Potential GTA 5 HUD Designs

You might remember “the Polish leak” a few days ago when various new details concerning GTA 5 were made public, including a rough layout of the HUD in the form of a description only.

Grand Theft Auto V, being the game it is, has some pretty hardcore fans and one of them even took to Photoshop to create a mock-up GTA 5 HUD based on the description given in the leak (which you can see below).


Everyone has since had a bit more time to process the leaked information and sharpen their mock-up designs and several more have made their way onto the net.








As you can see, the level of detail and thought that has gone into some of the designs is pretty impressive,  We wouldn’t be surprised if the actual in-game HUD Rockstar has designed ends up resembling some of the them.

  • PickupTruck

    The ones with the helicopter look DOPE

  • Smitty

    Some people have lots of time on their hands…

    • StillWaiting

      yeah wtf just wait for the game!!


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