The Official GTA V Game Guide – Yes or No?


Game guides. And we’re not talking about the type you find online either, we’re talking about actual, physical sheets of paper stuck together in the form of a book! BradyGames are well-known for making them and will indeed be releasing a game guide for Grand Theft Auto V. They are releasing two version actually – one is the paperback “Signature Series” guide and the other is the more expensive “Limited Edition” hardcover version.

We want to know whether you intend on buying it or not.

Speaking personally, I see any game guide that you need to purchase as a waste of money. With the internet there’s no need to tell you that absolutely anything you need to know about a game will be online, somewhere. And if it isn’t just ask in discussion forums. Of course all the cheats and codes you need to know for GTA 5 will be right here!

That said, there are a couple reasons why the guide might come in handy, or make a worthwhile purchase:

  • The guide will tell you everything you need to know about GTA 5 from day one. Strategy guides posted on the internet are created by enthusiasts who do it for “the love of gaming” and it takes time to first complete the game, find and do everything there is to do, and then get the guide up. The BradyGames guide will tell you everything from the moment you pop your GTA V disc in the tray.
  • Grand Theft Auto V is shaping up to be one heck of a game and the GTA series has a very loyal following. Many people will have collected all of the special editions of the previous titles, will be getting either the Special Edition or the Collector’s Edition of GTA V, and will want to complete their collection with the official game guide.

So what’s your verdict on buying a GTA V game guide?

  • KkFiTeNi

    Personally I think that takes all the fun away from your gameplay experience if you know every detail in the game.

    • KenDouken

      Precisely! Maybe once you’re absolutely sure you’ve clocked it! No way otherwise!

  • Skylord

    I won’t be buying this game guide, it will just ruin the game. I want to have fun playing GTA V, the cheat book will make the game boring and unenjoyable

  • cyclotic

    Only reason I would buy it is like you said to complete my collection

  • Anthony

    I probably won’t get it. I find it more fun and challenging without it.

  • DooleyDinkyBro V

    I don’t know. I like hardcore mode and i like not hardcore. I might not buy it.