GTA 5 Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats for GTA 5 on Xbox 360

All official cheats and codes for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) on the Xbox 360. Directions should be entered using the directional/digital pad on your Xbox 360 controller. Please read our FAQ if you encounter any issues using the cheats or if you have any other questions. Also make sure you check out the following pages and guides:

Player Effects

Cheat EffectButton Combination
Drunk Mode
Warning: do not attempt to operate heavy machinery!
Y, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, B, Left
Demo Video
Explosive Ammo Rounds
Also known as “Bang Bang”
Right, X, A, Left, RB, RT, Left, Right, Right, LB, LB, LB
Demo Video
Explosive Melee Attacks
Your punches and kicks are literally explosive!
Right, Left, A, Y, RB, B, B, B, LT
Demo Video
Fast Run
Increases your maximum sprint speed
Y, Left, Right, Right, LT, LB, X
Demo Video
Fast Swim
Increases your maximum swimming speed
Left, Left, LB, Right, Right, RT, Left, LT, Right
Demo Video
Flaming Bullets
Your bullets will set things on fire upon impact
LB, RB, X, RB, Left, RT, RB, Left, X, Right, LB, LB
Demo Video
Works for 5 minutes before you need to re-enter the code
Right, A, Right, Left, Right, RB, Right, Left, A, Y
Demo Video
Lower Wanted Level
Takes one star off of your wanted level
RB, RB, B, RT, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left
Demo Video
Max Health & Armor
Increases your health and armor back to full
B, LB, Y, RT, A, X, B, Right, X, LB, LB, LB
Demo Video
Raise Wanted Level
Add one star to your wanted level
RB, RB, B, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right
Demo Video
Recharge Ability
Recharges the special ability of your character
A, A, X, RB, LB, A, Right, Left, A
Demo Video
Spawns you mid-air for a skydiving free fall and no way to use a parachute! The only way to possibly survive is to press forward on the left analog stick and hit a wall or the ground head on
LB, LT, RB, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right, LB, LT, RB, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right
Demo Video
Slow Motion Aim
Gives you a lot more time to aim. Enter 4x for increased effect, fifth time disables cheat
X, LT, RB, Y, Left, X, LT, Right, A
Demo Video
Super Jump
Leap tall buildings in a single bound. Hold X (jump) for higher jumps
Left, Left, Y, Y, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, RB, RT
Demo Video


Cheat EffectComment
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Cheat EffectButton Combination
Gives you a parachute. Equip and press A to use
Left, Right, LB, LT, RB, RT, RT, Left, Left, Right, LB
Demo Video
Gives you all the weapons along with ammo!
Y, RT, Left, LB, A, Right, Y, Down, X, LB, LB, LB
Demo Video

World Effects

Cheat EffectButton Combination
Change Weather
Rotates through sunny, clear, cloudy, smoggy, overcast, rainy, thundery, clearing and snowing
RT, A, LB, LB, LT, LT, LT, X
Demo Video
Moon Gravity
Enter a vehicle after activating this cheat to experience less gravity. Press B after jumping to float
Left, Left, LB, RB, LB, Right, Left, LB, Left
Demo Video
Slippery Cars
Also known as drifting and/or slidey cars
Y, RB, RB, Left, RB, LB, RT, LB
Demo Video
Slow Motion
Enables you to slow down gameplay. Enter 3x for increased effect, fourth time disables cheat
Y, Left, Right, Right, X, RT, RB
Demo Video


Cheat EffectButton Combination
Spawn BMX
Spawns you a good old BMX bicycle
Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, B, Y, RB, RT
Demo Video
Spawn Buzzard
Spawns the Buzzard small attack helicopter (with weapons)
B, B, LB, B, B, B, LB, LT, RB, Y, B, Y
Demo Video
Spawn Caddy
Spawns you the “Caddy” golf cart
B, LB, Left, RB, LT, A, RB, LB, B, A
Demo Video
Spawn Comet
Spawns the Comet, a two door sports car
RB, B, RT, Right, LB, LT, A, A, X, RB
Demo Video
Spawn Duster
Spawns the crop duster plane
Right, Left, RB, RB, RB, Left, Y, Y, A, B, LB, LB
Demo Video
Spawn Limo
Spawns your very own stretch limousine
RT, Right, LT, Left, Left, RB, LB, B, Right
Demo Video
Spawn PCJ-600
Spawns the PCJ-600 sports motorbike
RB, Right, Left, Right, RT, Left, Right, X, Right, LT, LB, LB
Demo Video
Spawn Rapid GT
Spawns you the Rapid GT, another two door sports car
RT, LB, B, Right, LB, RB, Right, Left, B, RT
Demo Video
Spawn Sanchez
Spawns the Sanchez, which is a dual-sport (dirt) bike
B, A, LB, B, B, LB, B, RB, RT, LT, LB, LB
Demo Video
Spawn Stunt Plane
Spawns a fixed-wing stunt plane
B, Right, LB, LT, Left, RB, LB, LB, Left, Left, A, Y
Demo Video
Spawn Trashmaster
Spawns the Trashmaster garbage truck
B, RB, B, RB, Left, Left, RB, LB, B, Right
Demo Video

A Brief History of Xbox 360 Cheats for GTA V

Cheats have always been a integral part of the GTA franchise, allowing players to cause even more chaos than they could in the base game. Cheats are generally associated with gaining an unfair advantage, and is considered the weapon of the coward gamer who cannot beat a certain portion of game. Then came GTA and flipped that concept on its head, with the cheats being an integral part of the franchise’s signature humor. GTA V luckily does not depart from this, and Rockstar has supplied players with ample opportunity to ruin the collective day of the citizens of Los Santos and Blaine County.

For those of you seeking to make use of these cheats to screw over your fellow player in GTA Online, firstly, shame on you, secondly, you can’t. Ha. Rockstar games is determined to keep the multiplayer portion of GTA V fair game, so the cheats implemented in the game will most certainly not work when playing online. As for mods, hacks, and exploits, we don’t deal in those, and if you do end up using them because you’re so bloody determined to ruin everyone’s fun, then Rockstar will track you down and ban your cheating hide.

Also, before we proceed, regarding the money cheat. There isn’t one, nor will there be one as long as the GTA Online servers are up. Since the stock market system present in GTA V’s single-player mode is tied to that active in GTA Online, a money cheat in single-player would still affect the financial climate of GTA Online. You can, however, check out our page regarding tips and hints to get money quick in GTA Online.

However, for crazy antics in the single-player mode of GTA V, feel free to concoct whatever insane combination of the cheats below. These cheats don’t cancel each other out, so you can mix and match as many as you wish. Want to burn Los Santos with incendiary bullets while in a drunken haze? Piece of cake (also contact a psychologist)! Want to increase and decrease your wanted level over and over just to get the police geared up and dispatched from the precinct and subsequently sent back just to take the piss? Go ahead!

  • tyler

    i think there should be a police cheat to help the police to take down bad guys and polling over speeder and pursuits,

    • bob

      So how would it work exactly?

      • Isaiah

        I would guess a cheat that when you activate, you turn into a police officer and your vehicle turns into a police vehicle. Like police Infernus, that would be badass!

        • Isaiah

          Also when you press the cheat again it deactivates it.

        • MisterNate16

          Yeah the cars would be really awesome though like if they put that cheat and i really would like to see some of the new car cheats in the game also, and i’d also like to see car outfits i mean like texture packs and stuff like that

  • Devilbest3

    there should be a cheat that causes total chaos in the city like things randomly blowing up gangs suddenly fighting and people punching each other and the police is trying to stop it.

    • Chrism

      I like it – RANDOM MODE!!!

      • shareal

        Its in San Andreas chaos mode

    • Elliot

      AKA: bounty on your head?

  • MaRi

    I think there has to be cheat so u can duplicate yourself and do missions with ur twin

  • kry speedy

    there should be a cheat for money

    • Entrep

      I’d say this is guaranteed

    • you can really on gta 4 just get a money truck and blow it up. and idk if u heard its may,28 2013 i got gta v and there is a cheat for it…

      • Entrep

        17 September is the release date for GTA V

      • MisterNate16

        Entrep, is right how can you get Gta v when it doesn’t come out until September 17,2013

        • Jon CountryBoy Shanholtzer

          if you pre ordered the collection edition you get it early before its official release

          • Shreknado

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            This guy ._. Who tf doesn’t

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      • RockstarTM Legal Team

        Cease and desist immediately, you are not a tester, as the game isn’t shipped yet, remove your post.

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    • Dudemanbearpig

      Im pretty sure there will be one considering the importance of money in GTAV (stock exchange, buying businesses, cars, weapons, buildings, planes, investments etc.) rather than just buying guns and hookers.

    • Rrobert

      The game is revolved around money. So using a money cheat would deem all the missions pointless. Seeing as the goal it to become rich and all

      • KillnTheseHoes

        you can just mod a save game file with horizon and get max cash. Look up horizon gta 5 on youtube.

        • HarmzDon123


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      And guns! And vehicle health! Wtf!

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          black is not a thing l is the left thumbstick

        • The original Xbox controls

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        Yer ok the money cheat dosnt work you might wanna look it up again and remember gta 5 not 1 2 3 or 4 gta 5 ok you got this you best and also not one of those cheats is correct to lose wanted leave ist rb b rt rt left right left right left right

        • tryforse729

          Umm ya it is actually

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          You don’t get money in GTA or GTA 2, so just calm down, reload your shotgun, and think before you type.

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      im not sure if it works, but here it is, just found.. by some random guy on yt. (up, left, RB, LB, B, RB, left) = money

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        you cant do that code becaus if u do up you take your telephone up

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            look for a supmorein underwater it is broken and it has 25000 every minet


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          that’s why he got it from a total random person

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      You can mod the game with a program called horizon. its free. you can get max cash and stats only takes about 5 minutes you just need a usb flash drive. look it up on youtube. I bet this will help a lot of people ;D

      • Trevor Phillips

        PS: possibly infected with a virus like that PC version download that guy posted.

    • Killerelite1103

      There is a money cheat glitch……swimming to the crashed plane…..12,000 cash!

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      i now in it

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      Yes but It will screw you’re account up. I suggest you don’t use it 😉 (y)

    • whats up dude i am going to the strip club in gta 5 with my friends on xbox live his name is snoop dog look for that name on gta 5 on xbox live

    • Ethan

      Yeah man im with you.! NO CHEAT FOR MONEY! :O

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      if you were trying to spell kyr speedy you spelled it wrong the guy who said there should be a cheat for money.

    • GTA%!@#

      totally it is really hard to earn money just enough for a ten car garage

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      I think ther is one go to YouTube and look up money cheat you,ll see broski

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      if there was it would just be like saint row 3 boring cause we completed the game in an 1 hour and have nothing to do

    • daniel

      there is

    • lucas R

      there are hacks and mods

    • Makenzi Baker

      Yea. There should be. There was in the last couple GTA’s.

    • Morgan Bullock

      I hack money with one click. 🙂

    • Griffin

      No bc if you save Lester missions till end and invest with all three characters then sell you can make at least 1.8 billion I made 2,734,518,931

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      Kill people to get money

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      Yeah money cheat

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  • kry speedy

    or police veichals and suits

  • Funnygameralex

    I hope the cheats are more effective than other games, finally a game with good graphics and toys to play with.(planes, heli’s, and possibly tanks.

    • Entrep

      Yeah it could be total chaos!!!

  • Funnygameralex

    Plus, you know how bully was in the special edition for only the updated system that was xbox 360 console. So that might happen again to GtaV and make a special edition for only the ps4.

    • Entrep

      Or maybe only for the Xbox 360….

  • can you make it so you can get in the cars ,and idercat ?

  • flying cars

  • josh

    I think their should be some cheats for some cars and to make u change clothes and stuff like that

  • josh

    there should also be one that’s so it is deadly vehicles

  • josh

    who thinks I am right say i

    • Entrep


  • so i really do have this game. its may,
    28 2013

    • Entrep

      Try 17 September 2013

  • There should be a cheat were u have no gravity but how u move is with a jet pack

    • Entrep

      Yeah a jet pack cheat would be rad

  • there should be a cheat for the general lee

  • mister_awesome

    hmm I thought this was coming out in March why are they making us wait longer than we should I even look up cheats for this and there not even out yet its not like you have a bunch of cheats to make why don’t you just use the cheats from gta 4 im getting a pre order and hopefully its way better than I thought it was im no hater writing all of this down im just stating a few facts im all exited like all of you game nerds too

    • SomePerson

      Well that is the whole point of this website that they are going to put new cheats isn’t that is what the websites for ?

  • Here is something why ruin a game by cheating, ive played them all and never cheated once. games go better with out cheats why dont u all try it.

    • The Brain

      Cheats also expand a game and make it more fun once you’ve clocked it. They are fun cheats. This is not talking about hacking etc which ruins games.

    • HairWeaveKiller

      Tht suck you never got in the fighter copter



  • LegitOphobia

    Now before I begin, all you misunderstood gamers leaving comments like ‘ooh, cheats are bad they ruin the game, booo’ or ‘I never used a cheat once, they are pointless’. listen now, cheats in GTA aren’t for just completing the game with a click of a button, they are for making it fun, keeping the game fun once completed, for example, spawning yourself a helicopter, flying to highest point over the ocean and just jumping out like you just dont care!!! Or finding a massive ramp and you got no fast car? Spawn yourself a infernos they add just fun to the game, one of my favorites is going into underground boxing with explosive fists activated, so you punch someone and your fist blows up, you take no damage but they go flying! Cheats add so much fun into the game!

    and trust me EVERYONE will get stuck on a mission and that little extra health boost would go a long way in helping you complete it!

    Now, some great cheats for GTA 5 would be

    Spawning yourself some drugs (drugs being brought to GTA 5)

    Spawning certain people (Prostitutes, Dealers, etc.)

    I have a list but I’m new and not sure if your message is capped

    • Entrep

      Send the list by all means!

      • Charlie

        GIMME IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • WILL


        • wrong

          ha this code only gives you 199.99K not 200K

    • steve

      like your thinking !

  • Felipe

    Can’t wait for gta5

  • RockstarCommunityResponseTeam

    We will NOT release the cheats until after release of the game.Please realize that your statement was untrue and please remove it, as it is a false statement, and the word “leak” is considered an insult to our company and its affiliates when used to describe our release of information, so please, remove the statement when you do see this as it is a request from the executives of Take-Two Interactive TM, Rockstar TM and Rockstar North TM.

    • MisterNate16

      ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..I have nothing to say that is actually pretty cool that they look at this website and check out the actual comments

      • patrick

        why wouldn’t they tho ? bc what they said is true

  • RockstarCommunityResponseTeam

    Please remove the ENTIRE statement on line 2 as the top executives of Rockstar TM, Take-Two Interactive TM and its affiliates view the ENTIRE statement of line 2 as an insult to the company because of saying that Rockstar TM would “leak” the codes.Please remove line 2 of this page NOW.

  • Leviticus Gster Logan

    there should be a cheat to spawn a super car

  • Sam Harrison

    i am glad grand theft auto 5 is cumin aot

  • Gary Caviness

    i hope there’s an in car view and i hope u can get tattoos and mod ur car and make the drifting better

  • Isaiah

    I hope there are cheats like this, I made a list 😛

    Cheat 1 and 2 (Like LegitOphobia said) Spawning drugs and certain people

    Cheat 3. Spawning ANY CAR in the game, not just a selection

    Cheat 4. All cheats that were in GTA IV. For instance, when I was playing Saints Row The Third. I was disappointed with there being no “No cop notoriety” or No gang notoriety cheats.

    Cheat 5. Explosive Hits like in TBoGT

    Cheat 6.MONEY CHEAT! (Gives you 1000 dollars every time you activate!)

    Features I would like to see (Only a little)

    Being able to pause and go to your phone, because when cops are shooting at me I don’t want to keep dropping my phone and having re-enter cheat mode.

    Better Fighting style.
    The fighting style in GTA IV was cool, but come on now.

    • TREVOR

      they should make a cheat as u can find a hidden stunt gou cheat to a police cloth

  • gamer

    i can’t wait ot get the game

  • GTAV star

    I hope theres cheats like this
    Better fighiting skills
    awesome cars such as : Bugatti Veyron , aston martin mustang , Shelby GT 500
    better guns
    realistic features
    super jump
    better motorbikes
    bmx/mountain bike
    4×4 serria cosworth

  • SomeRandomCommentor

    LegitOphobia, that’s what i’m talking about people don’t understand that cheat codes make the game more fun what I’am trying to say is, that i have used cheat codes throughout all the Grand Theft Auto Games I have ever played

  • MisterNate16

    I would like to see the following cheats in the game
    Super Speed,Able to spawn all the cars in the game,Money Cheat, invisible cars, unlimited ammo, infinite health, jetpacks, spawn jets,helicopters,planes, and bicycles/motorcycles..

  • billy boob

    Really?!?!? Nobody has mentioned any airplane/boat/helicopter cheats??

  • noob king

    I fell bad for nico and lewes from IV

  • thirushaponnamperuma

    money cheat

  • thirushaponnamperuma

    can somebody help me with my money cheat in gta 5

  • Cj Williams

    sent the list to me please

  • Cj Williams

    im writing a couple of things I don’t want in gtav
    1. Police officers as thick as the coppers in gta iv
    2. crap little shit cars such as : dukes and comets
    3. crap helicopters such as : anniallater
    4. shit guns like a pistol shotgun
    5. cant get in jets or planes
    things I do want in gtav
    1. bagatti Veyron 16.4
    2. that you can go in jail and break back out

  • derek

    boooooooooooooooooooooo boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • no you suck legit cheats help

      retart legit cheats help

  • Joe Mueller

    is it gonna be multiplayer on gameplay

  • jorge

    Something like ragdoll cheat

  • jorge

    Or a f1 ferrari car cheat that wood be awesome.

  • jorge

    what would be really awesome is spawning any car in the game.

  • HAWK33

    I already have it..

  • Cj Williams

    2days,17hour 4minutes 1secondss

  • Woodysgamertag

    I have some more


    Spawn Buzzard B B LB B B B LB LT RB Y B Y <– (helicopter with missiles & guns)

    Spawn Comet RB B RT Right LB LT A A X RB

    Spawn Sanchez B A LB B B LB B RB RT LT LB LB

    Spawn Trashmaster B RB B RB Left Left RB LB B Right


    Raise Wanted Level RB RB B RT Left Right Left Right Left Right

    Lower Wanted Level RB RB B RT Right Left Right Left Right Left


    Change Weather RT A LB LB LT LT LT X <– includes snow

  • Bertie

    Nice finds guys! I tried having a look through a memory dump but couldn’t find any button combos, did find a listing of the cheats though:


    • billytiky

      Ive the cheat for skyfall on the xbox : lb, lt, rb, rt, left, right, left, right,lb, lt, rb, rt, left, right, left, right,

  • mike

    were is moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???

    • Entrep

      We’re working on it. Although given the game revolves around money, Rockstar may not have put one in this time! No money cheat is known… yet.

  • elliott

    these arnt all off them

    • Entrep

      Yup we are adding more as they are discovered…

  • Michael Smith

    cant wait


  • Arbab Shoaib Kasi

    is cheats will be saved in mobile like gta 4?

    • Entrep

      No these can’t. You need to re-enter them each time.

  • Mathew Billingsley

    if i use a car cheat and park that cheat car in garage and save will i still get trophy”s?

    • Entrep

      No you won’t. Cheats disable all trophies

      • Mathew Billingsley

        really? car cheats don’t do very much harm

  • sattdaddy

    Having a money cheat would have to be the cheat to have..if you have money you can buy all the cool stuff and mess around..and who doesn’t want to do that?!



  • Glenn

    Do you type the cheats on the phone like on gta iv? or do we have to type in all the buttons all the time?

    • Entrep

      You need to type in the combo each time

  • appletimemac


  • Charlie

    GUYS, please help me out by telling me what do they mean when they say something like, ‘right’ or ‘left’. Is it to go in that direction on one of the sticks on the controller, or is it to actually to CLICK down that actually ‘stick’

    • hunter


      • Entrep

        Correct. You gotta use the digital pad.

  • hunter

    hurry with invincibility i can’t wait for the carnage!!!!! :))

  • DarthDiggler

    You couldn’t take a moment to translate the buttons FOR the other players? 🙂

  • Matthew Louis Hedges

    i can confirm the bigfoot OR something similar. on the mission where you
    hunt down the o’neil brothers in the wood’s from a chopper with a
    thermal sniper rifle i saw something human-like standing next to a deer
    and it looked like it was wearing a hood but as soon as i took my
    thermal off it vanished. it could be an easteregg, bigfoot OR just a
    glitch, either way its creepy and i need to check into it, my position
    is in cassidy creek/cassidy trail far left side of the island near the
    middle. just down the river from the big bridge. update: before the last brother shot an rpg at me in the helicopter and i
    swap to franklin i can confirm i saw a person walking in the woods in
    my thermal at night.

  • GTA

    btw if you want to land using skyfall without dying dive straight down where you want to land, you will only loose a bit of heath instead of dying



  • james

    guys i think i found a gun cheat ? ! ! well it works for me anywayz
    its left, right, Lb, Rb and it gives the dude a gun like a shotgun type gun

    • DJnexus

      dont work ons ps3

  • matii

    can you maka a cheat code for a police car

    • new alias

      they aren’t making the codes.

  • hunter

    it doesn’t disable the achievements for that save game forever.

  • DJnexus

    so can anyone say for shur that atleast a weapons cheat ill be cracked cuz if not going to sell or trad game

    • hunter

      there’ll be one just gotta wait.

    • dom

      Well thats a bit rude.

      • DJnexus

        wow you call that rude haha your a funny guy

        • andyot2011

          Why would you sell or trade your game just because you lack a weapons cheat? That’s like saying you’re going to just give up and stay out in the rain just because you haven’t got an umbrella. These cheats take time to be cracked, please be patient. The game has only been out THREE days. There IS a weapons cheat in the game files, it’s just a matter of cracking what the button combination is and that will take a while, so please be patient.

          • DJnexus

            yeah i know its just i am so use to have the weapons cheats and stuff buts its not just the cheats iv seen many thing worng with the game but its much better then the past and the gfx omg can we say epic

  • GTA lover

    they should have a ammo cheat and health and armor

    • Entrep

      They do, everyone is just working on cracking it at the moment.

  • GTA lover

    Planes can be driven now not like gta 4

  • Zombiemurderrer

    This SUCKS I AM 20 and I can’t get GTAV!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DJnexus

      why no id

  • gta5fan8605


  • gta5fan8605

    am playing gta 5
    how get am a weapons and ammo

  • DJnexus

    i hopeing we see these weapons and health cheats i fear we wont tho its been 5 days sad to say i dont think they will ever be cracked

    • jane

      they will b cracked. it is there in the game. it must b too complicated but will b cracked soon.

      • DJnexus

        yeah but!!! it is a chance it wont be

  • Sloth

    What button is right? and what button is left?

    • Entrep

      The digital pad

  • kill3rit4li4

    when the invincibility code comes out?

  • Sidnee Williams

    there should be a cheat for health and weapons

  • Gta5

    Money and guns

  • asdfa

    All i Want is a riot cheat.

  • Devon


  • Devon

    my rill name is devan and u sude make a gost babies cat dog tiger cheat

  • nikie

    A butt hard to work

  • Lita Hayes

    any health cheats yet?

  • jake

    in the note at the tope of the page “invincibility” cheat code when will that and weapon cheats be out

    • hunter

      Whenever they find them!

  • gta v

    how d o you do the chests

  • mon3yvAN

    I cant believe they don’t have any weapon cheats and not all the car cheats

  • The gamer

    OMG! GTA V is so cool. I love shootin the cops whilst in my car gettin away from a bank i just robbed

  • hunter

    the cable cars on mount chiliad can be blown off.

  • BadBoy13

    Lol best cheat combo, Moon gravity and BMX.

    • mrpenguin

      yesterday I saw a money cheat –$500,000– on ign, but it didn’t work (A, Y, X, B, LB, Y, LEFT, UP, DOWN, X) and after a few minutes I refreshed the page to see if they would post the correct code, but since then the page has been down…

      • Entrep

        Yup there has been lots of FAKE cheats go up on IGN

      • BadBoy13

        The Law cheats don’t work anymore. Just FYI

      • BadBoy13

        Btw no it’s not the right code. I don’t think they’d make a code with the up button on the Dpad in it it brings up the phone. Just a theory though.

  • Casey Haynes

    Full armor and weaponsLB, LT, Y, B, A, RB, Up, Down, AA, Right

    • sp

      Doesn’t work

      • amit

        nope. doesnt work

  • ceejay

    To all gta 5 fans do u want unlimited money if so go up to the northerly est point on the map there’s a sunken plane on left wing there will be 25 thousand but remember to swap characters whilst doing it and remember to swap back

  • corey g

    I’m just glad you can hold more than one gun of the same weapons class

  • Gta 4 fan

    Make a cheat that you can fast climb and 2x higher on sky fall

  • Gta 4 fan

    Make a cheat that you can jump higher but not too high

  • Gta 4 fan

    Make a cheat called no gravity
    The code will be: X X Y X X RIGHT LEFT B

    • hunter

      they aren’t making the cheats

  • Gta 5 fan

    Don’t please don’t make the super jump one it’s going to get you guys frustrated

  • kill3rit4li4

    superjump:Left, Left, Y, Y, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, RB, RT

    • kill3rit4li4

      but in the description of the cheat i want my name =D

  • ka

    Super Jump: left left y y right right left
    right x rbl rt

  • GTA Aaron


    PS3: left, left, Triangle, Triangle, right, right, Left, Right, Square, R1, R2.

    XBOX: left, left, y, y, right, right, left, right, x, rb, rt

  • derp

    Super jump ( xbox ) left left yy right right left right x rb rt

    • Harry Ward

      works thx

      • Harry Ward

        combine with moon gravity

  • zChronic

    Super Jump Cheat on xbox is left, left, y, y, right, right, left, right, x, RB, RT
    PS3 left, left, triangle, triangle, right, right, left, right, square, R1, R2

    • derp

      Just said that 🙁

  • Ryan Marshall

    left, left, y, y, right, right, left, right, x, rb, rt super jump cheat

  • simmo

    left left y y right right left right x rb rt super jump cheat

  • simmo

    it does work

  • gta5 player1

    need some guncheats when r they comming out?

  • mirna yassine

    i love grand theft auto 5 and i love michael and i have 17000000 money on michael and i did not do a cheat on it i happy :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Idontbelievechu

    EVERYBODY NEEDS TO CHILL OUT!! the game basically just came out.. plus the cheats aren’t used on the phone nor saved but are used by pressing buttons on the controller.. which makes it even harder.. this site, nor anysite will know all the cheats!!! not for a while atleast 🙂

  • cheatplaner 56

    What is L for the money cheat. I really need money bad.

  • THaBlUEprINt

    Finally, a health cheat!

  • ahmed

    Phone Denied ????

    • Entrep

      Phone denied is *we think* just a message to do with cheats, not an actual cheat itself

  • Chad Lee

    Invulnerability is denied when in Missions or Past Times. Just tried it in game during the first mission and that is what I got.

  • Charter

    People that cry about cheats are incredible weiners…. whining about something that doesn’t affect their gameplay experience at all. If you don’t like cheats, don’t use them wtf

  • jess

    no cheat for the jet or tank from the base thats stupid why even add any cheats at all if your going to put in stupid cheats no one wants give us the tank and the milatary jet and one for money and please add the ufo

  • KillnTheseHoes

    You can mod the game with a program called horizon. its free. you can get max cash and stats only takes about 5 minutes you just need a usb flash drive. look it up on youtube. I bet this will help a lot of people ;D THUMBS UP! 😀

  • KiNg-SwAg Tunechi

    thanks for the cheats really fun moon Gravity

  • joshuafaz

    That would be quite cool if there was a money because if Michael ,franklin or trevor needed some money you could spare it from one ch3at to get some, although, people would try to cheat and also use the money cheat

  • That guy


  • sw201444

    What happened to the Phone Denied cheat? Hasn’t been found yet.

    • Entrep

      We’re pretty sure that just referred to an in-game message, not an actual cheat

      • sw201444

        Oh, okay.

  • mason

    your cheats are sick

  • badtothebone

    I hate that invinciblilty only lasts 5 minutues

  • badtothebone56

    there should be a cheat for no cops

  • Ayme

    Invincibility: Right, A, Right, Left, Right, RB, Right, Left, A, Y enjoy 🙂

  • Ayme

    Super jump is LT, LT, X, B, B, LT, X, X, Left, Right, A.

  • xXwHiTeNiGgErXx

    Pls find the money cheat pls

  • Bradders04

    I wish there is a cheat that gives ALL weapons

  • lauren

    how do you do left and right??

    • Entrep


  • Chad Lee

    Just playing the game, tried in puting a cheat and it popped up to say you can not activate cheats while on the phone. This might just be what the phone denied bit is (as well as denied during missions message)

  • Lucas Smith

    there should be a cheat for money

  • MrLuRcH420

    GTA V came out a different times depending on the location. Plus they gave away about 10,000 copies in a lottery type thing

  • N/A

    All cheats are is developer tools. When i am testing a game for whatever company it might be, they give me a list a command control codes, (AKA CHEATS). so its not a matter of them making new cheats for it, its a matter of them releasing the COMMAND CONTROL CODES to the general public

  • N/A

    Apocalypse mode would be wesome, everybody RIOTing, explosions, fire raining down from the sky.


    i never look up cheats for a game until i beat it but if i get stuck ill look for them i HAVE IT BEET NOW and i have two papers full of cheats like the car comet and rapid GT(super fast btw) or like a buzzard if u dont know it for xbox its (B,B,LB,B,B,B,RB,RT,Y,B,Y)

  • COOL BOY 123

    TO MUCH STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • AiraCobra

      The point of the game is making the money yourself but there is a money glitch and it’s explained on this website where to get the money and the codes for the Heath & Ammo have been out for a while you are given more then enough ammo with one cheat you won’t need to enter it for a while afterwards

  • hi guy

    they should make a tank cheat.or for $3.000.000 you can go on the internet and type in war stock and you can by a tank,helicopter,army truck or a army car!!were is the tank cheat!!!!!!!!

    • AiraCobra

      There isn’t a money cheat but there is a Money Glitch they just posted the information I gave them today go and look for it and follow the maps and in one wreckage you can get $25,000 and an MG Rifle & in the other location you can get about 5 difference guns

  • hi guy

    what is the money cheat?

  • Entrep

    Cheers for the tips. Have added them to our page

    • AiraCobra

      Thank you but how come you didn’t add the second part about the guns in location #2?

      • Entrep


        • AiraCobra


        • AiraCobra

          I made a mistake regarding the MG Rifle I said it was at the end of the long pole but it isn’t it is directly behind the Sub (Face towards the back with the briefcase on your left swim over the hatch directly in front of you and swim straight down there you will find the slab I referred to it will be on the right hand side of the slab… Please revise that part…

        • AiraCobra

          I also found two more guns @ Location #1 I don’t know what they are one looked like an AK-47 which is directly underneath the wreckage where you get the money on the right hand side facing the hatch and as soon as you come straight up over to your 1 o’clock there is another gun sitting on some rocks

          • AiraCobra

            Ehh I messed up again the AK-47 it’s at the FRONT of the wreckage face away from the hatch so it at your back then go off the front right side and it should be straight down

  • hi guy


  • Ty Miller

    is there a money cheat?

  • daniell saint charles

    does anyone know the jetpack code I got gta V and its cool but when I had an older one on a playstation 2 I got the jetpack now I have the brand new one on the Xbox 360, but I don’t know that code.

  • gregory

    money code

    • lildavid

      what is the money code

  • BlkRange

    thanks so much!!!

  • carl

    there should be a cheat for money your right

  • Braxton Webber

    This really helped but I think there should be two gun cheats

  • bob

    i always need money … im always robbing stores and dying D:

  • DeadFools32

    This Really Works For Me

  • DeadFools32

    I Really Like How This Is Just San Andreas With The Cheats

    • yo mama

      san andreas sucks big time

  • Bee Rathamone

    there should be a spawn bugatti

  • jim

    where in the pause menu do you enter the cheats?????

    • Entrep

      re-read the part that says “We have a bunch of notes that we highly recommend you read before using the cheats”

  • jashawn

    what is the cheat for money combonation

  • jon

    need unlimited health not one that last five mins that’s wat sucks bout this game

  • Brett Davis

    Hey it’s me again I just wanted to say how much would a Wii sell now?

  • frank

    sdhjaghasdgsddayaifaydfadsfsdfajsdfuasdiyfdygtjvgfadufasgfdfadfagdsfadhfasdfahdsfjasdftasdhadgfaysgfadgfsdryscbxcvgnbhdvczcfuygdgfhdggdfgh5465465475156452154517456421254+45+6542654+5+6+5gdtstjctycdrggfgdzfdgfyagdygtsdftddvhsdhjfiu6e95872356w45673785634785353rs9t778678i876476848#&^&^$*(^&^%&*^&^$&^U%R$%#*(&**%$%#$%+OUTREDKHUDEUIUTYEGKYGF…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. frome frank

  • alasldjfon


  • cop killer 3112

    thx for all the cheats but can you pls add never die and $1000 money

  • Mike

    I’ve already tried some of these cheats. They work just fine.

  • nathan

    i wish for a zombie cheat that will be so awesome im your biggest fan gta v makers and everyone else

  • albert

    gta 5 cheats are really use full i use them all the time

  • tamara


  • Zak Khokar

    dive of the coast of pacific bluffs great ocean high way.. 25k in the sunk airplane

  • Zak Khokar

    works all the time every 10 mins

  • Zak Khokar

    money cheat 2 jump of the tip of paleto bay end tip of paleto cove snk ship 15k works all the time every 5 mins

  • Zak Khokar

    in to character mode works twice

  • michelle

    My brother has the game there should be a cheat to let you fly

  • dyson

    I found a way to get 25,000 dollers

  • kacper

    what about you go to the army base and what you should have

  • kacper

    what about if you go to the army base and what you should have to get a jet

  • kacper

    and there is a cheat fir money

  • kacper

    are ypu sleeping guys

    • kacper

      what about if you go to a army base and what do you need to get a jet

  • trgfnju

    they should have super powers

  • lilhulksmoker69

    i love thes chaets

  • raulito chavez

    wow i like the codes

  • Hassan

    they need helicopter cheats to fly from the police

  • edward

    i love it

  • edward

    yo cool

  • meep

    there needs to be more cheats than this… its pretty lame after you beat the game an theres nothing to do an theres nooo cheats (that are good anyways)

  • travontae

    travontae is a games cheats

  • travontae


  • gaminglemon

    money cheat plaese sir

  • deshanne


  • dragonkiller

    Cop car cheat

  • dragonkiller


  • devin perez

    you can do the slow motion cheat 4 times

  • chris

    there shoud be a cheat for $ money

  • johnathan

    were do find a under cop car

  • Keydren Joseph

    i like the cheats but they should have a money cheat

  • gary ball



    Fˆnish †h∑ låst le√el ønçe u ˙håvë û šhoułd receive añywhere from 21-40 million kill trevor for 31m or take on the government or kill michael its really ur choice

    åńñōñÿmøüš ŪŚÊ®

  • joseph

    what does left,left, and right,right mean

  • roman bellic

    whatever you suck balls

  • Josh

    I can’t spawn the stunt plane!

  • terrance

    you mad my day good 😀

  • terrance

    dis is good

  • terrance


  • lollo

    make a cheat for a jet fighter

  • robert

    this game is of the hook bicth

  • joe

    give me money

  • StylezSwag16

    you guys need new cheats

  • fish

    how do you get a skin for a weapon

  • joseph


  • arya

    the game is exiting and I love the game

  • FaZe Styl

    there is a gun cheat

  • bigdaddy

    I think there should be a repair car cheat for this game and that cop cars should be able to be fix in the repair shop

  • Keegan Tyler

    Omg are you really kry speedy!?

  • Keegan Tyler

    They hit so much like girls with there pistols idk why the do that.

  • lalalalala

    HOW DO U DO LEFT AND RIGT///////???????

  • Jaren

    Porshes are awesome

  • Savannah De Santa

    none of these work for me

  • alynne

    it does not work

  • firs

    All the cheats work

  • minecraft rocks

    if there were a cheat for jet packs

  • Trent D

    Where can you get the ksg aka the bullpup shotgun

  • Michael

    No kidding

  • John Swagger


  • niall joyce


  • bugatti

    the bugatti is awesome

  • bugatti

    chop can get really big

  • rodolfo

    ther cool cheats

  • surrest fighter

    am on da toiloet

  • surrest fighter

    the money cheat is 20k alright. the cheat is (A, A, RB, LEFT LEFT X B Y RT LB RB LT A X Y) try it 4 ur self it worked 4 me …….. PARTY AT THOMAS KUBBS HOUSE COSTA THERE AND JB..LOL jk

  • surrest fighter

    kifflom brother bother

  • awsome dud

    is there

  • awsome dud

    hey I got the game its just tht it says I need to install it but I tried and it isn’t working I need help go on facebook and search my name alex russell

  • kai

    is there a money cheat that’s would suck it was not

  • tyler

    I got a buzzer plane I shot the blimp I keep respon

  • joker147

    I wish there was a money cheat If there was i would be stacking up milloins

  • dom

    cheat for money

  • killer

    swich to micheal at the start uv the game and get 2500000 warning only for ps3

  • mimito sagrero

    thanks for the cheats

  • mimito sagrero

    i got drunk

  • me

    gta 5 cheats do not work

  • me

    if they do then how do u use em
    like wen it ses riht how do u do it

  • me

    oh wait i found out tthey do work

  • Ryan Grice

    how do I put cheat in not sure

  • Lewis Ruddy

    and me

  • Lewis Ruddy

    but only a glitch

  • mineygamer


  • Mikey

    Gta 5 is the best game

  • hill billy

    there should be a money cheat

    • hill billy


  • Cathy

    How Do You Get Money On GTA 5

  • Sherry

    On my iPad I just copied the Paige and put it in my notes so I don’t need Internet.

  • georgeorr

    ther should be cheat for neverdie!!!!!!!!

  • jarius


  • jo jo scream crazy

    I love gta v for Xbox

  • jo jo scream crazy

    Beat the game picked death wish yay Devin s dead

  • jo jo scream crazy

    What if they brought back the jet packs

  • damian

    there should be a cheat for money true that kry speedy

  • Toco lover

    I love tocos so much

  • Toco lover

  • Toco lover

    My friend needs a girlfriend

  • Toco lover

    I LOVE TOCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dvl

    there should be a cheat for a bugatti

  • ziere morris


  • ellis burham


  • Addison

    Good game

  • logan

    there’s a money glitch

  • woog bosssatron

    luv cheats

  • woog bosssatron

    they should have a fly like superman cheat you know I have beaten gta 5 or V and im ten trevor should have a instantly high cheat or a infinite rage mode cheat also as him jump out of plane then activate rage mode and he lives

  • achia

    people have guns cheat riot coe

  • antonios rage

    we need a cheat to spawn a tank

  • Deluxe4

    Yah i think so to

  • denise

    It’s wicked how they make cheats

  • denise

    I think you should have money for every cheat you make

  • denise

    GTA 5 is good

  • tara kress

    yeah there should be a money cheat sincerly halestorm

  • jeremiahcruz

    what sup



  • yoeri

    bij mij doet left en richtr het niet huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

  • Tacobob

    What is Right and Left for xbox what control is it? HELP PLEASE

  • quintin

    is there a jetpack cheat

  • Miny cat

    no cheat for money

  • woog bossatron

    I wish they had a tank cheat

  • pj

    you are right Kry speed

  • Rokay Smith

    I like gta.

  • Aaron

    There Should Be A Monster Truck Cheat Like There Was In San Andress>!!!

  • isac

    there should be a cheat for boats

  • mark


  • mark

    there should be one that you can be j dog……

  • predalien36

    there should be a cheat for a jet

  • mark

    I no….

  • Michael Zabel


  • Ryan

    This is extraordinary awesome

  • chris

    There is no cheat for money

  • Rangimarie0848

    wheres the cheat for money eh

  • defjam

    How do I get past the swallow 10 balloons test??

  • James Craig

    tanks so much ur da best lolz

  • stepticeye

    best game ever

  • butch

    there should be a cheat for jets money and houses

  • f dog

    GTA5 is better than GTA4

  • braydiddley

    when will rock star make more

  • hey

    GTA 5 yes

  • malik2435

    u playing online

  • malik2435

    gta5 is way better then gta4 thoooooooo

  • caiden

    do you now the polise cheet

  • caiden

    how do you know ? but what is it

  • coolgirl45

    There has to be a cheat to get invincibility in gta4

  • batttlefiled boy

    yer i think there should be a mony cheat too

  • Rouge_Rage


  • Rouge_Rage

    A cheat for money would be awesome

  • Korbyn Cheek

    saints row is 1 percent better

  • christian


  • franklin the ausome

    yo whats the money cheat

  • zay man

    We need jetpacks and money!!!

  • Hamza

    Guys , i’ve write cheats in GTA V again and again in my xbox 360.. Any solution for it? :/


    Why no money cheat

  • claviante xperttheft fan

    Is there a way to cheat you way into a military base and steal a jet when you’re offline

  • Damian Marshall

    I need the recruit anyone cheat, Why did You guys make one.

  • jjboss

    invincibility should b for ever

  • albert

    I got killed like 39 times when I got the rocket launcher

  • mrdot27

    I need gold for Xbox 360

  • kiarash

    this cheats rock

  • jowixxson

    how du u get more money

  • seth

    Or u could do the money cheat with the xbox horizon make sure you have a flashdrive

  • luis


  • luis


  • Snipeboy

    Somehow my online don’t work

  • Ithinkiamcool


  • killerkeemstar

    There should be a cheat for money

  • steve-o

    how do u get xbox live 4 gta v its says that it needs more stuff to like download or something



  • Sean Arnett

    i hope there’s a one for catch

  • david

    hech yea this game is asome yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • drake seguin

    yes money

  • dwest

    Wats up

  • dwest

    Sorta borring tho I mean why you caint get some cheats seriously

  • daniel

    there should be able to get jobs EG:pilot,cashier.

  • Franklin Clinton

    What the hell dog

  • lucas R

    there isn’t a cheat for money there are hacks and mods but rockstar wont allow it

  • Makenzi Baker

    Ok seriously, you need to put the money cheat back on GTA 5. This is ridiculous!

  • josiah

    gta online shud hav cheats that let you kill a creeper from minecraft

  • speed racer

    Your right there should be a cheat for money

  • speed racer

    I did not find one

  • tommy

    please work

  • lups

    Shut up and play

  • AaRoNrOcK132

    They should do how gta4 was with cheats

  • kyle

    gta 5 is awesome i cant wait in till gta 6 comes out

  • elcin

    bu gtani yuklemek olmur ve bu saytda yuklenmir

  • elvis


  • ghost

    ya is there a cheat for mmoney

  • zombie

    gta 5 is so cool but it does need a money cheat


    this is cool

  • MLG Monstrr

    how do u make cheats

  • spizikes

    Gta 5 would’ve been better with jetpacks 🙂


    yes it should

  • cheetoman444

    that sucks that theres no money cheat

  • Dakota


  • Oalivia

    ok they should have added a code on how to be a police or some thing like that u know

  • Oalivia

    caint wait to get the last person anyway DO THEY HAVE A LAST PERSON BECAUSE MY FRIEND SAY IT WAS A GIRL

  • javontai


  • GTA V gamer

    There should be a cheat for a small jet not the military one but that would be pretty cool

  • GTA V gamer

    I know how to get lots of dosh (money)

  • Dreamtracker

    Time is money friends!use Xbox Horizon for money 🙂

  • chase

    the invinsibility cheat should last as long as you want

  • Drew

    what does right mean in the cheats

  • Nicola Coffee Thorpe


  • nlshy

    These will help……

  • jace

    I have a question some of the cheats dnt work is there a certain way I have ti
    do them


    I KNOW





  • shawn





    Anyone on right now


    Do any of u have Xbox 360 with gold membership

  • Dave Duffy

    how do get unlimited ammo

  • john


  • john

    there should

  • john

    kry speedy how old r u

  • Game_Freak Wan

    i need dat mula buckeroos denero money yall!!!!!!!!

  • Diane Mullins



  • Diane Mullins



    kyr speedy u are right there should be a money cheat

  • matthew garcia

    it isnt that bad

  • kaea

    yes ay i need money

  • Shank24

    Don’t use cheats! They will mess up your game by starting the story mode over! I repeat, do not use cheats!

    • Entrep

      Hi do you have proof? Millions of other gamers have used cheat codes no problem.

  • jake

    Can also survive freefall but gently landing on water as well.

  • marcel

    there should be a cheat for money:D

    • marcel


  • 214Jon

    it was supposed to come out in may but it changed to september and no you couldnt have cause they said if u preordered it before sep u had to wait til sep.





  • monsterfart

    this i is amazing game but usually i drive car up mountain.

  • melvin martinez

    There should be a cheat for the weapons that are out of stock


    wow galing

  • Sammy Elswick

    i need money i Olen have 100 so i rod satf

  • Jason


  • i need money in gta 5….plz help me!!!!!!

  • epiclolcrazer

    gta money cheat is easy!

  • ghost

    Supgta v fans its yo boy ghost

  • sairus

    whats up

  • Jackson

    There must be a cheat for money



  • gta5player

    sommige dingen werken toch niet echt… 🙁

  • Olaf


  • Olaf



  • anomalies

    They need to bring back the flying cars cheat! That was good fun. ☺

  • Dwayne33

    Make a cheat for money and for the Liberator (monster-truck)

  • ladedric mobley


  • ladedric mobley

    im going to use these cheats today who’s with me

  • cayleb


  • cayleb

    thay should have a skateboards in gta5

  • dez

    true no cheat for money

  • Chance beeman

    There should be a Lamborghini cheat

  • gabriel

    there should be a cheat for them riding the plane for us

  • Al

    shut up guys i know it!

  • Trevors Brother

    what is a trevor its your brother

    • Trevors Brother

      trevor I mist you

  • Carrie Thompson

    i hope their is a cheat for money soon!!

  • jarred

    i think gta5 is cool and i 10 and i play it so y the hell is there no money cheat my xbox gamer tag is wolfkilleris1

  • Tyler

    ok I think there should be a cheat to spawn in bigfoot and another cheat should be able to turn into a alien

  • girly girl

    the should be a cheat for a cop cars

  • terry

    are there any more cheat codes

  • terry

    and by the way do you make videos

  • the gta master

    I beat the game

  • conner thompson

    there is probably going to be a money cheat sooner or later

  • conner thompson

    for xbox one anyways

  • dev788

    I agree. With that speedy tho needs a money. Glitch. I already. Beat the campaign. So I. Want to bath in doe

  • Gabe Cronin

    there is a cheat for money.and I remember the helicopter by heart,B B LB B B B LB LT RB Y B Y.ha ha!!!!!!!

  • humayl


  • Xpertthief

    Hey homiez. Check out my gaming channel Xperttheif


    ok there should be a cheat for money

  • pRpLhAsHbRoWnS

    Did you guys know you can make cars float?

    • pRpLhAsHbRoWnS

      Like across water.

    • pRpLhAsHbRoWnS

      Get a peyote and out the moon gravity cheat in and go really fast and go across the deep water of the make shift L.A. river and you will float across it for a bit

      • pRpLhAsHbRoWnS


  • Eddy Campuzano


  • blueberry

    i just watched my gf cry because they took away the tank cheat

  • mathew

    Hay I’m Mathew I now a money cheat code do u have a Kik username

  • Gta master

    I think there should be storage lockers full of money and armerd trucks

  • Gta master

    I just don’t get why there isn’t a money cheat

  • Gra

    There should be a cheat for cop vehicles


    That would be cool if they made a money cheat

  • James B.

    HELP. entering a cheat code. I understand LT is Left Trigger. LB is Left Bumper and so on. When it only says LEFT or RIGHT what the hell does that mean? LEFT what? RIGHT what? The Directional Pad? Also I read All direction commands must be entered using the digital pad. What Digital pad?
    Thank you, GTA V is total badass!

    • Entrep

      Digital pad/directional pad.

  • Scatez Dhranest

    what no cheats money..?

  • kayden hildebrant

    gta 4 is beter than gta 5

  • Trevor

    be561467tg123lkm4lk4q3m4tlqkm3lfkmelkmflkmlkvmlskdmlskmvlmbifdu397497947294579fieytfjoifjoifiuhgtt7y7595759548309t09uouowieuugoijgotjujeuwiuhiuthoiuehf8775543984095098utroiutoriut95759u5t79u94u596u7t5948uirjt5t8t9t0eutt55ut2y5985967657650994940985690ioroigogogfgoptioureoijrofijrgoejjututoiugtoitoiuoiduoiugiogoiugffdiuofoifogpiut5tyokjyporgij9rtgrwjrwojwojgojgowrtjotjokjgjtojojytokwodjigjltjhugj9w’wsdokhjp5ttrkjkbgitiotriotriutrjkkfmn,vm,n,mklelkekleroerorotitiujgfdjjeriiritrtuidkdjleerpuriutgifjmeoeijrjtowgjt YO what up my peps

  • erik

    I need redeem code so I can play online

  • payton

    I do not know were the cheats are for gta5 first person

  • voodoo

    There should be a never wanted cheat

  • Jacob Hall

    money cheat

  • Caden

    They should make a money cheat

  • death

    Gta is killer

  • death

    They should let you fix a cop car on gta los Santos car shop

  • thomaswoodmass

    the best cheta code is the moon gravity

  • thomaswoodmass


  • Devin Roberts


  • Devin Roberts

    I wish there was

  • cenwi

    Pliss how to first person?

  • Guest


  • Isaiah


  • David

    I wish cheats where online

  • Max

    I want
    a money cheat

  • whip aye

    But u can’t argue though everyone loves and misses San Andreas GTA

  • Gta fan

    This a awesome game

  • GTA 5 master

    GTA 5 is the best game ever well that’s what i think dont know about you guys

    • konner

      Do u want to be friend

    • konner

      What do you play GTA 5 on reply

    • konner

      I love gta5

    • konner

      How is your favorite of line charter

  • GTA 5 master

    there is a GTA 5 money cheat i have it

  • yoloman37

    yo players

  • dog

    They should make the game two players

  • dog

    They should also make a money cheat in poor I need money to fix cars buy a house and other things

  • ravin

    Yes there should

  • Jeremy

    Is there any easy money cheat just like GTA 4

  • pegasus


  • pegasus

    I love gta

  • gavin

    There needs to be a money cheat if u loose all of your money

  • disqus_LXlqPP8hD3

    is there beta cheats xx

  • Jonathan Amaral

    There’s no unlimited ammo cheat……wtf….lol

  • sten

    cool these cheats

  • Daniel

    how to bi first person on xbox 360

  • kaylee

    we just blew up a money truck and it blew up our mustang so now we r riding around on a bmx bike with a shot gun ……we have already defeted the game ………we need the cheat for the money truck so that we can be very rich and so we can buy alot of properties and stuff………..for whom has the money truck cheat please post it so we can have it ….even though we have over 3000000000 dollars we need more money …its not enough

  • kaylee

    also they have only god knows how many tips for money cheats on gta five

  • Dylan

    Gta 5 is awesome, but I agree that there should be a money cheat

  • homie15

    hey what up people

  • homie15

    i love gta5

  • xdsk

    to me it didn’t work

  • lil dj

    i love gta 5

  • lil dj

    it is kry

  • lil dj

    my name lildj and roading down the street

  • versace


  • mike

    this okay i guess but f****** love GTA V tho

  • wassim abd


  • killer58

    i know right well their is a thing to get 34,000 with out a cheat u get up to 1,000,000 every 13min but i need more than that

  • aaron


  • paigemercer

    are these good cheats


    I know a MONEY GLITCH all u have to do is get a MONEY TRUCK And Open the back get the MONEY Get in The truck DO THE HEALTH CHEAT and open the back again.


    Want more GLITCHES???

  • gta fan

    As key speedy said there should be money cheats but the rest I cool

  • matthew richardson

    i no right

  • toti

    there should be a money cheats

  • zachary

    thanks i love this wesite

  • zachary


  • zachary


  • LOL

    what IS BLACK

  • youssef

    This is awsome

  • mr kill

    I know how to get money for free

  • Tyrone

    I love this gamee so much BC it is so fun flawless

  • max

    I love gta5 soo much

  • asianzrule

    Hey do u have to put in the codes fast

  • max

    I never had gta5 online

  • KYR SP33DY

    There is a fake KYR SP33DY

  • jaydubstep

    Yea there should

  • jp

    There is, you go to the gun store in the desert,kill the clerk shoot the cash registers,then retrive rhe mony bags then go outside onto the road go back inside and the money bags should be lying on the ground or counter and you can do it over and over again while the clerk stays dead

  • Kian rowe


  • Kian rowe

    What is your Xbox live name

  • i dont n



  • Ed Burton

    OK.. I have a “goodie”! I was “cheating” on GTAV and somehow became “invisible” to the cops! No matter how many stars I acquired, nothing would happen! The cops mill around my character (Franklin in this case) and do NOTHING! I was also able to go to Fort Mancuso and steal ANYTHING without problems!

    Then, the “invisibility” seemed to go away.

    Has anybody come across this “glitch” and KNOW HOW TO REPEAT IT??

  • Liam Randles

    I love gta 5

  • ih8uh

    these do not work

  • moooooooo

    Pewdiepie probs. wasn’t here it was just someone else

  • luancraazy


  • luancraazy

    não é em portugues!!

  • Kenzie

    How do you get money on gta

  • Gta swaggg

    They removed the money cheat in the first update

  • jacobspencethegta5master

    Booo can’t gt none of them right 🙁

  • gta5 tstr

    Hell yeah I got the cheat code up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,b,a,b,a,select,start,select, start

  • robert

    Who are you guys

  • Lexi

    I find people on gta 5 online are using cheats such as infinite health or something. Like they will never die regardless choice of weapons or running them over with a car. About 5 people in one session was using they cheat. It’s like the character will turn aroundd with back facing you and will have arms up or out to the sides then they are undefeatable. What’s the code for that? If it’s not a cheat then they were hackers

    • Owen D

      It’s called passive mode, go into it when you are going to walk about and not get killed.

  • trever

    GTA 5 is so cool bit it will be better if trevor didn’t die 🙁

  • Antonio alaniz

    There should be a spawn place for the jet pack beacause lots of people think that there is going to be on why not just tell them the truth.

  • Antonio alaniz

    You can find me on xbox live at UltimatePower75

  • argyl

    Actually you can activate cheats during missions. Me and my friend did it once.

  • Julian Cruz

    Cheats can be used in missions you just get bronze rank though.

  • ketron smith

    GTA 5 is so awesome

  • ketron smith

    IT should be a money cheat

  • The#1BOSS

    They need to put the hunter from gta San Andreas in the next gta

  • Logan

    I think they should be a cheat for to teleport

  • Logan


  • Angel


  • mr.unicorn._

    Can yo niggas just stfu please

    • deeznuts


  • poopy

    What do you do for right or left???

  • Darklighting367

    U should a first person to xbox360

    • Nunya Beezwacks

      Ur rite 😛

  • Ninja master

    What is left and right

    • james

      it is the pad thing

  • Paul White

    Is there really a submarine cheat when you can spawn one. I have tried the LB LB RB RB Y X Y X many times and it doesn’t work.

  • gta fan

    there really should be a cheat for money if u don’t want to do a mission

  • i love gta 5

    i need more money

  • Nevalliss

    Is there any way to gain access to the control; tower on the Air Base? I see soldiers up in there shooting down, and I see the stairs inside the room leading down, so I wondered if there was a way to get inside online?

  • sped 1208

    Does any of you a zerintio

  • sped 1208

    I wish there was a cheat so I don’t spend all my money

  • james

    The game had an update hopefully there are new Cheats

  • james

    It is 2015 and there is still not a money Cheat

  • james

    On the PC they have money cheats

  • Isaiah saldana

    the drive is idiot

  • BBknights34

    They should make a hiest where you need to go to Blaine county to rob a gold mine and every one on the crew gets like 10 billion dollars each

  • Orion

    They should have money cheat

  • madmax

    There should be a cheat for a tank

  • madmax

    And money

  • jeffersonnava

    I now a chet for money go to the clothes shop than kill rhe lady then shot the white thing to get money you will need to go outside. And the money will come out

  • Ryan Lip

    to me I think there should be a cheat for a nice new mansion in the game and yes I agree with the hole money cheat.

  • dominic

    we need a money cheat

  • Mathieu Ceulemans

    we do need a tank cheat and i too agree with a money cheat

  • Anthony

    We need a money cheat tank cheat and a teleport cheat

    • brenden

      yea fo sho

  • owen

    Need money cheat

  • Davis

    We need money,tank,jetpack,and military jet cheat

  • Isaiah Willhight

    i have $2 billion from a mod that i downloaded and installed so i’m good on money they should make a cheat to unlock everything at the beginning of the game aka unlock the cars from the legendary motorsport or the mod shop to unlock all upgrades i’d rather not do missions!

    • marilynstucker

      what is the mod

    • Randy Fernandez

      Thete is no mod just the dpad and other buttons i have done these all i was just trying to figure out if thete wete more also on a different website they show infinite money glitch and just use invincibility
      and lower wanted level to get a jet or tank or just buy a tank

    • shaggy

      I saw that you said they should make a cheat to unlock everything ok legendary motor sport cars I just found one you go to the to the green car the second one hover over the link a couple times back and forth go to the homepage go back to the link area impress be a really fast and don’t go to that car that you want and it’ll say it with the end because of the second car in the line Preston whatever number instead of the two and then lol. Of hover over it again go back to the homepage press play again really fast it’ll let you out of the page again for the car that you just had on the screen and then pressing purchase car instead of details of tartar so right after that / mark for anyone that needs this and you get a free car in our garage that you can edit and do whatever you want with

  • killerhert189

    i need modder on gta5 on xbox who can drop me cash my xbox 360 username is killerheart189 I am online now so addme if u can drop cas

  • anthony

    eed modder on gta5 on xbox who can drop me cash my xbox 360 username is killerheart189 I am online now so addme if u can drop cas

  • Dylan

    Guys you don’t need mods or money cheats!!! There is a reason missions are present in GTA V and GTA online. Rock star wants you guys to earn legit cash. So for all the people who can’t bear to earn legit money on GTA, get the fuck off the game!!! If you disagree with me and you have xbox my gamer tag is OpticHitman308.

    • Jmoney

      Shut up

    • emiliano Martinez


  • Sandy

    Guys Dylan is correct u see money cheat has been around all gta games so stop asking for money cheats

  • lil hollywood

    gta should be 2 players

    • crazy

      Yeah i think your right gat5 should be two players lets ROit! Yeah jp

  • dedpool

    I wish money cheat is here

  • dedpool

    Ok never mind i just finished a heist

  • emiliano Martinez

    All gta’s should be two players

    • Bensboys

      I know right

    • soldier boy

      I agree

  • Shadow Playz

    who wants to plays gta 5 online xbox 360 with me? my gamer tag is ShadoWSnipeR915

  • jay howard

    should be able to customize exhaust on sandking xl.

    • zombiekiler83

      so it has smoke stacks

  • Austin

    Is there a cheat for a Lamborghini? If not there needs to be. Thanks.

  • Anthony


  • Jack

    I Sent a friend request to shadow playz

  • Jack

    If anyone wants to play with me on xbox 360 gta 5 my name is ZippyQuotient07

    • Dead assassin70

      Ma name is dead assassin70

      • PhoenixM

        Mine is PhoenixAlphaXx

  • hanif ikhwan

    lf anyone wants to play

  • gavin

    I think rockstar gaming has the best games

  • gavin

    I think rockstar gaming has the best games

    • Aidan

      Hey it’s me aidan

  • Tiffany J Brown

    not working for me =(

  • Gta5cheat adder

    I’m adding a Lamborghini cheat so wait


    Rockstar is the best

  • Connor

    When they say left and right and stuff they mean for on the d pad

  • Almantas Vainorius

    it is work for me thanks

  • junjun

    ang panget ng mga cheat

  • junjun


  • char

    does anyone know if you can be a firefighter ? can you fly airplane

  • These cheats suck.

  • James

    Do someone now how to be a cop

  • Laura McNeil

    Send me xbox360 friend request to play gta5 with me my gamer tag is ratm06im new to the gam

  • Kirills

    these cheats are amazing

  • Kirills

    sorry james but no

  • Maanav Ramchandani

    is this for xbox360

  • Dylan

    If you want free money, get a suppressed weopon, go to ammunitionshoot the clerk from outside Hit the cash register and pick up the money, after that go across the street and come back and hit the register again. Repeat until you are happy with the amount of money you want.

  • Dylan

    My name is GhostlyGamer55 if you want to be in YouTube videos or just play

  • Ana

    I am stuck as I’m not too sure on what the d pad is on my Xbox 360 controller

    • alan mayo

      It’s the directional pad. Or arrow buttons.

      • mdotk


    • rgjdsbjku

      It’s that arow next to the bottom anolog

  • Ana

    Please help!!

  • Idiot

    Stuck on same as you Ana

    • mdotk

      It’s the directional pad. Or arrow buttons.

  • Lalaland

    OMG SAME!!!!

    • mdotk

      It’s the directional pad

  • Beans

    None of these work for me

  • Beans

    None of the cheats work except for spawning vehicles

  • GamezzMag

    Thanks for the codes, it helps a lot for my Youtube GTA videos stunts (I’m “GamezzMag” ), unfortunately, some didn’t work for me, exept for the sp. vehicles.

Cheats & codes for Grand Theft Auto V