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GTA V Car Duplication Glitch Still Works

We recently reported on the the new 1.28 update for GTA V, which contains Ill-Gotten Gains Part II, and also comes with Rockstar’s newest anti-cheat protocol – which we’ve subsequently learned is messing with the game’s performance and also the creation of mods. However despite Rockstar’s anti-cheat methods, not one, but two infinite money glitches have been found since that update rolled out.


In order to work this new glitch needs players to have a garage with nine vehicles in it. Though technically this should work with any garage, the Unit 2 Poplar St. garage seems to be your best bet. One of the nine cars stored should be a Benefactor Panto. Drive the Panto out in-front of your garage, and blow the vehicle up with a grenade while you’re still inside. If you’re doing it right, you should be dead (don’t read that often, do you?)

Once you’ve respawned, just nick any car from the street and phone Mors Mutual Insurance. With the insurance window open, drive back to your garage while holding both the accelerator and the brake. Once you’ve managed to struggle your way back to the garage, get ready for some precision button-pressing, as timing is crucial in this stage, and if you mess this up, all your work up until now was for naught. Once you’re right up at your garage door, release the break and instantly, with lightning speed, press “X” or “A”, depending on your system. If the stolen car rolls into the garage at the same time as the insurance claim is approved, that means you’ve succeeded. Go on over to the Job Lobby, and when you exit the lobby, the duplicated car will be waiting for you right there.

Rockstar tried to crack down on car dupers before, and while they are unrelenting in their hunt for cheaters, some always seem to slip through the cracks. How many of you guys have resorted to glitches to acquire in-game riches?

New Money Glitch Found In GTA V

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Despite Rockstar’s best efforts to root out cheating from GTA Online by any means necessary, it seems a new infinite-money exploit was found in the game that the recent 1.28 update failed to fix. Don’t expect this exploit to work for long though, as you know how Rockstar is with these kinds of things, and people who are caught profiting off this exploit will most likely face bans (and rightly so!).


You’ll need to put quite a bit of effort into making use of this exploit, though. The first step is winning 50 rounds of Last Team Standing. This is no small feat, however the greedier players might band together to boost each other to the required victory count. Once you’ve hit 50 victories, you’ll get the achievement “Still Standing”, rewarding you with special chrome rims for your SUVs.

Once the reward is unlocked, you’ll need to look for a specific vehicle. Rusty Karin Rebels are what you need, and around 7 will do for the purposes of this exploit. Roll on over to Los Santos Customs, and navigate to “wheels”, select the “SUV” section and then the “VIP” section, and add the chrome rims to the Rebels.

You’ll notice that the sell price for the rusty Karin Rebels with the shiny rims is a whopping $10,000. Comparing this to the $3,000 purchase price of the rimless vehicle, you’ve got yourself a nice hard $7,000 in profits. This method ignores the 45 minute timer, so you can just keep doing it as many times as you fancy, and you’ll rack up quite a bit of cash in no time at all. Be warned though, this method has been making the rounds on the web so the folks over at Rockstar surely know about it, and when they patch it up soon, they’ll track down anyone who used this exploit with the ferocity of a bloodhound.

In that light, please take this post as a warning to resist temptation and not do this… That said though, have you made use of exploits in GTA Online before? If it is a bug that causes an exploit, do you consider it “fair game”, since the dev team is to blame?

GTA Online : Fighting Cheats With Cheats

Well this is an odd story. We all know the kind of fanaticism with which Rockstar is eradicating all forms of cheating in GTA Online. They put cheaters in separate lobbies, put anti-modding measures in place even if it affects single player, tracking player activity with a special set of hidden stats, and relying on community reports. However, even so, a few specimens of that very special breed of imbeciles who enjoy not only ruining the game for themselves, but for everyone else as well slip through the cracks sometimes.


Unfortunately, the virtual watch dogs of Rockstar are not particularly discriminant, and a new method of avoiding the wrath of the ban hammer is on the rise. Some players use a variety of mods which takes effect thorough the character of another player. In the case of Rev Drucifer, a cheater infected his character with a condition in which he spewed cash from every virtual orifice.

I’m in a car with this guy and money bags start raining down. I realize my account is filling up fast, so I jump out of the car…money is shooting out of my character’s [backside]. I’m yelling on the mic for him to stop, [but] he’s not stopping then all of a sudden [he] starts killing everyone in the lobby over and over.

This griefer, as they are called, used one of the recent unholy trinity of GTA Online mods that are more difficult to track. Cheaters either use another character to spawn money, have money literally fall from the sky, or use weapons that fire money as opposed to bullets.

Now, obviously we’re dealing with someone with absolutely no notion of how to be a decent human being here, so Drucifer could yell all he wanted, the guy would not stop. The end result was Drucifer being booted from the lobby and put into a Bad Sport lobby, which is where the misbehaving players are in detention for various amounts of time. But Drucifer’s troubles did not end here.

The Bad Sport lobby’s timer is notoriously glitchy, and fixing a feature used to punish rowdy players isn’t high on Rockstar’s priority list, understandably. Drucifer’s timer kept growing as time passed as opposed to counting down, and after he contacted Rockstar support, they said they can’t help him.

In a last ditch effort, Drucifer sought out a modder to help him.

I shot him a message telling him the situation. He said he’d give it a try but didn’t promise anything. Fifteen minutes later, I was out of Bad Sport.

Granted, we have our happy ending, but the griefer is still out there causing trouble. It seems modding GTA Online isn’t all bad, though.

How do you guys react when you run into a cheater in online multiplayer?

Three New GTA V Cell Phone Cheats Discovered

Yes, there are still GTA V cheat codes yet to be discovered for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Today, we have three more to add to our growing list.

Like the previous PS4, Xbox One, and PC GTA V cheats we’ve shared, these can be activated through your in-game cell phone. Here are the latest additions:

  • Spawn Duke O’Death (must be already unlocked by completing the Duel random event): 1-999-3328-4227 (DEATHCAR)
  • Spawn Kraken Sub or Go Go Monkey Blista (must be already unlocked by completing the Wildlife Photography Challenge or the Monkey Mosaics random event); not yet confirmed which spawns): 1-999-282-2537 (BUBBLES)
  • Spawn Dodo airplane (must be unlocked by completing the Sea Plane random event): 1-999-398-4628 (EXTINCT)

Certain GTA V script strings indicate there might be a few more cell phone cheats to discover:


We’ll keep you updated with all the latest GTA V cheats. Thanks to Timothy W for the heads up!

Exploding Ammo Rounds Code Found for PC

It’s time to tick another cheat code off the “TBA” list for both the PC version of GTA V and also the cell phone cheats – the cheat code for exploding ammo rounds (also known as “Bang Bang”) has been discovered!

To enable exploding ammo rounds on the PC you need to open up the game console ( press ~) and then enter in:


Or if you want to dial up the cheat, then whip out your cell phone and dial the following:


Congrats to Reddit user Natehoop for finding this one out. That leaves the following PC and cell phone cheats yet to be discovered:

  • Weapons
  • Fast Swim
  • Super Jump
  • Spawn Caddy
  • Spawn Duster

We are getting there!

Lower Wanted Level Cheat for PC and Cell Phone Found

01 - 0wahGW6

Good news! We’ve discovered a brand new cell phone / PC cheat code for GTA V. You can now lower your wanted level if you’re playing the PC version, and also add this type of cheat to your cell phone arsenal if you’re a Xbox One or PS4 player.

The code to lower your wanted level is “LAWYERUP” – simply enter this into the console (bring it up by pressing ~) on the PC version of the game to activate it. And if you want to use your cell phone, then whip it out and dial 1-999-5299-3787 (LAWYERUP).

Enjoy, and thanks to site fan Erik for sending this in! There’s still a couple of other cheats for the PC (and cell phone) version of the game outstanding, and we’re working on getting them to you asap.

New Infinite Money Glitch for GTA Online


The hunt for new glitches is always on, and fans have responded to Rockstar’s patch 1.09 of Grand Theft Auto Online by searching for new ways to earn infinite money. The original infinite money glitch, which caused a great deal of controversy amongst players, was finally eliminated via the new game update, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying again.

This latest version assures players that they can use a new vehicle glitch. When a player gets an insured vehicle impounded, they can have a mechanic send them a new vehicle as soon as they respawn. However, with the proper timing, they can then request their personal vehicle—which the game recognizes as the impounded car. The version that has been impounded will be destroyed, which allows the player to have it replaced, while retaining the version that was brought to them. This effectively duplicates the car, and they can sell the extra to quickly earn money. Step by step instructions are included below.

We’ve heard reports that some players have not been able to make this glitch work, while others have had success. Nevertheless, with the harsh measures Rockstar took to mitigate the consequences from the original infinite money glitch, players should think twice before exploiting the system again.

  1. Grab a vehicle (something expensive would be good) and head to the Los Santos Customs near the centre of the map.
  2. Park close to the LSC and then jump out and start shooting stuff up. The police should arrive, shoot a bit too and then let yourself be killed. This will cause your vehicle to be impounded.
  3. Read this next step in full before proceeding… When you respawn call your Mechanic and request that another vehicle be delivered. As soon as you make the request press Select (PS3) or Back (Xbox 360) and then press up five times only, this should let you select “Request Personal Vehicle” again almost instantly (you need to do it really quickly).
  4. If you do it correctly your last vehicle will be delivered to you and the one in the impound lot will be destroyed.
  5. Now call Mors Mutual Insurance and the same vehicle will also be replaced in your garage. So now drive the vehicle your Mech bought to your garage and replace a (preferably) crappy car. Then get in the car that MM Insurance sent, go to Los Santos Customs and sell it.
  6. Finally, request that your Mechanic bring the other car back (the one that is uninsured/he delivered to you already), and get it fully insured at LSC.
  7. Repeat!

Super Jump Cheat Code Discovered


Here’s a big thanks to all the users that have been sending this newly discovered cheat code in the past few hours – Super Jump has been discovered!

Here’s the codes:

  • Playstation 3: Left, Left, Triangle, Triangle, Right, Right, Left, Right, Square, R1, R2
  • Xbox 360: Left, Left, Y, Y, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, RB, RT

The longer you hold the jump button the higher you actually jump and of course it makes you invincible to fall damage (provided you land on a flat surface). Plus you can also combine it with the pratfall button (B on Xbox 360 / Circle on PS3) for added fun.

With Super Jump down that just leaves four undiscovered cheats…

  1. All Weapons
  2. Health & Armor
  3. Invincibility
  4. Phone Denied (what this will do we’re not 100% sure)

Which will be cracked next?

Another New GTA 5 Cheat Found – Moon Gravity


We were the first to bring you the spawn BMX cheat code yesterday and today we have another code thanks to several GTA5Cheats’ users who mailed it in. This one should be pretty fun too – Moon Gravity!

  • PS3: Left, Left, L1, R1, L1, Right, Left, L1, Left
  • Xbox 360: Left, Left, LB, RB, LB, Right, Left, LB, Left

What you do is enter the code and then get into a vehicle. What you’ll experience is less gravity (hence the moon reference). It also affects various other physical objects – things like grenades and other throwable weapons. It also makes for some great rag dolling fun!

Try it out and see what cool stuff you can come up with.

New Cheat Code Found – Spawn BMX


It’s been a while since we found a new cheat code so it was nice to find this brand new code to spawn a BMX. Here it is:

  • Playstation 3: Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Triangle, R1, R2
  • Xbox 360: Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, B, Y, RB, RT

This is actually the final “vehicle spawn code” that was referenced in the data files we wrote about here (we didn’t mention the vehicle codes because they don’t refer to the vehicles by name – but there was 11 in total).

We are well aware that this isn’t one of the “biggies” that everyone is looking forward to (ie Weapons, Invincibility and Health & Armor), but hopefully it gives people a renewed sense of energy and they can help by trying out different combos (just make sure you remember what you’re entering).

We hope to have the outstanding cheats for you very soon!