GTA V Cheater’s Pool Details


We recently posted that the new GTA V 1.04 patch would introduce the concept of cheater pools to Grand Theft Auto V. What this means is that instead of being banned for certain glitching/exploits in GTA Online, you would instead be placed in a “cheater’s pool” and could only play with other players who have also been classed as “cheats” by Rockstar (exactly what constitutes a “cheat” in GTA Online is not fully known just yet). Whether it also means that people won’t be banned from GTA Online is not yet known – there might be some pre-determined level of hacking that is required before Rockstar will simply ban you as opposed to putting you in the cheater’s pool.

Well a new video has surfaced on YouTube and it sheds some light on the topic. You can check it out for yourself below, but from the video we’ve learned the following about GTA 5 cheater’s pools:

  • You can only play with others who are also in the cheater’s pool.
  • You can’t join other “normal” gaming sessions.
  • You’ll be classed as a bad sport (in addition to a cheater).
  • You will lose all your money.
  • You will keep your rank/level, your vehicles and your garage and apartments.
  • The video creator also talks about a four month wait to get out of the pool. Whether this is correct/standard has not been confirmed though.
[youtube id=”DQQ22MQe_kY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

We don’t have any first hand experience of the cheater’s pool here at GTA 5 Cheats and in fact the number of players affected by it appears to be extremely limited at this stage, hence some of the questions/issues above cannot be answered fully just yet. We have however heard reports that if your PSN or Xbox Live ID is linked to your Rockstar Social Club account, then you are more likely to be spotted by and class as a cheater by Rockstar. This has not been confirmed though.

If you or someone you know has been classed as a cheater and placed in the pool in GTA Online then we’d love to hear from you!

  • SolvableKnave

    but yeah

    • Bocks Basement

      Was driving me nuts!!

    • Pull The trigger

      Bullet to the brain

      • roc wat

        wow smh @ rockstart wit all the bad shhhhht thay teach us all the lil kids on the game now thay mad lol yall teach us to steal on the game rockstar need to stop trippin on the ppl that play the game an get on thay workers

  • Matt

    I expect nearly the entire online community to be thrown in that due to all the money glitches… I have yet to drop to that level because I want my purchases to be legit but to all of you Mofo’s running around in the Adder…

    • SomethingSomethingGOAT

      The Adder is awesome. I got mine using money glitch too but only because my character got deleted at high level and i wanted to get my sh*t back quick.

  • tvacs

    So its your game that has the bug and we as a player just use it because you guys did not fix it. So we get a cheater name tag because of some stuff that you guys did not fix on? Hmmm if this is how you rockstar work then I’m not going to play any rockstar game anymore since you guys did not even care to fix the bug/cheat.

    • Ohman

      Bug abuse is actually classified as cheaying in most games

      • Jinx

        No its not for dota2 tf2 and a lot of other game if you found a bug the game/valua will reward you because you found a bug

    • balls_models

      I mean I understand the logic but if you in real life check your bank balance and see they accidentally deposited $100,000 into your account they shouldn’t have – it’s still a crime to withdraw and spend it. You can’t just say well it was their fault it should be my money. Exploiting bugs for unfair gain is cheating.

      • Frog

        But Grand THEFT Auto is all about stealing, thievery, scheming, and getting ahead in any way possible.

  • But yeah!

    But yeah!

  • Psychonaut

    cool,just give me a full refund for the broken piece of trash you sold as a final product.

  • halenbeck

    lol cheating is cheating stop complaining cause you got caught lol i would ban you from xbox live it i was in charge. stop leaving the bitchy comments “ooo its your fault you made the broke game thats why i cheated” lol

    • up yos!

      Um people make games because they bring in huge profit if they are working on a cheaters pool but not a fix to the bug then screw them for thinking that’s the right thing to do because its not all they have to do is fix it and all sanity is restored but no they choose to treat there fans like criminals so sad huge fail for rock star…….

  • Chief Wumbo

    I did that Los santos custom online car glitch and never In trouble but today I shot my friend who had a 1 billion bounty put on him and I got put in the cheater list and dunce capped and I cannot find out how long I have to wait

  • FIVE04Animal

    I was giving $1.2 Billion without even collecting a bounty and they place me in the cheater pool for 0y 6m 28d. That’s not cool cause I dont have control over what somebody share with me. U probably better off playing in private sessions to avoid modders from givin u cash to get u in the cheater pool.


    can anyone tell me when will they start letting people out of cheaters pool,i did my time and it started over thats not fair LET ME OUT

  • respect is everything

    Gta is not about stealing ang crime its about getting away with it. And if you yourself hacked the game and got away with it fine. But if your one of these YouTube watching style biting punks then you shouldn’t even be allowed to breath the same air as me let alone play GTA.

  • Gog3tta_Gr3en3ye

    I paid $60 for thisbgame, and that’s all it is a Game! If this glitches came along and included in my game purchase I would say it is okay to participate within the findings of the purchased product. This is the 1st time gta charges the gamers thru playstation store real money to get game money so now they want to capitalize on that addition to the purchase of the game, which I feel is not right to take advantage of the consumer especially knowingly half the gamers are underage. We want our status back and our money or they will be lawsuits involved.

  • Mike t

    i just got put in the cheaters pool o today 9/2/15 and it says i will be released on 9/12/15. Not too bad i suppose