more enticing.

GTA V on its own can be bought for $44.99 for regular customers, and $38.99 for PS+. Depending on which shark card bundle you buy, prices will shoot up nicely, however PS+ members can save almost half on the most expensive bundle.


All the 3D era games are also discounted, making this a prime opportunity to catch up on some good old retro GTA. Separately, each game costs $10.49 for standard buyers, while PS+ member can grab them at $8.99. Buying the three together in the Trilogy bundle will cost you $20.99, or $17.49 if you’re a subscriber.

The list contains a lot more than GTA, mind you. The single exclusive on offer isInfamous: Second Son, while there are some gems among the discounts such as Child of Light, Metro 2033 and the best Assassin’s Creed installment in the face of Black Flag.

This sale is clearly aimed at the crowd who picked up a new PS4 for Christmas, and needs to fill up their library. Honestly though, you hardly need anything other than GTA V, since you won’t be playing anything else anyway.

Anyone picking up GTA V for their new and shiny PS4?

Grab Rockstar Games Cheap For Just Two More Days

2016 is rapidly approaching and everyone is saying goodbye to the year 2015 in various ways. Of course, this being a consumerist society, the occasion is being used as a marketing hook, with end of year sales going on all around, switching off the plethora of Christmas sales that have dominated every outlet for the past few weeks.


Some days ago Rockstar announced that they’re holding a special sale on the Warehouse, slashing the price of all digitally downloadable games by 20%. The sale will be on through the 31st of December, 2015, but you can be certain that there will be some sort of year-starting sale or what-not in January too.

Basically, any and all games currently available on the Rockstar Warehouse which can be accessed via digital download are part of the sale, including pretty much the entire GTA franchise, Max Payne, L.A Noire and Midnight Club 2. For fans of Rockstar’s handiwork, this is a great opportunity to grab a few older titles to complete your collection, or to pull a friend into the world of video games with a gift.

Of course, the developer’s flagship title, GTA V, is also among those discounted, so if you happened to miss any one of all those various sales and discounts in the past few weeks and months, this is a chance to pick up the blockbuster open world crime game for a tad cheaper. However, you’d probably do well to grab some of the other titles, as GTA V is usually discounted by more than 20% during other sales on third-party digital distribution services.


GTA V’s PC edition has been racking up awards continuously ever since its release earlier this year, and many have named it the definitive edition of the game. For a while, many swore by the current-gen console versions of the game, which were luckily safe from the rampant hacking and modding present on PC and last-gen, however recently GTA Online was seemingly cracked even on the PS4.

Which games are you picking up during this sale?

GTA V Discounted In Steam Winter Sale

Winter is here, the malls are playing Christmas music, the snow has fallen (or not), and bank accounts all over the world are quivering in fear of the inevitable Steam Holiday Sale. This December, Valve really out did themselves with a record breaking number of games being on sale at any given time. A gargantuan amalgamation of indie titles make up the bulk of the discounted games, however a wide range of AAA games also had their prices slashed.


Rockstar’s GTA V is among the discounted games (for real, this time), with a 40% discount, going for €35.99 as opposed to the regular price of €59.99 (same prices in $, because, you know, screw economics and the customer). Considering the frequency with which GTA V is on sale, especially in these past months, you’d best hold off on this, as there have been, and will be, better prices for the game.

Due to the constant stream of massive free content updates for GTA Online, such as the recently released Executives and Other Criminals, it is understandable why Rockstar is keeping the game at its launch price when not on discount. Usually, even with AAA games, after more than two years after initial release the price tends to go down. Taking into account that the PC version is quite a recent release, plus the amount of resources poured into the free DLC, not cutting the standard $60 price tag, unless on sale, is perfectly justified.


Other GTA games are also discounted on Steam for the Holiday Sale. GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas are €2.49 each, GTA IV is €4.99, with its complete edition costing only a single euro more. However you get three games in that package.

Who’s picking up some good old GTA games this Holiday Sale? Or are you catching up with GTA V?

GTA Executives DLC Weekend Event

A few days back some players noticed that bonuses under the double RP and GTA$ weekend event on all Adversary Modes were still active, and they were still getting twice the regular reward. Another thing they noticed (and that received no announcement) was a Docktease sale on various water vehicles. These signs generally pointed to another weekend event coming up, and that has turned out to be case.


One of the main features of the recently announced “weekend” event – which retroactively lasts from the 16th of December until the 20th – is the double RP and GTA$ rewards for all Adversary Modes (again – we called it) including the all new Extraction mode designed with the new bodyguard system in mind.


While it turned out that the Docktease sale had nothing to do with this, the event still has plenty to offer. If you’re looking to make some extra cash, but are tired of Adversary Modes, try out some sea races, as they also provide 2x cash rewards. There is also various discounts across the board over at Ammunation and Warstock; giving players a chance to buy weapons, ammo and armor at a lower price.

What weekend event commemorating a new DLC release would be complete without a good old Snapmatic contest with a grand prize of 1 million in GTA$? While hardly enough for a yacht, it is still a nice sum, so get your phones out and start snapping at that shiny new content.


And if you’re looking to nick some physical goods for free, head on over to the events page on the Social Club, where Rockstar is giving away a few items from their GTA V merchandise collection, which also happen to be on sale right now.

GTA Merch Discounted For Holidays On Warehouse

Looking to get your hands on some sweet GTA V themed merchandise? Did you either miss the Black Friday sale, or maybe it didn’t sate your hunger for awesome gear?

Well, for the occasion of Christmas the holiday season (political correctness edit), Rockstar has decided to introduce a fixed percentage price slash across all merchandise throughout their proprietary store, the Rockstar Warehouse.


Starting today, and lasting until the 22nd, which is next week’s Tuesday, absolutely everything available on the Rockstar Warehouse will be discounted by 30%.

This includes digital downloads as well – meaning that all games available on the Warehouse ranging through the whole GTA franchise, from the current-gen GTA V back to GTA III, as well as other games such as installments of the Max Payne franchise and the less known but much loved Bully. Physical versions are available on multiple platforms with PC digital download keys being discounted as well. The Shark Cash Card microtransactions also have their prices slashed, only for PC though.

Various collectibles like the RDR soap, the L.A. Noire flashlight and heaps upon heaps of T-shirts have been discounted. The soundtrack CDs, some of which are exclusive to the Rockstar Warehouse, also fall under the discount.

The Warehouse is also getting some shiny new products to add to the GTA V lineup in order to give you some last minute Christmas gift ideas, or something new to make use of the discount on should you already have bought everything in the past.

New shirts, an inflatable blimp, a pin set with all the radio stations from the game, Sprunk water bottle, Dr.Friedlander stressball, and a monkey heist mask key chain are all new arrivals to the store, and they too debut with the 30% subtracted from their regular price.

Will any of you guys be picking up some GTA V merchandise during the sale, either as a gift or for yourself?

GTA Online Discounts And Double GTA$

Rockstar is extending the weekend’s double RP and GTA$ event for Adversary Modes, as well as discounting items which can be bought from Docktease. Before you get your hopes up, the luxury yachts added in the recent update are still full price, and they’re damn expensive.

Last weekend, Rockstar announced a weekend of double RP and GTA$ on all Adversary Modes to celebrate the release of the new Every Bullet Counts PvP mode. Another reason behind the event was to give players a chance to rack up some cash in anticipation of the Executives and Other Criminals DLC which was released soon after.

There is a full playlist cycling through all available Adversary Modes on loop to make it easier for players to rack up the rewards. The event was supposed to end on Sunday, the 13th, however the double rewards are still being handed out on the playlist.


As for the discounts, all vehicles that you can purchase from Docktease, sans the new gargantuan yacht-properties, get some significant discounts to help players expand their personal navy. The Lampadati Toro speedboat is now available for 1.3 million as opposed to 1.75 million,  the Kraken sub has been discounted from 1.3 million to 1 million, and the list goes on.

Considering some new game modes added in the DLC are focused on sea battles, stocking up on some aquatic rides would seem prudent for players seeking to make the most of the new Bodyguard mechanic.


The new mission types in Executives and Other Criminals seem like a great source of income, so getting some ships is a worthy investment on the road to the yacht. That, coupled with the double cash event, means Rockstar has given players all the tools they should need to save up for the luxurious ships.

How close are you to buying your yacht in GTA Online?

GTA V Discounted In Sony Holiday Sale

Because, you know, GTA V gets discounted so rarely, right?

As December drags on, more and more online platforms are holding various sales and discounts on a wide selection of game titles. While the heavy hitters like the Steam Holiday Sale are still some days away, Sony has jumped the gun and launched their Holiday sale already, with a number of popular titles getting significant discounts. Unsurprisingly, a lot of players consciously hold off on buying games until the holiday season and save up, so they can get the best bang for their buck on discounted games.


As is customary with these sales, there is a wide variety of deals to choose from, though several of them are limited offers. There is a healthy mix of new and old, AAA and indie, so gamers of any taste can find something to their liking.

Among the discountees is the PS4 version of GTA V, which had its price slashed to $40.19 for regular users. If you’re a Playstation Plus subscriber you’re in luck though, and can get your hands on Rockstar’s blockbuster open wold crime game for just $35.99.

The current lineup of deals lasts for one week, until the 15th of December. Alongside GTA V, it includes games such as God of War 3 Remastered, various Telltale games, the sidescroller Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, and a few others.

PS4 Controller

The trend of PS Plus members getting better prices continues in the other discounts – although this was to be expected. It was the case with all sales since the launch of the PS Plus program, which also grants members some neat discounts even when there is no sale going on.

The amount of times GTA V was discounted in recent months is massive, with it constantly seeing price reductions on all platforms in some form or another. Despite the game having sold extremely well, it still continues to be highly sought after too. Any PS3 gamers upgrading to the current-gen version of GTA V?