GTA Online Cheaters Pool Coming


We predicted it here over 6 months ago – Rockstar appears to have included a new “cheaters pool” for Grand Theft Auto Online in the soon to be released patch 1.04.

Exactly what sort of actions will get you into the cheaters pool are yet to be determined, but it looks like persistent glitching will get you placed into a special lobby for cheaters only for a period of one month. We also think it’s highly likely that more serious stuff like hacking/modding will get you either outright banned or placed in the cheaters pool for life.

More information is unfortunately not yet available as patch 1.04 has not been officially released, however it is expected to arrive some time this week. We’ll be among the first to bring you the details when that happens.

Also, we want to make it clear that this in no way relates to the cheat codes we have listed for the single player/story mode part of the game. You are free to cheat there without fear of anything bad happening (expect your ability to earn Achievements/Trophies being disabled for that gaming session).

  • Osky

    Soo basically the rich and or dumb can have a money advantage over intelligent people who know better than buying in game money

    • Tambob

      I don’t think you can say that people who buy in-game currency are not intelligent. Not everybody is able to sink 3 hours or more a day into the timehole of gaming. Surely you could argue that somebody who has a job and can afford to spend on games, and who has a life outside of gaming is probably more intelligent than somebody who can afford to spend 6+ hours a day in a videogame…

      • GTA Cash Robba

        I dont have 3 hours it only takes 20 – 40 minutes for a cool 2 million

  • GTA Cash Robba

    Kind of funny, we
    are playing a game where you need to rob, steal, cheat, plunder, attack in
    groups, put bounties on people and kill to make money, but doing it against
    RockStar is a bad thing and you are labeled a cheater. I would say this is
    pretty contradictory to the game itself.
    One of those parent moments; Do as I say not as I do. I think its ok to make money the GTA way
    stealing the right way. They use us to
    find the issues and we get penalized for helping them out. It doesn’t help with rank to grind money, and
    the rank issue is always going to be an issue.
    There are people who will complain about the persons who don’t have a
    life and play games all day with no responsibilities. Just let it roll. I’m a level 28 and don’t mind going into
    rooms where people are 160. They think
    they are all cool in their attack chopper until I throw a sticky bomb at them
    and blow them up, gimme the cash. They
    thing they are indestructible because of their level and I’ve now got a couple
    extra hundred K.

    I digress don’t get
    down on people for jackin money from the game when this is what the game is about
    and now I a while I will be able to by cash for cash.

    • Tambob

      You don’t see a difference between fantasy (commiting the in-game crimes, speeding etc.), and reality (griefing, being unfair to others who just want to play the game fairly)?? Ooook..

      • GTA Cash Robba

        You say that I am unfair. How is this?
        Because I have a pad to live in on the 31st floor? A few cars when I can only drive one? My rank is still 29 as you can’t rank up
        getting money. I have a plane, chopper,
        and a boat. You are more than welcome to
        come out flying with me or even fishing!
        I’ll pick you up! You sound like
        one of those people that hate everything about everything.

        There is no playing the game fair. It’s all about being as unfair and cruel as possible. You are going to tell me that when Mario on
        the first Nintendo came out you didn’t try to do the turtle extra life
        glitch? Was that really playing fair to
        have unlimited guys? Is it fair that I
        work 12-15 hours a day and I come home for 30 minutes in my own private room
        and do the turtle glitch. But this
        turtle glitch is for money and it’s online.
        Have I come into your room at any point and ruined your game.

        Yes this crime I committed was a fantasy
        crime in a fantasy game, stealing fantasy money.

        Since the inception of games players like me
        have been always trying to find loop holes, Easter eggs and cheats. This is an error that if all game makers
        would release beta’s they would have us find these issues. Hell for all we know “Artists” have always
        left back doors. This is a code error
        and we have found it. They get mad
        because of their error and act out. Are
        you really mad or just angry that you will be spending real money for fantasy

        Now me playing the game unfairly would be
        finding you in a room bring my crew and killing you over and over again. You leaving and me finding you and killing
        you again. Taking what yours in force
        that would be un fair.

        I am a good gamer and would even be willing
        to give you some “fantasy” money if you would like. Would that be fair?

      • StylesTee

        Not in the least when it comes to the moral injustice this game creates. Stop pretending you don’t see how this cheating pool is a hypocrisy, this game is built on the principles of cheating and stealing. For Rockstar to assume a responsibility standpoint on cheating is rich. Maybe if I couldn’t be killed at any time (being run over or shot through my window in passive mode) and cheating wasn’t promoted in single player and stealing wasn’t the foundation of the game I would agree with you. There are dozens of examples of Rockstar’s inability to fix and/or any lack of concern in highly unfair situations throughout this game. The ONLY reason Rockstar cares……………. fill in the blank. $$$$$$ from suckers that buy money. I’m not spending more than $20 – $50 dollars on in game additions, I have heard of people moding hundreds of millions, I expect to be able to get fair and I believe Rockstar should keep the 100K Mod shop glitch active. The cheating pool itself is a moot point as these people already have the money. Either take the $$$ away and eliminate any chance of it occurring again or allow the greater people a chance to stay even. Ethics Rockstar, you’ve made enough mistakes with this game, don’t continue make bad decisions.

  • Jay

    Oh shit im screwed!! Haha

    • mc david

      lol you and me bro xD

  • Yeah right

    Funny they have not even released the patch that supposedly contains the aforementioned cheaters pool. But yet you are the lone resident of the cheaters pool which again has no even been released yet. Ok my friend, I also just found out I can buy California for 60 bucks.

  • ratchetrandy

    So lets get this straight. Rockstar releases a buggy game with a single player mode that clearly wasnt finished and an online mode that wasnt ready at launch, despite having done online mode in many games before, and then wasnt even ready 2 weeks later. Players lost their characters after playing on it day and night, some resorted to cheating the system to get back faster, and instead of apologizing to the community and immediately saying they will offer up free content that would have cost money, they decide to punish players for cheating in a game that is all about cheating to get ahead. I am beyond frustrated at this point and will no longer support Rockstar. Its not just because I dont believe in them here, its because after 10 years they still havent figured out how to do the online experience right. How do they keep messing it up? For even whats there right now its not fun. Who wants to leave the game to play other missions? I remember on Red Dead you stayed in the map for the most part to do everything. They even took away some of the best modes from GTA 4 like Cops and Crooks. There are also no options to control anything as a host really. What if I want to limit the weapons for team death match? Why can’t I do that out of the box? Why can’t I do it 2 weeks later? Why can’t I do it a month later? The fact that they sold us a crap game and expect us to wait for them to fix it is insane. They took our money and ran. .

    • scarwebb13

      I think the money glitch shouldnt be seen as cheating considering they were adding the function to buy credits with your own money! They aren’t bothered about the economy of the game. Its okey if you spend an arm and a leg buying the credits but its not exceptable to glitch it even if the service is down? Maybe from rock stars point of view. If I have to spend a month in a cheaters pool for saving myself that much money… So be it. It rather that then pay. Also it will be more fun playing in the cheaters pool I’m sure!

      • ShaneDawson

        yeah it is not a month though it is a month of playtime.. so every hour you play counts toward a 24 hour day in real time. So leave your xbox’s on and play in invite only and make sure your player doesn’t time out. Then in a month you’ll be out of it! hahah and out an xbox!

      • ratchetrandy

        Totally agreed. They are just upset that they are potentially out more money from those stupid cards. Greed, greed, greed. So evil.

        i lost my character because their game glitched on me. They didn’t fix that to let me get my character back. They instead decide to hurt us for using other glitches. It sends an awful message. They are irresponsible and think they are entitled to our money. Rockstar can kick rocks!

  • owen erdogan

    lol if they make things less fun for myself or anyone else in that case most people will just leave to play other games which are due to come out and esp NEXT GEN consoles so read this rockstar i am having fun now but believe me your servers gonna be empty

  • Rasssaaa


  • Josh Dunagan

    Thats the proplem! And it’s also an Bad Sport punishment too! But I know why when I start an job and when I turn on auto invite and it showed me that when people has an red tag, it says “Bad Sport”, but red tags is still “Busy, Rejected, and Invite” too.