Pre-order Bonus Brings GTA V Price Down

actual_1364387558You can pre-order Grand Theft Auto V for the Xbox 360 now, directly from the Microsoft Store, and receive 1,600 Microsoft Points as a bonus – something that would usually cost $20. In effect, at least for Xbox 360 gamers, this brings the price of GTA 5 down to a paltry $39.99.

In order to take advantage of the offer, you need to pre-order the game from the Microsoft Store. Note that the offer is only open “while stocks last” and that it is only available for pre-orders.


By running this offer, Microsoft is likely hoping to get gamers sitting on the sideline to order the Xbox 360 version of the game as opposed to the Playstation 3 version. We recently conducted a Facebook poll and the results were pretty even (maybe slightly in favor of the PS3…) so deals like this could make a difference for the guys from Redmond.

Either way, if you have a Xbox 360 and are going to be getting GTA 5, then this pre-order offer from Microsoft is likely to be as good as it gets!

  • ArchEvil23

    Hmmm, can’t argue with $39.99!

  • George V

    I like this

  • lewis parker

    will the price be high on mid night release

    • Entrep

      Probably $59

      • lewis parker


  • Logizyme

    yea but by ordering it from the Microsoft store you’ll be waiting for it to ship, and with a game as great a GTA5 waiting hour’s can seem like an eternity especially while your friends and ranking up and progressing through the campaign. pre-ordering online, you’ll be lucky if you receive it on the day or release, most likely a couple days after unless you opted for an upgraded shipping method, which would likely cancel our this 20$ bump. I’ll be at the midnight release, paying that full retail price.