First Cheat Code for GTA 5 Discovered!


Update: More cheats found! Check them out for Xbox 360 and PS3

The first cheat for Grand Theft Auto 5 has been found! Rockstar has decided to return to the days of GTA: San Andreas and use button combinations in order to activate them. This is as opposed to the cheat system used in Grand Theft Auto IV (cell phone) and some of the other methods we guessed might be possible in this article (most notably “the cheats wheel”). Hopefully it means we’ll also get a wider range of cheats like those found in GTA: SA.

So what cheat has been found? It’s a vehicle spawn cheat for the Buzzard helicopter (pic above) and the button combinations for the PS3 and Xbox 360 are as follows:

  • PS3: Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
  • Xbox 360: B, B, LB, B, B, B, LB, LT, RB, Y, B, Y

As you’d expect, it is not possible to earn Achievements or Trophies once cheats are activated. The following message pops up once you enter one:

Cheats have been activated. Achievements will not be awarded for the duration of this session.

We should also mention that there does not appear to be a way to save the cheats once you’ve first entered the correct combination (like into a cell phone or some sort of pause menu). This means that the cheats must be manually entered each and every time.

Stay tuned for more GTA V cheat codes from GTA 5 Cheats! You can see all the Xbox 360 cheats we have here, and all the PS3 cheats here. Oh, and a quick tip – if you need to translate a cheat code from the Xbox 360 to PS3, or vice-versa, just swap the buttons as follows:

Xbox 360 ButtonPS3 Button

  • Entrep

    Just like San Andreas. Hopefully this means more San Andreas style cheats!

  • Sam

    I’d love to see the flying cars cheat make a comeback

    • Entrep

      So would we!!! We are working on finding it out if it exists!!!

  • GTA5 FAN

    i hope they have drunk pedestrians lol it would be awesome to be able to see your aiming capability on drunk pedestrians xD

    • Entrep

      Yeah hopefully with the SA style of entry they have also included SA style cheats!

      • GTA5 FAN

        Yeah and hopefully they also have Lock Police Stars

  • Woodysgamertag

    Do these cheats hurt other players

    • Entrep

      No they are single player cheats

  • KkFiTeNi

    If this is going to be like San Andreas then I must find my book of cheats and write this down

  • guest

    isnt that the exact same code for the tank in gta san andreas

    • Entrep

      Yup a lot of the combos are from San Andreas

  • Csonkamaniac III

    I’m in the minority, but this sucks. I loved GTA IV’s style of cheats!

    • Scott AlcoHall

      Fk that, dialing them in took WAY to long.

      • Csonkamaniac III

        You have to press two or three times as many buttons in the PS2 era GTA’s. I understand if you didn’t care for that style, but your point makes no sense.

      • Roland

        Um the cheats save idiot

    • Paramjit Atwal

      I like both. On one side, nostalgia wants the old school manual input but on the other, quick usage through the phone. I’m going to go with the phone as well.

  • farjad

    Oh i thought gta has some new modi with cheats could be saved on mobile phone.Isnt it like one we had in gta 4

    • Entrep

      Yeah we though it might but Rockstar decided to return to the old days of button combos (ala San Andreas).

  • Lee Doughty

    who else always got a jet and put the vehicle of death cheat on? so your jet wouldn’t blow up over a tiny hit.

  • Scott AlcoHall

    So happy they brought back this way to input cheats, not the crappy dialing them into phone in GTA IV.

  • Max

    (awesome cheat) spawn a car like the james bond Aston Martin DB5 shoot missiles out of the headlights and a minigun pops out of the hood of the car can be switched to drive or fly mode.

  • HWLLO123

    Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X, L1, L1, Down, UP

  • Roland

    lame and primitive. way to take 2 steps back retardstar

  • Nick

    Awesome but does it save the cheat in your phone like I did in GTA 4

    • Entrep

      No it doesn’t – you need to type them in each time.

  • anthony

    any update on the weapons and invincibility cheat?

  • Dustin

    When does the money come for GTA 5 come out

    • Entrep

      There isn’t one 🙁