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GTA V And Other Rockstar Games On Sale At Humble Store

Just in case you haven’t have had enough of GTA and Rockstar sales in the past month, the Humble Store is holding a sale on all games developed by Rockstar available through the digital distribution platform.


The wave of sales was kicked off by Sony when they discounted all Rockstar games that were available on the Playstation Store to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the legendary Playstation game console. Following this, Microsoft put GTA V and some other GTA games on sale through their Deals with Gold service, which allows gold and silver Xbox Live subscribers to purchase games through Xbox Live at a discount. Most recently, Rockstar’s games were discounted on PC by Green Man Gaming, and by Rockstar themselves on the IOS App Store and Google Play, ticking off all platforms. The GMG PC sale saw GTA V’s price hit an all time low, going for as cheap as $37 for the first time.


In an attempt to cater to the, like, six people out there who still haven’t bought GTA V (I mean, its been years since intial release, and these are some pretty solid sales. Chances are everyone who wanted GTA V got it by now, no?), the Humble Store, the non-bundle section of the popular Humble Bundle digital distribution service, has discounted their full library of Rockstar games, with GTA V leading the charge.

GTA V can be purchased at a 20% downmark, while buying it bundled with a shark cash card will allow you to save 30%. Other Rockstar games on offer are various GTA titles, L.A. Noire, the Max Payne games, Manhunt, and Bully, making this a pretty standard lineup. As with the bundle sales, buyers may select the amount of their purchase which goes towards a charity of their choice, meaning that you’ll be buying games for a good cause!

Anyone picking anything up? Some older GTA  games, maybe?

Grand Theft Auto Mobile Ports On Sale

It seems like the planets have aligned, with a constellation depicting the Rockstar logo forming in the night sky, as in rapid succession, Rockstar games across all platforms have been seeing sales and discounts.

First, Sony slashed the price of various GTA titles in honor of the 20th anniversary of the release of the first ever Playstation console. Among others, GTA V was discounted on the Playstation store for a time. Following this, Microsoft gave players the chance to put their hands on some Rockstar games at a lower price with Deals with Gold, where GTA V was once again cheaper than usual. Most recently, however, Green Man Gaming, a PC digital distribution service, has put GTA V’s price to the lowest it has ever been since its initial release back in 2013.


Just to round things off, Rockstar has decided to allow mobile gamers to get a piece of the fun at a discount as well. Several GTA games have been reworked for a mobile release, and these are the games you can now pick up at a discount, as well a Max Payne’s mobile version.

GTA III was among the most important for the franchise, as it was what catapulted the series into the international entertainment spotlight, so for the legendary game’s 10th anniversary, Rockstar ported it to IOS and Android systems, so you can enjoy the classic on the go. The port’s success spurred Rockstar to release ports of Vice City and San Andreas as well. GTA: Chinatown Wars, a game made for handheld console also saw a mobile release.

Now, for a limited time, you can pick up these games for less than 5 bucks, with San Andreas, the most expensive of the lot, clocking in at $4.99. You can check out all of Rockstar’s games in the App Store right here and have your pick! Have you guys played the mobile GTA ports? What did you think?

GTA V Hits Lowest Price In GMG Sale

GTA V was initially released years ago, in the spring of 2013, as a full priced AAA game. This meant that anyone who wanted a piece of the crime-filled goodness needed to shell out the standard $60 either at a store (which in turn meant being stuck in a queue for hours) or through digital distribution (which meant being stuck in a download queue for hours).

Over the years, every now again the price of GTA V dipped lower and lower for the occasional special event, holiday or digital distribution sale (or didn’t). But it never took a dive below the ~$40-$45 range, making it one of the AAA games which has retained its value the most. We have seen, on multiple occasions, full priced $60 games go below $30 mere months after release, however GTA V has been staying in the upper echelons of the price hierarchy steady and strong for years.


Now, for the first time, GTA V has hit another price drop milestone, courtesy of Green Man Gaming. GMG is a digital distribution platform, which much like its competition, hosts frequent sales. Recently, they run a special discount event on all games developed and published by Rockstar Games. The list is quite long, ranging from the usual entries of the whole GTA franchise III onward, L.A. Noire, and Max Payne 3. However, some more obscure titles are also on offer, including in the previous Max Payne games, Bully, Midnight Club 2 and Manhunt, all going for dirt cheap. Time to stock up on retro masterpieces!

Alright, I’ll stop pulling your leg now. Yes, GTA V is indeed also discounted, and it is being sold for the lowest price yet. While still shy of most other discounts, you can now pick up Rockstar’s record-breaking blockbuster for $38.40 (what the hell is up with the 40 cents though?).

Do any of you know anyone who will be picking up GTA V through GMG?

This GTA V Weekend Event Is Not To Be Missed

Rockstar Games recently released the substantial 1.29 update for GTA Online. It contains the Freemode Events DLC, a new content pack which reconstructs the basic framework of GTA Online. With patch 1.29, GTA Online has become a lobby-free, menu-free and loading screen-free seamless experience with a motherload of new content play.

The DLC has been getting overwhelmingly positive community feedback, and Rockstar is determined to honor this release. In keeping with tradition established by previous DLC releases, Rockstar has put together a unique event to celebrate the launch of the new content. And with Freemode Events’… well, event, Rockstar has truly outdone themselves.


Starting today, on Friday September 18 and lasting three days, the GTA Online Freemode Events Social Club Weekend provides players with some free clothing items, some seriously solid discounts, and a great way to earn some GTA $ big time. If you play at least five of the newly introduced Freemode Events, you will be awarded with an exclusive Vapid shirt and 50,000 GTA $. Each day of the event will also see a unique shirt awarded simply for logging in to GTA Online. The event also features a 25% discount on several vehicles, namely the Buzzard, Besra, Insurgent, Zentorno, and Hakuchou.

All other items in game, including clothing, weapons and ammo will be available at half price throughout the whole weekend, and phone services will also have their fees halved. If you’re looking to nick some real-world physical goods, then Rockstar has you covered with the Social Club Sweepstakes, where members will be able to win shirts, mouse pads and more.

Amidst all the Freemode Events celebrating, Rockstar hasn’t forgotten about PS3 and Xbox 360 players either, who do not have access to the massive update. On the two last-gen consoles, this weekend will mark an increase in crate drops, armored trucks, kill targets, and high-priority vehicles.

Will you guys be taking part in the GTA Online Freemode Events Weekend?

GTA V Discounted In Deals With Gold

Recently many games in the GTA series were discounted on the Playstation Store to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the initial release of the first iteration of that legendary gaming console. With the Playstation players getting their fill, it is time for the Xbox players to get some sweet deals as well.

Deals with Gold is the discount service accessible by Xbox owners with an Xbox Live Gold or Silver subscription, which also enables certain online and multiplayer features. The service also includes Games with Gold, which allows subscribers to play games the haven’t bought, with a different selection available each month.


It seems logical that Rockstar would put a discount on the GTA games at this time, as the announcement and subsequent release of the massive GTA Online Freemode Events update has put the global entertainment spotlight on the blockbuster video game franchise once again. GTA 5 Cheats has previously theorized that the launch of GTA Online 1.29 will attract a large number of new players, and now with GTA V being on sale, that number can only get larger. If you know anyone who has been eyeing GTA V, now would be a good time to urge them to jump in.

The games on sale are GTA V, going for $47.99 on Xbox One, which is a 20% discount, and $25.20 on Xbox 360, meaning you save 58%. There are also discounts on other GTA games, including GTA IV and GTA San Andreas on Xbox 360, and the price of various shark cash cards for GTA Online have been slashed on Xbox One. Games which aren’t related to GTA are also on sale, so if you have a few extra bucks kicking around and you’re looking to add to that backlog of yours, now would be a great time to do so.

Do you know anyone who’s jumping on to the GTA bandwagon thanks to the 1.29 release, or even due to this sale?

GTA Franchise On Sale To Celebrate 20 Years Of Playstation

The 20th anniversary Playstation sale is going full swing globally, with several games being offered at discounted prices on the PS Store this week to celebrate the first release of the original Sony Playstation gaming console two decades ago.

The Playstation has become a central pillar of the industry, with the PS2 being the most-sold console ever, as well as having the largest game library of any other console (we say console and not platform, because the PC still has the largest library overall), with the most console exlcusives. The various Playstation consoles saw most GTA releases, and as such, these games are available thorugh the PS Store, and can be played on PS3 and PS4. With countless games involved in the anniversary, it should come as no surprise that the GTA franchise made the cut.


The sale has been on-going in North America for a while now, but finally players in Europe can get in on the tasty discount goodness. A large list of games are on sale, including GTA 3, GTA 4: The Complete Edition, GTA V, GTA: Vice City, GTA: Episodes From Liberty City, GTA: San Andreas, and GTA: The Trilogy.

A number of other Rockstar games, including Max Payne 3, L.A. Noire Complete Edition and Red Dead Redemption & Undead Nightmare are also included in this sale. If you happen to be a PS Plus member, you’ll be getting another 20% lopped off the discounted price, meaning some of these expansive, complex and content rich games could be yours for what amounts to pocket change. Since this is an anniversary sale, it is fitting that some of the older GTA games are on offer. After all, this whole celebration is based on a strong sense of nostalgia.

Will you be picking up any GTA games in the 20th Anniversary Playstation sale?

GTA Online Vehicles Discounted

The successor to yesterday’s heavy weapon sale, today Rockstar has slashed the price on the vehicles associated with the Pacific Standard Job heist, which is the theme of the current GTA Online week long event. The final of these events, featuring the last and most difficult heist, is offering a double RP and GTA$ reward on all the set-up missions for the heist, the heist itself, and various jobs and side-missions around the open world which are at least tangentially related to the heist.


As was the case with the previous events, Rockstar has also announced that they will be running a series of temporary daily sales in tandem, until the 9th of August. Previously they had discounted the sticky bombs in one sale, and the heavy sniper rifle and homing launcher in another, which ended yesterday. Cycling through the sales, today we come up on a pretty significant one.

Rockstar has halved the price of all vehicles which are connected to the Pacific Standard Job heist. Some of these are pretty heavy hitters, so make sure to take advantage of the sale. The vehicles on offer are the Boxville Van, the Savage Helicopter, the Gang Burrito Van and the Lectro Bike.

The boxville van is the heaviest delivery van in the game, but does not have a particularly hefty price tag, going for $45,000 without discount. The Gang Burrito Van is a GTA veteran having appeared in previous games many times, and it has gone through quite a few visual iteration. Sans discount, the van costs $65,000. The Lectro Bike is where the price skyrockets. If you miss out this weekend, you can only buy one of these beastly bikes for $750,000.

Leaving the best for last, the Savage Helicopter is a monstrous military gunship toting several missiles and a machine gun mounted on the nose. The full price of the vehicle is $1,950,000, so this half price sale is a great opportunity for those of you looking to buy a savage.

Will you be picking up any of these vehicles?

GTA Online Heist Vehicles Sale

As the current GTA Online double GTA$ and RP event draws to the close (with another one right around the corner no doubt), the temporary sales cycle over to the last set, and it’s quite a big one. Over the course of the week, Rockstar has slashed the price on a wide selection of weapons, clothing items and other gear.


To top things off, Rockstar is kind enough to let players purchase the two vehicles which are directly related to the Series A Funding heist (the theme of the current event) at half price. Vehicles are among the largest money-holes in the game, so this is a pretty big thing, especially for the kinds of players who may not have the time to play GTA Online every day, and do not have the endless droves of cash necessary to buy some wheels.

The Karin Technical and Maibatsu Mule are both 50% during this weekend. Both cars in question are trucks, though the Mule is a basic box truck with a low price of $35,000 even when it isn’t on sale. It does have a history with the series, however, as it has appeared in every GTA game since III with the single exception of GTA Advance. The second vehicle taking part in the sale, the Karin Technical, on the other hand, has the pretty price tag of one million when there are no discounts in play, so chopping half off of that is a damn great deal.


These vehicles are unlocked once the player completes the Series A Funding heist, which rewards double the in-game currency while the event lasts, so you’ll certainly have the necessary cash to buy these beasties. The Karin Technical is a particularly mean machine, as it has a heavy machine gun mounted on its bulky backside. Will any of you take advantage of these discounts?

GTA Online Double Event On Series A Funding Heist

Continuing their string of double GTA$ and RP events in GTA Online, Rockstar has recently announced that in between the 27th of July and 2nd of August, players completing the set-up missions and the finale of the Series A Funding heist will receive, surprise surprise, double GTA$ and RP.


These event are an on-going campaign to entice players to turn to honorable means of acquiring in-game currency and RP, as opposed to hacks or mods. Rockstar hopes that by doubling the reward on select activities, players would rather actually play the bloody game rather than cheat and risk a ban. Why anyone would resort to underhanded idiocy such as attempting cheats and hacks in a multiplayer game (bending the rules in singleplayer is fine, especially when we’re talking about Rockstar’s cheats) is beyond logic, but we’re trying to shut down these bastards, not understand them.

Rockstar has also upped the bonus rewards on the challenges associated with the heist, which are optional objectives that net players additional gains and bragging rights. Completing the following challenges will stuff your wallets twice as much as they did before.

  • Complete in under 6:30
  • Kill 75 enemies
  • Nobody gets wasted

Once again like last time around, if your character hasn’t hit the level requirement for the heist, which is 12, Rockstar is doubling the RP reward on a number of regular activities you can complete in the over-world. The following jobs will get you where you need to be twice as fast.

  • Gang Attacks
  • Mission: Out of Harmony
  • Missions: Deliver a Package Bonus
  • Deathmatch: All Kills
  • Deathmatch: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place finishes
  • Deathmatch: 3, 6 and 10 Kills
  • Deathmatch: Power Player, Kill When Close to Death
  • Vehicle Deathmatch: Kill Power Player
  • Survival: Wave Reached
  • Capture: RP Rewards for Collecting Mission Package

And to finish things up, over the course of the event, Rockstar will once again be cycling through limited discounts on gear, starting off by slashing the price of the Meth Lab Suit by 50%.

Will you guys cash in on this opportunity?

GTA V Getting Vehicle Coupons

With the recent release of part II of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC, Rockstar has added a massive roster of new, luxurious vehicles to GTA Online to keep the rich players from complaining that they have nothing to spend all their money on. These include a luxury off-road vehicle and what might be the new fastest car in the game.


Naturally, keeping with the theme of the DLC, these vehicles are pretty damn expensive, and Rockstar wants to give those players a chance who haven’t the time to amass millions upon millions in in-game currency to try out the new toys. These discounts will last for a week, though you can expect them to resurface every now and again in the form of weekend or special events, so don’t fret if, by chance, you can’t log in this week.

To help get you into one of their new vehicles, the esteemed salesmen at Legendary Motorsport are offering a one-time 25% REBATE on your next qualifying purchase this week (July 8th – 15th).

The requirements to qualify for the coupon are 1) join/be a member of a GTA Online Crew, and 2) sign up for the Rockstar Games Mailing List.

The DLC these new, expensive vehicles are a part of, Ill-Gotten Gains Part II, launched together with the newest update for GTA Online. Not unlike last time around, 1.28 is causing quite a few new issues, not only fixing old ones. There was some mishap with the garages last time around too, however with 1.28, the garages have been re-arranged, so if it seems like a vehicle is missing, make sure to check all of your properties, as the missing vehicle may be stored on one of those.

We have found that some players’ garages may have been rearranged after updating to 1.28. If you think a vehicle is missing, try calling your mechanic and scrolling through your various garages to see if the vehicle was moved to another location erroneously.

Whether or not 1.28 fixed the issues with mods, we do not know yet.

Have you picked up one of the new vehicles yet? Which is your favorite?