Get Away from The Getaway: Black Monday

In 2002, an action-adventure open world game called The Getaway was released for the PlayStation 2, to generally positive reviews. A good sequel would have improved on the original and fixed its flaws. The newly released The Getaway: Black Monday… does not, and is certainly no comparison to the Grand Theft Auto series of games!

The first protagonist is a cop named Mitch, and he’s trying to uncover a criminal plot in London. Two other playable characters take the stage as the game continues—a fighter named Eddie and a hacker named Sam. This gives the game the potential for both a good story and good gameplay, but it fails to deliver on either. The story’s high-quality cutscenes are marred by the lack of color, painful dialogue, and grating audio, and the gameplay is a lesson in tedium. This compares to GTA games which are known for their colorful dialogue, incredibly entertaining radio stations and varied gameplay.

For most of the game, you’ll do nothing but run and shoot distant enemies. Eddie’s combat offers a break from the monotony, as you can target different parts of your opponents’ bodies, but his sections aren’t long enough to make up for the rest of the game. As you know, most Grand Theft Auto games have another major component aside from just shooting – driving!

Driving is the game’s high point, particularly during the game’s free roaming mode. The controls make use of both analog sticks, one for acceleration and braking and the other for turning. Driving also provides the game’s only exploration, as buildings are only accessible when they are relevant to the plot.

All in all, The Getaway: Black Monday is a game to be avoided – go and play some Grand Theft Auto instead!

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