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GTA V Fan Artists Outdo Themselves

You guys have probably gotten used to how Rockstar occasionally publishes a collection of the best recent fan art on their dedicated news platform, the Newswire. These are the cream of the crop when it comes to fan art related to GTA V and other Rockstar properties, though the posts are typically dominated by works inspired by the massive open-world crime game. Both the fan art and modding circles show just how much talent and creativity can be found in the GTA V community. It’s this kind of effort and appreciation fans put into games that elevate them into the realm of art.

The two main attractions of this most recent batch is the series of art deco posters and also professional photos showing off the game’s sweet rides. These pieces we have here are seriously wallpaper material.

This first trio is the previously mentioned art deco poster series. Would you believe that these works are his first foray into the realm of fan art? You’d think that someone with such skill would already be well established and widely known.

deco1 deco2 deco3

Next up we have a few Snapmatic shots from the game. Now, if you first thought that these are professionally shot real-life photographs, we’ll forgive you. Mikhail Sharov is a genuine photographer when he isn’t playing GTA V – or, as of late, even when he is playing GTA V – who shoots vehicles for a living. You can clearly see how his work is guaranteed to pay the bills.

photo1 photo2 photo3

The following two works are, well, as creepy as they are impressive. Why bother with masks when you can turn your face into a pig with mere make-up?

makeup makeup2

Feeling hungry? Well, if this were Los Santos, you’d just hop in to the nearest Burger Shot and get yourself a Bleeder value meal. Well, you can have it in real life as well now, just in candy form.


Are any of you guys aspiring GTA V fan artists?

GTA Online Lowriders As Told By Snapmatic

The GTA V community has quite a few budding photographers among it, so it seems. The game caters not only to filmmakers with the versatile Rockstar Editor, a way to capture footage in game and then add effects, but also has a feature called “snapmatic“.


Snapmatic allows you to take photos and edit them in game, and was developed specifically for GTA V. As is in real photography, there is a lot more to snapping a good picture than just pushing a button. You need to take light into account, direction, background, distance, colors, perspective, and a thousand other factors when you’re looking for the perfect shot.


The GTA V photography community is a large one with plenty of talent to go around. Rockstar has noticed this as well, and frequently hosts snapmatic contests for in-game cash prizes. These will come especially handy if any up and coming photographer is looking to get their hands on a new lowrider, the prices of which are astronomical. Also, Rockstar has just put on a snapmatic contest for the current weekend event, and while these images predate said contest, they sure as heck would have had a shot at winning. Although if this is what players produce just for fun, wait till you see what they submit when motivated by a GTA $1 million prize!


As you can see, these images are of a professional quality, with expert use of lighting, direction and contrast. Some photographers take their art extremely seriously, and are ready and willing to pay in blood for the perfect shot (not their own blood, of course).


So metal.

All these beauties are showing off the goods and features of the recently released Lowriders update for GTA Online, which is possibly the biggest update yet, sans the Heists update some time ago.


Have we got any GTA 5 Cheats readers that count themeselves as budding GTA V photographers too?

GTA V Is The Newest Platform For Digital Art

Throughout the months we’ve called GTA V many things. Versatile, expansive, and visually stunning are just a few of these. We would if we said that making photos in the beautiful world of GTA V hasn’t crossed our minds, however due to a general lack of skill, our plans never reached fruition.


Fret not however, as professional photographers have you covered. One such photographer, Morten Rockford Ravn, happened to be riding his bike around town, looking for stuff to take pictures of when he noticed that his camera dropped out of his pocket somewhere along the way. Unsuccessful in his quest to retrieve the camera, Morten returned home, defeated, for a photographer without his camera is much like a de-clawed cat (they still can do stuff, they just don’t know it).

In his frustration, Morten decided to fire up GTA V on the Playstation 4 to blow off steam, but things changed when he realized that the game has a virtual photography feature in the shape of the snapmatic function.


At that moment, GTA V turned into a photographer’s playground, with the vast and varied landscape and locations, the near photo realistic visuals, the beautiful lighting effects, and the wonders of post-productions made Los Santos and Blaine County a better place for a photographer than any real-world location.

This had the artist embark on a journey through GTA V which brought him face to face with two interesting and thought provoking issues. One, less about stuff in GTA and more about GTA itself deals with the over-encumbrance of technology and the dehumanization of VR. While the other relates to the apparent and plenty of social criticism ad commentary the game, which has been a staple of the franchise since the beginning. This inspired him to create a truly unique project, Fear and Loathing in GTA, which is a visual exploration of these themes.

What do you think of this GTA inspired art project?

Calling All Artisits: Check Out This GTA V Fan Art Mag

Occasionally, a given game or franchise has the kind of pull, the kind of following, which spurs its fans to express themselves through the appreciation of said fandom. They create works of art inspired by the object of their obsession. That is how fan art is born, and is fairly common.

However, sometimes, these creative people band together with others who feel, think and act likewise, and create something truly special and unique. Rockstar sometimes publishes collections of fan art on its website and in one such post, brought attention to a work-in-progress project which planned to release a comprehensive compendium of GTA V fan art in the form of an art magazine.


Titled “What Happens In The Dark”, the art zine was in its preliminary stages at the time, but undoubtedly the publicity Rockstar’s endorsement granted them helped much in the way of getting the community’s attention. The GTA V fan community is absolutely massive, with plenty of up and coming artists in its ranks. So following Rockstar’s post, people of great artistic talent came in droves to have their work displayed in the art zine.

Well, at long last the art zine is complete, and it outperformed any and all expectations. The art found within is varied and of an astronomical standard, plus there is a lot of it. What Happens In The Dark is 74 pages long, with some double-paged pieces of art, though usually one per page.

The works encompass a number of styles, themes and tones, which make the experience of perusing the magazine a colorful one. At risk of sounding pretentious, despite being based on a video game (which in my personal opinion should not be an excluding factor, but public opinion is against me), much of this could and should be considered high art.

You can take a look at the whole art zine here.

Previously Unseen GTA V Loading Screens Surface

The release of the brand new GTA Online 1.29 patch, which contains the epic Freemode Events DLC, has left the community with more questions than answers.


Granted, the release did discount and silence the wave of rumors regarding a “lowrider” DLC preceding the official announcement of GTA Online Freemode Events. But the new update has also posed some interesting questions regarding the future of the franchise. With the game being prepared for a new wave of DLC, and the community consistently discovering things within the game’s files they probably shouldn’t, the future of the GTA franchise is mired in even more mystery than before.


The most recent find was a set of loading screens which are as of yet un-used in the game. Some of them use concept art that players have already seen, however they have never before been used for the purpose of a loading screen. On the other hand, some of these images are entirely new, and while it is entirely possible, not to mention likely, that they’re just previously un-publicized artwork, the chance of them being a hint of the future remains an exciting possibility.


The various images are all in the realistic-cartoon style characteristic of the franchise, especially GTA V. They feature several backdrops as well as character overlays, including artwork from previous DLC, as well as some new shots. A hillside mansion with two hired guards, a trucker’s depot, a heist action shot and what seems like Los Santos after an apocalyptic event (Zombie DLC, anyone?) are the backgrounds, with some familiar faces returning to adorn them.


Whether these were supposed to be introduced in GTA Online Freemode Events, or are to be used in a later DLC and have just been put into active storage is unknown, but with Rockstar teasing a new announcement soon, I doubt we will have to wait long to find out.

What kinds of new GTA updates do you think we will be seeing?

Check Out These Epic GTA Film Posters

Fandoms have a way of attracting and inspiring some of the most creative people out there to produce art themed after the subject of said fandom. GTA V is no different.

There is countless artistically capable fans out there showing their appreciation for Rockstar’s blockbuster video game through paintings, drawings, tattoos, graphics and other visual arts. A growing trend among video game fan art is the creation of minimalist stylized movie posters based on the games of the artist’s choice.  Many beautiful works of art have been born thanks to this, and it was about time that the GTA franchise got its fan-made minimalist poster treatment, brought to you by Tom Van Dijk.

Let’s look at these in release order, shall we? GTA: Vice City is the oldest installment of the series to get its new poster. It’s more or less what you’d immediately think of when hearing “GTA: Vice City minimalist poster”: palm trees, the Vice City skyline in the background, Tommy Vercetti and a whole lot of pink. The poster fits the game’s atmosphere perfectly.


Next up we have the legendary GTA: San Andreas. SA got an easter-egg filled poster, with a famous cheat code written on the side of the train, and the label for the bumper buttons on gaming controllers appear on its front. The infamous quote of the infamous mission in the game is also plastered all over the top half.


GTA IV’s poster tries to tug the heart-strings with a beautiful sunrise silhouette of Liberty City, and Niko out on the docks alone, staring at the open trunk of a car surrounded with blood stains. In the clouds above the city, the line Roman keeps repeating in the phone is written with large letters.


Finally, we top this amazing collection off with the GTA V poster, displaying the deadly trio in full heist gear.


Which poster is your favorite?

The Newest Best GTA V Fan Art

Rockstar likes to keep the GTA V community engaged even when they’re not running one of GTA Online’s challenging heists. They often post on their proprietary news platform, the Rockstar Newswire, about community creations such as custom jobs, impressive Rockstar Editor videos or particularly creative fan art. We’ve brought to you reports of previous batches of GTA V fan art publicized on the Newswire before, and Rockstar has just posted another batch.

First up we have a criminally stylish desktop wallpaper inspired by the neon-laden setting of GTA: Vice City. A night drive along the beach boulevard with the colorful glow of the city illuminating the evening seems like the perfect way to relax after a hard day, based on this sweet image.


Next up we have, instead of a particular art submission (though that cover is impressive), another collection of GTA fan art. meta. “What Happens In The Dark” is a community created GTA fan art online magazine, aimed at all you discerning criminals out there. Check it out here!


The next, rather active image comes from Chank, who specializes in sticker-style art. Here, he gives us a disturbingly accurate idea of what kind of a person Trevor Phillips really is.


In a sharp turn following the previous piece, this submission depicts what Trevor would be like after his “conversion” to the mentality of peace, joy, happiness, tolerance and… well, drugs. Some things never change, right?


Next up is a callback to the days of GTA: San Andreas, depicting the Grove Street family big-head style. The well known and loved characters of the legendary game, Sweet, Big Smoke, CJ and Ryder appear in their signature green garb and toting a fierce arsenal.


You can check out the rest here.

We ask this every time, but have you guys ever made any GTA V fan art? Feel free to share in the comments!

Check Out This Batch Of GTA V Fan Art

We’ve previously reported on a batch of fan art that Rockstar brought attention to on the newswire. Much like the occasional selection of endorsed community made jobs and missions, Rockstar frequently gives credit to the best of the fan art made to commemorate the company’s games, GTA V being the most prominent among these.

This time around we’ll take a look at what may be some of the most dedicated GTA V fans. Putting tons of effort into an extremely detailed cosplay, and having an image obviously associated with GTA (more-or-less) permanently carved into your dermal layer is a pretty epic show of fandom!

A Youtuber with a fair following wants to show off his refined taste and appreciation of classics by having a rather large image of 8-Ball from GTA III on his shin. If you think that’s an impressive flaunting of dedication, just wait till you see the finished work of the full montage with Misty and Claude Speed as well.


While you wouldn’t think that the fans of a game like GTA V might have many make-up artists among them, however there for sure is at least one extremely talented one among them. While Trevor is hardly sets an example to be followed, a little cosplay cannot hurt, and this one is extremely detailed, not to mention authentic.


And when you thought that’s the last instance of GTA V fan make-up art, you’re in for a bit of a shocker, as someone has gone ahead and turned their face into the monkey mask as seen in GTA Online. Imagine what a mess washing all of that off might have left (at least as much as a particularly bloody heist, we recon).


There are quite a few other pieces of fan art that Rockstar has promoted. Check them all out here.

Have you guys ever created GTA V fan art?

GTA V Meets… Dominoes?

If you thought you’ve seen weird fan art before, you’re in for a treat. One particular GTA V fan, who has criminal quantities of free time, has made a massive and extremely elaborate domino construction as tribute to Rockstar’s massively popular franchise.


The artist used up a whopping forty thousand dominoes in this project, and set them up to draw out the GTA V and Rockstar logos, and minimalist depictions of the three protagonists. Now, getting to this part of the video most of you are probably amazed at why the hell someone would spend time with this, and be awed by the meticulous attention to detail. But wait! There’s more! Following the three protagonists, we see “Los Santos” written out in the stylized font, followed by famous landmarks and recognizable buildings made entirely of dominoes collapsing in elaborate ways. We even see multi-tiered domino constructions – it’s insane. Check out the video below!

The genius behind this feat of absolute time-wasting (we’re not serious about these jabs, we all have hobbies, and we genuinely admire the guy’s skills) is someone who goes by the internet moniker WebGuy1000, who runs a Youtube Channel called Domino Entertainment. It should be pretty apparent what kinds of videos go up on the channel. But for those among you who may have had a rough night and struggle with stringing cohesive sentences together (also, why are you on the internet if this is the case?), the channel is filled with various videos of dominoes falling over.

Now, if we think beyond small pieces of plastic set up with extreme care, only to be toppled soon after, we realize how poetic this all is. GTA V, at its core, is about chaos, mayhem and destruction, and that is what we see here too.

Have you crossed GTA V with one of your unrelated hobbies?

Rockstar Showcases GTA V Fan Art

It is no secret that GTA V sold extremely well, and that the number of gamers who play GTA V grows day by day. Now, that’s a lot of fans, and chances are, some of them have a knack for arts and crafts. The GTA series has always been very fan-artable, and arguably GTA V has the most potential for community made masterpieces yet. Rockstar Games knows that they have much to thank their community for, and in accordance with this, like to bring attention to the various GTA-related things the fans get up to every now and then.

Players can design their own missions in GTA V, and Rockstar showcases and promotes the best of these missions every now and then. However players don’t only make a show of creativity in the world of GTA V. Fans show their love for the game by creating various works of art, and Rockstar recently posted a collection of what they think are the best recent works of fan-art related to GTA V.

First up, we have a stylish sketch of Trevor out in the desert, doing what we can only assume is his favorite pass time. Killing and drinking. This is hardly Julia Scott’s first piece of GTA V fan-art, aas Rockstar readily reminds us.


GTA has always had its signature art style, one so characteristic that it has become synonymous with the series. So what happens when the protagonists are depicted using a different art style, created by a caricature artist? Well, really nice art, actually.


For some atmospheric and gloomy art, look no further than Pashoto’s tribute to the Lost and Damned.


With rumors about GTA VI possibly featuring a female protagonist, these particular submissions may as well have been an attempt to land a job at Rockstar Games.




The following two works run in a similar vein.

art 7 art 8

Next up, we have a rendition of Michael’s younger years. Seems like he was no happier with life back then than he is during the events of GTA V.


Last but not least, we have one pretty dedicated fan’s LEGO replica of the Grotti Turismo R.

art10 art10-1 art11 art11-1

Have you guys ever made any GTA V fan art? Feel free to share!