Rockstar: Don’t Install ‘Play Disc’ to Xbox 360 HDD


This might seem a little weird, but Rockstar Games is officially advising owners of the Xbox 360 edition of GTA V *NOT* to install the “Play Disc” to their console’s hard-drive. Further information is apparently forthcoming but you can see the original Tweet for yourself, from Rockstar’s account, below.

Having looked into the issue further, it appears that this same advice applied in respect of Grand Theft Auto IV. Apparently if you installed that game onto your Xbox 360’s hard-drive then you got more graphical “pop-ins” as opposed to simply playing it from the DVD. The general consensus at this stage, without further explanation from Rockstar, is that the same potential issue could exist with GTA 5.

Another possible reason is that Rockstar might have optimized the game to already be using the hard-drive for something else, maybe a cache of sorts? Then again we are by no means tech experts – we’ll stick to cheats thank you very much…

So anyway, if you are an Xbox 360 owner and are getting Grand Theft Auto V in the next few hours/days, don’t install the Play Disc to your hard-drive. Do however make sure you check out all our Xbox 360 cheats!

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