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This is page 3 of our hints and tips for Grand Theft Auto Online. If you have any hints or tips of your own, feel free to send them in! There are currently seven pages (and growing!): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

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Grand Theft Auto Online Hints & Tips – Index

Free-Aim the Sniper

In order to free-aim with the sniper file you need to hold either RT (Xbox 360) or R2 (PS3) half way down and move it from there. This should let you free-aim.

Free Annis Elegy RH8

When you sign up to Rockstar Social Club you’re given a free shotgun to use in the game. Link your Xbox Live or Playstation Network account and you’ll get a free set of wheels – the Annis Elegy RH8. The Elegy is only given to you when you purchase your first property though.

Free Car Repair

There’s already lots of way to get your car repaired for free in GTA Online but here’s another. Simply go to the GTA Online meny and press “Find New Session.” It’s that easy!

Free Cosmetic Car Upgrades

This will only work if you haven’t done the first mission for Simeon yet. Basically when you do, you’ll receive a whole bunch of free (cosmetic) upgrades to whatever car you’ve got at that time, and it’s a one-time deal. So before you take the first mission from him, search for a vehicle that you’d like to upgrade and be in it when you start the mission.

The only caveat is that, just like when you try to sell vehicles to LS Customs, this won’t work for premium/sports cars like the Obey 9F or for motorbikes. Something like the Karin Sultan would probably get some decent upgrades (or any other car along those lines…).

Free Garage

While this car garage is free, you’ll need to be level before you can use it. To get the free garage, simply go to the website for Dynasty on your cell phone and search through it. There will be garages listed there and one of them will be free!

Free Shotgun

If you want a free shotgun head to Ammu-nation and scroll towards the right, next to the rocket launcher. You should see a sawed-off-shotgun that is free. Grab it! Note you’ll need to buy ammo though…

Free Vehicle Repair

To get your car or motorbike repaired for free just go into any mission whatsoever. As long as you get into the lobby then your vehicle will be repaired for you automatically, free of charge.

Gang War Locations Map

Did you know that there’s gang wars going on in GTA Online and that you can actually watch them fight and partcipate? You just need to be in the right spot at the right time to see everything kick off. What’s more, there’s actually 41 different wars going on and somebody took the time to make a nice little map so that you know exactly where to go at what time! Thanks to ttech10 for the map!


Get a Fighter Jet

Just watch the video below to see how to steal a military fighter jet in GTA Online. Basically you need a fast car and then launch yourself over the fence of the military base using a small hill.

Golf Game Guide

We would have love to have produced something like this ourselves, but to be honest the author of this guide cannot be beaten. If you want to do well at the golf game in GTA V then you need to check out this guide it’s an absolute must read!

Grab Cargo Drops with Cargobob

Once you hit level 20 and speak to Ron for the first time in GTA Online then cargo drops will be unlocked for you. Usually they are guarded and you’ll need to fight to get the cargo, but if you first grab a Cargobob (like from the Merryweather people at the Port) then you’ll be able to simply hook the cargo and take it off somewhere else to open up.

Grass on Fire

If you throw a molotov cocktail onto a grassed area then the entire area will eventually catch fire as these pictures show (thanks Darknessfallls). If you want to see where the molotovs are located then check out these maps and guides.

Hang Off the Side of Vehicles

In order to hang off the side of vehicles you need to hold LT (Xbox 360) / L2 (PS3) and then double tap Y (Xbox 360) / Triangle (PS3) when you’re next to the door of the car. In terms of positioning you should be in the middle of the front and back doors.


If the vehicle has roof racks and side steps by the doors you should be able to do it. For example this will work on the Granger SUV.

Thanks AceAdam

Helicopter Spawn Location

Head to the location indicated on the map below to find where a helicopter is known to spawn. If you want to get the Wanted Level, there is also one at the Airport.


Helicopter Spawning and Levels

Head to the location below and depending on what level you are, a different helicopter will spawn as follows:

  1. Levels 0-16: Maverick
  2. Levels 17-24: Frogger
  3. Levels 25-36: Cargobob
  4. Levels 37-41: Annihilator
  5. Level 42+: Buzzard



To get up hills more quickly just jump-spam. This is much faster than trying to run up them.

Hitching Rides on Fire Trucks

Yes, this is possible and works just like it does for any other vehicle.

Simply got up to the vehicle (a fire truck in this case) and press Y and you should jump on board!


Hunger Games GTA Edition

You can stage your very own Hunger Games in Grand Theft Auto Online, all from the comfort of your own apartment!

Simply make sure you have a safe house that you can watch TV on and put a bounty on someone. The more money you are willing to put up the more enteraining this is likely to be.

Then use your TV to spectate the player that the bounty is on and enjoy!

Thanks to weirdo_wayne for the idea

Infinite Money Vehicle Resell Glitch

  1. Start an invite only session of GTA Online.
  2. Have a custom car that you’ve heavily modified. The Sultan RS is a good one to use and you can resell it for around $72K if modified. Note that you cannot use super/premium cars though.
  3. Park your car close to Los Santos Customs (LSC) and then go to pause –> options –> set spawn point. Select a spot close to LSC.
  4. Then hold down on the d-pad and select a story mode character. You’ll spawn into single player mode.
  5. Once in single player mode hold down on the d-pad again and select your GTA Online character.
  6. You should then spawn inside your custom vehicle near the LSC.
  7. From here simply drive the vehicle into the LSC and proceed to sell it. As soon as you sell it though (and I mean very quickly) press start –> online –> swap character.
  8. This will take you to the GTA Online character selection screen. Simply select the character you are already using (do NOT cancel/back out).
  9. You should spawn next to the LSC at your custom spawn point in your custom vehicle! Then simply repeat steps 6-8!

Infinite Vehicle Resale Glitch

In GTA Online it’s possible to resell the same vehicle over and over again to Los Santos Customs (LSC) potentially earning you as much money as you like. We’ve listed the steps to follow below, but you can also watch the video further below.

  1. Buy the Pegassi Vati from
  2. Drive over to Los Santos Customs and spend as much money as you can on upgrades to your bike.
  3. Then go to play GTA Online and make sure that it’s an Invite Only session.
  4. Head to Los Santos Customs on your bike and when you get there press pause and go to either the Xbox Games Store or the Playstation Store, then exit the store.
  5. The first time you follow the pause-store-exit process you should respawn back in LSC without your ride. It will be parked outside around the corner though. Go get your bike and go back to LSC.
  6. This time sell your bike to LSC and then do the pause-store-exit process. This time when you respawn you should respawn outside but on the bike you just sold!
  7. So now you can start repeating step 6 to resell your bike an infinite number of times.

Instant Heals During Missions

Buy a load of Meteorite and/or Ego Chaser bars before every mission from a convenience store and have your action command (L3 + R3) linked to eat snack. This is a great way to restore health and avoid dying while on missions.

Insure Cars

The cost of insuring your first car is free (done at Los Santos Customs), but after that it will cost $1,000 per vehicle. If you have an insured car that gets destroyed, then you need to call the insurance company via your phone contacts.


In order to do this you need two players (ie a friend). If done correctly, then one of you will become invisible and also no longer shown on the mini-map!

  1. Both of you need to go to Los Santos Customs with a vehicle.
  2. Player 1 parks near the door of the shop in the car, while player 2 stands just inside LSC.
  3. Player 1 then drives slowly into the shop and as the vehicle enters the building player 2 needs to get into the passenger seat (the timing here is crucial – see the video below). You want to enter the vehicle just before it flashes and disappears.

You can make yourself visible again by re-entering Los Santos Customs or by dying. Also be aware that police can still find you!

Jetski Cave Location

If you haven’t visited the cave at the location shown below then you really need to. It is valuable in both the story mode and GTA Online parts of the game. Note only can you hide from the cops there (and escape a 4 star wanted level for example) but there is two jetskis and a jetmax inside.



Thanks A_Game_of_Scones

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