Have You Pre-ordered GTA V?

17 September is drawing nearer and nearer and we wanted to remind you about the pre-ordering options available for Grand Theft Auto V. While it is unlikely that stores will sell out of the game on launch day (three million copies have been allocated to the UK just for the launch), you will definitely need to battle queues and potentially visit multiple stores in order to find one with a copy still available – especially if you sleep in.


No doubt about it, GTA 5 is the most hyped and highly anticipated video game release of the year, and there will be massive demand. If you don’t want to venture out or worry about missing out on a copy, then pre-ordering is a great idea. Below are some links that will take you directly to the GTA V page of the relevant retailer for the platform indicated (PS3 or Xbox 360). And if you’re not sure about the difference between the Collectors and Special editions of the game, this article explains everything.

One last thing – all pre-orders will entitle you to pilot Atomic Blimp in-game vehicle (picture above). Just in case blimps happen to be your thing…




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