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New GTA V Mural at Wilshire and S. Western in LA


GTA V murals continue to be spotted in various places in the United States (along with the odd GTA 5-themed truck in Taipei), with this latest piece of artwork being found at the corner of Wilshire Blvd. and S. Western Ave in Los Angeles.

As you can see only Michael is featured, and like a lot of the other GTA V advertisements we’ve covered, only the Playstation 3 logo is shown (the game is coming to Xbox 360 as well!).

I guess that Sony is contributing to the cost of this marketing campaign more than, or to the exclusion of, Microsoft. Pre-orders for the Xbox 360 version of the game are still higher than PS3 pre-orders in the US.

Thanks to reddit user Theubermedic

GTA V Murals in New York and LA

As you can see from our Grand Theft Auto V release countdown timer (to the right) we are at approximately 40 days until GTA 5 hits store shelves, and Rockstar appears to be ramping up its marketing efforts.

One vigilant GTAForums member “mrbozzedup” managed to grab some shots of a new GTA V mural being painted in Brooklyn and also the infamous Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles (this particular piece of art looks like it will be extremely impressive once complete!).

Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles



NYC Mural




While Grand Theft Auto hype has been at extreme levels amongst hardcore gamers for months or even years now, it seems time like the public joined in on the GTA V madness too…

GTA V avatar items, prison system, wallpaper & HQ gameplay video

This post is a mash-up of sorts and represents all the cool Grand Theft Auto V stuff we’ve come across in the last 24 hours. Considering the short time-frame, we’re pretty pleased!

GTA V avatar items

First off, those of you with an Xbox 360 can now download GTA V avatar items from the Xbox Live Marketplace. These include a GTA V t-shirt, Chop (Franklin’s dog), and Bugstar, abseiling, scuba and FIB outfits. Take a look here.


 Uncompressed gameplay trailer

There is an uncompressed version of the GTA V gameplay trailer available to download on the Playstation Network, which obviously doesn’t help those of us without a PS3! Never fear though, because a copy has popped up on Kim Dotcom’s new file hosting site, Mega.co.nz. This is the download link and to unencrypt it you’ll need this key: d0P89xd8QLCeoIQxG3sskGESxt0OvRfjo2SfZVmul0Y

This difference is slight, but noticeable.


 Prison in GTA 5

Next up, and thanks to Reddit, we have what looks to be the first (or at least noticed) sighting of a prison in GTA V. Check out the screencap below, but this follows on from previous rumors that there would be a prison of some kind in GTA 5. It definitely looks more like a prison to us anyway. What do you think?


 New GTA V wallpaper

Finally we have two very special wallpapers for Grand Theft Auto V. The first image comes courtesy of Patrick Brown, who has done drawings for GTA V before (here and here). The second image is from bu22y of deviantART. Not often you get two highly professional new wallpapers on the same day!




Grand Theft Auto V forum avatar creations

This post may not be strictly GTA 5 cheats or news related, but it will appeal to most Grand Theft Auto fans, we think.

A GTAForums user by the name of deffpony has a knack for making forum avatars it seems, and posted a whole heap of his creations here. Some All of them are actually pretty cool/funny, and we thought we’d show some appreciation for his work and help spread the word.

GTA 5 Avatar

GTA 5 Avatar

GTA 5 Avatar

GTA 5 Avatar

GTA 5 Avatar

GTA 5 Avatar

GTA 5 Avatar

GTA 5 Avatar

Membership to one or more discussion forums are part and parcel for a gamer these days and we hope that, as GTA V fans, you can make use of these cool avatars. In fact, if you’ve stumbled across any GTA 5 avatars yourself, feel free to let us know or post them in the comments below.