Grand Theft Auto 5 FAQ

Here’s a quick reference FAQ if you want the lowdown on Grand Theft Auto 5:

Developer and Publisher: Rockstar North

Distributor: Take-Two Interactive

Game engine: RAGE

Platforms: Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 (no PC version confirmed)

Release date: September 17 2013

Location: Los Santos and Blaine Counties

Protagonists/characters: Three playable and switchable characters being Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

Multiplayer: Called “GTA Online”. See our guide here.

Screenshots: Click here.

Videos: Click here.

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  • pat

    will you be comeing out gta 6

    • GTAV Fanboi

      Haha, Grand Theft Auto VI is a loooooooooong way away!!

      • Brandon Fletcher

        Gta 5 is just like the Gta 4 game its awsome. :D

  • joshua

    will this game have weapon customization, car customization, animals and freely switch characters at apartment

    • GTAV FanBoi

      Unsure, unsure, yes and yes!

      • joshua

        so it will have animals? :)

        • Entrep

          Quite likely yes, but any real details are not yet known.

    • Mister Destructor

      Yes, yes, yes, yes, but not at a safehouse.

  • joshua

    im gona buy this game :)

  • Kentg

    Is there going to be tow trucks again that would be great

    • Pimple

      Can’t see any reason why not. I hope so!

  • William Fillmore

    i hope there will be alot of different stuff than on tha others like car custimization and better graphics and i wish there was a cheat were u never die…….but im still gonna buy this game no matter what

    • mark ruckman

      is a cheat for never die i can t find it can you help me its pissing me off.

  • arjun

    tnk 4 ur information ………

  • DooleyDinkybro

    I hope they have some old clothes from GTA: San Andreas. But more realistic or some kind of way GTA: V will be like. More gangs or maybe some old gangs… More weapons, vehicles and tons of more!

  • DooleyDinkybro

    Anyways. One character are fine. But Three! Rockstar you are killing me! You are geniuses.. GTA 6 must be created..

  • Cj Williams

    who is your favourite character in GTA V
    text me if you know

    • Nunya Biznatch


  • Michael Smith

    im to late to get it

    • Entrep

      To pre-order? yes

  • marck ruckman

    who ever made this game there really stupid not to have a never die cheat so like yeah

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