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GTA Liberty City Stories Released On Android

After last year’s release of GTA Liberty City Stories on iOS the mobile port of the spin-off game has finally made its way to Android devices.

Following the tenth anniversary of GTA III a few years back which Rockstar celebrated by porting the legendary game to mobile devices, all 3D era games have gradually gone portable. Vice City, San Andreas and now Liberty City Stories are all available on both iOS and Android. Allegedly a version of LCS is coming to Amazon devices however there is no official word on when to expect it.


Liberty City Stories’ arrival to mobile wasn’t as much of a surprise as Rockstar had intended. Not only were players expecting it since it would be next in line for the mobile treatment anyway, but the rating of the game leaked a few days ahead of the official announcement. Apparently Rockstar makes quite a bit of cash off its mobile ports, suggested by how strongly they pushed this version on the Newswire, their own announcement platform.

One of their biggest stunts was a giveaway that possibly was the biggest one in the developer’s history. Anyone on the Social Club had the chance to win either the most recent versions of an iPad or iPhone with one-of-a-kind hyper-detailed LCS themed paint-jobs. These weren’t shoddy skins either, but automotive class work.

Logging in to the Social Club through the LCS app will get you some sweet new shirts in GTA Online.
Logging in to the Social Club through the LCS app will get you some sweet new shirts in GTA Online.

The Android version of Liberty City Stories is virtually identical to the iOS one, the only difference being you don’t need to own overpriced fashion devices to be able to play on the go. The controls of the game have been adapted to touchscreens, the draw distance and textures have been improved, and general game stability is better than it was on the PS2 original.

Do we have any long time Liberty City Stories fans here, or is this your first encounter with this GTA installment?

GTA V Still Used To Promote Consoles

Typically when consoles are sold in bundles with games, the games are either recent releases, or the bundles were put together close to the system’s launch with either exclusive or highly popular games being sold in the same pack as the console itself.


It seems that GTA V’s popularity has given it a unique kind of longevity even as a promotional item. Amazon has a tendency to accidentally list items before they’re supposed to, which leads to some unintentional information leaks. Most recently, the French Amazon site listed two games with the all new 1TB Playstation 4 bundle.

One of the games should be no surprise. The Uncharted Collection contains the remastered entries of what is arguably the most popular exclusive franchise on the Playstation. It has been put together in anticipation of the upcoming final chapter, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Regardless, seeing as this site is dedicated to GTA V, it should not be hard to figure out what the other game was… Here’s a hint: it was released on current-gen consoles a year ago, and yet it got itself a place next to an anticipated exclusive release.

If the immense sales, continued popularity and constant news coverage wasn’t enough (how would that not be enough?!), this should be ample proof that GTA V is one of the biggest juggernauts of the gaming industry. The game has done incredibly well for both Rockstar and Take Two Interactive and the shareholder of the former should be very pleased. Plus with all these promotions and sale, plus with Story DLC possibly coming soon, the game’s popularity will only be going up.


The 1TB PS4 is virtually identical to the launch model, save for the storage space, so if you’ve already got one of these beauties, now would not be the time for an upgrade. However, for late adopters, never before has there been a better time to jump into the current gen.

Any of you looking to pick up this PS4 bundle?

GTA Liberty City Stories Out Now On iOS, Android Coming Soon

Some time ago a leaked image of GTA Liberty City Stories rating for a mobile version made the rounds on the internet, suggesting that the game will soon be making its way to iOS and Android devices. This have meant the game followed the same path as its predecessors – GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas. Liberty City Stories was a prequel spin-off to GTA III, released initially for the PSP in 2005, and later ported to the system GTA was most cozy on at the time, the PS2.

The 3D universe GTA games have steadily been getting mobile ports in order, according to their respective 10 year anniversaries, starting with III. The ports feature a touch interface friendly control scheme, updated textures and visuals, longer draw distances and performance enhancements, all of which are coming to LSC with this port.


Liberty City Stories’ iOS port is already available, and not only has it been announced for Android, but Amazon devices as well. The story of GTA LSC follows – wait, let’s see if you’ve heard this one before. Man with ties to organised crime comes back to city after living in exile because of a dark event in his past. He gets mixed up with the criminal underground, meeting friends and enemies, new and old, and is tied up in some new overarching conflict.


So, yeah, the story-line isn’t all that new to the franchise, but it has its own twists and turns setting it apart. Liberty City Stories also introduced some gameplay improvements over III, like new vehicles and weapons.

Rockstar is pushing a new cross-promotion model with this release. LSC’s mobile port is linked to the social club, and anyone who purchases the new release will get a free “I Heart LC” shirt in GTA Online – provided they’re playing on the Xbox One, PS4 or PC.

Did any of you play GTA Liberty City Stories back in the day?

Even More GTA V Discounts On Consoles

Yup, because apparently this still sells really really well. While the PC and last-gen sales did confuse us a tad, discounting the game on the PS4 and Xbox One makes sense to the extent that it gives last-gen players more incentive to upgrade. Not that the lack of any further DLC for GTA Online being released on the 360 and PS3 wasn’t incentive enough, but hey, spending money in video games may not be a priority for some.

However the timing of this particular sale should not be a surprise to anyone, considering that next week is Black Friday, the annual shopping spree holiday which is nothing more than a construct of consumerist society, and a minimum of five American people will be trampled to death by rabid crowds who just have to get that thing which is 50% off or something. (/rant)


Amazon is holding a special pre-Black Friday sale event for their Prime subscribers, who can nick some special deals. A whole horde of video games had been discounted quite significantly, with some special edition pre-orders among them. If you’re a PS4 owner and are looking to pick up GTA V cheap, and also happen to be an Amazon Prime member, you’re in luck. The PS4 version of Rockstar’s record breaking blockbuster is discounted by 43% in the Black Friday Prime sale.


Now, in the beginning of this article, we did write “consoles“, so members of the Microsoft crowd need not feel left out – in fact, Amazon is more generous to Xbox One owners, as they can get GTA V at a 43% markdown even if they’re not Amazon Prime subscribers.

Most other video game related sales this Black Friday focus on either very recently released titles, or highly anticipated upcoming releases – with heavy emphasis on special editions.

Any of you guys picking up GTA V today?

Amazon Offering GTA V For Only $39.99


If you’ve been thinking about buying Grand Theft Auto V for some time now, and for some crazy reason haven’t, then this new deal from Amazon might be just the motivation you need.

They are currently offering GTA V on the various platforms (ie PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One) for only $39.99 with free shipping.

There’s no much more to say than that really. This is a steal for one helluva game. Head to Amazon and buy it

Amazon France and Germany GTA V PC Leaks Were Accidental


Rockstar still hasn’t told anyone if GTA V is on its way to PC, Xbox One, and PS4, even though retailers have begun to list it as available for preorder. These retail listings began with Amazon France and Amazon Germany, which caused a flurry of speculation due to Amazon’s general reliability.

In fact, a PC and next-gen GTA V wasn’t the first game to appear on these sites before its official announcement—Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition appeared on Amazon Germany before it was official, and that turned out to be true.

Now, we aren’t conspiracy theorists, but it would be a great way to build hype for a release by leaking information like that. When Edge asked Ketu Patel, the Amazon UK Category Leader of Video-Games and Software, however, he replied in no uncertain terms that it was an accident and that they would never do such a thing intentionally.

Nevertheless, even if the accidental listings aren’t marketing ploys, we’re still holding out hope for GTA V’s release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Amazon Germany Also Lists GTA V for PC


Rumors are rampant that Rockstar plans to release an official PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, something many players want. Although such rumors have existed for quite some time, they received a dose of credibility when Amazon France listed the game for preorders. Now, Amazon Germany has done the same.

The listing on the French site seems to have been removed, but the German site still has it up. Amazon is known for reliable information, so these events are a good sign that a PC release is really on the way.

While fans await GTA V on PC, there is also much talk about versions for the PS4 and Xbox One. The game, which released on September 17 with an online game following on October 1, is currently available only for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Rockstar has yet to make an official statement.

Amazon France Lists GTA V for PC


Fans of Grand Theft Auto V have been clamoring for a PC version for quite some time. Rumors of its release have circulated for months, and modders have been working on their own unofficial versions, while Rockstar has remained silent on the matter. Recently, the rumors have begun to support one another, and now it might be safe to say they are more than just rumors…

The French site for Amazon has GTA V on PC available for preorders. Amazon is a huge online retailer and is normally very reliable, so this should be a sign that the official game is on its way. On the other hand, some fans claim it has been listed on the site for a long time (in fact we can recall rumors of this, but can’t locate the records…).

Either way, if Amazon is allowing players to preorder the game, it sounds like good news for fans. Most reactions to the news have been optimistic – it’s now up to Rockstar to make an official announcement one way or another. Do you think they will or is this just another “mistake” in a long-line of similar occurrences for GTA V on PC?

Amazon: GTA V for PC Announcement Due Christmas Eve


Someone decided to ask Amazon support (in Germany) when Grand Theft Auto V would be arriving for the PC. Given that GTA 5 has not been announced for the PC platform as yet, the response received is pretty surprising…

According to the chat log posted above, GTA V for the PC will be announced on Christmas Eve, 24 December, and will then be released in the United States on March 3 and in Europe on 14 March.

Here’s a loose translation of what the Amazon rep had to say:

Welcome to Amazon Chat. My name is Fatima. According to our information, GTA V for the PC will be announced on 24 December and it will be released in the USA on March 3 and [in Germany] on 14 March.

We’re posting this purely to keep you informed and think that in all likelihood (and unfortunately) this rumor is probably not true. Given that 24 December is literally tomorrow we don’t have long to wait to find out though!

Amazon selling GTA V ridiculously cheap today only


I’m gonna go ahead and assume that most of you are here for cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto V – meaning you already have the game! If (for some unknown, crazy reason) you don’t though, or you know somebody else that doesn’t (weirdos!) then read on.

Amazon is currently selling GTA V on both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 for just $33.99, which is exceptionally cheap! It also represents perhaps the greatest value for you gaming dollar we’ve ever seen. Pretty much the greatest game ever made (in our humble opinion) going for so cheap means that anyone who hasn’t picked it up yet definitely needs to. And just remember that even once you finish the story line, there is the entire world of GTA Online to get stuck into.

Jump on this deal now though, as it’s only for today!