Rockstar Starts Mass-Banning Recipients of “Illegitimate” $GTA


Rockstar has start mass-banning players of GTA Online who received large amounts of gifted money or huge bounties, even if they didn’t request the money or indulge in any glitching/exploits themselves.

Commenting in the Rockstar Support forums, Rockstar Rep “Brian B” said in response to a question on the subject that “Mass bans are beginning for this particular exploit, so the amount of reports should start to go down.”

The problem is that while it’s true many people have used the various Los Santos Customs vehicle duplication glitches to receive millions of $GTA illegitimately (and these people don’t really have a leg to stand on if they get banned – that’s the risk you run), other arguably innocent gamers are also getting caught up in this banning sweep.

A quick check of various GTA forums and discussion boards reveals that quite a few people who were simply gifted “illegitimate funds” (in some cases without even asking for it) have been either banned from GTA Online or placed in the Cheater’s Pool. Clearly this isn’t fair.

We expect more to develop on this matter as the reports continue to flood in and mount up. Right now if you have been banned, it’s not known how long the ban might last for and whether you’ll be able to get into the game, so we can only advise you to sit tight.

GTA 5 Cheats will continue to keep you updated with any new information.

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  • Bant

    I’m not an online gamer. I figured I’d give GTAVo a go since I enjoyed the SP so much. I bought the $20 Shark Card (don’t like grinding/glitching) and have gotten to level 35 in a week or so. Two nights ago… a half billion drops in my account. I had no idea this was even a thing… or a hack. I just got banned. Fock you R*!!! I want my gotdamn 20 bucks back.

    • Entrep

      That really sucks to hear… hope you can sort it out. I suggest you contact their support!

    • Hellsentshadow

      You can try calling the support line, but be ready for an hour and a half hold time for them to just submit a ticket. Also don’t ask for a supervisor as they are not allowed to transfer calls for some reason.

  • GreenskyLim_98

    This is bullsh*t…