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Yet Another GTA V Cell Phone Easter Egg Found

New phone numbers in GTA V are popping up a lot more often all of the sudden, aren’t they?

First the mysterious black cellphone cheat was found which triggered a small explosion right in front of you and turned your phone black. All sorts of fan theories were put forward right after, with players trying to solve the Mount Chiliad mystery being the most imaginative theorists of all. Soon afterwards all of the regular in-game cheats had their phone equivalents discovered.

With this newest discovery it appeats that there is a lot more to the phones of GTA V than meets the eye. A Reddit user and GTA V fan recently reported the discovery of a new phone number which he has also documented.

I heard about the 1-999-EMP-DROP and after dialing it I decided to screw around with the phone for a minute after and found that when you dial 1-999-666-9420 the number plays jive music.

Some numbers in GTA V simply respond with on-hold music, however this one produces a kind of music no other number does. Plus, the fact that it is a new number that gives a response makes it quite the find.

The option to activate cheats by dialing specific phone numbers was first introduced in the current-gen releases of the GTA games as well as the PC versions. While players had plenty of fun tracking down the regular codes, it quickly became apparent that Rockstar hid some easter eggs in there.


Calling various numbers (full list here) produces either music or some random response with comedic value. After finding this out, naturally players thought that there was a lot more going on here than mere cheats and music, and that this might be a clue to something big coming up.

Have you guys found any undocumented phone numbers in GTA V?

Last GTA V Cellphone & PC Cheats Discovered

The GTA franchise is known for its cheats as much as its violence and cars. In the early console versions of the game they appeared in-game as button combinations, to be entered during regular gameplay in order to activate their effects. Then when the current-gen and PC version of GTA V launched, they brought with them a new way of using the iconic cheats.


If you pull up your character’s phone, and punch in the right number, initiating the call will trigger the associated cheat. Most phone cheats are the same as regular cheats, however some unique easter eggs have also been added by Rockstar that are phone exclusive.

Recently a new phone cheat named “Black Cellphones” was discovered. If you called the associated number, the numbers of which spelled out EMP-DROP, a small explosion would occur right in front of you, and the phone will turn black. Speculation as to the reason this exists lead to the rise of new rumors.

Black Cellphones isn’t the only new cheat to be discovered this week, however. Until now, a few of the regular cheats still didn’t have phone numbers or PC keyboard combinations assigned to them.

  • Weapons: 1-999-8665-87 (TOOLUP)
  • Fast Swim: 1-999-468-44557 (GOTGILLS)
  • Super Jump: 1-999-467-86-48 (HOPTOIT)
  • Spawn Caddy: 1-999-4653-46-1 (HOLEIN1)
  • Spawn Duster: 1-999-359-77729 (FLYSPRAY)

With these discovered, the complete list of regular cheats has (finally) been completed. The recent discovery of Black Cellphones however, suggests that there are still some secret phone-only cheats out there which haven’t yet been found.

Players who have been involved with the Mount Chiliad mystery immediately latched on to this, seeing an opportunity for the next big break. While some months ago headway was being steadily made, things ground to a halt since. These curious players are hoping that undiscovered cell phone cheats are the next step in the puzzle, if not the solution itself.

Do you prefer using the cell phone cheating method in GTA V over regular button combinations, or are you more of a traditionalist?

New GTA V Phone Easter Egg Found

Over two years after its release GTA V still has a few secrets. Those folks intent on solving the Mount Chiliad mystery don’t seem all that insane anymore, do they?

A significant portion of GTA V’s easter eggs and cheats can be accessed via the in-game cellphone. Calling certain number combinations will result in some rather odd occurrences. Sometimes you’ll get the iconic chirping of a dial-up modem, or some pissed guy telling you to ‘stop prank calling’ them (check out the full list).


Cheats can also be activated by calling certain numbers instead of the using regular button combo method. All of your regular cheats, like invincibility, drunk mode, slow-mo, fast run, and so on are accessible from the cellphone.

Recently, a new phone “effect” has been discovered. It isn’t a cheat per-se (of course, it may have as of yet undiscovered effects), as it does not benefit the player in any way. If you call 1-999-367-3767 (1-999-EMP-DROP) the phone will show that you’re connecting to someone or something called “Black Cellphones”. All this does is trigger a small explosion in the air near you, but far enough not to hurt, and changes the color of your phone to black.

On its own this isn’t particularly interesting, but since this is GTA V, the rumors have begun circulating instantly. Many believe this is the next step in solving the Chiliad mystery. Others think it is in some way related to single player DLC. The numbers after the second dash, based on what letters are associated with them could mean “EMP Drop”. Some speculate that this is a hit as to the story line of the SP DLC, which might concern either the player or their enemies using an EMP to cause a blackout in Los Santos.

Because, you know, two excellent mods weren’t enough of a Watch_Dogs connection… What do you think this newest GTA V phone easter egg could mean?

GTA Online Modders’ Framing Techniques Advance

Despite Rockstar’s best efforts, the hacker issue in GTA Online looks like getting worse before it will get better. Hackers have relied on all kinds of underhanded tactics to slip through the net of Rockstar’s anti modding protocols. Framing innocent players, or using them as a conduit for their dastardly deeds is hardly a new phenomenon, but now things have taken another turn.


A number of GTA Online players have reported that they’ve seen modders divert the kill feed to show that someone else is performing their actions. This way they can wantonly kill anyone, any number of times, using any method, and the other players will gang up on the poor sod whose name is showing up as the culprit.

One particular player even reported a case where the modder was remotely blowing them up again and again. The hacker proceeded to continue spawning explosions at the player’s corpse and spawn point infinitely. This eventually overwhelmed the system and resulted a crash before the victim had a chance to switch sessions.

The most obvious problem with this is that the victims will then turn to reporting the framed player instead of the modder. Seeing as these hackers and script kiddies generally overlap with trolls, their goal is to cause mayhem. The displays of wanton hatred towards the innocent framed player gives them exactly what they want.


The various anti-modding methods employed by Rockstar, which mainly consist of hidden stats tracking various variables that could point to the use of mods and scripts, have done little to stop the tide. If modders can now fool the kill feed, that means that they have control over all of the stats within GTA Online, meaning they are undetectable to regular anti-cheat methods.

Have you had encounters with modders in GTA Online who framed others in the kill feed?

New Wave Of Bans In GTA Online – Hackers Beware

It seems as if Rockstar is finally doing something about that hacker issue the community has been nagging them about for the better part of the year. While this wave of bans is still small compared to the number of hackers there are in total, it might help scare many of them into legitimacy, and will definitely make the GTA Online servers slightly cleaner at the very least.


The issues with cheater and script-users in GTA Online has been around for as long as the game itself, however the problem was never as serious as it was this year. 2015 marked the highest number of Online modders, the highest number of bans and the most extreme anti-cheating measures.

Any GTA Online player who was around at the time will undoubtedly remember, in terrifying detail, what chaos the 1.28 patch wrought. While PC players were hit by the worst of it, due to modding per-se only being an issue on that platform, console players felt the performance drop too.


Despite the extreme measures, the modders and hackers always found a way through. The current-gen consoles were generally safe, seeing as the PS4 and Xbox One have hardware based, super-tight anti-cheating security. But recently, even they seemed to be cracked, and GTA Online was teeming with cheaters all over.

Things got so bad that literally every public lobby had 1-2 scripters in them, and the only way to enjoy the game was by playing with friends or your crew in private lobbies. However, based on some threads on community sites, and the Rockstar support site, a sudden and massive wave of bans were just issued.


Rockstar may be cleaning up the servers for the holidays, giving their players who are more busy through the year a chance to enjoy the game during their days off, when they actually have time to play. The inevitable Christmas DLC‘s imminent launch may be another factor.

How serious is the hacking issue in GTA Online in your opinion?

GTA Online Hackers Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Ho ho ho, folks. In some cultures, the 6th of December marks a sort of pre-Christmas celebration, with Santa coming on this day instead of Christmas Eve (someone else handles that). Well, it seems that the players of GTA Online have been put on the naughty list, as their present sure feels like coal.


In what seems to be their interpretation of a joke, the hackers currently running rampant in GTA Online have taken to gifting players large, wearable Christmas trees. The catch? You can’t get rid of them. The addition of dinosaur eggs is just adding insult to injury. Hackers forcing various props onto their victims is hardly a new occurrence, however putting a holiday twist onto it just seems dastardly!


Recently we’ve reported on the possibility that the modders might have cracked the PS4, and the Xbox One along with it. While the older consoles and the PC succumbed to the scripters quickly, the current generation platforms were safe. However, based on the experiences of a GTA Online player on PS4, owners of the newer line of Sony and Microsoft gaming systems may soon be burdened by unwanted festive decorations.

The GTA Online player who reported the coniferous assault described a scene of worrying frequency. First, the hacker seemed to be benign, adhering to the etiquette of GTA Online more or less, and going so far in his courtesy as to offer (we mean that the scripter just added the funds to the account without asking) the soon-to-be victim GTA$180K.


Shortly after the transaction, the hacker proceeded to wish the player merry holidays by ritually spawning a decorated pine tree upon and into his character, accompanied by a dinosaur egg. The victim was unable to rid himself of the tree, even when quitting GTA Online and logging back in, and was forced to turn to the authorities.

What kinds of evil “gifts” do you wish GTA Online modders should receive as punishment?

Could Script Kiddies Have Cracked GTA V On PS4 & Xbox One?

PS4 and Xbox One players beware – it seems that the hackers might have managed to break GTA Online.

Some would say the hacking and modding issue on GTA V for the last-gen consoles and PC has been getting worse in recent months, however the current-gen consoles have been mostly safe due to their rock solid hardware-software locks and advanced anti-tampering and anti-cheating (the bad kind of cheating) measures. The PS4 and the Xbox One were a safe haven of sorts, a place where players could enjoy the vast, content-filled world of GTA Online without having to endure the inconvenience of a script-kiddie fouling the air in every lobby – like you might playing on PC.


However, it seems that hordes of bored a-holes have now brute-forced their way on to the new consoles. One gamer, playing GTA Online on PS4, encountered a rather strange occurrence in his garage which coincides with typical scripter behaviour. Had he been playing on any other platform, it would just be any other day. However, on PS4, this was worth recording.


The player posted his video to Reddit, asking whether or not any other players have encountered similar issues. A popular theory among comments in response was that a bug causing the prop-spawning capability from the Rockstar Creator “bleeding” over into real play allowed players to drop the satellites wherever they choose. However, the satellites are not among the spawnable props, and this would still not explain what they were doing in the player’s private garage.

I bought the new gen version of GTA V the day it came out and have played almost every day since then, and I’ve never seen this happen until today. I think script kiddies mannies may have finally cracked at least the PS4, I don’t know about the Xbone.

Have any of our Xbox One and PS4 players encountered signs that the hackers may have managed to infiltrate GTA Online on those platforms?

GTA V 1.29 Released On Last Gen – No DLC

GTA 5 fans playing on last generation consoles – the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 – might have gotten their hopes up when they saw that their game version was updating to v1.29. This is because version 1.29 contained the very substantial Freedmode Events DLC, or at least it did when launched for PC and next-gen consoles. Sadly however, those fans would be disappointed – there’s no DLC in the update for Xbox 360 and PS3 (which is not unexpected).

Gamers playing GTA V on last-gen were a bit disgruntled recently as it became clear that Rockstar was serious when it said no more DLC on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The developer cited hardware restrictions and memory constraints, saying that it had already filled the game to the brim with Ill-Gotten Gains Part II, and it took magic to get a bit more in, but this is it.


However, while DLC support has ceased, Rockstar has hardly forgotten about this sizeable chunk of their original GTA 5 playing customers. It must be noted that the last-gen crowd also represents the early adopters of GTA V, not to mention all the pre-orderers and launch-day buyers, who helped the company break records and rake in massive profits. Technical and customer support is still very much active on these platforms as evidenced by the latest update, the aforementioned 1.29, which adds a list of bug fixes which rivals that of the same update on the current-gen platforms.


Alongside the massive amount of tweaks, Rockstar also sought to mend the hacker situation that has the community up in arms. It implemented the same anti-cheating measures which have been working quite well (according to Rockstar) but also quite poorly (according to others). As for any in-game content coming with the update – Rockstar really meant it when they said no more DLC.

Have any of our last-gen GTA Online fans seen any positive change regarding the hackers?

Would GTA V In Two Executables Solve The GTA Online Issues?

Typically, you’d think that game developers and publishers have the best interests of their games at heart. Everyone wants the games to sell well and bring in the cash. However, in some cases, certain AAA publishers and developers get bogged down on different issues, and their perspective (someone working on a game will clearly view it very differently than what it looks like from the outside) might prevent the issue from being solved. This means those issues could then spiral off and drag on for months. The issue with hackers in GTA Online might be one such issue (hopefully not).


Many players are confused as to why Rockstar doesn’t simply separate GTA Online and GTA V into different games with separate executables, welding GTA Online shut so that no outside alterations can touch it in any way. With the two executables separated out, they could then let the community run amok in single player,

The most bewildering part of the whole issue is that this conclusion has been reaches by numerous fans, across various outlets, independently of one another. It seems like the obvious choice. What is going on?


With Rockstar allowing modding to take place on PC within the single player version of GTA V they have done the community a great service. Of that there is no doubt. A large modding community has grown around GTA V, boosting popularity. So killing mods isn’t the solution, as we’ve experienced before.

Of course this particular problem only exists on the PC platform. The next-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) get bricked if any altered code is run, and the last-gen consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360) are seeing an ever dwindling player base. If Rockstar’s unwillingness to take this route is due to pressure from the parent company, Take-Two, or some other factor the community hasn’t taken into account, we do not know.

Do you guys thing this solution would solve the hacker problem in GTA Online?

GTA Online Hackers Implicating Innocents

Hackers causing problems in GTA Online have been an issue since the day the game went live. There’s all sorts of nefarious cheats and mods surfacing, making the lives of honest players that much harder. We say “hackers”, but these people are usually no more than script kiddies who downloaded a mod or trainer made by someone with some actual coding knowledge. They then simply pressa hotkey to screw up the game. These mods and hacks have been evolving over time as the cheat-detection methods employed by Rockstar have become harder to fool.


One method which has become increasingly popular among hackers is implicating their victims. When a hackers wants money, they don’t spawn it themselves, rather they target another player character, “infect them“, and collect the money popping out of the victim’s body. This also ticks off the cheat detectors, however it is the infected who is seen as the hacker.


While spawning money is one thing, another trend that has been on the rise is hackers powering through deathmatches by granting their victim with insta-kill abilities, which blow everyone up< /em>in the lobby, regardless of distance, sans the hacker themselves.

Several Reddit threads are discussing how there is a sudden increase in the number of hackers in GTA V, despite the new anti-cheat system implemented in the 1.29 update that is allegedly catching them left and right. This could suggest that a bypass has been discovered, and has begun spreading among underground communities, exposing the GTA Online servers to unsavory individuals once more.


While whispers of a crucial exploit in the very same lobby regarding temporary characters was discovered soon after launch, that particular hole was seemingly plugged, as the launch was followed by a wave of bans, as opposed to a hacker invasion.

Have you ever been implicated by a hacker in GTA V.