Screenshot Monday: All New GTA V Screens

Happy Monday!

Rockstar Games has just released twelve new screenshots for GTA 5. We’ll let you discover them for yourself below, but here’s some quick comments:

  • Notice the Chinook? Awesome!
  • Michael is sporting some headphones – this might mean we can listen to the radio stations at anytime.
  • Jumping off bridges – new way to escape the cops?
  • Finally, nice to see Trevor in a strip club (we’re assuming he’s very well known there)!

1280 (1)
1280 (2)
1280 (3)
1280 (4)
1280 (5)
1280 (6)
1280 (7)
1280 (8)
1280 (9)
1280 (10)
1280 (11)

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  • Steven

    dammm these graphics are sick

  • obiwang

    Still find it hard to believe this is current gen…..!
    Maybe we didnt need next gen yet

    Roll on September

  • Joshua Bois

    Saints Row Sabre?

  • Zakotah Han Yolo

    thye need an early release

  • PsychoYesMan


  • Your Nightmare


  • Larry

    well atleast now we know the army is back in business

  • Project-Ares

    Love the Love Fist shirt, OMG the army! marines? How bout the cage in the cop cars. Its always been about the little details to me.