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GTA Online Halloween Surprise Announced & Released

This shouldn’t really be a surprise to any of our readers, but Rockstar has just officially announced the already leaked Halloween Surprise DLC for GTA Online. What could possibly compensate for the lack of “surprise” though? It’s out right now!


The DLC is also everything the leaks made it out to be so no need to be disappointed on the content front. One interesting piece of new info however, is that the new vehicles and gear introduced in this DLC can only be acquired until the 16th of November, after which you won’t be able to get your hands on them (until next year’s Halloween – we hope). So we think it’s time to grind for cash, and hold off on buying those fully tricked out lowriders! Don’t worry though, as once you’ve acquired them, the items and vehicles will remain yours and usable after the 16th and beyond.


As we’ve known for a while now, the two new vehicles are the Lurcher and the Franken Strange, a funeral hearse and a hot rod, respectively. Rockstar also added 20 new bobble head customization items, two of which have been leaked as a Frankenstein’s monster and a werewolf.


A wide variety of new masks have also become available, and the halloween mask selection is the default setting for heists until the 16th. If masks aren’t your thing, then you can choose from the 30 different face-paint options.


The new adversary mode, Slasher, throws a veil of darkness over Los Santos and arms victims with flashlights, and one slasher with a shotgun. The slasher has 3 minutes to hunt the unarmed victims, who can either stay in shadows, but not see anything, or use their flashlight and reveal their position. However, once the 3 minutes are up, the “victims” might become the hunters, as they are blessed with shotguns of their own.


Rockstar has also announced that they will be holding a special Halloween weekend event and livestream. Stay tuned for more info on that.

Which feature of the GTA Online Halloween DLC do you enjoy the most?

GTA Online Lowriders Is A Thing, Coming October 20th

Update: Rockstar has released a trailer too.

It’s coming!


You guys know how the GTA community couldn’t shut up about a Lowrider DLC for GTA Online based on a code reference and indexes for 12 new vehicles? Remember how random, baseless rumors were linked with this unconfirmed DLC for over a month? Well, actually quite a few of these seemingly baseless rumors turned out to be true, leading us to question how many others that we dismissed offhand might become reality.


Launching on the 20th of October as a free update, GTA Online Lowriders will contain a whole lot of new customization options both for your character and your vehicles. As rumored, alongside a set of new vehicles just waiting for you to customize them, you can add hydraulics, trick out your engine block, gear levers, wheel, add speakers and neon lights, and cover your interior with leather or velour.


Another rumor that came through is a new set of missions brought to you by none other than Lamar. Make sure you’re well equipped when you undertake one of his assignments, as these will be dangerous and challenging.


Other smaller additions include two new weapons; a machine pistol and a machete; a fourth property slot to give you more garage space, and a massive amount of new clothing and accessory items.


It’s funny how many people quickly began to grow skeptical of and annoyed with all the Lowrider rumors, which, at the time, seemed unlikely to be true. Then, when Freemode Events was announced, everyone instantly wrote off “Lowrider” as being some internet legend and won’t ever actually be announced or released.


While the majority of rumors are still bullshit, the number of rumors which turned out to be true make the whole rumor discussion much more interesting going forward. Knowing that with the release of Freemode Events, a new wave of GTA Online DLC is coming, of which Lowriders is just the first, rumors in the future will have much more credibility.


Are you guys surprised that GTA Online Lowriders turned out to actually exist?

What Happened To The 12 New GTA Online Rides?

Finally, Rockstar has announced the Freemode Events update for GTA Online, silencing the endless rumors and speculation (or, at least, redirecting it to the GTA 6 “discussion“).

Much of the rumors have related to the  mysterious “LOW” DLC with the 12 new vehicles that were found in the game’s code. Surprisingly (not) none of the rumored features or additions actually made it into the update, at least as far as we know. There is no sex change operation, there are no Lamar missions, there are no stunt races. While some of these still have a chance of being announced, many other rumors floating around the web were as baseless as they seemed. However, there is the question of the info that started all this conjecture. The single, literally the only rumor that had any actual evidence to show for itself. The references to the DLC in GTA V’s code.


Now, the DLC codename of “LOW” could still be a reference to Freemode Events, the logic behind Rockstar’s naming system be damned. The codename for the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC was “LUXE”, which fits the aesthetic nicely. The two possibilities here are that either LOW does not refer to Freemode Events, and a “lowrider” DLC is still in the works (more rumors, yay), or Rockstar is just screwing with people, knowing that someone out there was bound to go digging through the code.

While the “LOW” codename is more of an interesting tidbit, the fact of the 12 vehicles that were referenced in the code is still a mystery. In Rockstar’s announcement of GTA Online Freemode Events, they made no mention of new vehicles, nor have they done so in any further information released since. Now, some of these are vehicles which were present in previous GTA games, and back when the references were first discovered the more skeptical in the GTA community concluded that its just cut content from the final release. However, the connection with the “LOW” reference leaves this theory with a shaky foundation.

Are you still hoping to see those vehicles get into GTA Online?

GTA Online Freemode Events Last Nail In Story DLC’s Coffin

It seems that as much as the announcement of GTA Online Freemode Events is the beginning of new era for GTA Online, it is also the ending of others. With GTA Online update 1.29 bringing the new game play content of the DLC only to PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4, it is safe to assume that Rockstar has joined the long list of AAA publishers who are procedurally pulling content support for multi-gen games which are still getting new content. This also raised the question of the life-span of the last-gen GTA Online servers and Rockstar’s resource allocation going forward. However another thing to consider with Freemode Events – does this mean that we won’t ever see story DLC, or does this mean story DLC is the next thing we’re getting?


Now, GTA Online Freemode Events is a massive update, expanding greatly upon the MMO aspect of GTA V. We know that the four events outlined in the trailer and original Rockstar post are hardly all there is, and we also know that a wealth of features and background tweaks are yet to be revealed as the September 15 release date approaches. It is also safe to assume the Rockstar will not simply announce the majority of content in the update, and let players discover the new face of GTA Online for themselves.

This massive reworking of how GTA Online’s Freemode functions however suggests that 1.29 is merely laying the groundwork for a new line of future GTA Online DLC packs, working off of Freemode Events’ new framework. If this is the case, it seems hard to believe that Rockstar would have the time or resources to develop a full fledged single-player DLC like people hope.

On the flip side, it is possible that with the release of Freemode Events, Rockstar and redirect some manpower to finish off a story DLC which has been in development already. Are you guys still holding out for GTA V story DLC?

GTA Online Freemode Events – No PS3 Or Xbox 360 Release

The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of GTA V have been hot topics lately, particularly in the area of support for future DLC releases. Since it has become a growing trend in the AAA industry for publishers to pull content support for the last-gen versions of their multi-platform games,we were wondering when/if Rockstar might start doing the same.

It seems we didn’t need to wait long for an answer. Yesterday, Rockstar had finally announced the highly anticipated DLC content coming with the 1.29 update, Freemode Events. The nature of the in-game content has been the subject of much speculation in the past weeks.

Freemode Events won’t be coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 though.

… the Freemode Events Update is only for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. As we’d mentioned previously in our Asked & Answered series here at the Newswire (http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/52429/asked-answered-the-rockstar-editor-gta-online-updates), future content updates like this one would only be possible on the newer and more powerful systems.


This development almost certainly means that no future DLC will be launching on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 platforms. While on the one had this is understandable, as certain hardware limitations may be holding the content back, and developing for so many platforms must be a strain on resources, we must also keep in mind that the overpowering majority of GTA V players are on the last-gen platforms. Technical support will obviously still be provided, however the next question is a rather pressing one: for how long does Rockstar plan to keep the GTA Online servers for the last-gen consoles running?

Now, if Rockstar decides to shut the servers down sometime soon, on the one hand they would consolidate the game a bit, having to focus on only three platforms as opposed to five, which would presumably free up a ton of resources. A server shutdown would also trigger a mass exodus of players making the jump to current gen, however there would be undeniable losses. Another thing to consider would be the inevitable PR fallout following such a decision, which would tarnish Rockstar’s reputation.

How do your Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 players feel about this, and the future of GTA V? Will you be jumping to current-gen?

GTA Online Freemode Events Announced, Coming September 15

Well, that’s that folks. All that speculation, all those rumors, all that data mining, all that waiting, has come down to this.

Today Rockstar Games has announced that the next major content update for GTA Online will be Freemode Events. Freemode Events are meant to vastly expand the GTA Online experience, making it feel much more like a full blown MMO, with massive leaps in immersion. Also, as per the announcement Rockstar made a while back, the update contains the new and updated Rockstar Editor, now available on Xbox One and Playstation 4.


The largest and most significant feature of the update is making GTA Online a seamless multiplayer experience – no lobbies, no loading screens, no menus. All you need to do is pick whether you want to be put together with friends, crew-members or random players when you are firing up GTA Online Freemode. And after that all you need do is wreak havoc in Los Santos.

The update also adds several new activities to the game. King of the Castle pits teams against one another with the goal of reaching a designated “castle” and holding onto it while the other team tries to take control. In Hunt the Beast, one player is mutated into a semi-werewolf with unique abilities, and the other players must hunt and kill the titular beast. Ambient vehicle challenges have also been added to the new update, giving you bonuses for high numbers of near-misses and the like. The update also adds to the game two brand new Adversary modes wherein players need to drive a four-wheeled bomb and conquer enemy territory.

These are just the features that have been announced, but the trailer and announcement post both bring with them the ambiguous “and much more” notes, meaning there are likely a host of unannounced features for players to discover come September 15.

Are you guys looking forward to GTA Online Freemode Events?

GTA V Fans Annoyed With Rumors, Lack Of Communication

Yesterday we reported on a new alleged information leak indicating that Rockstar will soon be announcing and releasing much-rumored GTA V DLC paired with the upcoming 1.29 update, which also contains the console versions of the Rockstar Editor. Initially it was believed the update would be released before the summer ends, however recently that was pushed to the beginning of September. Considering that it is already the 9th, it is safe to assume that it has been delayed once more. Like so many times already, new rumors have already begun popping up all over regarding the possible release date and new features.


Well known GTA V tipster Funmw2 is usually in the middle of anything related to GTA V rumors, and this case is no different. However, some members of the GTA V community have gone and had their jimmies rustled by all this speculation and hearsay making the rounds, and have expressed their displeasure on the appropriate outlet: forums.

People have started taking note of a few personal attacks against the tipsters and anyone defending the tipsters later. Considering that the upcoming 1.29 update is the one with the most discussion and conjecture surrounding it, surpassing all previous DLCs and even the infamous unannounced GTA VI, one would assume that Rockstar would have made a peep by now. We’re not expecting anything concrete… nothing that would spoil the reveal proper, but a tiny shred to toss to the masses in order to keep them quiet.

Could it be that maybe Rockstar doesn’t want them quiet? All this is free publicity after all. With a game that was released as long ago as GTA V, the best bet to drive sales up again is with substantial DLC packs, making 1.29’s popularity of paramount importance.

Are you particularly annoyed at the delay and lack of any communication, or are you happy to let Rockstar do its thing and deliver when ready?

Where Is That GTA Online Update?

Quite some time has passed since news of new vehicles being found in GTA V’s code was breaking. References to the as-of-yet unavailable vehicles were linked to a DLC Codename “LOW”, which lead the info miners to conclude that the next major GTA Online update, version 1.29, will contain some sort of “Lowrider” or “Lowlife” DLC. There was also talk of a new DLC pack being released by Rockstar before the summer was over, but those plans went up in smoke with a recent significant reveal.


While the rumor mills were busy spinning their baseless speculation (we may or may not have assisted, but hey, we just love all things Grand Theft Auto 5!), Rockstar threw the GTA V community a curve ball by announcing that the next GTA Online update, 1.29, will be bringing the until-then PC exclusive game play recording and video editing software, the Rockstar Editor, to current generation consoles when the update launches some time in September.

With the Rockstar Editor coming to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One being significant enough news as it is, for the first time we got a vague release window for 1.29 too. The announcement brought with it many new rumors. Some people began to speculate that the lack of a PS3 and Xbox 360 port of the Editor is a sign that Rockstar is joining the list of publishers who cease content support for their multi-platform game’s last-gen versions. Players have also began to speculate that an official GTA Online DLC announcement will arrive on the first or second of September, with the update going live a week later. Well, with the third mere hours away, it is safe to assume that that won’t happen.

However, this leaves a question: When? When will we find out whether the DLC is called Lowrider or Lowlife or something completely different? When will we find out what else we are getting besides the 12 vehicles and the updated Editor with new features, now on three platforms? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Fan Of Lamar Or Not? We’ve Got New DLC Info For You!

It seems the GTA V community just can’t be patient, can it? Back when the Ill-Gotten Gains Part II DLC was still a ways off, the rumor mills were spinning at maximum RPM, and now with the Lowrider/life DLC announcement hitting any time soon, they’ve gone into overdrive once more.


Considering today is the 30th (goodbye, summer!), it is doubtful that Rockstar will keep the alleged release window for the next DLC, which was stated to launch before the summer ends. Now it seems that we will be getting the official announcement in the first few days of September, with the DLC itself releasing a week after.

The rumors began some time ago when a particularly curious GTA V fan started digging around in the game’s code, and found the code name of the next GTA Online DLC, which is “LOW”, and also discovered 12 vehicle indexes linked to the reference, meaning that these rides will be added with the DLC. Some of the vehicles appeared in previous GTA games, which allowed Funmw2 to deduce that the DLC will be an opposite of Ill-Gotten Gains, and will have a “Lowrider” or “Lowlife” theme.

As time passed, the rumors kept multiplying. Rockstar announced that the DLC will be bringing the video Editor to the PS4 and Xbox One with the update, and that the Editor will have some new features.

Recently, Funmw2 went digging in the code again, and has revealed that the new missions included in the DLC will be indicated with a Lamar icon. This could mean that Lamar Davis, Franklin’s buddy in GTA V single player, may appear as a quest giver in GTA Online like a few other characters from the story. This would indicate new mission types with a gang theme.

Are you looking forward to the DLC announcement, hopefully soon?

Fake GTA V News and Heroin Smuggling

We’ve all gotten used to about two thirds of GTA V “news” being baseless rumor/pure speculation. Just recently we had a rather large, popular and promising rumor debunked, and that was hardly the first such case.


Fake image courtesy of these guys

But where do all these rumors sprout? Where does this speculation originate from? Well, the most readily available answer is Reddit. With several subreddits dedicated to GTA V in some way, shape of form, it should come as no surprise that some of the insane theories people fabricate are bound to be mistaken for “leaked info”. Either that, or a troll purposefully begins to spread lies as if they were fact.

Reddit, however, isn’t the only source of GTA V misinformation. The other one is the gaming press, which either makes a honest mistake, or outright lies just to get some more clicks.

Recently, a popular website which primarily deals in PC hardware reviews and news, but also occasionally posts gaming-related content, put up a news piece detailing how mods wil be coming to PS4 and Xbox One. This one was sure to raise eyebrows, as while plenty of outlets were reporting on the Rockstar Editor making its way to consoles, no one mentioned mods, and this was the only site reporting this, despite the subject matter being pretty big news.

Turns out this misguided PC-focused site was reporting on the Rockstar Editor’s console debut too, but it made the honest mistake of having someone who had never ever played or even briefly researched GTA V write the piece. We won’t be pointing fingers, since this is a reputable site and we’re all only human.

However, one article we will gladly point fingers at is this one. Rockstar introducing a $10 DLC pack honoring kids who smuggled heroin into the US with a drone? And no official announcement has been made? And this is the only site reporting it? Something so absolutely absurd? With faked quotes? Seriously! We still can’t tell if that site is meant to be similar to “The Onion” or not…

Have you guys ever been fooled by fake GTA V “news”?