NYC Ad for GTA V Omits Xbox 360 Version


Check out this new advertisement for GTA V in New York. Do you notice anything missing? Hint: “September 17 on Playstation 3.”

That’s right, there’s no mention that the game will also be available on the Xbox 360. I know a few of you are gonna be like “WTF, has the game been cancelled on Xbox 360?” right now, so let me be clear – that’s not the case. GTA 5 will still launch on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 on September 17.

What’s happened is that Sony probably did a marketing deal with Rockstar Games. All of the footage shown of Grand Theft Auto V to date has been taken from the PS3 version (including the gameplay video – note the PS buttons shown in the HUD), and there is also rumors of advertisements similar to this one (omitting any reference to the Xbox 360) showing up in GameStop stores.

This doesn’t mean that the Playstation 3 version of GTA 5 will be superior to the Xbox 360 though. We have another post on that topic coming shortly…

This particular advertisement is located at 335 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012 if you’re local and want to check it out, by the way. Thanks to¬†lazloisdavrock for the image!

  • TheRock

    Hmmm, this is kind of BS. MS should be pissed

  • unknown

    playstation is the home of gta. forget ms. playstation run this.