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GTA V 1.29 Released On Last Gen – No DLC

GTA 5 fans playing on last generation consoles – the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 – might have gotten their hopes up when they saw that their game version was updating to v1.29. This is because version 1.29 contained the very substantial Freedmode Events DLC, or at least it did when launched for PC and next-gen consoles. Sadly however, those fans would be disappointed – there’s no DLC in the update for Xbox 360 and PS3 (which is not unexpected).

Gamers playing GTA V on last-gen were a bit disgruntled recently as it became clear that Rockstar was serious when it said no more DLC on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The developer cited hardware restrictions and memory constraints, saying that it had already filled the game to the brim with Ill-Gotten Gains Part II, and it took magic to get a bit more in, but this is it.


However, while DLC support has ceased, Rockstar has hardly forgotten about this sizeable chunk of their original GTA 5 playing customers. It must be noted that the last-gen crowd also represents the early adopters of GTA V, not to mention all the pre-orderers and launch-day buyers, who helped the company break records and rake in massive profits. Technical and customer support is still very much active on these platforms as evidenced by the latest update, the aforementioned 1.29, which adds a list of bug fixes which rivals that of the same update on the current-gen platforms.


Alongside the massive amount of tweaks, Rockstar also sought to mend the hacker situation that has the community up in arms. It implemented the same anti-cheating measures which have been working quite well (according to Rockstar) but also quite poorly (according to others). As for any in-game content coming with the update – Rockstar really meant it when they said no more DLC.

Have any of our last-gen GTA Online fans seen any positive change regarding the hackers?

Would GTA V In Two Executables Solve The GTA Online Issues?

Typically, you’d think that game developers and publishers have the best interests of their games at heart. Everyone wants the games to sell well and bring in the cash. However, in some cases, certain AAA publishers and developers get bogged down on different issues, and their perspective (someone working on a game will clearly view it very differently than what it looks like from the outside) might prevent the issue from being solved. This means those issues could then spiral off and drag on for months. The issue with hackers in GTA Online might be one such issue (hopefully not).


Many players are confused as to why Rockstar doesn’t simply separate GTA Online and GTA V into different games with separate executables, welding GTA Online shut so that no outside alterations can touch it in any way. With the two executables separated out, they could then let the community run amok in single player,

The most bewildering part of the whole issue is that this conclusion has been reaches by numerous fans, across various outlets, independently of one another. It seems like the obvious choice. What is going on?


With Rockstar allowing modding to take place on PC within the single player version of GTA V they have done the community a great service. Of that there is no doubt. A large modding community has grown around GTA V, boosting popularity. So killing mods isn’t the solution, as we’ve experienced before.

Of course this particular problem only exists on the PC platform. The next-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) get bricked if any altered code is run, and the last-gen consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360) are seeing an ever dwindling player base. If Rockstar’s unwillingness to take this route is due to pressure from the parent company, Take-Two, or some other factor the community hasn’t taken into account, we do not know.

Do you guys thing this solution would solve the hacker problem in GTA Online?

GTA Online Hackers Implicating Innocents

Hackers causing problems in GTA Online have been an issue since the day the game went live. There’s all sorts of nefarious cheats and mods surfacing, making the lives of honest players that much harder. We say “hackers”, but these people are usually no more than script kiddies who downloaded a mod or trainer made by someone with some actual coding knowledge. They then simply pressa hotkey to screw up the game. These mods and hacks have been evolving over time as the cheat-detection methods employed by Rockstar have become harder to fool.


One method which has become increasingly popular among hackers is implicating their victims. When a hackers wants money, they don’t spawn it themselves, rather they target another player character, “infect them“, and collect the money popping out of the victim’s body. This also ticks off the cheat detectors, however it is the infected who is seen as the hacker.


While spawning money is one thing, another trend that has been on the rise is hackers powering through deathmatches by granting their victim with insta-kill abilities, which blow everyone up< /em>in the lobby, regardless of distance, sans the hacker themselves.

Several Reddit threads are discussing how there is a sudden increase in the number of hackers in GTA V, despite the new anti-cheat system implemented in the 1.29 update that is allegedly catching them left and right. This could suggest that a bypass has been discovered, and has begun spreading among underground communities, exposing the GTA Online servers to unsavory individuals once more.


While whispers of a crucial exploit in the very same lobby regarding temporary characters was discovered soon after launch, that particular hole was seemingly plugged, as the launch was followed by a wave of bans, as opposed to a hacker invasion.

Have you ever been implicated by a hacker in GTA V.

GTA V Steam Summer Sale Mishap Haunts Valve

Legal matters really have a tendency to drag out and it can sometimes take many months to settle something that should otherwise be simple and straightforward. Recently, we’ve been seeing a massive surge in GTA V sales and discounts across all platforms – real discounts -, even on Steam. Many of you may be confused by that emphasis, as Steam is known for its legendary sales, deals and discounts. However, this wasn’t always so in the case of GTA V, and only a few months ago getting your hands on a legal copy of GTA V for less than the standard AAA game full price was pretty darn difficult.


One possibility has historically been the huge Steam Summer Sale, where many had hoped to see a discount on Rockstar’s blockbuster. True enough, on the opening day of the sale , GTA V’s banner was slapped with the little green rectangle housing the little white percentage, showing just how much you’ll be saving.

In truth, if you bought the game then, you saved nothing. Just before the sale, GTA V’s price on Steam was drastically increased so that when the discount was applied, the final price to be paid was identical to the un-discounted regular, full AAA price. You’re right, that doesn’t seem fair to us either!


And as you might imagine, this caused quite the stir among gamers, as they thought that Rockstar or Valve were resorting to underhanded tactics, enticing the unwitting customer into a full priced purchase with a false discount. As it turned out, this version of GTA V (the only one available at the time) was bundled with a Shark Cash Card for use in GTA Online. Now, the card was one of the smaller ones, in no way validating the price difference, however the inclusion of the DLC made the game non-refundable.

The Advertising Standards Authority has since ruled against Valve in the matter.

On this point, the ad breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 (Misleading advertising) and 3.17 (Prices).

While Valve won’t be subject to any sort of punishment as such (i.e. no fine) they must not run that advertisement again. In addition, Steam has been put on notice by the ASA that any future savings claims made on Steam must not mislead customers about the benefits that might be available (like whether a Shark Cash Card is included, or how much the actual discount is off the regular price).

What Is The Future Of Mods In GTA?

It is quite clear to all that GTA V has a massive modding community. It is active, it is creative, it is booming, and it cannot be ignored.

People are making crazier and crazier, better and better, wackier and wackier modifications to Rockstar’s blockbuster open world crime game. Fans have been filling GTA V’s PC version to the brim with all sorts of entertaining new content.


However, we also know it ain’t all good. People using mods in GTA Online, which constitutes as cheating and/or hacking, have become a common sight. Playing Online is now a gamble – will or won’t you be put in a lobby with some cheat who invalidates the whole point of the game entirely?

Rockstar has cracked down on Online modders before, but that is a tale we’ve told a thousand times. In the end, the anti-modding methods broke the game, forcing Rockstar to back off, so now we have hackers piled upon hackers.


But what of the future? With Rockstar clearly gravitating towards GTA Online on one hand, and consoles dipping their toes into the massive pool of wonder and beauty that is modding on the other, this can go one of two rather extreme ways.

Supposing that Rockstar will, as many people fear, make the next GTA game an online only experience, they can either just ditch mods all together, making cheating and hacking so much more difficult in the whole, or they can embrace mods.


What if, with the current gen consoles gradually becoming more and more mod friendly, Rockstar just separates moddable and non-moddable lobbies from the GTA Online “2” servers? If a lobby allows some particular mods which players might want to enjoy together, you can select and activate that mod from a list of downloaded files, and get right in. However, if you’re joining a non-modded lobby, the game would detect if you have any mods activated (which it already could, by the way), and simply hit their off switch.

Do you hope to see GTA mods come to consoles in the future?

Good Luck Fooling The New GTA Online Anti-Hack

We just posted some brand new info on the punishments players may now face for hacking or cheating in GTA Online. The new punishments arrived via GTA V patch 1.29, and along side a new and shiny anti-cheat system contained the massive Freemode Events update, as well as a wealth of bug fixes.

Now that you know what will happen once the sniffer finds your little hack, let’s take a look at how it finds these cheats and exploits, and why the new system is almost impossible to fool. Note the operative word almost.


Yeah, nah

As hard as it may be to believe, not all GTA Online hackers are nefarious. While some use shady methods to gain the upper hand and an unfair advantage, others try to hack the game just to see whether or not they can, and how difficult it is. Pure programming curiosity.

It’s still bannable, and other hackers tend to profit from these discoveries, but it can also help Rockstar tighten things up. Some players with programming knowledge found which little snippet of code is responsible for the almost instant detection of the “cash drop” method used by most popular trainers.

$ ansactionrequest ros.rockstarga | load_request -i <<CASH_DROPPED_AMOUNT>>
<<TRANSACTION_ID>>: <<OFFSETS_HERE>> scs_bind $ decode_respon@:

Basically, when you drop cash with a trainer, the above code will interpret it as a proper GTA Online transaction. However, it immediately marks it as unusual due to the various hidden stats showing there is no tangible reason for the money to appear. This way the transaction will be set as pending review, and the next time you log out, the automated system will detect the trainer and ban you.


Stat editing won’t get you anywhere either, as the new system, using an as-of-yet-unknown method automatically detects this and will simple subtract the amount from your balance. How long do you think it will take to crack these newest GTA Online anti-cheat methods?

Newest GTA Online Anti-Cheat Methods Detailed

GTA Online patch 1.29, containing the Freemode Events DLC, has introduced a new anti-cheat system. Better yet, it introduced it in a way that does not shaft PC players.

In fact not only are PC players unshackled from their previous restraints, the new system works marvellously, nicking cheaters and hackers in GTA Online consistently. However, do not mistake the new method (which no longer breaks the game) any less strict. In fact, some of the new punishments are so severe that this can be considered yet another large scale crackdown.


As opposed to the previous infringement ladder (being 10 days to one month to two months, with only extreme cases earning a permaban) it seems Rockstar is no longer intent on keeping cheaters in the game and merely punishing them temporarily. Now, the 10 day ban comes with a longer or even permanent chat and mic ban, the one month ban sets your cash balance to GTA$20,000 (even if you purchased a Shark cash card), and the two month ban has been changed to a permanent ban from GTA Online.

But wait.

There’s more.

If you are hit with all three on the same account, you will reportedly be banned from playing story mode. Yes, you read that right. Story mode. If this happens, you will only be able to run the game in offline mode. This particular addition has already began to make the public restless, which could be expected, as why on earth would multiplayer hacking get you banned from the single player portion?

Other punishments include matchmaking limitations, which mean that you’d only be able to join lobbies with very few players, lobbies populated only by cheaters, or empty lobbies. This is still regulated based upon the bad sport points, or smaller cheating infringements.

What do you guys think of the new GTA Online anti-cheat protocols?

Freemode Events Exploit Opens Hacking Floodgates

The days of non-intrusive anti-cheating measures on PC were short lived. By now we all know how Rockstar went medieval on cheaters and modders in GTA Online with the 1.27 and 1.28 updates, which first only broke mods, then broke the whole game. This was in retaliation to rampant assholery on the GTA Online servers.

Then after the 1.28 framerate debacle Rockstar revisited their anti-cheating methods and devised a new system that will track these kind of players more efficiently than any before. The system would also allow for uninterrupted modding in singleplayer, but most importantly wouldn’t entirely butcher the game’s performance by sending official scripts into a labyrinth.


Patch 1.29, alongside bug fixes and Freemode Events, introduced a new anti-cheat system which included hundreds of hidden stats to track all in-game player actions, movements, variables and acquisitions. Everything you do or happens to you is examined (by an automated system, mind, no need to get your privacy panties in a twist), and if any anomalous activity is detected, a more in-depth investigation is conducted.

Problem is, GTA Online is an online game, and online games suffer from millions of server issues. GTA Online has a reputation for being one of the most stable games, and Rockstar Games achieves this with an arsenal of serverside protocols, one of which is the creation of “temporary characters” in the case of high server load. These are clones of your real character, and when the session is over, any progression that affects you is stored. However absolutely no other information is tracked or stored and the character is immediately deleted when the said session ends. This means that temporary characters can cheat and hack completely undetected.


Well, someone found a PC exploit which allows you to create temporary characters manually, regardless of server load. This way you can log in with a temp, cheat and hack to your heart’s desire (you bastard!), log off before you’re caught, and live off the profits with no risk of discovery.

How do you think Rockstar will respond to this newest GTA Online exploit? And no, we’re not going to provide any information on how you might carry this type of cheat out. But we do suggest that if you see someone doing something dodgy in GTA Online and cheating like this, you report them!

GTA V’s New Anti-Cheat System Is Finally PC Friendly

Well, that took some time, didn’t it? By now, anyone who has been following GTA V news in any way knows that Rockstar is practically waging total war against the hackers and cheaters running rampant on GTA Online servers.

It all started nice and calm, with reserved measures such as default anti-cheat software integration, a community report system and a handful of hidden stats. Then Rockstar flexed their humor muscle (like they always do!) and pulled a fast one by making the Duke O’Death, which should not be in GTA Online at all, a booby-trapped cheater bait.


However, things got ugly when even after these well mannered measures, the number of hackers continued to an all time high, and was rising. Rockstar then took the gloves off and the war began. First, 1.27 disabled mods entirely in both single player and GTA Online, however the legitimate single player modders got around the block swiftly, when then allowed the Online modders back in.

This is where Rockstar dropped the figurative atomic bomb. 1.28 contained a complex anti-modding system which had the unforeseen circumstance of breaking the game entirely. Un-modded instances of GTA V ran with single digit frame rates on beastly PCs.

While Rockstar did mend that particular issue, and GTA V now runs optimally and mods work again, the issue of hackers is still very relevant, especially with Freemode Events making GTA Online much more open.

So Rockstar has implemented a new system with patch 1.29. Basically, the system is the old hidden stat tracking method on steroids. Now Rockstar has a massive arsenal of stats on each player which track a number of aspects of a single variable. Whereas in the old system they just looked at how much money you have at any given time, they now track when you get it, where you get it, why you get it and how you get it. With this multi-lateral approach, hackers are no longer covered by their targeted hacks, and the PC players and modders are free to carry on with their thing.

What do you think of the new GTA Online anti-cheater system?

Using GTA V Trainers Made Easier With Android App

No, you can’t use this online. Go away. Shoo.

Now, for the honest (only cheating in single player) players among you, this might be interested in this little mod/app for GTA V. Somewhat similar to the mod which allowed you to use your actual smartphone to control the in-game phone menu, this app in turn allows you to alter the setting and control a trainer for GTA V. This makes the use of cheats all the more convenient whilst your are on one of your chaotic destruction romps around Los Santos and Blaine County. And by the way, if you are looking for a simple app to display the cheat codes for GTA V on your mobile, you can go past our own app for Android and iOS!


Trainers are downloaded files which are integrated with a game, and work as cheat-packs which give the user access to a number of features and abilities which they are typically denied. These trainers usually unlock developer tools and also add some other miscellaneous settings which make the game easier or provide the player with more backstage control. The usual culprits are item/vehicle/prop/character spawning privileges, invincibility, stat editing, teleportation, triggering in-game events, viewing invisible stats, and more. Such trainers have been in popular use by GTA players since the days of GTA III, and GTA V is not different. However, typically the trainers either had no in-game interface at all, or were extremely rudimentary.

This mod however eliminates the need for an in-game interface all together. Using ScriptHookV and a Java Server, this mod allows the user to control a full trainer suite straight from their Android smart phone, without the need to interrupt the game itself. With a user-friendly interface, this Remote Trainer, as it is called, makes the spawning of vehicles and activation of cheats a quick, simple and easy experience. For those of you who were interested in trainers in order to enhance your single player experience, but were dissuaded by the numerous pitfalls or inconvenience, this mod is for you.

Do any of you guys use a trainer for GTA V?