GTA 5 Marketing Ramping Up with Epsilon Program?

Epsilon Program

Rockstar Games appears to have restarted its infamous ‘Epsilon Program’. What is the Epsilon Program you ask? It’s essentially a religious cult (fictional of course) invented by Rockstar as part of the GTA series. It first appeared in GTA San Andreas and is referred to in various in-game songs, and also even by some pedestrians. In terms of what it actually is, think a parody of the real life Church of Scientology. Rockstar has been known to use the program as part of its marketing efforts for GTA games too.

The official twitter account of the Epsilon Program has been dormant for a few months now and recently sprang back to life with the tweets that you can see below. The tweets themselves are pretty cryptic, but seem to refer to Epsilon seeking a court order (or being forced to defend itself) against accusations that it is a cult. It also says they are now going to sue some people (kind of like the very real Church of Scientology).

Take what you will out of it, as we honestly have no idea what Rockstar is planning. We do know however that some of you would love a gameplay trailer (as least judging by the comments all over our Facebook page!). We’ll continue to keep you updated as always on any developments.

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