More PC Screenshots (Under 24 Hours Left!)

With the release of GTA V on PC now less than 24 hours away (I know, we can’t wait either!) it’s only natural for more and more PC gameplay footage and screenshots to become available. Lucky for you, this post is about some new images that should go some ways to making the next few hours that much more bearable. Check out below what you could be playing yourself, on your own PC, in less than a days’ time. Enjoy!

14 - B3WHZUs

15 - v3ljjgx

17 - MQ8HGHX

18 - v8obKMt

21 - BP7BzUw

01 - 0wahGW6

02 - goRaP9T

03 - mjxUnjj

06 - KgT1Z1w

10 - rPIOQwe

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