GTA V Bullet Art Taken To The Next Level

Ever since video games reached a level of advancement which allowed them to display accurately placed persistent bullet holes, gamers have been shooting all sorts of pictures into innocent bits of wall. Of course GTA V, what with being one of the most visually advanced games out there to date, is no exception.


Granted, this being the internet and gamers being gamers, usually bullet art does not go beyond phallic imagery or mammaries. More advanced students have also reached the level of spelling out various words of profanity ,though this is rare as proper grammar is hard to focus on if others are potentially shooting at you.

One GTA V player took things to a whole new level. Spacecook90 had a dream. A dream of a world where shot-up walls and buildings will be family friendly and where bullet holes could be appreciated by sophisticated individuals.

As we mentioned GTA V is really advanced when it comes to visuals. This is mostly apparent in the attention to detail. Different weapons leave different kinds of holes. After all, a pistol won’t do the same thing to plaster as, say, a high caliber anti-material rifle. Showing true professionalism, our artist here switched weapons while “painting” his masterpiece, like any true artist would switch brushes in Photoshop.


But what was his masterpiece, in the end? Well, ladies and gentlemen, this guy went ahead and shot the Mona Lisa into a wall in GTA V. It’s no stick-woman neither. The end result is quite recognizable actually.

He expertly chose which weapon to use for which section, giving the final result actual texture and the varying darkness, concentration and size of the holes make the face distinguishable from the mass of holes.

Have you guys even made any bullet art in GTA V beyond various human body parts?

🙊What do you think? Sound off below!🙊
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