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GTA 5 Heavily Discounted On PC

GTA 5 is probably going for a Guinness World Record for “game most frequently discounted” or something like that with all these sales going on all the time. We’ve always said that it’s technically on sale all the time, as there is almost definitely some kind of discount on one of the platforms at some distributor somewhere, at any given time.


The game has managed to retain the same full price that it had upon launch, which is rare when first release happened three years ago. Not even the biggest AAA rivals keep their value for so long, but it seems that the game is compensating for the $60 regular price tag with the constant sales.

While the PS4 version of the game is trying to keep up, it is undoubtedly the PC version that sees the most discounts, simply due to the high number of third party digital distribution sites available for the platform. In fact, GTA 5 has hit its lowest price ever on PC last year, going for less than thirty bucks.


While this most recent sale gets close to that, it isn’t breaking any records. The base game and some Shark Card bundles are all discounted on GreenManGaming, a third party game-key distribution site.

The standard version is discounted by 33%, the Great White Shark Card bundle by 35%, the Whale Shark Bundle by 40% and finally the Megalodon bundle by 45%. Add to this a stacking 20% coupon code “DEALZON20” and the prices are slashed by an even greater degree.

Not only is this a great way for players to upgrade to the definitive edition of GTA 5, but it is also a prime time to nab some of the bigger Shark Cards for cheaper. For example, the stock price of the Megalodon Shark Card is $100. With these discounts, you can buy a Megaloson bundle for $59.83, which is a pretty solid markdown, plus you’ll have a spare copy of the game to gift to your friends, for example.

The other card bundles don’t quite offer such epic savings, but all of these are solid discounts, perfect for any player still looking to upgrade, or to acquire some in-game cash the easy way for cheap. GreenManGaming often hosts sales on many popular titles, so even if you aren’t buying in now, you should keep an eye on their store page to catch any good discounts.

Will you be cashing in on any of these sweet GTA 5 deals?

GTA Online Gets New Maps And Weekly Event

One of the most overlooked features of the recently released Further Adventures in Finance and Felony GTA Online update is the all new Trading Places Adversary Mode. The mode takes the concept of climbing the social ladder by going over those above you rather literally.

The game starts with the players being assigned either to the “winners” or “losers” team. Losers become winners by killing winners, but need to keep an eye out for other losers, because if they kill them while they’re winners, they become losers again.


This is the odd occurrence of something being complicated on paper but simple in practice. However, like most other Adversary Modes, Trading Places didn’t exactly catch the attention of the majority of players, who were busy bankrupting themselves with the new content from the GTA Online DLC.

While some Adversary Modes like Sumo manage to hit the right note with the community and turn into popular classics played months after release, others become de-populated within a week. For every Slasher you have at least three In and Outs. Rockstar is trying to push Trading Places into the former category – and the mode has that potential, due to the thrill of its unpredictable nature.


As such, the devs have expanded the Mode’s map roster with three new additions as of today. Hop on to GTA Online and you can take the class-war to Little Seoul, the Lost Club House in Grapeseed and the Harmony Place Construction Site. Unfortunately, there is no double RP or cash promo going on for the new maps.

However this isn’t all that’s graced GTA Online recently. Rockstar has kicked off another set of week-long discounts as well as a log-in reward in an unnamed event celebrating… the new maps, probably?


If you log in to GTA Online anytime through next Monday, you’ll be treated to a nice set of red-swirly pajamas and a matching smoking jacket. They complement last-week’s pastel green set wondrously – if we’re lucky, Rockstar will add further colors in the future.

The discounts we mentioned seek to improve your chances of nabbing those special cargo crates while under fire. Getting your tires shot out while transporting precious goods is the fastest way to lose big time on an investment, so a 50% discount on bulletproof tires should help you out. Of course, the health of the driver is also imperative, so the price of car armor has also been slashed by 25%.


If you’d rather take to the skies instead of burning rubber, but don’t want to leave your arsenal grounded, GTA Online offers a wide selection of military aircraft including attack helicopters. One of these fearsome vehicles (albeit the one player like the least) is also on sale. You can buy a Annihilator at a 25% markdown through Monday.

However if you’re stuck on foot or in a mission which requires you to leave your rides behind, you still won’t be left without a few toys. Ammunation is holding a pretty large sale on a wide range of products.


All ammo types, parachutes, body armor, weapon bling and a whopping 7 guns are discounted by 25%. The weapons on offer are the Assault Rifle, Compact Rifle, Carbine Rifle, Combat PDW, SMG, Machine Pistol and Heavy Shotgun.

While Finance and Felony only recently dropped, players are already anticipating the next GTA Online DLC. Based on the post announcing the release of F&F, the name of the next update has been revealed to be “Cunning Stunts” instead of “Stunt Ready” that was teased in an earlier post. It is likely that the three recently leaked vehicles will be added to the game with this update.

Which part of this new GTA Online event are you happiest about?

GTA 5 Shark Card Bundle Cheap For Xbox Gold Members

GTA 5 is known for many things. It is praised for its story and writing. Many enjoy the solid and tight gameplay, offering both great driving mechanics and pretty good shooting mechanics, with a ton of stuff to do in a beautifully crafted world. It has the most popular multiplayer mode in the world of gaming (besides free to play stuff and EVE Online, I guess). It has 8 million unique players every week. It has sold over 65 million copies, breaking pretty much every sales record ever.


However, in spite of all this, GTA 5 will probably go down in history as the most frequently discounted full price AAA game ever. If you look hard enough and take enough sources into account, there probably isn’t any stretch of time when the game isn’t on sale on some platform or distribution site.

While third-party sites are the most frequent discounters, the Playstation Store is also pretty much constantly slashing the game’s price. However, the Xbox hasn’t been as hot on the game in terms of sales – though it did take it’s share of console promos.


Fans of Microsoft’s consoles do get a treat though, finally. If you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, you might have gotten used to special deals by now – but nothing quite like this. Maybe you’re looking to buy a Shark Card? Well, you’re in luck. A lot of it.

Right now, based on the reports of a player posting on the GTA V Subreddit, Gold subscribers get a discount on the GTA 5 Megalodon Shark Card Bundle which includes both the game and the card – thing is, the discount applies to the bundle alone, not the card alone, making it cheaper than the standalone microtransaction.


On the Xbox Store, you can buy the Megalodon Shark Card for the standard $99. However, the bundle including the game as well goes for $78, slashing a good $20 off the price.

For non-Gold subscribers, or when viewing the page without logging in, the un-discounted price will be shown. Only subscribers will have access to the cheap deal. In the end, you’ll be getting a second copy of the game along with your GTA $8,000,000 – not that you can do much with it.


On the other hand, this would be a perfect chance for upgrading to the newer version. Maybe you used to have an Xbox 360 with GTA 5, upgraded to the Xbox One but didn’t buy the game again and happen to be a Gold subscriber?

Will you be cashing in on this deal?

GTA Online Head To Head Week Set Loose

If you thought that Rockstar would put an to their endless stream of event-weeks just because the release date of their next big GTA Online DLC was announced, you were dead wrong! Just a day after the end of last week’s Capture carnival, Rockstar has kicked off their newest collection of double RP and GTA $ opportunities mixed with discounts.

Head to Head week turns the spotlight back on racing and vehicular combat. During the weekend, all races – including fan-made maps – as well as the SUMO Adversary Mode will reward players with twice as much cash and RP.


For some reason Rockstar is skimping on the double GTA $ promos lately, as both last week and this week we only saw opportunities to rack up twice as much cash during the weekends as opposed to the whole event, as was customary in the past. While the boosted payouts were helpful, they were hardly substantial enough to decrease Shark Card sales, so this is kind of baffling.

However the double RP promo is here to stay. Playing the event playlist from Monday onward will still help you jump those levels at double the speed.


As brief as it may sound, that’s where the activities for this event end. However, Rockstar more than makes up for it on the discounts side of things. If you’re looking to live in style away from the stress of the big city and still have property slots to spare, all Stilt Houses are 50% for the whole duration of the event.

Stilt Houses were introduced in the Executives and Other Criminals DLC as high-end luxury residences, with large interiors and elegant furnishing. As such, they have a pretty hefty price-tag to match.


In a rather odd move, a particularly sought-after vehicle has also had its price slashed. The Benefactor Dubsta 6×6 is a sturdy ride and pretty rare on the streets of Los Santos – which shouldn’t be surprising, since it was designed for the most hardcore off-roaders.

The Dubsta isn’t the only rugged car to be discounted during this week. If you’d rather tear through the mutilated corpses of your enemies instead of rough terrain, Warstock Cache and Carry has you covered. While the standard variant of the Insurgent has had its price slashed by only 25%, you can buy the armed version at half price throughout the event.


The biggest money-saver however comes for one of the most expensive stores in GTA Online. All upgrades and mods that can be bought at Benny’s Original Motorworks are discounted by 25%. Fully upgrading a lowrider is just about the most pricey thing you can do in the game beyond buying a yacht or a golden jet. 25% might not seem like much at first glance, but when that comes off of more than a million, it suddenly seems a lot more significant.

If you plan to misbehave during the span of the event, getting out of trouble is going to be cheaper. Exactly 75% cheaper. All of Lester’s services, available via in-game smartphone are at a discount – getting rid of the cops or putting a price on someone’s head won’t set you back as much.


Last but not least, Ammunation is also decreasing the price of select items in their stock.  The Shrewsbury RPG and Hawk & Little Homing Launcher are both discounted by 25%.

But what is a gun worth without stuff to shoot from it? Both of these heavy weapons spit rockets like there’s no tomorrow, so it is easy to find yourself wanting. The ammo for both weapons is discounted by the same amount as the arms themselves.

Which part of this GTA Online Event Week appeals to you the most?

GTA 5 Discounted In PS4 May Madness

In case someone was keeping track, that was probably the longest stretch of time without a discount on GTA 5. The last time the game had a discount was in late April, also on the PS4, incidentally.


Previously, sales featuring the game were so numerous that they practically ran back to back, only shuffling which platforms were involved. These frequent sales are one of the ways through which Rockstar has managed to keep the game’s non-discount price still at the $60 mark, three years after launch.

May Madness, lasting until the first of June, is one of the biggest Playstation specific sales Sony has going on. It includes over 100 discounted titles across the PS4, PS3 and PSVita, including a wide selection of digital-only deals as well. The GTA games have been frequent members of such discount promos due to their immense popularity and brand recognition.


Thanks to certain PS2 games being available in a remastered state on the PS4, GTA 5 isn’t the only installment of Rockstar’s open world crime’em’up available at a discount. While GTA 5 can be bought at a 22% markdown, various Shark Card bundles alongside the 3D era trilogy is on sale as well.

GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas can be bout separately, however you’ll be saving the most if you buy the trilogy pack (which, considering the amount of content in it, is more than bloody worth it at that price). Seeing as there is a Shark Card promo going on, meaning that this weekend Shark Cards will net you more in-game cash for the same price, the Shark Card bundles are even better deals than what is apparent on first glance.


GTA IV and it’s DLCs, alongside Chinatown Wars join the lineup for sales on the PS3 and the PSVita.

Will you be buying any GTA title for your Playstation during May Madness?

GTA Mobile Sale Ending Soon

Rockstar knows that with the extremely wide popularity of the GTA franchise, especially outside of the hardcore gaming  community, they have plenty of chances to cater to their fans with new content. Considering that in the past few years, the mobile gaming industry has far outperformed the regular gaming industry in terms of revenue, it would have been unsound from a business point of view for Rockstar not to jump in.


Over the span of a few years, Rockstar has gradually remastered various 3D era GTA games and released them on mobile devices with updated graphics (who would have thought that phones are more powerful than consoles, even old ones?), new controls and in some cases some new content as well.

The first game to get the mobile treatment was GTA III, celebrating its 10 year anniversary. Every year since, Rockstar has released the games of the 3D era in consecutive order. Liberty City Stories was the latest release. It made its way to iOS, Android and Kindle devices with a staggered release.


Chinatown Wars, which by virtue of its release date technically is part of the HD era despite being a top-down game with graphics evocative of the cartoon style seen in cover-art and promotional media typical of GTA has also seen a mobile release. Rockstar even experimented with their other franchises. They have breathed new life into Max Payne and releasing the first game of the shooter franchise on mobiles as well.

Rockstar is holding a sale on these mobile games which will be ending on the 18th of May, Wednesday. GTA III, Vice City, Liberty City Stories and Chinatown Wars are available for merely $2.99, San Andreas for $3.99 and Max Payne Mobile for just $1.99.


All of these games are complete and uncut ports of the originals. Considering how much content was crammed into each GTA game with all the easter eggs, side missions, customization, mini-games, exploration and on and on, these prices are a steal. San Andreas is understandably the most expensive, as it has the largest map with three major cities and four continents included instead of the standard of one – and a lengthy story to match.

Chances are that Rockstar will continue this trend of re-releasing GTA games on mobile, meaning that Vice City Stories is next in line. Of course, we’ll probably also see Max Payne 2 on mobile soon as well, possibly accompanied by Bully.

Will you guys be picking up any GTA games on mobile?

GTA Online’s Time Trials Week Speeds In

Following the recent release of In and Out, the newest Adversary Mode for GTA Online, last week’s event ended on Thursday. The new mode was in rotation for the double RP and GTA $ playlist for three days during its course to spur players into spending time with it – in spite of the general lack of popularity Adversary Modes suffer from. However, based on the recent trend, it’s event out- event in with Rockstar these days, so players were eager to see what the next theme will be.


Rockstar kicked off the Time Trials week yesterday with a theme, double RP and GTA $ promo, new discounts and other features. Despite the deep roots the game franchise has in the world of underground racing and car-culture, the speedier fans rarely get their time to shine. Races don’t way all too well in relation to other jobs, especially if you don’t come in first place. Events also rarely put the focus on these kinds of missions.

This time however, Freemode Time Trials will reward players with twice as much RP and cash as usual. Every day of the week, a different trial will have the double reward buff. Players who have already completed these trials will get a small extra bonus for winning them again. Even so, the regular double payout is still substantial for first-timers.

The Time Trials and their schedule is as follows:

  • Friday May 6th: Vinewood Bowl
  • Saturday May 7th: Down Chiliad
  • Sunday May 8th: Mount Gordo
  • Monday May 9th: Great Ocean Highway
  • Tuesday May 10th: Sawmill
  • Wednesday May 11th: Maze Bank Arena
  • Thursday May 12th: End to End

In order to assure victory, you’ll need a reliable steed. Legendary Motorsport has you covered with serious discounts on some of the fastest vehicles in the game – whether you like your ride to have two wheels or four. The Zentorno, Osiris, Akuma and Hakuchou are joined by the former fastest car in the game, the T20, in the list of vehicles which can be bought at 50% off during the event.

But sometimes, stock vehicles just don’t cut it. Los Santos Customs is offering marked down prices for performance and even visual upgrades. Suspension, Engine and Brake modifications will make your car handle better, while new rims will make it look better – all at a 30% discount.



However that isn’t all this time around, as Rockstar has thrown in some bonuses which usually don’t show up in such events. Through the 12th, any service Lester may lend you over the phone becomes more of a favor, seeing as you won’t need to pay for it.

This means getting the cops off your tail, or ensuring that they don’t get on it in the first place won’t make your wallet any lighter. GTA Online’s mechanic service will also be free during the event, so calling it in for property owners will also be a treat.

Pegassi Osiris

Time Trials also aren’t the only way to rank up twice as fast this week in GTA Online either. While you don’t get two times the cash, you will get double RP for playing the land races event playlist from now through the 12th of May.

The event playlist covers On the GOH, Touch Base and Turn the Tide for a nice variety of race types. If you’re swift on your wheels and are working towards those unlocks, these will help you get there.


Whatever Rockstar’s plans for upcoming content may be, this new event doesn’t shine any light on them. DLC for GTA Online has been running pretty dry in the past months, with only an Adversary Mode here, a few cars there…

Players are bit weary of both lowriders and Adversary Modes at this point. While the endless stream of events does help, many fans are calling for new content to be released. A campaign for a larger Biker update was put together, which included a fairly popular petition as well.


Since Rockstar might be focusing on GTA Online for quite some time, chances are they in this for the long haul and might be working on something bigger and therefore more time consuming.

Which part of this new GTA Online week-long event are you most excited for? Are you a fan of Time Trials?

GTA Games Cheap In Playstation Sale

Sony is seeking to cash in on the continued massive success of GTA V. Not soon after the recently ended Easter Sale, the Playstation versions of the game have once again been discounted.

Rockstar’s hyper-popular blockbuster isn’t only the most successful game in the history of the industry, but also the one most frequently discounted – the game is pretty much constantly on sale, with either one distributor slashing its price or another. When one sale ends, another begins. Players pretty much have no reason to buy the game full price thanks to back-to-back deals.


Sony has put a massive selection of GTA games on sale across all of its platforms in order to celebrate, well, uh… money, I guess? While the sale is lacking in apropo, it isn’t lacking in some serious discounts. Every GTA game from III to V including the spin-offs and DLCs have had their prices cut by various amounts across both major home console platforms, with a few deals thrown in for fans who still have their good old PSPs kicking.

The star of the sales, however, are the GTA V + Shark Card bundles.

These discounts, coupled with the reverse Shark Card discount bonus going on in GTA Online as a part of the week-long event commemorating the release of the Sabre Turbo, means you’re not only getting more in-game cash for the same price, but now you’re getting more in-game cash for a lower price.

Seriously, there has never been a better GTA V deal than this. If you’re looking in to cash in on some serious bonuses with a financial boost in GTA Online, you have no excuse to let this opportunity pass you by.


Fans of the franchise who have only jumped aboard the GTA juggernaut now also have the chance to load up their game libraries with some great classics such as San Andreas and Vice City. The GTA VI Complete Edition is also discounted if you’re interesting in one of the more modern takes on the franchise, but have V maxed out already.


Just in case these games didn’t satiate your need for high octane vehicle based criminal action, the Fast and Furious movie franchise, which can be bought on the Playstation store (for whatever reason) in either SD or HD has also been discounted. It seems that the fans weren’t the only ones to note the similarities between the franchises.

Will you be grabbing any GTA games during this sale?

GTA V PS4 Bundle Discounted On Amazon

We’ve got some good news for those of you who’ve been looking to upgrade to the current console generation along with grabbing a few great games right off the bat at a cheaper price – Amazon has discounted the Playstation 4’s Black Friday bundle that was introduced last year for the mentioned occasion. The bundle comes with GTA V, The Last of Us Remastered and of course the PS4 console itself.


This is hardly the first time GTA V has been discounted on the PS4. Rockstar’s massively popular game is usually on sale constantly, moving between platforms and retailers with stunning frequency. Discounts appear and disappear back to back all the time. Prospective buyers pretty much have no reason to buy the game full price, as it is on sale for each platform at least once a month, but usually more frequently.

Not only that, but the sales are becoming more and more generous. The lowest price record of GTA V was broken just recently, pushing the game’s price below the $30 mark for the first time. Shark Card sales are also becoming more frequent in recent weeks, so buying up some in-game cash is getting more affordable.


The bundle contains the base PS4 500 GB console with all the doodads (cords, camera, headset, one controller) and digital activation codes for both games. The bundle was originally intended to be a Black Friday exclusive, to be snatched all up by the ravenous hordes of ferocious shoppers, however surprisingly enough there were plenty of leftovers.

At full price, this console bundle goes for $519.97, however if you purchase from Amazon you’ll get it for 12% off plus free shipping. Now, 12% may not look like much at first glance, however considering that the discounted price is $455.50, meaning buyers save $64.47, shows that it isn’t all that insignificant. The price of a newly released AAA game comes off the console bundle – so you’ll have enough left over to nab a third title for your new and shiny PS4.


Jumping in on the PS4 might be a good idea, as Sony will be releasing the Playstation VR device this October. Obviously, you’ll need a PS4 console to use the device, so why not cash in on the discount?

At the same time, you might want to consider holding off on the console, as Sony is allegedly working on a “PS4.5” with a beefier interior, able to support 4K.

Will you be nabbing this GTA V console bundle, or are you holding off?

GTA Online Tornado Event Week Kicked Off

By Tornado week, Rockstar doesn’t mean seven days of swirling natural disasters, but the recently announced GTA Online vehicle which will soon be making it’s way to Benny’s Original Motorworks. The Declasse Tornado Classic will be available at Benny’s starting next Tuesday, April 5th. The arrival of the vehicle was something of a non-surprise due to not only it, but two other cars and their release dates being leaked beforehand.


The Tornado will be followed by the Minivan and the Sabre GT, each spread out a week from one another, with some ridiculously-named (“In and Out” and “Inch by Inch”) football related Adversary Modes sprinkled in between. This will spread out new content in April neatly, keeping things nice and fresh throughout the month.


This kind of content spacing, in relation to average DLC size decreasing as frequency increases, has given some players the idea that Rockstar is trying to cover something up. Unfortunately, we probably won’t know what it is until E3 2016 kicks off. An official announcement from Take-Two suggests Rockstar has something big to reveal.

In the meantime, Rockstar is providing players with plenty of ways to tide over until that time. Soon after the Tornado reveal, Rockstar announced and started the GTA Online event to accompany it. The star of the event is the as of yet unreleased Tornado Custom.


You won’t have to wait for the other additions and goods however. To start things off, Rockstar has added two new maps for the Sumo Adversary Mode which as introduced in the Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC. The two new maps take place upon the deck of the docked SS Bulker and on the roof of the fancy bar down at Los Santos International Airport.

The event itself lasts through the 7th of April, meaning next Thursday. During that time, there will be select discounts in place for lowrider customization and other in-game items.


Unfortunately for players short on funds, this event skips the double cash payout promo, however there are plenty of double RP opportunities. Through the 3rd, all Sumo matches will yield double RP, switched off by a special Race playlist through the 5th, which will then be updated with new races running until the end of the event.

All events have their set of special discounts, and this one is no different. Since the Tornado is the star of this show, it’s fitting that the main discount should be on lowrider upgrade items. Certain customization items will have their prices reduced by 25%, however the base upgrade is still a full-price affair.


If you’re hurting for a Tornado Custom but have no-where to put it, do not fret, as there is a discount on garage space too. All properties with a 10 slot garage are discounted by 15% while the event lasts. Arming and stylizing your character is also cheaper during that time, as the Machete, Machine Pistol and all character customization items that were added in the Lowriders DLC are 30% off.

Which part of this new GTA Online event are you most excited about?