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Good Luck Fooling The New GTA Online Anti-Hack

We just posted some brand new info on the punishments players may now face for hacking or cheating in GTA Online. The new punishments arrived via GTA V patch 1.29, and along side a new and shiny anti-cheat system contained the massive Freemode Events update, as well as a wealth of bug fixes.

Now that you know what will happen once the sniffer finds your little hack, let’s take a look at how it finds these cheats and exploits, and why the new system is almost impossible to fool. Note the operative word almost.


Yeah, nah

As hard as it may be to believe, not all GTA Online hackers are nefarious. While some use shady methods to gain the upper hand and an unfair advantage, others try to hack the game just to see whether or not they can, and how difficult it is. Pure programming curiosity.

It’s still bannable, and other hackers tend to profit from these discoveries, but it can also help Rockstar tighten things up. Some players with programming knowledge found which little snippet of code is responsible for the almost instant detection of the “cash drop” method used by most popular trainers.

$ ansactionrequest ros.rockstarga | load_request -i <<CASH_DROPPED_AMOUNT>>
<<TRANSACTION_ID>>: <<OFFSETS_HERE>> scs_bind $ decode_respon@:

Basically, when you drop cash with a trainer, the above code will interpret it as a proper GTA Online transaction. However, it immediately marks it as unusual due to the various hidden stats showing there is no tangible reason for the money to appear. This way the transaction will be set as pending review, and the next time you log out, the automated system will detect the trainer and ban you.


Stat editing won’t get you anywhere either, as the new system, using an as-of-yet-unknown method automatically detects this and will simple subtract the amount from your balance. How long do you think it will take to crack these newest GTA Online anti-cheat methods?

Newest GTA Online Anti-Cheat Methods Detailed

GTA Online patch 1.29, containing the Freemode Events DLC, has introduced a new anti-cheat system. Better yet, it introduced it in a way that does not shaft PC players.

In fact not only are PC players unshackled from their previous restraints, the new system works marvellously, nicking cheaters and hackers in GTA Online consistently. However, do not mistake the new method (which no longer breaks the game) any less strict. In fact, some of the new punishments are so severe that this can be considered yet another large scale crackdown.


As opposed to the previous infringement ladder (being 10 days to one month to two months, with only extreme cases earning a permaban) it seems Rockstar is no longer intent on keeping cheaters in the game and merely punishing them temporarily. Now, the 10 day ban comes with a longer or even permanent chat and mic ban, the one month ban sets your cash balance to GTA$20,000 (even if you purchased a Shark cash card), and the two month ban has been changed to a permanent ban from GTA Online.

But wait.

There’s more.

If you are hit with all three on the same account, you will reportedly be banned from playing story mode. Yes, you read that right. Story mode. If this happens, you will only be able to run the game in offline mode. This particular addition has already began to make the public restless, which could be expected, as why on earth would multiplayer hacking get you banned from the single player portion?

Other punishments include matchmaking limitations, which mean that you’d only be able to join lobbies with very few players, lobbies populated only by cheaters, or empty lobbies. This is still regulated based upon the bad sport points, or smaller cheating infringements.

What do you guys think of the new GTA Online anti-cheat protocols?

Freemode Events Exploit Opens Hacking Floodgates

The days of non-intrusive anti-cheating measures on PC were short lived. By now we all know how Rockstar went medieval on cheaters and modders in GTA Online with the 1.27 and 1.28 updates, which first only broke mods, then broke the whole game. This was in retaliation to rampant assholery on the GTA Online servers.

Then after the 1.28 framerate debacle Rockstar revisited their anti-cheating methods and devised a new system that will track these kind of players more efficiently than any before. The system would also allow for uninterrupted modding in singleplayer, but most importantly wouldn’t entirely butcher the game’s performance by sending official scripts into a labyrinth.


Patch 1.29, alongside bug fixes and Freemode Events, introduced a new anti-cheat system which included hundreds of hidden stats to track all in-game player actions, movements, variables and acquisitions. Everything you do or happens to you is examined (by an automated system, mind, no need to get your privacy panties in a twist), and if any anomalous activity is detected, a more in-depth investigation is conducted.

Problem is, GTA Online is an online game, and online games suffer from millions of server issues. GTA Online has a reputation for being one of the most stable games, and Rockstar Games achieves this with an arsenal of serverside protocols, one of which is the creation of “temporary characters” in the case of high server load. These are clones of your real character, and when the session is over, any progression that affects you is stored. However absolutely no other information is tracked or stored and the character is immediately deleted when the said session ends. This means that temporary characters can cheat and hack completely undetected.


Well, someone found a PC exploit which allows you to create temporary characters manually, regardless of server load. This way you can log in with a temp, cheat and hack to your heart’s desire (you bastard!), log off before you’re caught, and live off the profits with no risk of discovery.

How do you think Rockstar will respond to this newest GTA Online exploit? And no, we’re not going to provide any information on how you might carry this type of cheat out. But we do suggest that if you see someone doing something dodgy in GTA Online and cheating like this, you report them!

GTA V’s New Anti-Cheat System Is Finally PC Friendly

Well, that took some time, didn’t it? By now, anyone who has been following GTA V news in any way knows that Rockstar is practically waging total war against the hackers and cheaters running rampant on GTA Online servers.

It all started nice and calm, with reserved measures such as default anti-cheat software integration, a community report system and a handful of hidden stats. Then Rockstar flexed their humor muscle (like they always do!) and pulled a fast one by making the Duke O’Death, which should not be in GTA Online at all, a booby-trapped cheater bait.


However, things got ugly when even after these well mannered measures, the number of hackers continued to an all time high, and was rising. Rockstar then took the gloves off and the war began. First, 1.27 disabled mods entirely in both single player and GTA Online, however the legitimate single player modders got around the block swiftly, when then allowed the Online modders back in.

This is where Rockstar dropped the figurative atomic bomb. 1.28 contained a complex anti-modding system which had the unforeseen circumstance of breaking the game entirely. Un-modded instances of GTA V ran with single digit frame rates on beastly PCs.

While Rockstar did mend that particular issue, and GTA V now runs optimally and mods work again, the issue of hackers is still very relevant, especially with Freemode Events making GTA Online much more open.

So Rockstar has implemented a new system with patch 1.29. Basically, the system is the old hidden stat tracking method on steroids. Now Rockstar has a massive arsenal of stats on each player which track a number of aspects of a single variable. Whereas in the old system they just looked at how much money you have at any given time, they now track when you get it, where you get it, why you get it and how you get it. With this multi-lateral approach, hackers are no longer covered by their targeted hacks, and the PC players and modders are free to carry on with their thing.

What do you think of the new GTA Online anti-cheater system?

Using GTA V Trainers Made Easier With Android App

No, you can’t use this online. Go away. Shoo.

Now, for the honest (only cheating in single player) players among you, this might be interested in this little mod/app for GTA V. Somewhat similar to the mod which allowed you to use your actual smartphone to control the in-game phone menu, this app in turn allows you to alter the setting and control a trainer for GTA V. This makes the use of cheats all the more convenient whilst your are on one of your chaotic destruction romps around Los Santos and Blaine County. And by the way, if you are looking for a simple app to display the cheat codes for GTA V on your mobile, you can go past our own app for Android and iOS!


Trainers are downloaded files which are integrated with a game, and work as cheat-packs which give the user access to a number of features and abilities which they are typically denied. These trainers usually unlock developer tools and also add some other miscellaneous settings which make the game easier or provide the player with more backstage control. The usual culprits are item/vehicle/prop/character spawning privileges, invincibility, stat editing, teleportation, triggering in-game events, viewing invisible stats, and more. Such trainers have been in popular use by GTA players since the days of GTA III, and GTA V is not different. However, typically the trainers either had no in-game interface at all, or were extremely rudimentary.

This mod however eliminates the need for an in-game interface all together. Using ScriptHookV and a Java Server, this mod allows the user to control a full trainer suite straight from their Android smart phone, without the need to interrupt the game itself. With a user-friendly interface, this Remote Trainer, as it is called, makes the spawning of vehicles and activation of cheats a quick, simple and easy experience. For those of you who were interested in trainers in order to enhance your single player experience, but were dissuaded by the numerous pitfalls or inconvenience, this mod is for you.

Do any of you guys use a trainer for GTA V?

GTA Online 1.29 And Rockstar’s War On Hackers

With the release of the 1.29 update for GTA Online mere hours away, players all across the globe are itching to try out some of those new and crispy Freemode Events that were recently announced by Rockstar. However, a sizeable chunk of those players, namely the ones who’s chosen platform for their criminal exploits in Los Santos, is a PC.

As is true with any multiplayer game, there are people out there who just don’t know how to lose, and decide to crap in the communal soup just because they happen to suck. Thing is, hackers exist on all platforms, not just PC, but it is always the keyboard warriors who take the brunt of Rockstar’s retaliation.


Hacking and cheating in GTA Online has become and increasing issue in recent months, and Rockstar has been trying to clean up the streets of Los Santos with methods of varying severity and efficacy. As our regular readers might know, modding is a big thing on the PC, with a large and vibrant community striving to make the single player experience of GTA V more fun, quirky or visually appealing. This is all well and good, and Rockstar condones single player modding, but the problems start when people take their mods online.

Back when update 1.27 released, Rockstar simply killed off all and any mods. This was considered an over-reaction by many, and it did not take long for experienced modders to work around the block. The peaceful “legal” modding could then continue, but unfortunately so did online hacking. It wasn’t until 1.28 that Rockstar got really mad. That update introduced a method which would, on paper, make modding in GTA Online extremely difficult and time-consuming, but SP modding would be left alone.

On paper.

What 1.28 ended up doing was mess up the game’s code, screw over legitimate modders everywhere, and break unmodded versions of GTA V entirely. Event machines with several Titans in SLi were pulling single digit framerates due to optimization issues. Eventually, Rockstar rectified the issue, but we can only fear what sort of anti-modding measure they will be adding to 1.29 to secure the safety of players in the new seamless open-world of GTA Online Freemode Events.

How frequently do you guys bump into hackers in GTA Online?

GTA V Mod LSPDFR’s Site Under DDoS Attack

We’ve been following the development of the popular police themed total conversion mod for GTA V, Los Santos Police Department First Response, rather closely here at GTA 5 Cheats. Arguably the largest and most ambitious mod for GTA V to date, LSPDFR is filled with an immense amount of content, and has a full development team behind it – plus a pretty large community of GTA V players. A similar mod, LCPDFR, was previously released for GTA IV, and was the project which got the team their reputation and following, however their work with GTA V is even more impressive.


Recently the team has been stricken by a number of setbacks delaying the mod’s development and release. With Rockstar’s war on GTA Online cheating, modding the game has become increasingly difficult. The counter-measures introduced in the 1.27 and 1.28 updates not only broke mods entirely for a while, but filled the game files with heaps of dead code to make the work of modders that much more difficult, however the method proved to make the game unplayable even on unmodded instances.

Despite the massive setbacks due to Rockstar’s anti-modding measures, development on LSPDFR continued, and they released newer and newer versions. The mod is currently running the 0.2b beta build, and has enough features for it to be a game in and of itself – and all this can be downloaded legally for free.

Now, at this point I think we can all agree that the team working on LSPDFR is awesome.

Well, someone seems to think otherwise. If you visit the LSPDFR website, you’ll see a little notice at the top of the page.

The community is currently under a sustained flooding attack. Please expect some drops in service whilst we work to mitigate the attacks. Apologies for inconvenience caused.

A Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack basically floods the targeted server with significantly more requests than it can handle, essentially crippling the system. The team is still working on clearing up the issue.

Who do you guys think is responsible for the DDoS attack on the LSPDFR website?

This New GTA Online Hack Is a Nightmare

Hacking in GTA Online has kind of been a big topic when it comes to GTA V news lately. Rockstar has been getting progressively more brutal when it comes to dealing with online cheaters, however despite their best efforts, some of the miscreants slip through. We’ve reported quite a while ago the case of one particular GTA Online player who fell victim to the newest method of circumventing cheat detection. Instead of trying to avoid the hack-sniffing protocols to get ticked off, they just shifted the blame. Instead of altering standard game conditions on their own character, the hacker caused mayhem for other players instead. A player’s character began to uncontrollably spawn money, which the hacker could then collect. Since the victim was spawning the hacked money, he was targeted by the automated cheat detectors, not the real hacker. The victim was promptly banned, and the timer of the cheat lobby was bugged, forcing them to turn to actual mods in order to get revenge.


Recently, the creator of a fairly popular gaming podcast documented the next level of this method of hacking. Nick Breckon was hit by a particularly harrowing hack, which had a plethora of effects on his character. It all begins with geysers sprouting under his character after he spawns. Eventually, a perfect clone of his character, with the only difference of having green hair, spawns on his back and rides him piggy-back style. This is where the “fun begins”. At times, his character will spawn a virtually endless stream of money. If he fires a weapon, his character receives corresponding damage. His inseparable clone will sometimes spawn NPC clones who become hositle, as well as random vehicles behind Nick’s character. The whole thing becomes funny after a while, but imagine if this were to happen to you, and suddenly you wouldn’t know what the hell is going on.

Hopefully Rockstar works out how to take down these hackers in GTA Online.

Rockstar Statement About Recent GTA Online Bans

Rockstar has been issuing bans to players who can be linked to the FiveM multiplayer mod project in any way, shape or form. Several of the banned players have since come out and said they did not use the mod, nor were they involved in its creation, instead complaining they only posted in the Reddit discussion related to the project and yet were given the banhammer.


Some of the players who have been banned contacted Rockstar support with their concerns. Whether or not they have been reinstated to GTA Online yet is unknown.

I believe these bans may be in relation to my existance [sic] on the FiveM project. I have not done any reverse engineering or other work on FiveM that may go against the TOS. I hope to resolve this soon.

These bans have been causing quite a storm in the gaming community as more than a handful of players were confused as to why Rockstar wasn’t seemingly resolving the issue. Rockstar has now released a statement about the bans, confirming that they were indeed instigated by the FiveM multiplayer mod project.

The FiveM project is an unauthorized alternate multiplayer service that contains code designed to facilitate piracy. Our policy on such violations of our terms of service are clear, and the individuals involved in its creation have had their Social Club accounts suspended.

Rockstar has gotten significantly more strict when it comes to enforcing the cheat-free atmosphere of GTA Online ever since the  hackers and modders have gotten out of hand (with the release of the PC version). This mass-banning isn’t the first zero-tolerance stance. In patch 1.28, Rockstar has filled the game’s files with heaps of dead code, which was intended to make the work of GTA Online modders significantly more difficult. However, an unintended side-effect of this on un-modded version of the game was that the performance took a nose-dive, even on the most powerful of PCs.

We don’t endorse cheats, hacks or anything else in GTA Online (we’re all about those single player cheats), but on the other hand hope that any innocent players have their bans reversed!

GTA V Car Duplication Glitch Still Works

We recently reported on the the new 1.28 update for GTA V, which contains Ill-Gotten Gains Part II, and also comes with Rockstar’s newest anti-cheat protocol – which we’ve subsequently learned is messing with the game’s performance and also the creation of mods. However despite Rockstar’s anti-cheat methods, not one, but two infinite money glitches have been found since that update rolled out.


In order to work this new glitch needs players to have a garage with nine vehicles in it. Though technically this should work with any garage, the Unit 2 Poplar St. garage seems to be your best bet. One of the nine cars stored should be a Benefactor Panto. Drive the Panto out in-front of your garage, and blow the vehicle up with a grenade while you’re still inside. If you’re doing it right, you should be dead (don’t read that often, do you?)

Once you’ve respawned, just nick any car from the street and phone Mors Mutual Insurance. With the insurance window open, drive back to your garage while holding both the accelerator and the brake. Once you’ve managed to struggle your way back to the garage, get ready for some precision button-pressing, as timing is crucial in this stage, and if you mess this up, all your work up until now was for naught. Once you’re right up at your garage door, release the break and instantly, with lightning speed, press “X” or “A”, depending on your system. If the stolen car rolls into the garage at the same time as the insurance claim is approved, that means you’ve succeeded. Go on over to the Job Lobby, and when you exit the lobby, the duplicated car will be waiting for you right there.

Rockstar tried to crack down on car dupers before, and while they are unrelenting in their hunt for cheaters, some always seem to slip through the cracks. How many of you guys have resorted to glitches to acquire in-game riches?