Rockstar Neither Confirm or Deny Cheats in GTA V


Just in case you couldn’t tell from the name of this website – GTA 5 Cheats – while we do posts news and other information on Grand Theft Auto V, we are very much focused on providing you with cheats, codes, hints and cool guides for the game and will do so once it is released.

Of course all that depends on Rockstar actually including cheats in GTA V. You’d think it would be highly unlikely that they didn’t given the history of the GTA series and how popular cheats within it are. All weapons, vehicle spawn, full health and armor in GTA: San Andreas is a recipe for perfect chaos afterall and has provided this author with hours upon hours of post-completion carnage.

Other people have been curious about cheat codes actually making it into GTA 5 too and one reader decided to email the Rockstar Games Mouthoff team about it, and got a response as follows:

While past games in the Grand Theft Auto series have included cheat codes, we have not revealed any details about the possibility of cheat codes in GTAV. Beyond that, as you may already know, we also often like to keep certain game details secret so you can discover them for yourself when you play the game. For all the latest official news on GTAV, stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire this summer.

We couldn’t really expect them to confirm or deny, but if I had to put a gauge on that response, I’d say we’re looking good for cheats in GTA V! What do you think?


  • Hooper

    Better be in there! GTA is so much more fun with them. Cool they responded though. Great PR (maybe Microsoft need to take a look at what R* does).

  • Entrep

    Yeah TBH I think the email is fairly clear that cheats will be in GTA V

  • Kendrick

    Cheats will be in there. This is still a GTA game and Rockstar aren’t morons…

  • Dun

    From their reply I’m quite sure cheats WILL be there on GTA V….they could have simply said something like “We have no plans for cheats” or “Adding cheats won’t fit the game because bla bla bla”…

    So cheats are…confirmed(kind of)…I just hope its more to the likes of GTA SA than to the disappointing of array of cheats in GTA IV.