Next-Gen Red Dead Redemption in the Works?


Rockstar Games is looking for a new environment artist to work on a next-generation game world – could it be the next Red Dead Redemption title or possibly even GTA V for Xbox One and PS4?

The advertisement (since taken down) has Rockstar Toronto seeking a new “environment artist” to design, build and texture a next-generation gaming world. The inclusion of the word “world” instantly makes us think “open world” and the next Red Dead Redemption game, which is surely already in the works (and would be much appreciated by us gamers). We acknowledge that is a lot of dots to connect and a big assumption though. RDR was also developed by Rockstar San Diego and Rockstar North (and not Rockstar Toronto).

The ad being related to GTA V for next-generation consoles is definitely a more remote chance as the game environment has already been created, just for Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. There would be little need to redesign it from an artistry point of view. Still, you never know.

Edit: as has been pointed out, a new Max Payne game, a sequel to BULLY, or even a new Midnight Club title are also possibilities (although we think that RDR has the most likely connection to a “world”). What do you think is most likely?

How pumped would you be to see Red Dead Redemption on next-generation consoles? There’s no denying here that we would be… just maybe once we’re done with Grand Theft Auto V!

Also interesting to note is that Rockstar has taken down the previous job listing we posted, that pointed to a PC version of GTA 5 being in the works

  • Nitrous

    Don’t forget Max Payne and BULLY!

  • Entrep

    And Manhunt (although ULTRA unlikely)

  • Principle Photo

    I hope its their open world spy game. Dan Hauser mentioned a little over a year ago about R* thinking about making a scifi futuristic open world game. That’d be awesome too.

  • Martin Johnson

    GTA LONDON! That’s what i wanna see! they’ve had part map since Midnight Club 1…?

  • CyraxInfinite

    RDR next gen / PC is what everyone really wants. Too many open-world games set in cityscapes and I, for one, am over it.

    • Entrep

      Next-gen would suit me fine 😉

      • CyraxInfinite

        Sure. Just no more cityscapes-cum-non interactive blocks textured as edifices. I’m over cities in real life, so I hardly want to be seeing more of them in my pastime.