New Infinite Money Glitch for GTA Online


The hunt for new glitches is always on, and fans have responded to Rockstar’s patch 1.09 of Grand Theft Auto Online by searching for new ways to earn infinite money. The original infinite money glitch, which caused a great deal of controversy amongst players, was finally eliminated via the new game update, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying again.

This latest version assures players that they can use a new vehicle glitch. When a player gets an insured vehicle impounded, they can have a mechanic send them a new vehicle as soon as they respawn. However, with the proper timing, they can then request their personal vehicle—which the game recognizes as the impounded car. The version that has been impounded will be destroyed, which allows the player to have it replaced, while retaining the version that was brought to them. This effectively duplicates the car, and they can sell the extra to quickly earn money. Step by step instructions are included below.

We’ve heard reports that some players have not been able to make this glitch work, while others have had success. Nevertheless, with the harsh measures Rockstar took to mitigate the consequences from the original infinite money glitch, players should think twice before exploiting the system again.

  1. Grab a vehicle (something expensive would be good) and head to the Los Santos Customs near the centre of the map.
  2. Park close to the LSC and then jump out and start shooting stuff up. The police should arrive, shoot a bit too and then let yourself be killed. This will cause your vehicle to be impounded.
  3. Read this next step in full before proceeding… When you respawn call your Mechanic and request that another vehicle be delivered. As soon as you make the request press Select (PS3) or Back (Xbox 360) and then press up five times only, this should let you select “Request Personal Vehicle” again almost instantly (you need to do it really quickly).
  4. If you do it correctly your last vehicle will be delivered to you and the one in the impound lot will be destroyed.
  5. Now call Mors Mutual Insurance and the same vehicle will also be replaced in your garage. So now drive the vehicle your Mech bought to your garage and replace a (preferably) crappy car. Then get in the car that MM Insurance sent, go to Los Santos Customs and sell it.
  6. Finally, request that your Mechanic bring the other car back (the one that is uninsured/he delivered to you already), and get it fully insured at LSC.
  7. Repeat!

  • Michael

    It works <3

  • John L

    Only seems to work once.. the duplicating the duplicate car results in a message that states you can not sell cars worth more than 50k$

  • NoOne3584

    This doesn’t work, and lost a lot of money trying.

    The problem is that the mechanic shows up INSTANTLY now, so you will never be able to get to “Request personal vehicle” in time.

    And each time you try, you lose your impounded vehicle coating you money to claim insurance. Plus cost of dying each time.

  • ashton

    No just no