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GTA V Meets Rayman, Nostalgia Happens

Despite having a large cult following, a long history and historical critical acclaim, the Rayman series never quite finds its way into the big and popular lists of retro franchises fondly remembered. It doesn’t quite have the mainstream recognition it deserves. As old as GTA and as much a pillar of early gaming, Rayman was an early heavy hitter for Ubisoft, which has now become a juggernaut of the industry.


While Ubisoft hasn’t buried the franchise, it did push it back from the spotlight and took it down a… questionable path before veering back on course with recent installments. The franchise has its roots in the platformer genre, with the first game having been released way back in 1995.

Rayman’s world is a fantasy one, but not schematic in any way. It is both magical and very much unique, with one of a kind characters and environments. Rayman himself is a vaguely humanoid creature with no visible limbs connecting his large hands and feet to his hoodied torso. He wears modern clothing while adventuring in a land of magic and wonder.

GTA V’s fanbase, as proven by countless mods and fan videos paying homage to other retro series, has a penchant for reviving other franchises within Rockstar’s newest blockbuster. As such, it was only a matter of time before some modder enabled players to explore the world of Los Santos as Rayman.


TheFriedturkey turned out to be that modder. He has put together a extremely authentic Rayman skin to be used in GTA V’s singleplayer mode. This will add Rayman’s head, torso, hands and feet to the character model of whichever protagonist you use.

Note that you’ll need to use a trainer for the GTA V to turn the actual character model invisible, or it will be seen under the Rayman model. The version adapted by this mod is the newer look of Rayman, featured in the later 3D games.

The model’s fingers are not animated, however they generally fit well around most melee weapons – though they are comically large around guns. The movement of the character while the mod is active is surprisingly Rayman-like, though seeing the lovable character with guns, grenades and various objects fit to take lives is a tad jarring.


Come to think of it, Rayman’s expressionless face does make one think of a psychopath a little, no?

What other legendary retro franchise would you like to see return as a GTA V mod?

No More GTA Online Character Re-Customization Through Support

The appearance of your character in a multiplayer game such as GTA Online is pretty darn important. It may not have much of a gameplay impact but it’s the only thing that identifies you for most other players you’ll meet. It’s the face that you’ll be staring at for your whole playtime. It represents you.


No wonder then that players occasionally want to edit their character. Maybe when they first got the game they were so eager to jump in that they just went with whatever was the default. Maybe they now want to update the character to better channel themselves. Maybe they just got bored.

Times were that if you wanted to remake your character, all you needed to do was submit a support ticket to Rockstar, who’d then set your account in such a way that the next time you booted up GTA Online with the character in question, it would land you at the character creation screen. While technically this was limited, Rockstar being the generous guys they are (discounts, free DLC, etc etc) usually let players change their avatars more often.


However, recently players have begun reporting that their requests for character re-customization have been rejected.

As we stated in our previous message we no longer offer elective GTA Online character appearance changes.

The replies to the tickets also contained some explanation regarding this sudden change.

Here at Rockstar Support, our focus is to help players who are having technical support issues with our games. We hope you understand

Based on Rockstar’s track record, they’re not prone to just cutting out a feature or service like that. Players almost instantly took this as a sign that maybe the long suggested fan request of having a plastic surgeon in-game is being fulfilled.


Looking at it from a financial standpoint, it makes sense. There’s a demand, and if the price of the service is high enough, it will be more incentive to buy Shark Cards.

Do you hope for a plastic surgeon to be added to GTA Online?

GTA V Tribute Tö Lemmy Kilmister Kicks All The Ass

Creating söng ör art tributes tö influential musicians and artists, while töuching, is quite cömmön place nöwadays. Hönöring the memöry öf öne badass gentleman whö left a lasting mark ön music by mödding his likeness intö a videö game? Nöw that‘s növel.

För thöse amöng öur readers whö haven’t been living under a röck since aröundaböuts öf 1975 (geez we feel old!), chances are yöu knöw öf a little band called Motörhead. öne öf the möst influential röck/metal (let’s nöt argue aböut this) bands in the histöry öf music, the gröup started öut in ’75 as “Bastard”. Lemmy, the föunder and önly cönstant member öf the band, quickly became a röck icön, and the band picked up pöpularity.

That pöpularity önly ever increased thröughöut the band’s run, which lasted a whöle 40 years. It wöuld have lasted even lönger, if it weren’t för the untimely death öf Lemmy less than a mönth agö due tö cancer. The passing öf such an influential individual made significant waves with well över 200,000 peöple watching the live stream öf his memörial service.

A massive influx öf tributes, böth fan and pröfessiönal, föllöwed, but this öne is undöubtedly the möst creative öf them all. A gröup öf mödders, including well knöwn GTA V mödder JediJösh920, put tögether a tribute möd tö Lemmy, wherein öne öf the prötagönists are exchanged för the röck icön.


Lemmy lööks like Lemmy, Lemmy can smöke, Lemmy can drink, Lemmy can röck and Lemmy can… spawn höökers? The möd features a custöm öutfit and bike skin tö make the Lemmy effect all the möre authentic.

Never beföre has GTA V seen such a cöncentrated package öf awesöme. Nöt önly is this möd a great tribute, but ön its öwn, it adds söme cööl features, and a brutal custöm öutfit tö bööt.

Dö we have any löng-time Motörhead fans amöng us?

GTA V Needs A Plastic Surgeon

GTA Online allows for players to customize the appearance and gender of their characters – once. However most other online games nowadays (which incorporate custom characters) have mechanics which allow players to alter or re-customize their in-game avatars in case some new options are added later on or if the player just simply wants to change their face. This may appear as a game mechanic found in the relevant game’s virtual world, such as a magic mirror or barber shop, while in other cases players must contact the game’s support staff to trigger the character-creation process on that given avatar once again.


GTA Online didn’t have any such option available for quite a while, however after popular demand, the support method was implemented. If you contacted Rockstar support, telling them you want to change your character’s appearance, they would have you log out of GTA V, and the next time you log in with the character you want to re-customize, you would be shown the character creation screen before spawning into the world. While there wasn’t any official set limit to this, obviously you couldn’t go around changing your character’s appearance every other day. However you weren’t necessarily restricted to a single alteration either. One thing the new system did not allow for though, was a change of your character’s gender.


Once again, following popular demand, a gender change system was eventually implemented. While rumors of the feature circulated before the release of the update it was contained in, the rumors assumed it would be an in-game feature. Instead, it could be done by contacting support, and only once.


For some incomprehensible reason, neither of these services are available for players any more, one GTA V fan has pointed out. He and some other players stated that adding a plastic surgeon feature to GTA Online would be a win-win situation, as making it expensive would boost Shark Card sales, and give players a feature they’ve been wanting for a good long while.

Would you make use of a plastic surgeon in GTA Online?

Trevor Phillips Is In Fallout 4?

You may have noticed that there is quite a bit of buzz around Fallout 4 on GTA 5 Cheats, despite this being a site dedicated to GTA V, as the name suggests.

The reason for this is that multiple times in the past it became clear that the fanbase of the two franchises overlaps greatly. This is proven by how much Fallout themed fan content has been made for GTA V, and, to our defense, we only ever write about something that is related to GTA V.

Now, with the release of Fallout 4, which supports mods on both PC and Xbox One (take notes, Rockstar), it’s time to report on some GTA V fan content made for the post-apocalyptic RPG.


With the amount of content in Fallout 4’s release version, people are still chomping through the official content, so modding hasn’t really taken off yet. Despite this, players have found a way of bringing a bit of other franchises, namely GTA V, into the wasteland. Fallout 4 features the most advanced character creation system the video game industry has ever seen, giving the player a seemingly insurmountable amount of customization options. Obviously the first thing people did with it was try and remake existing characters or celebrities.

One player, wselander, has remade GTA V’s own Trevor Phillips, the psychopathic Canadian who appears as a protagonist in Rockstar’s blockbuster. The recreation is so authentic, that you’d think it really is just Trevor from GTA V, and if you weren’t told that the screenshot was made in Fallout 4, you’d probably never figure it out.


Players have also recreated other popular game characters, such as Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist of the Witcher franchise, the third installment of which also took some creative pointers from GTA V. Others include Walter White, Vladimir Putin and the duo from Beavis and Butthead.

Have you guys stayed true to GTA V, or are you off exploring the wasteland?

Study: The Secret Lives Of GTA V’s Dogs

One of biggest factors in video game immersion is the quality of the artificial intelligence of the non-player characters. In various games, the level of AI needed differs greatly, depending on genre. In shooters, you don’t want enemies charging at the player, rather they should look for cover and try to outflank the protagonist. In stealth games, they should search hiding places intelligently, not randomly. In RPGs, they should use abilities best suited against your weaknesses.

However in GTA, they most just need to jump away from speeding vehicles. Or, you know, not.


These NPCs are commonly referred to as PEDs in GTA V (short for pedestrians), and have barely any role in the game more complex than running in the opposite direction of gunshots or fast moving vehicles. Of course, there are special NPCs, enemies and police forces with different behaviors, but the PEDs don’t really do much more.

While not technically PEDs, the animals of GTA V have also been equipped with their own AI programming. Now, these are little more than mobile set pieces, which do their thing while in close proximity to the player. However once outside the range, they simply despawn and return into the nonexistent virtual ether whence they came.


One particularly bored and curious player decided to follow one such animal, a dog, on its journey, never leaving its side lest it disappear. The player literally followed some virtual dog for several real-world hours. The dog wandered across lands far and wide, its programmed mind driving it to some unknown destination, blissfully oblivious to the observing human. Since the animal wasn’t following a pre-set path, rather picking directions on the fly. Where did this journey take the dog?

It slipped, fell, and died. Yup. That “intelligence” part still needs nailing down in AI.

Any of you have any funny NPC stories from GTA V?

Previously Unseen GTA V Loading Screens Surface

The release of the brand new GTA Online 1.29 patch, which contains the epic Freemode Events DLC, has left the community with more questions than answers.


Granted, the release did discount and silence the wave of rumors regarding a “lowrider” DLC preceding the official announcement of GTA Online Freemode Events. But the new update has also posed some interesting questions regarding the future of the franchise. With the game being prepared for a new wave of DLC, and the community consistently discovering things within the game’s files they probably shouldn’t, the future of the GTA franchise is mired in even more mystery than before.


The most recent find was a set of loading screens which are as of yet un-used in the game. Some of them use concept art that players have already seen, however they have never before been used for the purpose of a loading screen. On the other hand, some of these images are entirely new, and while it is entirely possible, not to mention likely, that they’re just previously un-publicized artwork, the chance of them being a hint of the future remains an exciting possibility.


The various images are all in the realistic-cartoon style characteristic of the franchise, especially GTA V. They feature several backdrops as well as character overlays, including artwork from previous DLC, as well as some new shots. A hillside mansion with two hired guards, a trucker’s depot, a heist action shot and what seems like Los Santos after an apocalyptic event (Zombie DLC, anyone?) are the backgrounds, with some familiar faces returning to adorn them.


Whether these were supposed to be introduced in GTA Online Freemode Events, or are to be used in a later DLC and have just been put into active storage is unknown, but with Rockstar teasing a new announcement soon, I doubt we will have to wait long to find out.

What kinds of new GTA updates do you think we will be seeing?

GTA V Datamining Reveals New Characters

Did anyone honestly think that the release of an update as massive as GTA Online Freemode Events, containing a huge amount of content including new missions, new adversary modes and more, would provide the so called “tipsters” of the GTA community with enough stuff to do in order to shut them up for a short while?

The data miners have been picking apart the code of GTA V’s 1.29 patch ever since it launched, and have actually found something of note among the endless lines. Bound to spark endless rumors, it seems that new characters will be introduced to the game soon…


Currently, characters are labeled as FMMC_PD_???. For example, Avi Schwartzman is referred to as FMMC_PD_AVI. The tipsters have discovered several references of that format which do not correspond with any characters currently found in-game. Among the new discoveries is “FMMC_PD_FVG”, which could be a reference to a character who will be added in a future update or DLC.

This is in a similar vein to a rumor that was circulating some time ago and related to the inclusion of agent 14 in GTA V’s single-player component, who is currently on present in GTA Online. However, with recent developments suggesting we won’t ever be seeing any kind of story DLC for GTA V, it seems those rumors were just as baseless as any other.

With Rockstar already teasing new content for GTA V, it should come as no surprise that the tipsters have gotten to data mining this quickly. The 1.29 patch reworked GTA Online from the ground up, meaning a lot of programming work went into it, so the Freemode Events update is a goldmine for tipsters.

Recently, we’ve also reported on a set of unlisted features included in GTA Online’s new update, which included new and more numerous spawn points of aerial vehicles. A map detailing the locations of these new spawn points can be viewed here.

Female Characters Less Likely To Be Killed in GTA Online?

Some time ago we reported on a social experiment conducted by ComedyKnife. The experiment involved CK approaching random strangers playing GTA Online freemode, and greeting them. That’s it. What were the results? Pretty much everyone attacked and killed his character immediately. The few people who didn’t (one was Canadian because obviously), warned him that all the others would. The experiment was conducted on around 100 players, which admittedly is a very, very, very small percentage of the full player base of GTA V. But the numbers don’t lie, with a total of, like, 6 people who didn’t kill him instantly.


Someone has since decided to retry the experiment, except this time they would use a level one female character. Admit it guys, you all used the good old trick of having a low level female character in an MMO to get free stuff from those gullible idiots who are bound to be playing. As it turns out, the same effect can be witnessed in GTA Online, though while the player conducting the experiment, Yan 2295, didn’t get any free stuff, they also didn’t get a bullet to the face.

Throughout the experiment, 10 players killed Yan, while 18 let him/her live. While 28 is well off from the 100 players of the previous experiment, the averages and the trend speak for themselves. Clearly, GTA Online freemode players are more positively predisposed to female character models.

But why? When it comes to video games, you can never know who is really on the other side of the screen. Why do we automatically assume a player character is an accurate representation of the player themselves? Is it because we have no other information, and the character model is all that we have to go on?

Do you encounter immediately violent players in GTA Online often?

New Leak Confirms GTA Online DLC Release Date, Genderbender?

Would you look at that – new information regarding unreleased and unannounced GTA V content which is backed up with actual evidence! Well known rumor-smith and GTA V tipster TezFunz has taken to Twitter in order to tell the world of their new findings regarding the mysterious Lowlife DLC content update that should be coming with patch 1.29 along with the console versions of the versatile Rockstar Editor. 


“TezFunz” has been known as a whistle blower of the GTA V community for quite some time now and has managed to get his hands on some new info whenever a new major update is around the corner. Version 1.29 really ought to be be a big one by the way, considering it was originally supposed to be released in late August. Recently the release window has been moved to early September and it’s already the eighth of the month. Recently, TezFunz graced the GTA V community with the following tweets.

Allegedly, Rockstar will be adding a plastic surgery feature allowing you to switch your character’s gender, both in the visual sense and in the genuine sense. This means that your character may have the character model of a female but be listed as male and vice versa, or you can go all the way. This can be facilitated both through an in-game feature, or by contacting the Rockstar support staff.

Exactly how the system will work, and what kinds of restrictions it will have, along side the concrete release date of the update, is all unknown.

Are you looking forward to gender surgery in GTA V?