Latest Status Updates on GTA Online


Rockstar Games are still working hard on fixing the issues with Grand Theft Auto Online and rather than simply re-hashing the updates here for you, here is a link to the most recent information direct from Rockstar themselves.

The absolute best way to be immediately notified when something is fixed or changes in GTA Online is to subscribe to that page. To do so you will need to be a member of the Rockstar Social Club. Just login and the “Subscribe” button becomes visible in the top right corner of the article. You’ll be notified as soon as Rockstar updates the page, and they’ve already said it’s where they post new information first.

In other news we’re working on a Grand Theft Auto Online hits & tips page. There’s a couple of money making ideas, as well as how to get some free vehicle upgrades, up now, and we’ll be adding to it all the time.

  • So far, since late yesterday evening (about 10pm (around 4 hrs ago)) GTA online has been working, at least for me. Located eastern region of US.

    • Ok, scratch that.. All my online saved progress (level 10, fyi) is GONE! Not only that but im having the issue where you cannot start the tutorial because there is no race ring.

      For people having to re-create characters over and over in attempts to get online, I timed the initial cut scene at 3 minutes and 55 seconds. Keep this in mind and you can go do something else for that time. After watching that cutscene 1000 times it seems to start becoming longer and longer.