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GTA V Steam Summer Sale Mishap Haunts Valve

Legal matters really have a tendency to drag out and it can sometimes take many months to settle something that should otherwise be simple and straightforward. Recently, we’ve been seeing a massive surge in GTA V sales and discounts across all platforms – real discounts -, even on Steam. Many of you may be confused by that emphasis, as Steam is known for its legendary sales, deals and discounts. However, this wasn’t always so in the case of GTA V, and only a few months ago getting your hands on a legal copy of GTA V for less than the standard AAA game full price was pretty darn difficult.


One possibility has historically been the huge Steam Summer Sale, where many had hoped to see a discount on Rockstar’s blockbuster. True enough, on the opening day of the sale , GTA V’s banner was slapped with the little green rectangle housing the little white percentage, showing just how much you’ll be saving.

In truth, if you bought the game then, you saved nothing. Just before the sale, GTA V’s price on Steam was drastically increased so that when the discount was applied, the final price to be paid was identical to the un-discounted regular, full AAA price. You’re right, that doesn’t seem fair to us either!


And as you might imagine, this caused quite the stir among gamers, as they thought that Rockstar or Valve were resorting to underhanded tactics, enticing the unwitting customer into a full priced purchase with a false discount. As it turned out, this version of GTA V (the only one available at the time) was bundled with a Shark Cash Card for use in GTA Online. Now, the card was one of the smaller ones, in no way validating the price difference, however the inclusion of the DLC made the game non-refundable.

The Advertising Standards Authority has since ruled against Valve in the matter.

On this point, the ad breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 (Misleading advertising) and 3.17 (Prices).

While Valve won’t be subject to any sort of punishment as such (i.e. no fine) they must not run that advertisement again. In addition, Steam has been put on notice by the ASA that any future savings claims made on Steam must not mislead customers about the benefits that might be available (like whether a Shark Cash Card is included, or how much the actual discount is off the regular price).

Amazing GTA 5 Map Size Comparison, New LA and Oz Marketing Pics

This post is a bit of a mish-mash of sorts, but with all the Grand Theft Auto V hype, news and opinion currently taking over the internet, with though it was time to start cutting down on the extra noise…

GTA 5 Map Size Comparison

First off we have this new GTA V map size comparison video made by the same guy that created the animated GIF we posted about (and is in turn based on the leak of the game map).

Using the new “character switching” feature/ability in GTA 5, the creator gives us an amazing insight into just how big the gaming world in GTA V is, how easy it is going to be to get lost, and also how hard/impossible it might be to find someone (the city is big, but the desert is bigger).

Anyway it’s a great piece of work so kudos to ‘Leobc’ for creating it.

GTA V Marketing Images

We’ve made multiple posts on Rockstar’s marketing efforts for Grand Theft Auto 5 and just how impressive/substantial they are, and these next two shots only prove that point further.

First up we have this photo taken of the Los Angeles downtown skyline. Notice that one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb!? Thanks Armgerm for the shot.


Secondly there’s this photo taken of an entire tram emblazened with GTA V graphics – most notably “Beach Girl”. And yes, trams are a big part of the public transport system in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks JCXtreme.


PS: We’re at the five day mark – not long now!

Real-Life Footage GTA V Trailer & NYC Marketing Pics

We’ve got a “two-in-one” news post for you today.

First up is this very funny and extremely well done fan-made trailer for GTA 5. What’s the big deal though? Well it’s done entirely with real-life footage (Mel Gibson, Cuba Gooding Jr and others are all included). We laughed our asses off. Take a look at the embedded video below to see what we mean.

Next up is a bit more GTA V marketing imagery, this time taken from the sides of some buses in New York City. Thanks to reddit user bikr for the pics. And if you’d like to see previous examples of GTA 5 marketing, click here (everything from the sides of hotels being painted, to GTA 5 trucks in Taiwan and subway stations in Berlin!).




More GTA V Advertising in Hong Kong and Berlin

Rockstar’s worldwide marketing campaign for Grand Theft Auto 5 continues with these latest images being spotted in a subway entrance in Berlin (that’s some pretty extensive artwork!) and also in a country perhaps better known for another sandbox game – Hong Kong (Sleeping Dogs, by the way).



Not sure if I can recall more advertising in more countries for any other game. Can you?

Thanks to bolingbrokeIV and rebeldrunker

GTA 5 Hummer/Patriot Spotted

So far we’ve had GTA 5 themed buses, trucks and even buildings, but this is the first GTA V themed Hummer we’ve seen!



If you’re really into your Grand Theft Auto (and aren’t we all…) then you probably actually refer to this type of vehicle as Patriot.

The GTA 5 Hummer/Patriot can be found at the intu Metrocentre in the UK if you wanna check it out for yourself and maybe grab some snaps.

GTA V Themed Bus Spotted in Sydney

Following up on our series of Grand Theft Auto 5 marketing posts (list below), someone recently took this snap of an entire bus being decked out with the now all-too-familiar “GTA V red bikini girl”. Looks like it was spotted on George St in the Sydney CBD, just outside the QVB building.


If you notice any large GTA V advertisements near where you live, be sure to snap and send them in!

Prior GTA V marketing posts:

New GTA V Mural at Wilshire and S. Western in LA


GTA V murals continue to be spotted in various places in the United States (along with the odd GTA 5-themed truck in Taipei), with this latest piece of artwork being found at the corner of Wilshire Blvd. and S. Western Ave in Los Angeles.

As you can see only Michael is featured, and like a lot of the other GTA V advertisements we’ve covered, only the Playstation 3 logo is shown (the game is coming to Xbox 360 as well!).

I guess that Sony is contributing to the cost of this marketing campaign more than, or to the exclusion of, Microsoft. Pre-orders for the Xbox 360 version of the game are still higher than PS3 pre-orders in the US.

Thanks to reddit user Theubermedic