GTA V Cheats Discovery Status Update


Update: all the cheat codes have now been discovered. Check them out for Xbox 360 and PS3!

We’re getting dozens of emails and comments each day asking for updates on finding the remaining cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto V. As we posted in this article, the cheats that we’re pretty sure are in the game, but simply haven’t been figured out yet, are as follows:

  1. All Weapons
  2. Health & Armor
  3. Invincibility
  4. Super Jump (Update: this has been discovered)

These are in addition to the 100% confirmed and working cheats we have already found for each of the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

We know that the wait is frustrating, however these things can take time. There is literally thousands upon thousands of different button combinations that could work and to make things that little bit harder, there is no discernible pattern in the cheat codes that have been found to work so far.

And yes of course we (along with everyone else) realize that a lot of the cheats discovered so far are based on button combos from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. All cheats from all previous GTA games have been tried and the list of working cheat codes that we have as of today is partially as a result of that.

Apart from pure luck, or by plugging in cheats from previous GTA games, there are other ways that the remaining cheat codes might be discovered. These include:

  • The codes being referenced within the game (or some official app) somehow or some place not yet discovered/realized
  • Someone getting tricky with an automated/brute force method (most likely by hooking their game controller up to a PC)
  • Rockstar leaking the cheats themselves (although this is pretty unlikely!)

The good news is that we, along with hundreds of other GTA players, are in-game testing out cheat combinations to see if we get any hits. Hopefully we’ll be able to find all the cheats within a short amount of time, but remember that codes for GTA: San Andreas were still being discovered months after it was released!

So sit tight, check back here for updates, and most importantly enjoy playing GTA V in the meantime!

  • Gangsta

    Ok! Good luck with the job! This is being difficult, but we will get it fast! Perhaps today!

  • Hancock

    Good job, good job!

  • Agent Wolf

    Are you guys using brute force programs?

    • Gangsta

      Yeah? I want to know too?

  • anon

    you guys need help finding out the cheats?…im a programmer, so let me know if you guys need assistance coding a brute force automation script

    • Gangsta

      Yeah you can help, it’s up to you! If you do it this will be great! You need to talk to someone who knows how to do it! Or if you know, i think you need to hook your controller to pc and have the files if the game ( GTA 5 ). But I think you know how to do it.

  • Entrep

    Thanks for posting that Daniel!

  • anon

    There is probably a script for simulating button input, but the problem is how to make the script stop and identify the cheat was activated….also i thought someone could do a memory dump of the games file, or try to crack into the source code to see what’s inside…but i think this will be very hard to do…and i dont want to compromise my only copy of the game heh…anyways ill see what i can do here, ill let you guys know if i find something interesting

  • Phone Denied (?)

    I may have an idea as to what phone denied means. Some of the cheats that are available require you to press up, which can activate the phone and make inputting cheats a hassle. Phone denied could mean that while you’re putting in cheats, the phone won’t pop up and mess you up. Just an idea, albeit a feasible one in my opinion.

  • Esteban

    Super Jump cracked: left left triangle triangle, right right left right square r1 r2

    • Michael De Sants

      Has anyone confirmed this yet?

      • Michael De Santa

        Confirmed Super Jump works you guys should post it

  • Guest

    Invincibility and Weapons have been discovered:


    (Credit to ign)
    I haven’t confirmed these but they have been published

    • DJnexus

      Invincibility works but onley for 5 mins

      • DJnexus

        weapons gets you your basic weapons with a rpg