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New GTA V Artwork Celebrates Anniversary

GTA V wallpaper 1

A year ago today, GTA V launched for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Now, we await its arrival on additional platforms in the months ahead. To celebrate this occasion, Rockstar has released several new pieces of artwork, featuring the game’s protagonists as well as the Vinewood Girl.

GTA V wallpaper 3

GTA V wallpaper 4

GTA V wallpaper 5

GTA V wallpaper 2

All of these can be downloaded from the official GTA V downloads archive, along with several other pieces that have recently been added. The artwork used for recent GTA Online releases, art of characters like Maude, and many others are available.

You can download them as desktop wallpapers, smartphone/tablet wallpapers, social media covers, avatars, and icons, among other formats. Take a look!

GTA Online Content Creator Leaked, New Artwork


Today Rockstar released two brand new pieces of GTA V artwork. First off we have Michael’s daughter Tracey on the set the “Fame or Shame” TV show that *spoiler alert* Trevor and Michael decide to bail her out of. Also released today is an image of Simeon, everyone’s favorite dodgy car dealer.


We also wanted to alert you to a Youtube video that depicts that upcoming GTA Online Content Creator feature. The same guy that managed to post the first pieces of leaked information on the Beach Bum DLC has also managed to find details of the content creator within the game code. We won’t spoil it for you, but if you’d like to watch the video it is embedded below.

Michael and Amanda: New Artwork

Rockstar Games has just released some new artwork for my favorite GTA V couple – Michael and Amanda De Santa. Michael has his trusty Carbine Rifle and is hanging outside of Lester’s sweat shop Garment Factory, while Amanda is striking the Vrksasana yoga pose. The only thing missing from that image is Fabien Larouche… Anyway enjoy (and click on the images for the ultra, ultra high resolution versions)!



Two New Pieces of GTA V Artwork

We hope you guys are enjoying Grand Theft Auto V – is there anyone out there who hasn’t clocked the story mode yet?

If you have, then take a look at the hundred plus hints and tips we have for the next stage of the game, GTA Online. If not, then you might wanna look at the hundred plus hints and tips we have for single player to help you out.

Also, it’s nice to see Rockstar still taking the time to release new artwork for the game. These two latest pieces feature Chop (Lamar/Franklin’s dog) and Franklin with a heavy sniper (something you can have a lot of fun with in GTA Online). Both pictures make great wallpaper.




Almost There: New GTA 5 Screenshots and Artwork

Only a couple more days until the official release of Grand Theft Auto V and Rockstar has seen fit to give us several new screenshots and a piece of new artwork. Take a look and then go outside – we know the wait over the next few days isn’t going to be easy!











PS: We know you want the cheat codes for GTA 5 and we are working on getting them to you ASAP. At the moment they are expected to become available between the official release date (September 17 of course) and up to one week after that. So sit tight, we will have them to you soon!

Some Cool GTA V Fan-made Images

With under a week left until the release of Grand Theft Auto V you can really feel the anticipation starting to grow. Internet forums and discussion boards are getting filled with GTA 5 related posts and traffic here at GTA 5 Cheats is also increasing significantly – it seems you guys want to know the cheat codes just as much as we do!

That said there has also been a lot more fan-created content being published and today we have three GTA 5 images we think you’ll enjoy.

The first piece will appeal to fans of the movie Heat. Thanks to RumblePhish of Reddit for posting. And in fact, Heat is probably the sort of movie to watch if you wanna get fired up for GTA V. Makes sense…


Next up is this new piece of artwork from renowned illustrator Patrick Brown. We’ve covered his work previously at GTA 5 Cheats and he literally just published the image below. We love it as much as his pretty pieces so make sure you check them all out at his official website.


Finally, Reddit user mandarijn decided to create this pretty cool animated GIF that not only shows off the size of the GTA V map, but does so using elements of the character switching feature that is new to GTA 5. Inspiring stuff!


Oh, and did we mention it’s just 6 days (nearly 5 in fact) until release hour!

New GTA V Mural at Wilshire and S. Western in LA


GTA V murals continue to be spotted in various places in the United States (along with the odd GTA 5-themed truck in Taipei), with this latest piece of artwork being found at the corner of Wilshire Blvd. and S. Western Ave in Los Angeles.

As you can see only Michael is featured, and like a lot of the other GTA V advertisements we’ve covered, only the Playstation 3 logo is shown (the game is coming to Xbox 360 as well!).

I guess that Sony is contributing to the cost of this marketing campaign more than, or to the exclusion of, Microsoft. Pre-orders for the Xbox 360 version of the game are still higher than PS3 pre-orders in the US.

Thanks to reddit user Theubermedic