Here’s the First Gameplay Video for GTA 5

As promised yesterday Rockstar has literally just posted the very first gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto V and you can view it right here!

Right now we’re busy going over every detail (along with everyone else) and will make a separate news post with our comments shortly.

In the meantime:

  1. Check out the video!
  2. Make sure you let us know what you think!

Has it made you even more pumped for GTA 5, are you disappointed or are you satisfied? Let us know!

Edit: it’s confirmed, GTA 5 IS GUNNA BE AWESOME!

  • Samuel Tosah

    oooooooooooommmmmmnmmmmmgggggggggg so freaking awesome

  • kobe

    Omg Awesome

  • Fiend

    Words cannot describe!! What about the GTA Online thing at the end!

    • Entrep

      That will be the next big thing. The jet fly by was too awesome!!

      • Casey Pitchfork

        The people driving (or flying) were all named “GTAVdev(#)”

  • Chris JR Shadrick

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • mr smoove

    this is going to be the best of the grand theft auto franchise

    • Entrep

      Looking like it could be!

    • Miles Col

      That is Until GTA 6

  • baha


    • uh what?

      What the h e l l does THAT mean?

  • baha

    it will be the best game ever

  • baha

    rhank you Rockstar and what’s the déffirence between rhe standar edition and the special edition

  • Mr. Snoe

    But will there be vehicle customization?

    • Mr. Snoe

      OMG I can’t believe that I did not see that, had to watch again

      • Entrep

        Yeah looks good huh

  • jaiquan

    this game looks so sexy cant wait

  • Jesse Lowery

    hope is more better of grand theft auto IV! Look cool of GTA 5.

    • Entrep

      I think it’s safe to say that GTA 5 will be a much better game than GTA 4…

  • lolol

    i love gta 5

  • Casey Pitchfork

    At 3:09 and 1:42, did anyone notice that the character wheel had the 3 “would-be-heroes” and then had a bottom silhouette for perhaps a bonus character like your online person?

    • Entrep

      Yup, there is a multiplayer character you create that you can also use in single player.

  • DooleyDinkyBro V

    They gotta have more clothes and old clothes from the past GTA. I hear Franklin works for Grove St. If this rumor is fake. I don’t care. Anyways It would be weird if “children” would be added in GTA 6. But that is a bad idea,

  • Dylan gunn

    It looks so good I’m so excited to play it!!!

  • dillon boyd

    whats your psn account?

  • Thomas Gallagher

    i cant wait for GTA 5