Most Wanted GTA 5 Cheats

In case it isn’t completely obvious, GTA 5 Cheats is a site all about cheats for Grand Theft Auto 5. We all know how important cheats have been for past games in the GTA series and we fully expect GTA 5 will be no different. In fact, with all the awesome stuff Rockstar is working into this newest GTA title, we’d be very surprised if there wasn’t some totally new, mindblowing cheats in GTA 5 (i.e. far beyond the standard “All Weapons”).  That said, let’s take a look at some cheats we think it would be very cool to see.



We love zombies and actually have two ideas for zombie cheats for GTA 5.  First, a Zombie Apocalypse cheat.  Everyone turns into a zombie, including your characters, the weather turns very foggy, and day turns to night. From then it’s an all-on-all battle with former pedestrians attacking both you and each other.  The goal is to kill as many other zombies as you can and have fun watching the pedestrians/other zombies go at it against each other too.  The second cheat idea is more of a Zombie Survival mode.  All the pedestrians turn into zombies, but you don’t.  Kill all the zombies and things turn back to normal.

We even think both these ideas have potential as “official game modes”, but that would be far too obvious (and COD-ish) for Rockstar… still, it would be cool!

Swap Character Abilities


Each character in GTA 5 is going to have a particular special ability. Michael has bullet-time (ala Max Payne), Trevor has rage mode and Franklin has awesome driving skills. What if you could activate a cheat to swap those round? We think this would make things very interesting and be a good change-up, increasing the replay value of the game, particularly after you’ve finished it the first time round.

Destruction Derby

Everyone in a car starts trying to ram and blow up everyone else.  And if you aren’t in a car, then people are also trying to run you over.  We think this would be a heck of a lot of fun and also make for a pretty exciting multiplayer mode.


First, we want to see the jetpack back. Being able to fly around is heaps of fun.  Second, we want the flying cars cheat back, because being able to fly around in a car is just as much fun.  And when you think about it, with the increased draw distance and sheer size of the map in GTA 5, it would be rude not to include flying cheats – imagine the possibilities!

Lock Wanted Level

GTA 5 Car Chase

Yes, a Wanted Level cheat is very standard in GTA terms, however that’s because it’s a must have!  If you want to go on an all-weapons rampage, having dozens of cops, cars and helicopters etc on your tail just gets annoying.

Car Flipping

This is a handy sort of cheat – one that flips your car the right way up.  Who can remember flipping their Sultan RS and having to spawn a new one to get going again.  Instead, in GTA 5 simply enter the “Car Flip” cheat and you’re magically the right way up again.  Too easy!

Anarchy Mode

GTA 5 Anarchy Mode Cheat

Every single pedestrian gets a weapon and suddenly goes crazy, attacking everything and everyone around them.  Imagine something like a city-wide war.  What’s more, you have the cops actually chasing pedestrians too and getting involved in gun and fist fights. There are a few tweaks and refinements that would need to be made, but we think the general idea of an Anarchy Mode cheat for GTA 5 is pretty straightforward – all out chaos!

Cell Phone vs Button Combo

On a final note, the cell phone system for cheats should be ditched. We don’t think it’s entering a cheat, instead it feels like activating some sort of mod/powerup/ability.  Instead, cheats should be entered the proper way, as codes and/or button combinations.

We’d love to hear both your comments on the cheat ideas above, as well as the details of cheats you want to see in GTA 5.  Simply sound off below.

  • MichaelScott

    destruction derby i like, man this game is gunna be good!

  • Jason McInnes

    They should keep the phones so u dont have to worry about button combos and always forgetting the cheat

    • John

      I think the writer is trying to say that makes it too easy to use the cheats.

  • yes it would be awesome it should be a multie player game mode

  • Richard Sparks

    I like the multiplayer cheat ideas. Would be a new dimension to GTA 5 IMO

  • SAINTS ROW: THE THIRD zombie mode worked out great! Can’t wait for this one, if it’s even possible in this series…

  • KillerBoss


  • Bruce lee

    zombie apocalypse on multie player would be sweet as heck

  • King_Go1d

    i miss flying, the zombie and chaos mode is pretty cool and worth playing.

  • gta5

    the zombie mode would be amazing but there should be no objective but to survive. and also rockstar should stick with phone cheats because if you are in a shoot out and have low health you can just pull out your phone

    • Entrep

      Yeah would be good if they are still easy to activate!

  • Gabriel Najjar

    I think u should do a zombie mode it will be great and me and my friends we had a discution about dlc of gta v,we wanted a zombie mode, and a dlc that added cop fire and ambulance uniform since we are in a rp clan and as well customisable cop cars and fire trucks and paramedic,these arejust ideas we wanted to be in the game,one of my friends had a great idea: added car and activities and clothes and heli/plane,ive seen the gtav o clock episodes ith the interview wit lenzie bensie and ive been told that disc memory is kind of short and stuff,we would love to c a zombie dlc as well as the things me and my friends wanted(customizable cop cars,fire truck and ambulances and the cop clothes,paramedic and fire suit) if. Dont put what we wanted in the game/ dlc we understand its not our desition

    Sry bad english writting im french :p

    Wish. Luck for tha game

    Btw GREAT WORK the game looks awesome

    Thx for reading this msg ,if u have time msg me back to tell me if what we asked u is avaible or not at

  • Gabriel Najjar

    + cheats: spawn cars/plane and boats,infinite money, thx!

  • adam

    I would play gta 5 every single day if I had this cheat code and I would love it online to. rockstar please make this an idea.this would be awesome