GTA V Screenshot Bonanza

We have a ton of brand new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V direct from Rockstar and the new images really give you a sense of what each of the in-game characters will specialize in. For example, Trevor is frequently seen in violent scenes; either with a gun, blowing up buildings, or standing over dead bodies. Franklin on the other hand is often seen driving a vehicle, while Michael is very much more of a “businessman” – doing deals and the like.

You also see plenty of cool environments/scenes from in and around Los Santos, as well as lots of the different types of vehicles that will feature in the game. Trail bikes, jets, supercars, jetskis, boats and helicopters, they are all shown! It also looks like there will be some pretty cool/different activities you can undertake in the game (handgliding, abseiling, etc).


Once you’re done admiring the screenshots, make sure you head over to the artwork section of our images page and check out all the new wallpaper that Rockstar have also released. The image rotaton feature in Windows will certainly come in handy given there are so many cool looking desktop wallpapers to choose from now!


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