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GTA’s Future Sealed By Shark Card Success

You know your game is successful when Forbes, the leading online financial publication, bases future predictions on the sales figures of your microtransactions alone. GTA Online has turned out to be such an absolutely massive business juggernaut that Take-Two might decide that always-online is the way to go. They might have passed the 60 million shipped copies mark (plus sales from digital distribution), but it is the Shark Card sales for GTA Online that are bringing in the serious cash.


By serious cash, we mean $500 million. That’s right, the entire budget of Destiny, the most expensive game ever made, can be covered by the profits from microtransactions. Shark Card sales have made back twice the budget of GTA V. Considering that Take-Two expects the popularity of Online to only increase with time – which seems to hold true – that rate of profit is only going to go up along with the player count. Even now, there are over 8 million unique log-ins per week.

We’ve compared the average player counts for other popular games in the past, but for a monetary comparison, consider that Halo 5, the biggest exclusive title on the Xbox One, has only made $1.5 million from microtransactions. This insane number drives the stake through anyone’s hopes for singleplayer DLC, according to Forbes.


Why bother scripting new story missions, recording new dialogue and selling $15-20 worth of DLC when you are bringing in millions just for sprinkling new items into GTA Online every so often, and players line up to shell out for in-game currency?

Now, we’ve known about this angle before, but the new idea suggested by Forbes it that the success of GTA Online doesn’t only make single player DLC impossible, but will delay GTA 6 for a very long time. With previous installments, after the big boom following release coupled with the smaller spikes whenever DLC was released, Rockstar didn’t have a constant revenue stream in-between GTA games.


However, with Online generating more than enough profit with minimal effort spent on the free updates, why bother spending stellar amounts of cash and time on developing the next installment? They know they need to outshine V with the next GTA game – a massive undertaking – so they’re biding their time and living off Online while they can. I guess this bodes well for the longevity of the “GTA 6 City of the Week” article series, right?

Do you think Rockstar will put off the next GTA game while Online is so profitable?

Here’s Why GTA Isn’t An Annual Franchise

Recently, Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick appeared at the MKM Partners Investor Day Conference, where he was extensively interviewed by Gamespot. Then a week ago, Zelnick spoke about how the massive success of GTA Online will not be changing the business strategy of Take-Two or Rockstar, and once again he revealed some of the tactical considerations of the company. Rockstar, and therefore Take-Two, have a lot riding on the GTA franchise. Being one of the most recognizable, and not to mention most lucrative name in the video game industry, Zelnick needs to make sure that the reputation of GTA is upheld.


Thing is, quality sells. Luckily for the brand name, Rockstar knows this, and didn’t run their franchise into the ground like Activision did. Sure, Call of Duty was the big dog on the block a few years back, but the past four-ish games failed to make any sort of impression on the industry, nor did they sell particularly well. Rockstar, however, is playing the long-game. They know that no amount of marketing can beat word-of-mouth in the social media age, and no amount of publicity will trump the basic phenomenon of people simply liking the game.


We think with the non-sports titles, we are better served to create anticipation and demand. On the one hand to rest the title, and on the other hand to have the highest quality in the market, which takes time. You can’t do that annually.

For a non-gamer, Zelnick really knows what goes into making a good game. Instead of pumping out a half-assed attempt every year, he has Rockstar sit on their games for a long, long time in order to release the most polished, content rich and professional product they can.

Are you guys satisfied with they way Take-Two Interactive is handling the GTA franchise?

GTA Online’s Success Won’t Change Take-Two’s Strategy

We recently reported on Take-Two Interactive releasing their financial reports for the past quarter. While the size of their revenue and profits was surprising, so much so that it surpassed Wall Street expectations, the reason of their financial success was expectable.

The vast majority of their revenue came from microtransactions being made by the weekly 8 million players of GTA Online. The company’s revenue increased by a massive 169%, with Take-Two closing a profitable quarter. This was opposed to the previous one which ended with losses.


In the case of some AAA companies, those numbers would prompt a shift in strategy, putting a lot more weight behind the digital business of the publisher. However Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick has reassured players that his company isn’t changing course. Take-Two will continue to publish several full-fledged AAA games with physical releases for years to come.

We need to be there for the consumer, we need to meet the consumer’s interest

Zelnick goes on to liken the situation of GTA Online to that of other financially successful MMOs like World of Warcraft, however stating some fundamental differences in their approach.



We aren’t blessed by having that IP here, and we are still operating based on building very significant, exciting high-quality releases and then continuing to engage with titles after release

Zelnick went on, taking GTA V as a primary example, to state how Take-Two’s strategy does not involve pumping out mediocre games, so by the time the players powered through one, the next is already waiting. Rather, they make few releases, however they make sure these are of the highest quality, and don’t shy away from delaying the title if they think it needs a few more passes before it is released to the fans.

Everytime we do that, we’re gratified by the results.

Are you guys satisfied with the effects this business strategy had on GTA V?

GTA Livestream With Soundtrack Artist Delayed

A few days ago we posted about Rockstar’s new livestream schedule which was supposed to be keeping you company these cold weekend afternoons.


The first scheduled stream, featuring several prominent YouTubers taking some of the new Freemode Events and the two newly added Adversary modes for a spin went without a hitch. However, yesterday eager fans waiting for the much anticipated stream with Neon Indian, one of the artists who worked on GTA V’s soundtrack, could do naught but stare at an empty screen. Rockstar has since updated their Newswire post stating that the stream with the artists has been delayed to a later date.

Please note that today’s originally announced livestream with Neon Indian is being postponed to a later date. Please make sure to follow Rockstar on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to stay notified of the new date.


Neon Indian was set to feature the members of the band giving an exclusive first look (or listen) into their new upcoming LP, VEGA INTL. Night School. Including previewing a few of their never before heard songs during the stream and being broken up with the musicians trying their hand at some GTA Online Adversary modes. This would have been the band’s debut on a Rockstar livestream, and it would have been made possible by the band passing through town while on tour. During the stream, Rockstar would have held a concurrent set of giveaways on their Twitter feed, which would have seen a few lucky fans become richer with an autographed GTA V soundtrack CD.


It is currently unknown why the stream was delayed, but we’re guessing it could be due to complications with the band and their tour. However it is entirely possible that the delay happened by no fault of Neon Indian at all. Fans of the band are eager to see their performance, so we are sure they’re diligent in getting everywhere on time. Rockstar has yet to announce the actual date of the stream.

Were any of you guys looking forward to this GTA V stream?

Development of LSPDFR For GTA V Still Underway

We’ve been following the development of the popular LSPDFR mod here at GTA 5 Cheats, and reported on the status of previous versions (check the links). LSPDFR is a total conversion mod for GTA V, where the players take on the role of police officers instead of criminals, which is the exact opposite of what GTA is about. With the recent addition of a pretty extreme anti-modding measure in the 1.28 update for GTA Online, development on the mod was significantly slowed down. The mentioned anti-modding method involved a massive amount of dead code pumped into the GTA V files in order to make the modder’s work much harder, however an unforeseen side effect caused massive performance drops, even in cases where there were no mods installed at all.


Obviously this drew quite a bit of ire and Rockstar swiftly altered the code, however modding is still extremely difficult. The team working on LSPDFR for GTA V, who happened to be the ones that noticed the dead code, announced that they are not giving up, but the mod will be severely delayed. Quite a long time has passed since they previewed 0.2, but the version finally went live on the 14th of July. Two new updates have also been posted since – 0.2b, the newest iteration of the mod, includes a host of new features for players to enjoy.

The new version includes a stun-gun as the default armament for police officers and a new and updated police computer which can be used to identify and track individuals, search areas and unit blips on the map. The computer also has the ability to request identification and issue warning alongside many more functions. Alongside the new features, 0.2b also include a host of bug fixes. The previous build suffered from a few issues such as certain vehicles being “immune” to pulling over, dead suspects still displaying an arrest prompt, some pedestrians being immortal, and mismatched sounds. Smaller miscellaneous fixes and additions are also present in the update, so there is plenty to discover! You can check out the new version here.

GTA V Update 1.28 Delaying LSPDFR

If you’re a dedicated, loyal news reader on this site (yeah, right!) you’ll know that the recently released patch 1.28 for GTA V, containing the second part of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC, is not only causing some new bugs, but also adversely affected the performance of the game due to additional anti-hacking measures.


The presence of the so called “dead code”, which serves as a decoy, was discovered (or at least reported) first by the developers of the widely popular work-in-progress mod Los Santos Police Department First Response. The mod was recently announced for GTA V, and development is progressing nicely. This is the continuation of the LCPDFR mod for GTA IV, which added various abilities, features and missions to the game, allowing players to act as a police officer. LSPDFR seeks to take things to the next level though by being a complete conversion mod and turning GTA V’s single-player mode into a police simulator, with numerous additional features, as well as some returning from the popular GTA IV mod.

We discussed yesterday how Rockstar’s new anti-mod method works, and why it affects modders. Even in the case of the vanilla game, the new protocol can cause performance issues. In the case of LSPDFR, however, due to the extensive new features and advanced artificial intelligence used, the effects are disastrous. LSPDFR 0.2 was supposed to launch today, but due to the issues update 1.28 caused, it had to be delayed indefinitely. In a recent update posted by the creators of the mod, they’ve managed to identify the first specific script causing issues.

In short, on the previous patch (372), it took 585 milliseconds for the function to be executed 1000 times. On the newest patch (393), it took 2490 milliseconds, which is roughly 2.5 seconds, to be executed 1000 times. This means that this particular function takes five times longer to execute on the latest patch than it did previously.

The script in question is what prevents NPC police officers from killing suspects on sight, and therefore a pursuit with several units would severely hamper performance.

We hope this new version is out soon because the mod is AWESOME. How about you guys – looking forward to LSPDFR 0.2?

GTA V PC Delay: Hitler Reacts


Chances are good you’ve seen at least one of the popular “Hitler Reacts” videos. This meme takes one of the key scenes from the 2004 movie Der Untergang, or Downfall, and adds subtitles to suggest Hitler is reacting to current news or controversies, usually minor. The concept spread like crazy, and you can find dozens of videos on a variety of topics.

And now you can watch Hitler react to the news that the PC version of GTA V has been delayed until April 14.

What do you think? Did you enjoy it? Fans may not be happy with the latest GTA V delay, but at least they can parody the situation and laugh at it.

Should You Pre-Order GTA V For PC?


Many Grand Theft Auto fans are conflicted over whether or not they should pre-order the upcoming PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.

Some never intended to, as they either didn’t care to buy a new version of a game they already played or just didn’t want to play it on the PC. However, others have been put off by the numerous delays. Originally intended to launch alongside the PS4 and Xbox One versions in late 2014, the PC version of GTA V was delayed until January 27, then to March 24, and then to April 14. Of course, some fans have still held on to their pre-orders despite the delays.

If you’re undecided about whether or not you should pre-order GTA V for the PC, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Pre-orders can be risky. Whenever you pre-order a game, you’re taking a chance on a product that hasn’t been reviewed or played by a wide audience yet. It’s a little different when it comes to a re-release or port, like GTA V, but it’s still worth considering.
  • You could lose your GTA Online progress. Ideally, this won’t happen, but some players lost their characters during the early days of GTA Online as well as during the transfers to the PS4/Xbox One versions, due to corrupted servers. The first PC players are the people most likely to be affected if the GTA Online PC servers have problems.
  • The pre-order bonuses really aren’t that much. While Rockstar is offering a nice chunk of GTA Online cash to anyone who pre-orders, you could make that same money through missions or heists in a relatively short amount of time. Even micro-transactions wouldn’t cost you very much.
  • You won’t have to wait long after the game’s launch. Reviews will comes out bugs will be reported, and you’ll know when it’s safe to play.
  • The digital version will take a while to download. If you want to play GTA V on your PC shortly after launch, and you don’t have a good download speed, pre-ordering it might give you the time you need.

So, what should you do?

If you want to play the game immediately, go ahead and pre-order it, but make sure you know the risks. Consider waiting on GTA Online, at least, until any bugs are known.

If you want the digital version and have a slow download speed, consider pre-ordering and pre-loading it, but keep in mind the above advice.

However, if you don’t mind waiting a short while and want to make sure your game progress is as safe as possible, you might be better off waiting until after its launch to buy GTA V for PC.

Either way, if you were/are considering pre-ordering the PC version Grand Theft Auto V be sure to let us know what you decide in the comments below!

GTA V PC Delayed to April 14


While Rockstar made many GTA V fans happy today with the announcement of a concrete release date for online heists, the news wasn’t all good.

The PC version of GTA V, which was supposed to come out on March 24, has been delayed again until April 14. According to Rockstar, “a bit more time is needed to ensure that the game is as polished as possible, and to make certain that both Heists and the GTA Online experience are ready to roll out on day one for PC.”

If you pre-ordered GTA V for the PC, you’ll receive an additional $200,000 for GTA Online on top of the original pre-order bonuses.

This new delay is disappointing, especially since GTA V PC was already delayed once before, but all we can do is hope Rockstar will use this time to turn it into the best GTA V experience possible. How do you feel about the PC delay?

GTA V on PC Delayed, New Screens and System Specs Posted


Grand Theft Auto V for the PC has been officially delayed, Rockstar confirmed this morning. The news is somewhat surprising given that only a few days ago it was posted by an official Rockstar rep (details here) that the PC version of the game was still on track for a January 27 release date.

The new release date for GTA V on PC is March 24, 2015.

Rockstar has apologised for the delay and said that the PC version “requires a few extra weeks of testing and polish to make it as good as can be.” They also wanted to stress that fans will not be disappointed when the game is finally released later in March this year.

Rockstar also shared that GTA Online for the PC will be able to support up to 30 players and will also includes the much awaited and much delayed heists feature for GTA Online. Coincidentally there was a small piece of good news also made known today in that heists for the current console versions of the game will be launched in a few weeks, ahead of the PC launch on March 24.

Here at GTA 5 Cheats we’re pretty disappointed with the delay too, but that’s gaming for you. What we do know is that the wait will definitely be worth it!