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GTA Online’s New Event Reveals Adversary Mode

While it’s not the reveal of a big DLC update, it’s something: Rockstar has unveiled their next event week, which also happens to coincide with the release of GTA Online’s next Adversary Mode. The previously leaked (guess it was correct after all) name for it seems to have been accurate and in keeping with the innuendo theme of last month’s Inch By Inch.


While we thought so up until now as well, dismissing the previous leaks of this mode as misinterpretations of the new maps for Inch By Inch, now we can truly and accurately say that there is no more leaked content yet to be released. For the first time in months, the future is truly unknowable.

Of course, players are already speculating and wishing for the features of the next GTA Online update. The most popular idea is that of a Biker themed DLC. The idea has gained so much traction over the months that there is an entire movement with a petition going on to convince Rockstar to get it done and release it.


While we don’t know anything about the next “big” DLC, Rockstar has finally unveiled the new game-mode of the upcoming small-scale update. The devs have really been hot on the idea of Adversary Modes in the past few months, with the all new “In And Out” adding to that craze early next month.

The humorously named (again) Adversary Mode will become available in GTA Online on the 3rd of May. Rockstar describes In And Out as a new twist on regular Capture game-mechanics. A team of nimble but vulnerable attackers must steal not one but 8 packages from the heavily armed defending team in the time limit.


The Mode promises a more serious tactical aspect being introduced to GTA Online, which it lacked until now. While many other modes and Heists especially required an extremely high level of team coordination and communication, the setup of In And Out will ensure the failure of any team that doesn’t plan ahead.

In and Out will launch with three maps to boot. If we take previous Adversary Modes such as Inch By Inch as an example, chances are that there will be more maps added in a future GTA Online update.


No Adversary Mode announcement can go without a sweet little double RP and GTA $ event week these days and this case is no different. Rockstar is offering a number of discounts alongside select opportunities to earn some extra cash. The event will last until the 5th of May.

Of course, since we are celebrating the release of a new mode here, the focus for the double payouts will be Adversary Modes. Rockstar has put together a rotating event playlist of the most popular modes.


Through the 30th, Hunting Pack, Relay and Offense Defense will grant double rewards, followed by Hasta La Vista, Every Bullet Counts and Keep the Pace through the 2nd.

Following the release of In And Out on the 3rd, the last playlist running till the end of the event will provide double rewards on all three maps of the new mode.

All GTA Online events need their discounts and there are plenty of them this time around. Ammu-Nation is slashing the prices of grenades and sticky bombs by 20%, Assault Rifle mods and Combat MGs by 25% and SMG Ammo by 50%.


The new Adversary Mode is probably only here to tide us over until the next big GTA Online DLC is revealed.

Are you hyped for In And Out, or are you more eager to see what the next GTA Online update will be about?

GTA Online’s Last April Lowrider Revealed

Based on the previous two in the queue, this new GTA Online event and update announcement is a surprise to no-one. Some time ago an alleged release schedule for April’s DLC was leaked and the releases since have not only confirmed the dates, but the content too. With the third lowrider closing the list of the releases, the second sports themed Adversary Mode hasn’t been revealed yet, meaning the guys at Rockstar still have something in store for the last week of April (those of you who also have their exams in May, kiss those good grades goodbye!).


Rockstar’s recent tendency to release smaller drips of content more frequently have given some players the idea that they’re working up to something big. Whether we’re looking at another large-scale update like Executives and Other Criminals, possibly some single player content or maybe a whole new game announcement is anyone’s guess.

In the mean time however, we’ll have to make do with yet another fan favorite ride making its way to Benny’s Original Motorworks with some sweet new customization options. The Sabre Custom is GTA Online’s newest lowrider – a return to form after the slight deviation of the Minivan, a rather unusual choice for a lowrider. The Sabre fits the general portfolio of your usual lowriders pretty well, while managing to add a sporty spin to it.


The Sabre Custom will be made available on the 19th, next Tuesday – the same day each other April lowrider hit the game. The cars will be available for purchase from Benny’s Original Motorworks directly, however you can also take the base rides to the special garage for an upgrade. If you’ve been playing GTA Online for a while, you’ll know that this will cost you quite a bit.

A beauty like the Sabre Custom deserves a place in your garage – but what do you do if you don’t have enough space to store it? Instead of dumping one of your other beloved wheels, you could take advantage of the 20% discount on all properties, including standalone garages. Of course, this isn’t too much consolation for those of you who already own the maximum number of properties.



With new cars being the name of the game this month, comment sections under GTA Online news posts are usually dominated by requests for an increase in property owning limit. This number has already been increased several times over the course of the years via various DLCs.

Depending on whether or not Rockstar wants to roll with the Lowriders theme in the future – though a breath of fresh air would be nice – allowing players to own more properties might be a prompt decision.


In the mean time, this event will also help you fill the wardrobe of your new home(s). Various clothes, as well as other character customization items like hairdos and tattoos will be discounted by varying percentages, with 50% being the biggest rebate on offer.

Rockstar is also giving players incentive to take their new lowriders out for a spin – double RP will be awarded throughout the event for impromptu races, having a mate or two tagging along on the backseat or by playing the special Event Race playlist. The more the merrier, as the saying goes – the RP multiplier will go up depending on how many of you are riding along.


The double RP event playlist will once again rotate between three sub-types, which this time around are Super Car Racing through the 17th, Lowrider street races through the 19th and finally mixed road races until the end of the event, on the 21st.

There are some other useful bonuses this week as well. Namely, all Mechanic services will be completely free during the course of the event. No fees for saving your ass – and vehicle – while out on the road if the shit hits the fan, which, in GTA Online, it often does.


Finally, in what will probably turn out to be the most lucrative promotion for Rockstar in this event, Shark Cards will now provide more in-game currency for the same amount of cash. Just like the previous Shark Card promo, the larger the card the larger the bonus. The Bull Shark gives you +15%, the Great White comes with +30%, the Whale Shark with +%35 and finally, in the most impressive promo, the Megalodon adds 50% for free.

That means you’ll get 12 million instead 8 million – a massive difference when talking about GTA $. It’s this promo that pushes the Megalodon into the price range of the biggest and most expensive Yacht in GTA Online with enough cash to spare for two lowriders.  Either that, or you can stack up on the bonus cash for use in future DLC. If you’re ever going to buy a Shark Card, now is the time.

Which part of this GTA Online event are you most looking forward to? The new lowrider or the Shark Card promotion?

GTA Online’s First New Lowrider Revealed

After weeks of rumors, leaks and speculation, we’ve finally gotten the first official word on GTA Online’s April content updates. It seems that the release dates that were recently posted by a GTA V leaker turned out to be true – as well as the release schedule plan Rockstar was rumored to be adopting for April.


Recently, the Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC was released for GTA Online, containing two new weapons, several new character customization items and most importantly, three new lowrider cars to be bought and upgraded at Benny’s Original Motorworks, first introduced in the Lowriders DLC last year. This wasn’t the first time Benny’s got new vehicles either – a smaller update recently added the Bravado Banshee and Karin Sultan to the list of rides serviced at the garage.

The Custom Classics DLC game files were swiftly scoured through by data-miners looking for clues as to what the future holds for GTA Online – and they uncovered plenty. There were three other lowrider vehicles in the files which weren’t available in-game yet, as well as plenty of info regarding future Adversary Modes.


It was revealed that the Minivan, the Sabre and the Tornado will be making their way to Benny’s at some point, accompanied by new sports themed Adversary Modes coming to GTA Online. Based on the models, the Adversary Modes will be based on football. They have particularly ridiculous names such as “Inch by Inch” and “In and Out”.


Rockstar finally gave an official announcement via social media posts today about the upcoming content. They have revealed that the Declasse Tornado will be making its way to Benny’s Original Motorworks next Tuesday, April 5th. This is just the first of three such new lowriders to come, with another two soon to follow.


If Rockstar does end up going with the weekly DLC release schedule as rumored, it would only seem to reinforce the fan theory that Rockstar is drip-feeding players with a steady stream of small content to keep the community satisfied. We might not learn what they are trying to keep under wraps this way until E3 2016 comes along, where based on an announcement by Take-Two, Rockstar will have something big to reveal.

In the meantime, new lowriders and Adversary Modes with intermittent week-long double RP and GTA$ events will need to be enough to keep us going.

Which of the three new lowriders coming to GTA Online are you looking forward to the most?

GTA VR Edition Announced, Launching In October

UPDATE: April’s Fools!

Is this what Rockstar has been leading up to with the recent drip-fed content releases? In something of a surprise announcement, the developer behind GTA has revealed that they are bringing GTA V to Sony’s upcoming Playstation VR, launching this October. As one of the launch titles of the new device, there will be several bundles packaging the headset with the fourth edition of Rockstar’s blockbuster game.


With the releases of the last-gen, current-gen and PC version of GTA V having been spread out, tossing in a fourth release version will once again significantly increase the full-price lifespan of the game. GTA “Vr” as it has been rebranded will contain all of the content that was present in in the PC release with a few tweaks.


There will be a special graphical preset for VR use, however the game will be playable in “regular mode” without a VR headset. The single player mode will be updated with all of the vehicles, weapons, clothes and all other non-multiplayer reliant content up to and including GTA Online’s Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC – no need for mods to get Benny’s into story mode anymore.


When playing in VR mode, gameplay will be locked into first-person mode. Rockstar has also implemented various new mechanics to make use of the capabilities of VR. Flashes of light and staring into the sun can temporarily “blind” the player, PEDs will dynamically react based on pre-scripted behavior profiles if you look directly at them and melee attacks will occasionally result in a dazed effect, blurring the player’s vision for a few seconds.

There will also be select jobs in the Online component of GTA Vr which aren’t available on previous version, or when not playing in VR mode. These jobs and missions were specifically developed to showcase the capabilities of VR with intuitive game mechanics and level design.


Rockstar knows that it might be pissing off some players if they make them buy yet another full price version of GTA V, so any previous owner of GTA V with a linked Social Club account can apply for a 60% discount coupon through Rockstar Support starting this August. As a standalone, GTA Vr will cost regular AAA full price, meaning $60. Certain Playstation VR bundles will give it either for free or at a lowered price, depending on retailer.


Playstation VR will be launching this October and already has a host of exclusive games announced. Since Microsoft’s VR project is still a way away, GTA Vr is currently a Sony exclusive, though we can expect an Oculus Rift port soon enough. GTA Vr is the first truly AAA game to be announced for the new device and will probably be the biggest draw of sales – if predictions hold.

Rockstar has also teased that they littered the story mode of Vr with new, VR mode exclusive easter eggs, some of which may be crucial in solving the infamous “Mt. Chiliad Mystery“, a string of easter eggs which are in some way linked to strange UFO sightings in GTA V.

So who’s gonna be picking up GTA Vr when it launches!?

GTA Almost Went To Tokyo And Bogota

Reputable technology news site TechRadar recently posted an article reporting on some information the site received from a source “close to Rockstar” about some past possibilities for GTA games, as well as “official word” on GTA 6. Now, if this were pretty much any other site, we’d just file this under “sensationalist lies trying to drive up clicks desperately”, but TechRadar has a solid reputation and is one of the leading sources when it comes to tech news, so we’re inclined to believe them.


GTA  games have been massively popular from the beginning and thanks to the internet, the fan community always had a channel of interaction with one another. More or less ever since the franchise got really popular, the release of a new game in the series always instantly set off speculation on what the next one will be like.

Even though the 2D era dallied in a London setting, the vast majority of GTA games were set in satirical re-imaginings of cities in the United States. As such, one of the most common speculation – or wish – in the community was another game set abroad, possibly in a more exotic setting.

Since Sleeping Dogs beat GTA to the punch of an open-world crime game prominently featuring vehicles and gangs set in a large Asian city, Rockstar will probably be avoiding something similar in order to distance itself from the other franchise. However, this doesn’t mean they weren’t considering it.

TechRadar’s source claims that GTA: Tokyo was once a serious plan on Rockstar’s part, so much so that the team traveled to the city to do some recon. The developer always sends part of their squad out to the city on which they are basing the setting of a new game prior to beginning actual work.


While the team allegedly liked the city as a potential setting, the game was eventually dropped. GTA has established itself with several gaming-pop-culture icons with the fantasy in-universe brands and characters, all of which are a satirical twist on real-life American brands and public figures.

Taking this to an entirely new culture, setting and environment would have taken much of the GTA magic out of a game set in Tokyo. This is probably also the reason why the Bogota game was also eventually cancelled before the team even made it on scene for a recon trip. While many fans are clamoring for GTA games set abroad, this is unlikely to happen.

However, just to bring good news as well as bad, the source also revealed a tiny tidbit of info about the future of the franchise. While it is hardly groundbreaking, as pretty much everyone already knows this was inevitable, if confirmed this will be the first official statement regarding the topic.


Long story short, the Rockstar source confirmed that GTA VI is indeed under development as we speak. Considering the massive success of GTA V and absolutely no reason for Rockstar or Take-Two to finally end one of the most iconic franchises in video game history, everyone knew it was coming.

The fact that we know now that the next game in the series is under development hopefully means that it has been for some time, but for all we know it could have entered this stage in 2016. That would be unfortunate, as we know Rockstar doesn’t rush its games and the amount of polish it would work into the next GTA game is bound to leave the game with a 5+ year development cycle.


With this announcement, chances are that Take-Two’s major E3 presence this year will be related to GTA VI, despite most rumors suggesting a different, if not entirely new, IP.

What kind of a setting are you hoping for in GTA VI?

GTA Online Update Adds New Cars To Benny’s

It’s official! The data-miners and leakers came through once again, providing solid info regarding the next bigger GTA Online DLC. Rockstar has finally published an official announcement about what we’ve known for some time now.


A known leaker with a bothersome penchant for cryptic messages recently leaked a number of images taken of in-game models that weren’t available yet as well as a projected release date.

Well, that date came around. And instead of an actual release, we got official confirmation on the update, as well as the actual release date – tomorrow. The update will be adding three new vehicles to the list of cars serviced by Benny’s Original Motorworks, which was added in the Lowriders GTA Online DLC some time ago. The leaks showed off two of the three vehicles, though one of them was misidentified.

The three new rides are the custom Vapid Slamvan, the custom Dundreary Virgo Classic and, as a rather big surprise, the custom Faction Donk. Yeah, the Donk. Rockstar put that in there as a joke vehicle.


Whether or not the update will have any more vehicles or other content is unknown, as the official announcement isn’t particularly wordy and does call this a “first glimpse” of the vehicles. Chances are Rockstar will be adding another, longer post detailing the new update before or at launch. They have been known to officially announce and release simultaneously in the past, though we usually get a day or two warning before the big releases hit.

The images released each show off one of the possible fully customized versions of the new cars. The Slamvan has a WW2 heavy bomber theme going on with the riveted plates and paint-job. The Virgo is going for a more classic (no pun intended) lowrider look with the intricate paint-job and body mods.

The Donk? Well, yeah. It’s the Donk. The “Donkster Truck” version shown in the image is pretty much the exact opposite of a “low”rider with that custom suspension, but it’s novel enough to gain validity as a joke vehicle. I know which of the three new rides is my favorite…


Rockstar’s plans to expand Benny’s inventory were known from the first official Lowriders announcement, so we’ve known that something like this would be coming down the line. The custom body shop was updated recently with two cars, the Sultan and the Banshee, resulting in the latter becoming the game’s new fastest car after a bit of tweaking.

Are you guys excited for the new custom cars coming to GTA Online? Which is your favorite?

Yesterday’s GTA Online Update Announced By Rockstar

Recently we’ve seen a few updates getting announced the same day as they are released. Various DLCs related to national holidays or other cultural events usually fit this bill with the Halloween and Festive Surprise updates being officially announced on launch day.


However this may be the first time that Rockstar announces an update after it was launched, at least partially. Yesterday we reported on the Karin Sultan and Bravado Banshee being added to Benny’s Original Motorworks, unlocking a wealth of customization options for both of them. Players have also discovered the contents of the Valentine’s Day DLC in the update’s game files. Another significant change brought by the update was some much needed changes to the Cargobob which the community had been asking for a few months hence.


All of this new content was announced today in a Rockstar Newswire post which also showed off a new Adversary Mode that came with the update, however this wasn’t accessible ahead of time.

Drop Zone features up to four teams jumping out of high-altitude Cargobobs. You’ll need to maneuver to the ground and be first to hit land without dying. Once your team has reached the designated drop zone you need to hold the area for two minutes to win. The other teams will be coming at you to claim the ground. Currently five maps, Pillbox Hill, Richman College, Elysian Island, the Mirror Park cul-de-sac and the Sisyphus Theater make up the Drop Zone roster.


Of course there is the official announcement of the two new cars at Benny’s and Rockstar claims that a fully upgraded Banshee or Sultan can take on high-end super cars like the Zentorno or Progen.

Hints regarding a double GTA$ and RP event plus the upcoming Valentine’s DLC are also dropped in the announcement.

Stay tuned for details on our upcoming Event Weekend, which includes a Double GTA$ & RP Playlist, in-game discounts and more. Plus, keep an eye on GTA Online next month for some items you’re sure to fall in love with…

Have you tried the new GTA Online Adversary Mode out yet?

GTA V Story DLC Debunked, Rebunked And Overanalyzed

The tale of GTA V’s alleged Story DLC that may or may not exist is a lengthy one; full of false hopes, disappointments, and stubborn believers. It is a tale of announcements, leaks, and lots of silence and conjecture.


Some time ago we reported on findings by one particular leaker. He had seemingly found some pretty solid proof that the DLC is coming and it looked to be rather definitive. Many hoped it would put an end to the discussion.

Sadly that wasn’t the case and, as ever, the plot thickens.

A number of people began to claim that the leaker’s “proof” was an extremely elaborate fake. The user (LondonTown2004) has been tracked by some sneaky web sleuths and it turned out that he has had a number of different aliases and what’s more, been the source of several fake leaks in the past. It seems that this “leaker” simply changes moniker each time he is uncovered.

As these findings have come to light the GTA V community has also become divided. There are those who think the allegations against LondonTown are false, and that those who “uncovered” his past trickery are just very dedicated trolls. On the other hand there are those who now dismiss the DLC management system “proof” and any claim that GTA V might receive some Story DLC down the line along with it.


In the past months, one particular thread dealing specifically with the Story DLC over at GTAForums has been extremely active. Previous articles from GTA 5 Cheats have been cited amongst others in rather heated arguments regarding the future of Story DLC.

Originally, single player DLC for story mode, which would allegedly continue the story of Michael, Trevor and Franklin (we say “continue”, but it could only possibly be an interlude) beyond what we got in vanilla GTA V, was announced way back in 2014.

However, ever since, Rockstar has been mum over the issue, and at one point Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company, stated that there was no plan for any single player DLC at all.

As time passed, all kinds of wild rumors and alleged leaks popped up. At one time, Franklin’s voice actor even lead the community on a wild goose chase with a bit of a prank.


Before LondonTown’s leak, there was never anything which was anywhere close to believable, and now that it too is under scrutiny, those still hoping for some solo DLC don’t have much to hold on to.

However, a new occurrence has put the whole situation into new light, as a number of well known GTA V YouTubers have recently been called by Rockstar to Los Angeles. This could quite possibly be some sort of content creator event showcasing some new stuff. It could also be a more public showing of whatever went down at Gamescom last summer (which probably isn’t Agent).

Of course, it could merely be a livestream event with YouTubers as guest stars, however those have occurred several times in the past, and never were the noteworthy enough to be heralded by the YouTubers themselves beforehand. So we think that it is likely something of a higher caliber.

Since then, the contributors over at GTAForums have generally marked 2016 as the “last possible” release window for any single player DLC. With the best estimate of the next full GTA game (i.e. GTA VI) to be released around 2018 this would still mean a relatively large gap between the two pieces of content.


As the story developed, more and more have accepted the theory that LondonTown’s leak was indeed a fake. Sadly, faith that single player DLC is coming is now at an all time low following its recent peak after the rather convincing leak was first posted.

While we frequently praise modding as one of the best things that has ever happened to GTA V, it did make the world of leaks much more mired in fakes. This is because it does not take too much modding know-how to mock up a home-made “DLC management system” menu, as seen in the leak.

What are your views on this issue? Is there any hope for single player DLC for GTA V, or should solo players stick to mods while they wait for the next game?

GTA Online Festive Surprise Announced And Released

That was quick. Soon after a few last-minute leaks spoiled most of the content and the release date of this year’s Christmas DLC for GTA Online, the official announcement, in tandem with the release, was made.

Much like with the Halloween Surprise DLC, the Newswire post went up at the same time as when the update itself went live in-game. Also much like with the Halloween Surprise DLC, a lot of the new content will only be available for a limited time.


The DLC works more like an Advent calendar of sorts, with not all content being available or even revealed yet. The initial post and release are quite bare bones, but the wording of the news update gives us some idea of what is to come.

New designs for festive clothing, like pyjamas and costumes, as well as various new Christmas themed masks are available for free while the DLC is live. As well as this, the content from the previous two holiday DLCs, the 2014 Festive Surprise and the 2013 Holidays Gifts being available for purchase.

Christmas trees have been set up at Legion Square as well as in all apartments, mansions and yachts, to give you that proper holiday feel. While the pavement of Los Santos’ streets are still bone-dry, you can expect some soft, pure snow to fall soon, allowing players to have some deadly snowball fights.


However the free masks and outfits won’t be the only gifts that players can expect this Christmas. Various other free items, events and gameplay additions will be released, for free, during the course of the DLC’s lifespan, the nature of which have yet to be revealed. The vehicle that is purported to be added to GTA Online with this DLC is bound to be one of them.

Have you tried out some of the new additions to GTA Online with the Festive Surprise?

GTA Online’s Christmas DLC Soon To Be Announced?

Executives and Other Criminals, the next main DLC update, has been announced, and is arriving next week. However, one of the big remaining questions for us is: when will Rockstar unveil the special Holiday DLC for GTA Online? The days of December are rapidly passing and there has yet to be any official word on how players will be able to celebrate the festivities within GTA Online.


Releasing thematic DLC packs for GTA Online is something Rockstar has been doing for some time now. They did it with Halloween, they did it with Thanksgiving, they did it with Independence Day and they did it with Christmas (previously). Based on the same leak that outed Executives and Other Criminals a while back, Rockstar is planning for Santa to visit Los Santos this year too, however there has yet to be any official word.

Granted, there have been cases in the past when the announcement and release of a thematic GTA Online DLC pack happened on the same day, so it is entirely possible that the same will occur this year. In that case, Rockstar certainly still has some time left, but if the other DLCs are anything to go on, they’ll probably release it slightly ahead of the actual event taking place.

Players can expect the Holiday DLC to add new clothing items and weapons to the game, based on the leak. If Executives and Other Criminals does in fact include the apartment customization feature, you can also expect a limited-time Christmas Tree and other decorations to become available.


Rockstar also recently adopted the trend of flooding GTA Online with all new Adversary Modes, like Slasher for Halloween, Running Back for Thanksgiving and, most recently, Every Bullet Counts. Maybe, in the spirit of the holidays, they’ll release a Snowball Fight Adversary Mode, where players are armed with nothing but grenades.

What features or items do you hope the Holiday DLC for GTA Online will contain?