The High Life Update Hits May 13

GTA V High Life

The next of the promised spring updates is almost here. Next Tuesday, May 13, you’ll be able to download the free High Life update. In the High Life update, you’ll get:

  • 5 new real estate options (high-class apartments and new interior designs)
  • The ability to own two real estate properties at once
  • 4 new vehicles (3 cars and 1 motorcycle)
  • Non-contact option for racing
  • Mental State statistic for players
  • New clothes
  • The Bullpup rifle
  • New player toasts/celebrations
  • 15 new jobs

GTA V High Life 2

GTA V High Life 3

Back when GTA V spring plans were announced, Rockstar also promised that co-op heists would be coming. Well, it’s been spring for a while now, and there’s still no sign of them. The last day of spring isn’t until June 20, though, so there’s still time. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear more.

GTA V High Life 4

Until then, enjoy the High Life.

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