New GameStop GTA V Artwork

It’s been a while since we got any fresh artwork or images for GTA V, so the two new pieces below are most welcome.

New GTA V Artwork

As you can see, two new pre-order display images (taken from a GameStop) look like they will be rolling out across the country. One shows a bank robber making his getaway on a motorbike with a police helicopter overhead, while the other shows a different bank robber with pantyhose masking checking his watching during the middle of a heist. The name of the jewelry store being robbed is Vangelico’s.

Vengelico’s, in case you didn’t know, is a jewelry store that is robbed by Michael, Franklin and two others in the first GTA 5 trailer.  With GTA V’s release window opening in just over two months’ time, expect more media like this to be released.

Thanks to FRA1Z3R.

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